Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sore Back From Working Hard On The Patio Outside!

              So you have probably noticed I haven't been as active on social media as I have been in the past weeks. Well I have been working hard on the patio with my dad and getting closer and close to finishing the project out on the side of the house by the deck. It is looking really good so far and getting stones in and the other day on Monday we managed to get 2 rows put in to have 3 rows completed. It looks really good and looks like an actual looks like a backyard patio so far but we are right now far from done.I am working on the project again since I dropped out of the Wednesday group as I was not being challenged enough, I got enough experience as a individual so this opens a bit more time and my dad cannot work hours on end on the stones as it is a heavy as heck! We are talking about 110 pounds a stone and you can times that by 52 stones, which equals 5720 pounds in total which is quite heavy as you can probably figure out. 

               With working really hard, my back has had it's share of soreness in the mornings but as I wake up and move around I feel great and I believe it is from the hard work I have put in each and everyday of the week but again it makes my body strong and the muscles I never used before are stronger then ever and my upper arm strength is extremely big and bulky and that is what I wanted to do is build up my upper core of my body as I hope to audition for Amazing Race with Justin Milner who use to be a part of my team from The Video Projects Team days and the first 2 and a half years with Chris B On The Web as well. Was also hoping to audition for Big Brother hence the weight loss and building my muscle strength for being on Reality TV. 

                One thing I am totally looking forward to finishing this project is sitting out there and reading my book or the news paper or just enjoying the nice weather out there on the patio, this project was worth all the hours and hard work that has been put in with my dad and my brother that had help us a bit with advice or bringing the stones out to the area where the patio is going to be. I am looking forward to the end of this project but enjoying the use of the patio once it it completed.


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