Friday, June 30, 2017

Future Plans For Chris B On The Web

               Since I did a post about the event's, I figured this is a good time to announce the plans for the future of Chris B On The Web & and here is the plan for the very near future:

July 2017:

July 1st: Make-Up Schedule for #EverythingAboutRealityTV #podcasts, Sat. Jul 1st, 2017:

12 pm EST- #amazingracecanada Preview
1 pm EST- #BB19 Recap

- From Monday, July 3rd - Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 I will be completing the Archives entirely and will have a working Archives and built for Everything About Reality TV by Wednesday evening. Website will not be affected at all, all pages minutes the podcasts page will be functional.

September 2017:

- Plans to collab with long time friend Jeff Livingstone to do an interview with him about his sports, bowling, softball, hockey. 

November 2017:

- Plans to expand the podcast to ITunes hopefully by September/October 2017.

On Going:

- Also ongoing right now is an experimental stage of having one of my Alumni be an author for this very blog, I will not say who but in time you will know who it is.

- Also aiming to bring Everything About Reality TV LIVE on the airwaves of via UStream and a chat which I still gotta work on in the upcoming months. Also I am planning on getting a Green Screen which I will use for cool effects and backgrounds as well. Currently setting up and testing the platform out.

                      There is my timetable for right now, it can change with new plans or plans can be dropped if need be if something happens or unable to go through with the plan but hopefully this will all go into plan step by step and taking one step at a time.

Have a great night and Happy Canada Day and Happy 150th Birthday Canada tomorrow! 


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chris B On The Web Events For 2017 - 2018

                 I am going to make it clear in this blog post that there are certain events I am attending for Chris B On The Web and ones that I am not. I have been hounding this in my head over the last few weeks and thinking of what events most definitely benefits Chris B On The Web and which ones have not been beneficial to "CBOTW" Also I will be mentioning the reason behind why I do not or I am going back to the event this year and to the list that I am uneasy to wanting to attend the event that is listed below. So without further ado, here is my list:

Events I Am Not Going To This Year:

Taste of The Danforth (Greek Festival): Not going to be going after last years debauchery of being shoved around and being told off by a lady, uhh, I will pass this year and probably will never go back if this is the way people are going to treat me. Nothing to do with the event organizers its just the other visitors giving me crap for no apparent reason when I wasn't doing anything but walking with my dad. 

Possibly Event's I Am Going To:

Polish/Ukrainian Festival (Roncesvalles & Bloor Street, Toronto): Depending how the weather is over the course of the month of September and in the past years it has rained on the weekend for the festival and my dad and I been unable to attend due to the fact of the weather for the last several years have put going to this festival in doubt year after year, so It is on the maybe list and it is scheduled on just it will depend on the weather and I hope this non stop rain stops soon or it will be a no go once again. 

Autism Celebration: I had a few mixed emotions with going to Autism Celebration last year, one being the booth sign I had said I was an YouTuber and Blogger and it was completely a disaster as I had a lot of questions about YouTube and people hassling me to go back, I am totally unsure on my decision to return this year, unless Kerry's Place talks me into coming back or my friends talk me back into it.

Events I Am Going To:

Apple Festival: I had fun and was a fun blog to blog about each and every year that I have covered over the times I attended it.

The Royal Winter Fair: I love going to the Fair each and every year, it is a privilege back in 2015 to be vlogging for my old YouTube channel that one year and I was under cover last year with my camera for the blog and hopefully I will be more open to taking more pictures this year if I can get the Media Pass.

Oshawa Santa Claus Parade: Always have a good time at the parade and haven't missed a Santa Claus Parade in many years. 

Tyrone Parade of Lights: Since probably my college years or even before that I attended the Farm Parade of Lights and rarely missed one minus 1 or 2 years in a row but could of been due to rain or weather.

             So there you go, that is my list and things could be change and I will let you guys know one way or the other if I decide to move a Possible events to the going to the event and will let you guys know right away. Have a great night.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sore Back From Working Hard On The Patio Outside!

              So you have probably noticed I haven't been as active on social media as I have been in the past weeks. Well I have been working hard on the patio with my dad and getting closer and close to finishing the project out on the side of the house by the deck. It is looking really good so far and getting stones in and the other day on Monday we managed to get 2 rows put in to have 3 rows completed. It looks really good and looks like an actual looks like a backyard patio so far but we are right now far from done.I am working on the project again since I dropped out of the Wednesday group as I was not being challenged enough, I got enough experience as a individual so this opens a bit more time and my dad cannot work hours on end on the stones as it is a heavy as heck! We are talking about 110 pounds a stone and you can times that by 52 stones, which equals 5720 pounds in total which is quite heavy as you can probably figure out. 

               With working really hard, my back has had it's share of soreness in the mornings but as I wake up and move around I feel great and I believe it is from the hard work I have put in each and everyday of the week but again it makes my body strong and the muscles I never used before are stronger then ever and my upper arm strength is extremely big and bulky and that is what I wanted to do is build up my upper core of my body as I hope to audition for Amazing Race with Justin Milner who use to be a part of my team from The Video Projects Team days and the first 2 and a half years with Chris B On The Web as well. Was also hoping to audition for Big Brother hence the weight loss and building my muscle strength for being on Reality TV. 

                One thing I am totally looking forward to finishing this project is sitting out there and reading my book or the news paper or just enjoying the nice weather out there on the patio, this project was worth all the hours and hard work that has been put in with my dad and my brother that had help us a bit with advice or bringing the stones out to the area where the patio is going to be. I am looking forward to the end of this project but enjoying the use of the patio once it it completed.


Monday, June 26, 2017

Taking Time Off, Resting Your Mind

                I really needed that break from Everything About Reality TV, my mind was all over the place since Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor: Game Changers and Amazing Race 29 Finale's, but don't get me wrong I love doing the recaps, I have a lot of fun doing but taking tons of notes for the shows, plus watching feeds for Big Brother Canada and late night or in my case a lot of all niter's or being up till 3 or 4 am and sleeping afterwards did take a lot out of me and this why I needed the 2 and a half weeks to DE-compress from the busy podcast season and it has helped. Took time to play video games, blog on a regular basis or every second day and spend time with the family. 

                You can see where I am going with this post, when you work really hard on content like YouTube series or my podcast or a project you are doing in your home, you do deserve a break from all the work and to relax from all the stress of your daily grind in the working world. What I do on my spare time, I find myself putting on a video game that I wanna beat or a TV show for example I am watching Degrassi The Next Generation right now and it is nice to just sit back and watch the show and not worry about anymore work for the rest of the day. I do that quite a lot and recently with my work load has once again piling up on my desk with the Archive Project on However you do need to take breaks or you will end up like I did many times in the past with my YouTube career and also now Podcast career in mental breakdowns like I have had over the last year of trying to make my website work. 

                   It don't have to be video games, you can read your book, do puzzles, watch TV or a movie, whatever the heck that relaxes you from the stress that you get on a daily basis. I have my techniques and I am sure you guys have yours as well. Some days if you are just plain out stress, just not worry about it and do it on a day that you are not stressed out and able to focus on the task at hand. For me personally, doing a podcast on a day I am complete tensed and stressed out I mess up royally and tonight was one of those nights I made a few screw ups but laughed through my screw ups and moved on through so even laughing through helps but sometimes a break is what you need. I know I needed that break after Survivor Game Changers, Amazing Race 29 & Big Brother Canada 5.

Have a Great Night!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Fiesta Week 2017!

               Crazy week this week hence the blogs both on & Soapbox have not been going up as I have been out and about in the community this week at events and interacting with the rest of the community, even on my way back from an appointment I interacted with another member of the community which is awesome and the word out about Everything About Reality TV gets outs faster then you think. Don't get me wrong but I love doing both blogs and the podcast, just i gotta get out of my studio here sooner or later. So with that I went to Fiesta Week which is a celebration of many different countries and get a chance to try many different foods from all around the world! Trust me posted tons on Twitter and Google Plus over the last few days with pictures of what I have been up to and just posted up another picture on Social media not long ago. There is a parade on the Sunday before the week and the opening of pavilions during the days at certain hours begins. 

                The first Pavilion I went to was on Wednesday and it was the Krakow Pavilion, also known as the General Sikorsky Hall here in my city. There was all the different types of Polish food, Cabbage Rolls, Shish kebab, Polish Sausage. Trust me it was a great time and great food. The second best part of the night was the entertainment. I loved hearing a bit of Polka and traditional Polish music was a great way to end the night. I had a blast, great food, followed by great music and entertainment.

                 Despite my busy schedule today I managed to get out to the Romanian Pavilion and I wasn't sure if I would like the food but WRONG! I absolutely loved it! I know it was meant to be a little drier then I normally have when it comes to meat but I loved the flavor overall and that one spice gave it such an amazing taste and I had fun once again, was an hour but was worth the 1 hour of being out of my studio. Below is some pictures I took at the event, have a great night!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

1 Year Since I Left!

             1 year ago yesterday, I departed the YouTube platform after 10 and a half years on the platform and there is plenty of reasons why and after an year of hiding the truth, I am going to explain why I left in this blog post.

             So 1 year ago was a disastrous end for my Youtube career with majority of my team leavingthe team and not wanting to be involved with the projects started to question my future with my channel and what I could do with it in the near future. At the time I had daily vlogs going on and also the new series or podcast "Everything About Reality TV" which obviously you know it moved to Audio ONLY and may I say is very, very successful to this current day. So it was indeed a dilemma and a half to what I could do with the future of the channel. Yes I could of continued with Everything About Reality TV and done both Audio abd also video but I didnt. I should of done a video saying I am indeed leaving and to continue to support me on Social, both Twitter & Google Plus but I chose the quiet route and left quietly. I however regret backing up the Pili interview and Seasons 5 & 6 of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and made a DVD of all the episodes.

             Now you may say that my channel was dying, no the views were doing well, just had no reason to continue on with YouTube but you can say that I left at the right time as YouTube started to go to pieces with the a adpocalypse, advertisers pulling out, new terms of service coming out, videos have to be ad friendly, no cursing in videos or you get demonitorized so I left the platform at the right time. I was also a small fraction of the followers on Twitter abou 5 - 6 were subscribed to the channel but its better then 0. I had a few haters hating on me but I didnt really care.

                But now I have tons of other podcasters & other bloggers following me and the followership has grown greatly since I switched to blogging & podcasting. The website, blogs & podcasts has grown, I couldnt be any happier to where I'm at to this current day.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Working Hard To Be Successful

             I have not really spoke about my new fond success at my Podcasts and Blogs that I written on either Soapbox or but to be successful on anything whether it is YouTube, Twitch or streaming in general or in my case blog posts or podcasts, but you gotta work hard, to get views it takes time to grow your audience and I found a difference between Podcasts and YouTube but that's for another blog post on another day but anyways it takes a while to grow your audience, YOUR fan base, trust me I have had a lot of support from the get go, when it was still on the YouTube platform and even now on the Audio ONLY Platforms for the podcast, I have gotten nothing but non stop support since the day I moved to Audio and a lot of other podcasters following me to show support to me doing the podcast throughout the reality TV seasons (Going onto my 3rd Season this summer!). 

              Now the best way to promote your content, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus it is the best way to promote your content. Soon as you edit your content whether you are a YouTuber, podcaster or blogger, you should promote your content right off the bat, not wait, post it to all the social media that you have. You can also add onto the posts with hashtags and now what is a hashtag if you have no clue what it is, well it is just a simple "#" sign from your keyboard which if you use shift 3 button, it will give you the "#" sign. Hashtag is a great way to get yourself out there and you never know trending on social media and I have had Everything About Reality TV trending once in the past which was incredible and it was a very rewarding feeling to have to be sort of trending on Twitter. Numbers is not always important, it's about building your audience and having quality content out there which does help quite a lot, as I have realized that as I just completed my first podcast and I fixed the quality and the levels of my voice so it doesn't sound distorted. To be successful is to make the right connections out there, if you know what I mean. I connected with other podcasters, other cast members from Amazing Race and look where that has brought me to a very successful podcast and it has grown tremendously over the last 10 months almost. Do not feel down, do not give up, keep on trying and I ensure you will succeed at what you do. 

Have a great night!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Food Truck Friday 2017!

              First of all Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there and my dad especially. hope they all have an amazing Father's Day! So back on Friday, I went to the Food Truck Friday in the town East of me and arriving into Bowmanville was sort of disappointed as I thought at least a block would be  more suitable but know to be told we got to one block there was the food truck Friday on the one side street which is better then nothing if you ask me. It doesn't have to be a big Food Truck Friday, because you would be looking for food for quite some time if it was a pretty big Food Truck Friday event. 

            The event was fun, small and plus got to do something else afterwards. There were different kinds of vendors there from Burgers, to hot dogs to french fries, potato tornadoes which next year I would like to try it when I hopefully plan to attend the event once again which I will talk about at the end of this blog post, there was donuts, snow cones which I might of had once in my lifetime, ice cream and many others. There was local vendors there like Lakeview Burgers which is near the lake, some from Enniskillen and around Ontario here so there was a variety. They also had dumplings which in my lifetime I have never ever had dumplings and plan on trying it one of these days soon. There was some vendors I never heard of but was neat to see there at the Food Truck. There was quite a variety for a small event but that's OK with me.  I didn't mind one bit and made the choice easy for me to make to what I was going to have. I chose to have Perogies if you don't know what they are, they are an European dish which is quite delicious. You can have it potatoes and bacon, potatoes and cheese, potatoes and Sauerkraut which that what my dad had, I had the potatoes and onions with onions and bacon on top, well all of them had onions on top with bacon smothered on top as well. The Perogies were home made which made them more delicious, they practically fell apart in your mouth when you ate it, that is how good it  was. I even said to my dad that it ties with Norm's Deli which is in the same town where the event happened so two favorite places for Perogies. 

             After the food truck festival we were going to take the 2 pm bus but ended up on the 130 pm bus just to ride around on the route. I ended up having the bus driver I use to have on my regular route out of my area from the studio here and also on another route I was on as well. In conclusion to this blog today on this Father Day's Sunday, I had a great time on Friday and I am planning on attending to attend again next year, it may not be a big event but it is well worth to attend and worth the money for quality food. 


Monday, June 12, 2017


            Stress is not a good feeling to have honestly. It messes with your head and sometimes it makes you want to just give up and not give a damn about what you love to do. In this blog today I will be talking about stress and also what you can do when you are stressed out like I have been for the last 11 months since leaving YouTube. 

           So one thing that can get you stressed out is getting over worked, doing too many things at once and I had that problem last year when I was still on YouTube I over worked myself and that isn't good, you have panic attacks, you end up wanting to say is this worth it anymore? You get too much work to do to the point you just don't want to do it anymore, you just want to give up on what you love to do. Going back to the post yesterday if you are stressed out and not feeling you are into this anymore, just follow your heart and do what makes you happy and that doesn't stress you out, like for me YouTube just became a chore each and everyday and I was getting stressed out, not only that but my team getting on my nerves and being disrespectful got to me I just had it with the team situation. Also the fact my channel kind of died and lost views after The Entertainment Man ended kind of put me into a downward spiral. These are a good prime example of a stressful situation that isn't a good thing to have.

             Stress or having stress isn't healthy to have, especially on a daily basis and you need to have a way to deal with the stress. One way to deal with the stress is to put the most important task on the top of the list, here is an example below:

                  1. Blog post
                2. Podcast

                And so forth that is a small example that is one way to deal with the stress. Also you can utilize your calendar whether it is a digital version of a calendar on Google or wherever you would like online but also you can use your physical calendar on your desk to schedule the tasks you have or if you got appointments like I always have appointments to go to every week, I am always out and about at appointments on a regular basis and I always bring my calendar with me in my portfolio book to book the next appointment so I recommend to do the same so this way you can book the next appointment and you go into your calendar and see, oh I have another appointment 2 weeks this day or next week, this way you do not forget or I have to do this on this set day and make sure its done and ready for the due date you pick. There is many ways to deal with stress, if it is just very, very overwhelming take a break for a few hours or for the day and deal with it the next day which I will get into taking a break in a future blog post in the upcoming days but sometimes you just need to decompress and I did that after Big Brother Canada finished it's 5th season, took the entire weekend off and went on a mini break. Also if you are stressed out go to a dollar store and buy a stress ball and slowly not fast squeeze trust me I've done it and tried it and it has helped but stupid me I lost the stress ball and gotta find it or get a new one. Hope this helps you guys that feel stressed out and I am not a professional help just another human being giving advice and any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact page of my website here: 

Have a great night everyone!


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Never Giving Up & Following Your Heart!

                   No matter how much you are hated for the content or whatever you are doing out there you don't let anyone put you down whatsoever, don't let anyone get to you, like the saying goes, haters will hate. If you are on social media the best thing is to block the "haters" and not worry about them anymore. Also if you own a website like I own and run my own website: and it has a feature like I have to block IP Addresses, that is the best tool to have. I can share that I do got an counter on my website but you guys cannot see it whatsoever but it is on the site in the website html within the site. But anyway of security of your website helps you in any way, shape or form. Now even if things are going bad for example for me YouTube views going down or my team leaving me one by one, doesn't mean it is time to give up. Perhaps maybe time to change things up, for example I gave up YouTube because of my team decided to quit and turn their backs on me which I am now no longer upset or mad with them at this point but it was in great timing as YouTube was changing, the terms of service changed and I am sure tons of my old content would of been demonetized for some of the videos had language. So moving to blogging and podcasts was the best move I ever made as I have seen success with this podcast and planning to expand it in the future or bring back Team Chris B On The Web in the nearby future. You see I kept on trying and not giving up. I wasn't going to leave poor Chris B On The Web & to just sit empty and not in use anymore, someway, somehow I figured out what to put on the website in the way of content. 

                   Now as for following your heart, my heart told me it wasn't into YouTube anymore, I think I just grew out of the platform, did it for 10 years and didn't see much success in it hence I made the quickest and quietest exit out of any YouTuber, no questions ask, I just left deleted the channel and I should of stored the episodes on my computer for keep sake so I declared it ended after 4 seasons with possibility of Lost Episodes. So you see there I felt like I have completed a good solid run on YouTube and connected with tons of other YouTuber's and felt like The Entertainment Man Talk Show was ready to end it's run with it's 75 episodes and plus my team fell apart so myself & Justin came off the YouTube platform and the rest is written I began podcasting after a summer break as I felt it is the new thing on TV these days and there are tons of Reality TV so I followed my heart with that. Also my blogging took off with people re-tweeting and liking my posts when I put up the blog posts everyday or every second day, same goes with the podcast I am currently doing, I followed my heart to what I thought felt right and that will work for myself and Chris B On The Web & and what will be successful and not fail, but I'm not saying the others things I did wasn't successful, they were but I just got tired and part of following your heart, sometimes making tough decisions are a big part of it. I know that from dealing with it for almost the last year of did I make the right decision but now I know I did but when you follow your heart it takes time to re-grow what you love to do, so you have to be very patient to let things re-grow your passion and trust me it is very very worth it!

Have a great night!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Movie's I'd Like To See!

                 There are movies that have come out in the theaters or have been out of theater and close to or on DVD or Blueray. There is movie's I've missed seeing at the theater that with friends but hope they or myself get the movie on DVD so I can see the movie and you never know I may review the movie on here on my blog. So without further, here is my list of "movies" I would like to see either in the theater or on DVD that was out this year in the theaters that I never got to see in the Theaters:

1) Power Rangers: The Movie (2017) I am very, very excited to see them bring back some of the original routes from the original series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the early years, meaning the 1990's. I was originally going to plan on seeing the movie with my friend and former member of the Chris B On The Web Team Larry. But we were a little late and was around the week just before Easter Sunday we spoke about it and there was not many options to see the movie only if I remember 1 or 2 days in the week it was being shown. If we planned it better, most likely we would of seen the movie. 

2) The second movie that is on my list and is already out as I am writing this blog post and that movie would be Pirates of The Caribbean Dead Men No Tales which my parents and I are planning on seeing it or waiting until it comes out on DVD. But either way it has been a few years since the last movie, 6 years since the last one came out actually. The last one came out in 2011,  so it has been a while since the last movie but I believe they took a break from it but it is once again exciting to see the next installment of the movie.

3) Obviously the last but my favorite for last in my top 3 movies I wanna see this year is Star Wars: The Last Jedi, also known as Star Wars Episode # 8! Ever since seeing Star Wars: Rogue One, I have definitely been hyped up for this upcoming movie this year and really exciting where the story line continues on since we last left off where Rey came up the hill and saw Luke, it will be interesting to see the continuation of the story.

                 That is my list of movies I'd like to see this year and it isn't overly a big list that I have but I really want to see the movies and once again very very excited to see all 3 movies. I know for Star Wars I am probably going to be with Larry again as we have been doing for the last 2 years of the Star Wars trilogy but this is a great year for action pack movies!

Have a great Monday!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Post Winter/Spring Season

              Now that Everything About Reality TV is now on HIATUS until June 30th, exactly 27 days from today, yes! I am definitely counting down and excited to be recording Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5. I am always happy to be covering Reality TV shows but it is nice to be off for a few weeks to rest and get ready for the upcoming season! It also gives time to wind down and keep an eye out for the cast for both shows and prepare for the Preview Podcast the week before it begins. I do got confirmations on shows for the Fall but waiting for the late summer to post it up officially announce what I will be covering in the Fall but got an idea what will be covered and what will not and Hell's Kitchen will be not returning back on the EAR TV Schedule but is coming out this fall but will be watching it in the fall though. I want to make my primary focus for Everything About Reality TV to Survivor, Big Brother Canada, Big Brother US, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada. But you will always be seeing me tweet or even blog about Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef US, Masterchef Canada & Masterchef Junior.  I am very, very happy with the results of this Reality TV season I covered on Everything About Reality TV this season that just concluded, however a few things that I could probably most likely improve on this summer when the podcast returns:

1) Redo the intro to the podcast and improve on the intro to the podcast, same intro theme which is royalty free obviously, wanna stay legit with it and has worked well for the podcast, just my voice over part needs to be updated and maybe a bit better and the volume of my voice through my mixer could be a bit lower then it has been but this intro has worked and you guys seem to like it but I wanna change things up a bit and I got a few ideas on my mind how to do this new intro and trust me you will actually like this one too! 

2) Work on my sound, tweaking my sound over the next 2 - 3 weeks between preview podcasts and making my sound is good quality and ready to go when recaps start back up at the end of the month of June. 

             So as you can see, I am working around the clock still and blogging still but also tweaking my sound and the intro to the podcast and getting the preview podcast ready for recording the week before the BB19 game begins for us fans and The Amazing Race Canada starts! I am not planning any other type of podcast for the next 2 weeks until the Preview Podcast comes out and including talking about the rumors and what my friends Eric and Dave told me. But hopefully by the preview podcast you will hear the new intro. Finally this is insight what is to come for this delightful and fun podcast talking about Reality TV!

Have a great Saturday! Might do a second post later on today!