Saturday, May 23, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Scheduling Announcements

                      Big News has come our way! I am very excited about this and I think this warrants this announcement! I am happy to say I can reveal Part of the Summer and the entire Fall lineup and also shows that we are currently waiting on at this point. You guys should of seen my reaction to the news of Survivor and Amazing Race 32 and I wish I darn well recorded my reaction to it and I was quite happy about it actually. But let's start with the Summer to what is confirmed followed by the Fall Schedule and finally what is awaiting to be confirmed:


Tough As Nails- A New Reality TV competition and Everything About Reality TV is proud to say I am going to be covering myself. It will be on the Audio ONLY side of things for right now as we are just introducing you guys to the show at this point and it is new to our podcast programming and we wanna see if you guys like the idea of us recapping. What I heard it is running for 10 weeks so it will be a true test. Like I said with Music City please give me time to adjust to things.

Fall 2020:

Survivor 41- Now we do not know the theme or name for Survivor 41 as this was sprung on to us the other day and I guess it will be a surprise season for us! However as I said in the Winners At War, Billy will be taking it over and yes I promised him I'd come on for a recap one day and that will be done in the coming months.
Amazing Race 32- As you know I was ready to go with the recaps this week and it was pushed off to the fall. I will be hosting those and I also promised Larry I'd have him on as a promise to since there was no Finale Party as him and I do every year for Big Brother Canada. You will be hearing his voice on the podcast this fall at some point. 

Waiting Confirmation:

Big Brother 22- We are waiting on confirmation if they will do the season and this might of/been updated since this was written Wednesday morning during the night as I was up and couldn't sleep whatsoever. However Chris, Reality Teas is waiting my OK to get testing done on the channel for him and also his preview podcast done and recorded. It will be live on YouTube + Audio ONLY here on and other amazing platforms.
Amazing Race Canada 8- No confirmation yet and the Wiki Fandom said it doesn't seem likely it will happen this year and if it doesn't, it doesn't. Nothing we can do and I totally understand why they didn't do. 

              Either way we still have a great lineup and this podcast will not be going on a stand still, we will not be shutdown. We are going to be continuing to entertain you guys as much as we can and try give you that distraction. My team and myself will continue to keep you guys up to date on the two show but either way, we're all excited with this exciting news!


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