Monday, June 26, 2017

Taking Time Off, Resting Your Mind

                I really needed that break from Everything About Reality TV, my mind was all over the place since Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor: Game Changers and Amazing Race 29 Finale's, but don't get me wrong I love doing the recaps, I have a lot of fun doing but taking tons of notes for the shows, plus watching feeds for Big Brother Canada and late night or in my case a lot of all niter's or being up till 3 or 4 am and sleeping afterwards did take a lot out of me and this why I needed the 2 and a half weeks to DE-compress from the busy podcast season and it has helped. Took time to play video games, blog on a regular basis or every second day and spend time with the family. 

                You can see where I am going with this post, when you work really hard on content like YouTube series or my podcast or a project you are doing in your home, you do deserve a break from all the work and to relax from all the stress of your daily grind in the working world. What I do on my spare time, I find myself putting on a video game that I wanna beat or a TV show for example I am watching Degrassi The Next Generation right now and it is nice to just sit back and watch the show and not worry about anymore work for the rest of the day. I do that quite a lot and recently with my work load has once again piling up on my desk with the Archive Project on However you do need to take breaks or you will end up like I did many times in the past with my YouTube career and also now Podcast career in mental breakdowns like I have had over the last year of trying to make my website work. 

                   It don't have to be video games, you can read your book, do puzzles, watch TV or a movie, whatever the heck that relaxes you from the stress that you get on a daily basis. I have my techniques and I am sure you guys have yours as well. Some days if you are just plain out stress, just not worry about it and do it on a day that you are not stressed out and able to focus on the task at hand. For me personally, doing a podcast on a day I am complete tensed and stressed out I mess up royally and tonight was one of those nights I made a few screw ups but laughed through my screw ups and moved on through so even laughing through helps but sometimes a break is what you need. I know I needed that break after Survivor Game Changers, Amazing Race 29 & Big Brother Canada 5.

Have a Great Night!


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