Monday, June 22, 2020

Would I Audition For Big Brother Canada Again?

               I know a lot of you know that I have auditioned for Big Brother Canada in the past, numerous times Season 3, 4, 6 and 8. Yeah I remember the seasons I auditioned for. Now it's been brought up by my loyal fans and friends if I'd do it again. Well as you know the website has really taken off and now we have a team I just wanna focus on the website and continuing to grow the website. Honestly I have tried 4 times and I know Dan winner of Big Brother 10 said it took him ton of times to get on the show but that's not the reason why I do not wanna be on the show. The real reason is I just wanna focus on Chris B On The Web. It's become a priority and become so crazy with running the site with podcasts being added. I also do not have the desire to be on Reality TV, I do not have the itch to be on Reality TV anymore. I've tried so many times and really I want to focus on Chris B On The Web and it's podcasts and I just feel like I will not get on Reality TV unless they find out I'm a blogger and podcast personality. However you never know but I highly doubt it. The Podcast name has gotten out there recently.

               My days with auditioning for Reality TV is over as I said my focus is CBOTW as it's become a big part of my daily life and it's become very hectic for me and running this website is a job and a half to do too. Everyday it's the upkeep of the website, answering emails, etc. I know I got staff to do that but I am fine with this decision really. I will walk away from these experiences with knowledge and it also has made me a lot more confident as a person. I remember when I first did it I was so nervous but when I did the second audition through video, I was a bit more confident. When I got to the open audition, I was pretty confident person and I felt confident in my answers. However that ship has sailed and mind you I am going to still watch the shows and recap as it is part of my job as the Executive Producer of two amazing Podcasts so the answer is I am not going to audition for Reality TV anytime soon as I am focusing on this website. 


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