Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Changes and Announcements

           Over the last couple of days so much has happened since Mark announced what was going with Chris B On The Web. So this is I guess is another update and you know I love to keep you guys in the loop on things, so this is why this is yet another update 2 days later. So here are the updates:

Website:  Chats been moved to a single tab as the Big Brother idea probably will not work out so we will have one general chatroom called "Lounge" which is now active and open to the public. Yes we actually did open it to guests if you choose to not make an account but we still encourage it. However if guests get too rowdy like before and this is years ago then we will go back to where you have to login.  Also we've added the Live (YouTube) on our website with coming soon. Also CBOTW Gamers Podcast was removed and The CBOTW Show is under Other Podcasts and I will get to that shortly on this post why we removed it and moved the podcasts I mentioned. 

Everything About Reality TV: Myself, Larry (Our Co-Founder & Senior Producer) and our host for Big Brother Recaps made the executive decision to indeed do YouTube. Now there is no ETA when we will actually launch it at this point as we're still waiting on Big Brother 22 news and at this point nothing, nadda zip. I said this to Chris (Reality Teas) I am sick and tired of the rumors and just want more information. You know this is harming the podcast with lack of podcasts right now and we're trying our best. Speaking of that it doesn't sound like Amazing Race Canada is a no go and the reason is because of production has been postponed so it is sounding like they are going to wait till next year which really hurts the podcast but we understand it is because of this pandemic and it is always safety first for the cast and crew of the show.

The CBOTW Show: As I said above The CBOTW Show was moved up and now under Other Podcasts as I cannot put numerous show pages. I just do not wanna complicate this website too much as it is very complicated and complex as it is. So all shows will be under 1 page at this point. We will adding more shows later but this is the start. We also have our 2 Audio ONLY pages as of right now as we're waiting on Stitcher to fix our feed which wasn't fixed technically but besides the point really.

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: We're back to square one with this podcast and it was decided by me to just cancel the podcast all together and 0 plans and interest in bringing it back at this point as we just couldn't work things out with the host so it is just better it is on the shelf for good this time around. This is a business decision as this has been going back and forth for years now and at this point this podcast is not going to see production anytime. 

            I have every right as I am the Executive Producer for the programming you see on this very website and have darn right to cancel is put a podcast on hiatus to where I see it fit as I know I had one person not so happy with me but you gotta realize I am the one that has the power to do all that and it is my decision in the end. However that is what is going on with Chris B On The Web and anymore updates or developments especially in our Reality TV Department, we will let you all know soon!


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