Sunday, May 24, 2020

Chris B On The Web Weekly Update [05-24-2020]

              Well another week is here and it is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. This week has been a bit of an unproductive as our boss man has had issues with sleep and unable to produce but did sleep last night for the first time in a week.  So today at some point he will be working on things. Anyways here is what is going on:

1. I want to address something that has bothered me for the last week or so. The amount of disrespect towards our Founder, Owner and Creator and to the Staff here @ Chris B On The Web. To maliciously call our content boring for no reason then to call us Trolls, is unacceptable. We work day in day out on content and to improve the quality of the website and we're getting there but show us respect, we're trying the hardest we can and without Chris part of CBOTW this weekend makes things a bit more difficult without him online this weekend and taking a personal weekend off from social media. 

2. We or I tried to tweak the website this morning so it had more of a sleek view for the website but that was a no go so the site went down briefly for an hour while I re-coded the menu and CSS which has actually been saved to a word doc like the pages as well. I apologize for the slight inconvenience but we're back up and running smoothly again. 

3. Everything About Reality TV- We are waiting an additional week. We have two OFF Season podcasts that are awaiting going up. Now there is a podcast coming out with both Chris and Larry and I think this week Chris needs to focus on Power Rangers Podcast as he has to get it done and get it done in a timely manner. It will be back and we wanna do a couple of Off Season podcasts and if we only do 2 or 3 Off Season Podcasts that's fine too. Also Chris is taking over the Survivor Recaps and will find a Big Brother Canada down the road when if and we know it will renewed.

4. Entertainment Man Podcast- It is still on Scheduled for the first week of June and he's keeping to it and is scheduling to record and edit it this week to get it done by the end of this week. He is going back to recording once a week and posting it up on Mondays @ 1 pm EST.

5. Power Rangers Podcast- As I said his sleep schedule has been not so good lately but with being up late or up all night but he could be working on Power Rangers Podcast. He hasn't been in the right frame of mind to work but today he's planning to watch episodes and really dig into it further this week. Hoping he's sleeping at night this week and we will see how that goes but his well-being comes first.

The CBOTW Team

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