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Monday, September 7, 2020

Planning To Roll Out A New Feature On The Website!

            We are no longer going to be broadcasting our Podcasts on our Fan Page. No it's not cause of copyright or anything it's more we more then likely will be getting more listeners on our website as we will be getting a ton more traffic right here on our website and we have a good chance of success too. As you probably noticed that we have the chat and same rules apply as before.

              When I created this page I yet to add the actual rules to the page which more then likely be at the bottom which will be our playground area where you can find the rules. One thing we will do is lock the chat down when there is no podcasts live to ensure that there there is nobody spamming, insulting and disrespect will find you banned.  We are not going to tolerate it to be honest and we have learned from this in the past. The feature is starting to be tested by the hosts that are currently active and the shows that are currently active Live on the Website Live Feed are: 

Power Rangers Podcast (Larry and I)

Sports Hour W/ Bulldog (Billy)

(CBOTW Gamers Podcast (Jeff) When it returns. Podcast is in pre-production right now.

                 There is the just the beginning as we are rolling out new features and ideas to grow this website and this is just the most perfect time to take to our website as the numbers are insane. We are not rolling out the Live Stream Page yet as we need to test the other host on it aka Billy and just hope he's cool with the idea of us actually doing it on the website but it is my website, I am the boss, just wanna make sure the team are happy with my decisions as that wasn't the case once with my old team at one time. We will let you guys know when the Live Page actually is live on the website publicly. 


Monday, August 31, 2020

We Have Reached 100K On!

               Over the weekend, we officially hit the 100k mark here on the website which is amazing to be honest and thought it wouldn't be till this week but you guys proved me wrong and we officially passed the 100k mark and making our way up to 200k and so forth! I'd love to see the site hit 1M views at one point of time. It will but right now, we continue to keep on growing this website and we have a ton of stuff happening and we recently and I cannot say exactly what but that is besides the point as this is about the viewership. Yet we are told oh you don't get the views when that is utterly false technically, we are happily getting a ton of views per day and every day is different and to be honest it fluctuates from day to day as it is a different story each and everyday. I was guessing that we would of hit 100k by the New Year which is months but you have to realize tho with the amount of views a day it adds up in the end to be honest. This all happened on Saturday afternoon while I was talking to Eric and that was when that happened all together and I was excited, I was so thrilled we hit 6 figures in the views and hopefully we can start earning again and that is a story for another day which more then likely I will not ever tell I don't think.

                 I want to thank you guys for your continuing support and it is because of you guys that we are still here to this almost 6 years later and we are getting and becoming a stronger group and we will continue to strive and get stronger as I said there is even more bigger plans in the works and I am excited to announce an additional thing on the website but it is currently in the works right now but with the amount of views we get daily, this is the right time to slowly continue to expand on the website. Now I am not talking about thousands of views a day, I am more talking about a few hundred at the most 100 - 300 a day which is a lot more then we had since we decided to go into the .com website in 2019 that is when things started to pick up in the views so it goes to show. The fact that we also built our own menu bar from scratch and customized it to our liking and that is another big breaking point which brought in more views. The more features we added to the website the better! 


Sunday, August 23, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates [08-11-2020]

               It has been a hectic week for all of us, especially Chris who has been working hard on Power Rangers Wild Force but I will get into that today. Not much to really update you guys on but here are your updates for the week.

Website: The site continues to grow with views even without the chatroom no longer present on here anymore as you know we removed it anyways, we still continue to grow on the website and the numbers continue to grow which is a very positive thing. 

Power Rangers Podcast: Chris is finishing up watching Wild Force today and he will be typing up notes tomorrow morning which will be a lengthy process but he will get it done. Then he will probably take a small break for a week or few days at the most and start on Ninja Storm for the final podcast for 2020. 

Sports Talk With Bulldog: He also has recorded the raw intro but no introduction theme as he has to come up with ideas how to do it and he might have a cool idea but he wants to do them and get Billy's approval on it first as it is his podcast.

              There are a couple of small updates and I hope you enjoyed reading these updates. I will be back next weekend as Chris has the Monday - Saturday shift for the blogs which I honestly wish he'd give more opportunities to the staff to post up more like Billy and Larry who have access to this blog on ChrisBOnTheWeb but never know he might.  Hopefully next weekend I got news for you all with what I said above but we will see by next week's post. 


Have a great week!

- CBOTW Team

Saturday, August 22, 2020 Has Almost Reached 100k (100,000 Views)?!

            I can't believe it! I couldn't believe this. We're almost close to hitting 100k or 100,000 website views which goes to show with all the promoting of the website, the blog and the podcasts does. We have really have pushed the networking to the max the last few months and really getting our website out there and it really excited to be reaching this far with the website already! The website started getting 100, 200, 300 + views a day which all adds up in the end and that is what it is doing. We're continuing to grow on a daily basis and we just have to keep on building it up. 100K is a lot of visitors both returning and new visitors to the website which is incredible! Ever since we started tinkering with our site and changing the menu bar and what not is when the views started coming in so you guys have been keeping up with out craziness and changes that we have made here on the website recently. Either way, this really makes us happy and I posted a screenshot to prove to you guys we're almost there and honestly it will happen sooner then you think. 

               I am feeling like it will happen and it will actually happen before the year is done but if not before the year is done, then most definitely will happen within the new year but the way you guys are constaqntly returning to our website really makes me feel positively it will happen this year at some point. Don't forget we have September, October, November and December to happen still so those are 4 months to go technically so there is definitely a ton of time. Finally I want to thank you guys for your continuing to support us through all these changes especially as you know we ended a very long running podcast after nearly 5 years and almost 300 episodes and 13 seasons. No matter what we did, you guys continued to support us and have helped us get to this point that our website has been nothing but a success. We thank you for your continuing support and hope you will continue to support us throughout our next adventures with blogging and podcasting. 

Chris, Founder/Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Update! [08-02-2020]

             It is that time of the week again where we update you guys on everything ChrisBOnTheWeb. As you know it was another productive week for us and boy we have been very busy with adding features to the website and of course Chris working constantly hard to get the notes done for tomorrow as tomorrow is a big day but let's break down what has been happening:

Website: We've done two things, well Chris did since our website admin went rogue on us but that is besides the point. First thing was chat. Chris added the chat back and it has had both negative and positive response as we had a troll issue threatening to report me when it was one miscommunication we had which that post has been updated. Since then the chat has been moved as it got buried down on the right hand side and it was time to move it to it's own dedicated page on the website called Community Chat which has the times Staff are typcially around during the day time unless we have been up all night working hard on content for you guys. Also the color scheme of the website has been updated to blue outer edge with where you type a message and the messages area grey which really looks sleek and cool and we're very impressed with the look of it. Finally we have also have added social media buttons on the right hand side now and he's been playing around with it last night and we will get it fixed and to the right size. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris has recorded a new episode of the podcast and this morning he actually had to update the website early this morning but this episode he posted up was about what is to come with the podcast in the fall.

Power Rangers Podcast: Tomorrow is the big day and Chris was up all night working hard on getting ready to record with the notes and the most part he's gotten very far and hopes to be close to finished today at some point hopefully done so he can email it over to Larry to print off so at 7 pm EST we can record and hopefully live.

               There are our updates for the week and the usual stuff happening and it has been a huge week for us. Our website has grown massively! Over 200 views a day now and ever since we've added the new features this website has gotten big amount of views which is amazing to be honest it has been an amazing week for us and we hope this week continues to grow and it will as we got all these amazing features and we're all excited for the future of this website.

Sophie, Community Manager

Monday, July 27, 2020

Power Rangers Is Returning To Recording Thursday!

                  Who would think that I would be sitting here making the announcement after a rough summer with preparing this but alas here it is! The biggest announcement that we have done yet! I wanna break this all down actually. First I wanna say is we were gonna hold off but Tuesday, made the decision to focus on Time Force Notes then Wild Force which I have already started and almost halfway there at this point. However Time Force is the upmost importance first as I want to record an episode and get that done so I can start editing it and getting things rolling. Taking baby steps and once Time Force is finished then we move into Wild Force. I guess what I am trying to say is with these really hard times, we gotta do with what we have and with the studio on lock down and if we have to we will break it down if so but we are still going to be recording 3 times a year and we are trying to stay on the schedule we set out to do. However the title isn't lying, we are indeed returning next week to recording and your wondering how? How are we going to do it with the studio in lock down still? Well we will be recording via Skype as this was the original plan back in May. We're so excited and when I made the decision to record the podcast this upcoming Monday, I messaged Larry at 330 in the morning. That's right I message him so early as I couldn't wait on Tuesday to tell him let's do this, let's make it happen. 

                   Now with the state of our YouTube channel with it now pretty much screwed up as that we have a strike on our account and warning we will be doing it live but it will be over our Facebook Fan Page which is probably more then better then YouTube or any other platform. The entire YouTube thing is another story and Larry is pretty much right on the YouTube thing but hey we got the Facebook Page and we wanna go live to show you guys how it's done and maybe these podcasts can be live here and there but not always. So Monday at 7 pm EST, both Larry and I will be live on Facebook and we cannot wait to talk about this season. Now should be by end of the week when we get the actual episode up but stay tuned for an announcement to come in the release by mid week. 


Saturday, July 25, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb-- Weekly Update [07-25-2020]

               Here is another weekly update and boy what an week for us. Now we made some changes within ChrisBOnTheWeb that probably is now permanent now. Things are constantly evolving and Chris admits to making the mistake of ever bringing back his Reality TV. He went out with a bang as he did his Survivor Brant Steele so it was indeed a great way to finish off the podcast series. Also we have seen staff leaving like a revolving door.  However Chris (Reality Teas) is no longer part of the team and still a big supporter of the podcasts and CBOTW. We thank him for his contributions and we are happy to have him support us still. Anyways here are the updates we have:

- Website: Chat does not have it's own dedicated chat and it has been moved to the right hand side of the side and can be seen all across the website pages as you go through all the pages it is there on every single page on our website. This way it's all across the site. We are excited for this new feature. Now I know what about the social media buttons that we once had? Well that is on the back burner as Chris is in high gear in collaborations which you will hear about this week, actually tomorrow as I checked with him and he told me its on the whiteboard schedule for this week. We will announce once we move into that phase of adding. It is more like we have to find a spot for the buttons on the website to put this feature.

- Podcasts (In General): CBOTW and Chris has indeed departed ways with the TV/Reality TV Podcasts and obviously you know Power Rangers are reverted back to the collab page again and will tend to remain on there. Also you probably wondering what the heck is going on with Chris and other podcasts, well he has something in mind that once saw production and went on hiatus and the clue it's actually on the website under podcasts right now. However announcement is coming this week from me and excited to tell you the plans with that, There is a second podcast from another Staff member that is in Pre-Production and he is working on preparing it for September and we got a start date for it but we will not announce it quite yet but we will soon hopefully.

                   So you can see we have a ton of stuff of amazing new stuff going to happen and we are happy that offers have been given and we are just excited to be doing this actually.  We have a ton of stuff going for this website and a lot more and we cannot wait to tell you guys the plans on what we have planned. Also you probably noticed Chris has not been on social media much lately and has been relatively quiet across social media but mind you he is busy getting content ready for you guys so this is why the staff is trying to cover for him on a daily basis. That is our weekly updates for us and I will be be chatting with you guys throughout the week, tomorrow his important post will be going up and I will be back on Tuesday with another post for you guys.

Sophie, Community Manager

Sunday, July 5, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Community Updates [07-05-2020]

                 I am pretty sure you guys are getting sick of hearing from his Staff and not Chris himself. Well alas he is going to be returning tomorrow for a post after being on and off last week due to countless drama which hasn't wavered away in the last few weeks and probably the reason why he's refused to do posts and had to dump at least 2 - 3 posts last week and is in his to do list. However the more content  the better that is coming for you guys. So the updates:

- As you know Everything About Reality TV Podcast has ended after a 4.5 year, 13 seasons, 265 episode run which is amazing which we have been hinting the plans moving forward and The CBOTW Show and Entertainment Man Podcast but probably he will be touching base on that more this week what he is doing to get ready for it.

- Chris will be back tomorrow on the blog and social media finally after being absent since Wednesday night when he suddenly disappeared from social media again for the second time this week after the decision of the end of Everything About Reality TV.

- Not much has changed with the website, everything has stayed the same minus the removal from the Podcasts drop down of Everything About Reality TV Podcast to make way and room for the two podcasts Chris is bringing back and definitely is going to be airing for you guys.

-  The CBOTW Show, he has spoken about redoing, well he wants to actually redesign The CBOTW Logo with new colors and add both him and Larry's faces onto the logo but he has a bigger plan with that and he feels it is about time for a new logo and a rebranding on that logo which he is working on this weekend to his liking.

                  There is the updates for the week, not really as much going on just a missing Founder and Owner for the last 4 - 5 days now, a podcast ended, 2 others are returning to the lineup. We will continue to list any updates that we may have on a weekly basis but right now we are laying low right now in the way of Podcasts and we have these blog posts for now and he will be recording hopefully 2 as I said. This is a new chapter for ChrisBOnTheWeb as one door closes another one has opened.  We cannot thank you guys enough for the love and support you have given us and we may have ended one podcast but 2 more has just begun!

- CBOTW Team

Saturday, June 27, 2020

As of Tomorrow, We Are Moving Blogs To 11 AM EST!

                  As of tomorrow, Sunday, June 28th, 2020, we are officially moving our Blog posts back to 11 am EST as we originally had it when we first started scheduling daily blog posts. I think this is the best decision for us. I know we said that we would be switching back times but we just totally forgotten we announced it and went through with it hence the reason why we are announcing it today so you guys know. As I said Sunday, we are making the blog post released at 11 am EST which is only an hour back of the current schedule for the podcast. Anyways I think this will open a ton of doors for other projects as we are trying to be flexible with scheduling as much as we can and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to actually bring it back an hour. Also I was gonna do this when Entertainment Man Podcast was still on the air back nearly 3 months ago when it abruptly ended so that was the original reason behind it but now I just wanna make sure hosts and projects have the most appropriate scheduling time slot.

                 It will not be me on Sunday's post with the change over of times as that is usually my day off from CBOTW Blog posts most of the time but I start with the new time on Monday and boy I have a couple of gaming related updates to make too and excited to make the updates. Also got a couple of ideas, including when do I wanna start going to events in 2021 which will be a difficult one to write. I think we got more views in the late morning for the blog posts then at the normal 12 pm EST time slot. I promise you guys this change will not change ever again and it will remain as it is moving forward from here on out. I wanna try and stick to the same schedule with things but sometimes we have to make changes that we don't like but it is what it is to be honest. Anyways there is my post for today and I hope you guys are fine with this change of times for the blog and I'm sorry we didn't go with the changes originally but we just totally forgotten about the change over all together. Anyways I am excited for these changes to tjeblog posts moving forward.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Changes and Announcements

           Over the last couple of days so much has happened since Mark announced what was going with Chris B On The Web. So this is I guess is another update and you know I love to keep you guys in the loop on things, so this is why this is yet another update 2 days later. So here are the updates:

Website:  Chats been moved to a single tab as the Big Brother idea probably will not work out so we will have one general chatroom called "Lounge" which is now active and open to the public. Yes we actually did open it to guests if you choose to not make an account but we still encourage it. However if guests get too rowdy like before and this is years ago then we will go back to where you have to login.  Also we've added the Live (YouTube) on our website with coming soon. Also CBOTW Gamers Podcast was removed and The CBOTW Show is under Other Podcasts and I will get to that shortly on this post why we removed it and moved the podcasts I mentioned. 

Everything About Reality TV: Myself, Larry (Our Co-Founder & Senior Producer) and our host for Big Brother Recaps made the executive decision to indeed do YouTube. Now there is no ETA when we will actually launch it at this point as we're still waiting on Big Brother 22 news and at this point nothing, nadda zip. I said this to Chris (Reality Teas) I am sick and tired of the rumors and just want more information. You know this is harming the podcast with lack of podcasts right now and we're trying our best. Speaking of that it doesn't sound like Amazing Race Canada is a no go and the reason is because of production has been postponed so it is sounding like they are going to wait till next year which really hurts the podcast but we understand it is because of this pandemic and it is always safety first for the cast and crew of the show.

The CBOTW Show: As I said above The CBOTW Show was moved up and now under Other Podcasts as I cannot put numerous show pages. I just do not wanna complicate this website too much as it is very complicated and complex as it is. So all shows will be under 1 page at this point. We will adding more shows later but this is the start. We also have our 2 Audio ONLY pages as of right now as we're waiting on Stitcher to fix our feed which wasn't fixed technically but besides the point really.

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: We're back to square one with this podcast and it was decided by me to just cancel the podcast all together and 0 plans and interest in bringing it back at this point as we just couldn't work things out with the host so it is just better it is on the shelf for good this time around. This is a business decision as this has been going back and forth for years now and at this point this podcast is not going to see production anytime. 

            I have every right as I am the Executive Producer for the programming you see on this very website and have darn right to cancel is put a podcast on hiatus to where I see it fit as I know I had one person not so happy with me but you gotta realize I am the one that has the power to do all that and it is my decision in the end. However that is what is going on with Chris B On The Web and anymore updates or developments especially in our Reality TV Department, we will let you all know soon!


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-24-2020]

              Well another week is here and it is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. This week has been a bit of an unproductive as our boss man has had issues with sleep and unable to produce but did sleep last night for the first time in a week.  So today at some point he will be working on things. Anyways here is what is going on:

1. I want to address something that has bothered me for the last week or so. The amount of disrespect towards our Founder, Owner and Creator and to the Staff here @ Chris B On The Web. To maliciously call our content boring for no reason then to call us Trolls, is unacceptable. We work day in day out on content and to improve the quality of the website and we're getting there but show us respect, we're trying the hardest we can and without Chris part of CBOTW this weekend makes things a bit more difficult without him online this weekend and taking a personal weekend off from social media. 

2. We or I tried to tweak the website this morning so it had more of a sleek view for the website but that was a no go so the site went down briefly for an hour while I re-coded the menu and CSS which has actually been saved to a word doc like the pages as well. I apologize for the slight inconvenience but we're back up and running smoothly again. 

3. Everything About Reality TV- We are waiting an additional week. We have two OFF Season podcasts that are awaiting going up. Now there is a podcast coming out with both Chris and Larry and I think this week Chris needs to focus on Power Rangers Podcast as he has to get it done and get it done in a timely manner. It will be back and we wanna do a couple of Off Season podcasts and if we only do 2 or 3 Off Season Podcasts that's fine too. Also Chris is taking over the Survivor Recaps and will find a Big Brother Canada down the road when if and we know it will renewed.

4. Entertainment Man Podcast- It is still on Scheduled for the first week of June and he's keeping to it and is scheduling to record and edit it this week to get it done by the end of this week. He is going back to recording once a week and posting it up on Mondays @ 1 pm EST.

5. Power Rangers Podcast- As I said his sleep schedule has been not so good lately but with being up late or up all night but he could be working on Power Rangers Podcast. He hasn't been in the right frame of mind to work but today he's planning to watch episodes and really dig into it further this week. Hoping he's sleeping at night this week and we will see how that goes but his well-being comes first.

The CBOTW Team

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Website Is Doing Very Well!

               Not more then 2 months and the website continues to grows even more. We just 2 months ago approximately we celebrated the 50k mark with the website and just days ago we celebrated the 75k which is totally incredible and if things keeps going the way they are going we will break the 100k mark at some point this year. Another point I would like to make is we have had 4k, 5k, 6k in views so that definitely makes adds up in the viewership and I can just see it now breaking 100k. Now I even notice even around 3 - 4 am EST I am up and about and I look at the views and almost at 25 views for the day even more so I really have proved that is successful and it has proved that things are going very well with the website. I am not going to stop with promoting as promoting the website is the upmost important thing. However I rarely promote it except the daily blogs so I am guessing that it is word of mouth with the website is why the website has done extremely so well. I am not going stop, I am going to continue with growing with the website so I am not going to stop anytime soon.

                Either way I want to take the time to say thank-you. I want to thank you all for the continuous support and without you guys this website will not be  what it is today. I am excited for the future and this website has truly evolved even when there has been hard times with the podcasts and change overs of the podcast but that is besides the point, the point I am making is you guys stuck it out well the ones that didn't unfollow but I noticed a flux is unfollows on Twitter and some on Instagram but Facebook has been great but that is your choice to unfollow and I understand.  Those who stuck by me, thank you so much for being there and I know I went through a stage where I changed my display name and image on FB and Twitter but this is strictly my website and there is so much that is going to be happening for this website moving forward with a collaboration podcast in the works with Billy on top of the Larry collab that is already in the works. I can say this; even with the collaborations that has helped the numbers too so there is always ways I am figuring out how to increase the viewership on the website. I am so proud of what this site has become and just going to keep on going with it as nothing will stop me. 


Monday, November 11, 2019

Schedule Page Has Been Re-Coded!

             Yesterday afternoon, I took down the "Schedule" for some major maintenance as I was not happy with what I was using which their service has gone down this morning for some odd reason and you know what service I am referring to. However I am grateful for having that calendar embedded on my website for the last several years and it was time for change. So obviously I took the entire page down and at first when you clicked it it said page cannot be found but yet the menu bar was up... Well I forgot to take down the tab off the menu bar code so I did that and re-added it when it was complete which only took me an hour to code together but their is probably tweaks I can make to it still as I am not 100% confident the page is done and there is tweaking to do with it still. However the new page is now up and I am happy with it for right now, even tho I am very picky with it but in time I will get it perfect but for right now its pretty much in beta testing as it was entirely done by code for tables. I not afraid to say it I am pretty much coding everything myself now these days and I am not going to rely on third party sites now moving forward for features within this website.

                 So if you see something out of place on this please report it via the contact page or my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or Instagram. I am sure there is something that is out of place that I missed as I was extremely tired at 3 in the afternoon as I was in bed at 6 and up around 4 ish this morning. So it was a long hour yesterday trying to figure out how to do the scheduling so it took me some time to figure it out. However in the end I am happy with the end product but the issue I have is how I will add in events but I think it is possible and I probably will put it in for the month as I have things written down or in the actual calendar here on my PC so I know what is what with events especially which I know for right now is 2 more events are on the list for 2019 before we end events for the year. So what I think I will plan I can list them for just the month this way you guys aren't confused at all what is going on and what not.