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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fiesta Week 2024 Schedule for CBOTW Media!

            As you guys know this week I'm attending Fiesta Week and trying to eat less so I can try the food. I believe I have told my dad I want to try food from Portugal which I am a little apprehensive about but only way I will know is by trying it. The other one is Italian or Ukrainian Food, not sure about that as of yet but we will see. However here is the schedule for the rest of the week for this blog:

Today: Talking about the Fiesta Week plans this week

Tomorrow: 10th Anniversary Celebration Countdown has begun.

Thursday: Fiesta Week Blog

Friday: End of the Week Updates

Saturday: Fiesta Week Blog

          The schedule is a bit wonky this week and we didn't plan this out too well. But it is what it is and all we can do is to try and fit everything in this week as good as we can. Anyways that is the blog post and I will speak to you all tomorrow! 


Friday, June 14, 2024

End of The Week Updates [06-14-2024]

              This week has been tough for us. Getting all the content done so Chris can move forward but alas he is closing into finishing all this editing. Streams will be back this weekend, not sure the times as he is actually has something going on at 11 am and will not be in the studio but soon as he gets home he will be most definitely live for you guys. 

              He hopes to start working on new content as of Monday as he wants to have everything done and finished by then. There is no further updates and this post is going to be rather shorter then usual but I have to say thank you to everyone for the new follows on social media, new group members, new Discord Members. We continue to grow and evolve this community on a regular basis. We have some big plans coming in the nearby future including a special event for our 10th anniversary both Discord and Streamyards but stay tuned for more details to come! That is the updates, sorry it was a little short today but I will speak to you all next week.

Kelsie, COO of ChrisBOnTheWeb Media

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Starting to figure out what works

            I am finally figuring out things with what works for us and what isn't working. I know things have been a bit hectic for us lately but we are finally realizing what is working and isn't working. I know Discord went away for several days then it came back but it is permanently here to stay. As well as we have brought back the Facebook Group that is actually public to everyone and is the behind the scenes look at ChrisBOnTheWeb Media and early discussions that go on before it is made public on the other social medias. 

          I definitely we are going into the right direction and we continue to grow and learn what works for us. I know things haven't been the best for the second podcast but will talk about that tomorrow for a blog post. We have to take things one thing at a time and one day at a time. It will all come together eventually but one thing at a time is the way to go. Anyways that is the post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Monday, February 19, 2024

Post # 2000!

            What a journey it has been! is now OFFICIALLY at our 2000th post! I cannot believe we have come to this point. 2000 posts across the board. Now when we first started, we actually didn't start till March 25th, 2015 that was after I was banned off that streaming platform and almost 10 years since my aunts passing. I don't believe we even blogged in 2014 and back then we actually waited 5 months before starting the blog up. 

           However, when we started to blog more and more, that is what really helped our blogs. We use to have daily blogs 7 days a week, then down to 6 times a week then to our currently schedule 5 days a week with the random occasional 6th blog in the week. At this moment, I'd like to thank you guys for the support of our blogs whether it's an update or some kind of discussion, you guys are always on the website reading what I have to say and we appreciate it so thank you! That is the post for today and as always I will talk to you all tomorrow! 


Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Upcoming Episodes of The CBOTW Show

             The CBOTW Show upcoming shows being released for you guys as follows: 

This Friday, February 2nd, 2024: The Simpsons Podcast

Friday, February 16th, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 1

Friday, March 1st, 2024: Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Season 2

             That is basically it in the way of episodes for the upcoming weeks and as you know two weeks apart is the schedule for this podcast and I do not want to get too far ahead of schedule at the moment. But yes Power Rangers Podcast is schedule to return to air after 7 - 8 months of it being off the air this long. Excited for the return after over half a year of no Power Rangers Content due to my depression and dealing with loss in the family, we kind of fell behind because of me and it is understandable, I was going through a lot last year but making up for it this year. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, January 25, 2024

Chris is taking the rest of the week off.

               Not sure what is going on with Chris right now. He's apparently sick with who knows what! Don't think it's COVID. He would of been coughing already. People mad at him for no reason. I am just lost for words. With him feeling off a bit he's decided to take time away for the rest of the week. He seems to not be able to stay healthy whatsoever. Once a year he has his yearly illness. But it is a lesson he's going to wear his mask more often when he's out and about as cases have indeed gone back up here in Ontario so better safe than sorry.

             He continues to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast for 2 weeks today, plus working on Entertainment Man Podcast notes, including the chat with Shane Flannigan, Eric (possibly) and Justin and Larry. Hope he is feeling better soon and he's able to keep working while he's sick but mostly hope he takes care of himself first before working. What I heard he's doing a tad better today, it could of been just a really bad bout of mental exhaustion but it could of been just a small head cold but he played it safe at this point cause both of them sick means no recordings for now. He made the right decision. However he will be active on Social Media and has asked me to do todays blog on top of my usual and always appreciate the opportunity and will chat with you all tomorrow. 

Kelsie, Community Director

Monday, January 22, 2024

I lost track of time with the post today....

              With the tireless work I have been doing with Power Rangers Podcast on The CBOTW Show and trying to get the notes done in a quick and timely matter and hope to get it done by Thursday and I have already told Larry least one episode will be done in time. So no matter what we will be recording something and a step forward but I am leaving the blogs opened for updates when I have news about finishing up the notes then you guys will most definitely know. 

              Now the blogs have been off schedule today and tomorrow I will promise to be done on time so you guys have a post and I was in a rush leaving the house this morning to meet up with my friend Eric as he usually hangs once a week and I didn't get back home till around dinner. Priorities have been a mess lately and trying to do everything all at once but one step at a time, one thing at a time and it will eventually get done. Anyways that is the post today, not much to say but I will be back tomorrow for another post at 11 am EST, I promise.


Monday, January 8, 2024

What Ever Happened to 6 Blogs a Week?

             I do not really know what happened! We were set to go 6 days a week with the blog and what happened? Who knows. We've had our share of issues with our Community Director and site admin since mid October to a point there was always someone doing the end of the week updates and now it's basically just me unless Kelsie pops up from time to time to fill in for me but that's been a rare occurrence as she has double the duty for us; as you know she's been on and off since August 1st of 2023, 5 months and counting and she's dominated as the Community Director. even when she went quiet she was dealing with the emails outside of social media. 

          Anyways we tried to have our Community Director to do it and she's always welcome to jump on the blog anytime. However I know we said we were planning to go 6 days a week but are keeping it optional moving forward especially with events. This also is Sundays too. Weekends are optional especially with the end of the year blog landing on a Sunday we need to be more open-minded with the days and it can happen. So in retrospective we do not know what happened but I think it's more the fact we wanted to be more open minded and that is what the plan is moving forward for us. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow for another blog post.


Thursday, December 7, 2023

No More Minecraft?!

           For those who knew this we had a Server but apparently we cannot load nor re-install the game so right now the community server we built renders useless right now and I think I got banned from playing yet I didn't cheat, I used all the game modes in the game, creative, survival. I never once cheated the system nor used anything that I wasn't suppose to and I enjoyed playing the game and now my computer will not allow me to reinstall it whatsoever. 

            So I am going to try and get my nephew to try and get it up and running again next time he is over cause there is unfinished business and that is the two tunnel ways that haven't finished up so this way I can do other things in the process and my nephew and I have a building to blow up too that I built purposely for that reason too ha-ha so for right now I going to play my other games and any other new game reviews I will be sure to do a full review but I will talk to you all tomorrow for the "End of The Week Updates."


Wednesday, December 6, 2023

More Change?! Whaaat!

             I know I am getting wackier with the blog titles these days and it's proven to people clicking on the link to find out what I said. I think I have crafted the art of click-baiting like a lot of YouTubers do but I try and not to do that too so often.  Yes changes have been made to the site our team has been shifted but as you remember I had someone else do the "End of the Week Updates," however I am going to be returning to it unless I need time away or I am extremely busy my assistant, she can handle it as she knows the entire in's and out's of this company as much as Larry does too. I tell em everything that goes on around the studio in updates and what not. 

             So this change will be effective immediately as of the start of this week so two days from this post going live, I will be back from my very short hiatus of doing em. Really should be the CEO of the company to mention all the updates that we have done to the company. I will make sure to update you guys this week as it's a big week for us here at the studio as this studio is getting light up to the nine with lights. However that is the changes and it isn't much of an update, but I wanted to make you guys aware and not be surprised to hear from me on Friday which I really should of done that to just throw you guys off for the heck of it... LOL. Anyways I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Wednesday, October 4, 2023

10th Anniversary Updates!

             I know 10th anniversary has been ramping up as Kelsie would say and I have some updates. We should be releasing the schedule January 1st, 2024. On November 14th, 2023, we will will have pictures up on the website and excited to share a walk down memory lane. Right now Kelsie and I are organizing some pictures from the past and it is ridiculously a lot of pictures and we are trying to strategize how we will put it up on the website and we do have an idea how to put it maybe by eras perhaps. However we are working on the entire project. 

           I plan on not going too overboard with the pages and right now have 2 pages at this point. We may add a 3rd page to the list with a list of activities and events going on throughout the year which we can say March we are starting with events for 10th anniversary but we do not wanna overdo it but I plan on events online every 2 weeks at the most actually but I have a plan don't worry! Anyways that is the post for today, have a great rest of your Wednesday and I will talk to you guys tomorrow! 



Thursday, September 14, 2023

I Am All Over The Place... AGAIN!

               Again, I am not up to my usual standards when it comes to blogs, to podcasts, I am just not myself lately. I am all over the place honestly. I have... I am lost for words. From communication problems with my team to this, no blog today. This is getting way out of hand now. This has to change and fast. I have lost followers cause of no blog or content isn't on certain platforms. So yeah it's gotten really bad and this is where I am needing to take action before it is too late. 

            So moving, I have to start checking my list and I have a list on my desktop as you can see on the right hand side that is how I am tracking that needs to be done but I have spoke about this before in the past. However there is some tweaking to do if I am to get blogs ready for the next day then I need to actually do it the night before, meaning get it done, make it a priority. I've spoken about prioritizing on LinkedIn, this blog, the podcast... Pretty much anywhere. It is good to tweak the way you have your thinks to do and this is definitely a wake call for me. I want to thank you guys for reading today's blog and apologies for the lateness and promise to have the next one out on time tomorrow and moving forward.


Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Changes To The Blog?

            I know there has been rumours that has been circulating with the blog changes and we've thought about changing the days to be quite honest but today's post, I am going to talk about one change that is coming to the blog and there is only one thing that is changing but before I do that, I wanna talk about the Saturday blogs as was discuss, after a long discussion with my Team, I have continued to think about this further and come to an conclusion that I am keeping Saturdays as an open day for a blog post. Same with Sunday in case New Years hits on the weekend like it did this year. 

             The other thing is, Mark who is part of my team since the start of November on and off and now full time on the team, he will be taking over the blog on Fridays and if there is an extension on the blogs then it would take place on the Saturday, but it really depends on a week to week basis to be quite honest. In the end it depends how we setup our week and I am not saying this by my perspective but Larry's and Mark's as well. There is no "I" in team, we work together to ensure I am successful in the end. Anyways that is the post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day.


Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Chris Timeline!

             Yes I titled this blog post "The Chris Timeline" and reason is I wanna share my plans for the next several months that leads into April 2023 so consider this the future plans for the website and content:

December 2022: On Hiatus for the month of December to catch up on prep work for Dino Charge and has been re-scheduled to January. When not working on the collab, will be working on Entertainment Man Podcast.

January 2023: Record Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge and other then that will continue to work on Entertainment Man as well.

February 2023: Will be continue to work on Entertainment Man Podcast and prepping notes for future episodes and potentially seasons as well as well as record, edit and post up episodes.  Power Rangers Collab will be off to finalize prep for February and should be done in time.

March 2023:  Will start to work on the Power Ranger movies which isn't really cannon to the show what I know of but we plan on covering it regardless under the Movie Collabs Page which is being worked on over the next few months as we prepare it. Also will be recording with Larry Ninja Steel and Super Ninja Steel. 

April 2023:  Finally, will start working on Beast Morphers for June both Season 1 & 2. 

           That is "The Chris Timeline up to April 2023, maybe I will do one of these later on when April rolls around for May, June & July perhaps. All I know is this should work if I work hard on it, I can definitely get ahead of schedule. Anyways that is the post, I will talk to you all tomorrow. 



Sunday, October 9, 2022

Halton County Radial Museum 2022

              Yesterday, I got to go to the Halton County Radial Museum with my dad. It was a fun time. I really enjoyed the colours and just being out of the studio for the day. I needed to get out and about. The colours was beautiful, even as great as Silent Lake trip that I took days before, the Tuesday which was like what, 4 days prior perhaps? It is hard to do math at almost 6 in the morning writing this post so it is out at 11 am EST in this morning when you guys are actually reading this post. The Streetcars we were on were Cars 2894, a Shorter Peter Witt Streetcar, 4039 a CLRV Car, Canadian Light Rail Vehicle and 8 Car a Radial car that ran in London and Port Stanley.

            We actually did all the streetcar rides first then we walked around in the barns there where the Subway was and what not. Then we actually did one more trip and got off walked around and we took pictures as well. I also did some Instagram Stories and an Reel that actually went out to everyone after we left as the service was in and out and that's OK, as long as it goes out later that is what actually matters to you guys. I got a ton of new followers and lost some in the process but it happens. I wanna thank you all that liked my posts across all the platforms yesterday, I was overwhelmed as my phone was going off like crazy but had a big smile to see all the reaction to the pictures. I will talk to you all tomorrow!




Friday, October 7, 2022

Blog and Events Talk

                Chris has apparently now deleted yesterday's post and I am sorry but he's gone against plans he has had. He has decided to not do CBOTW Studios Live or ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channel cause of a not so nice comment on the Facebook calling a post of Chris's boring for no apparent reason and he was friends with that person too for a long time and he feels the betrayed right now. Kind of one the reason I have taken over the blog for today. He's been acting odd for the last little while since the drama the last few weeks. I am not sure why he pulled the plug on yesterday's blog he won't talk to us his Management Team. I wish there was something we could do for him.  

                     He's changed the schedule, End of the Week is tomorrow and it is apparently from him which has been pre-written and is scheduled for Saturday. Sunday will still be the Halton County Radial Museum post at 11 am EST and Monday is back to a normal timetable for posts. He plans on the following weekend off as he's been actively busy with going to events, however I looked at my footnotes he sends me on a regular basis and he has an event a week tomorrow too, the Apple Festival. Then I believe then he's off till December with events but do not quote me on that.  I've heard he is going to the Royal Winter Fair but will not be taking photos nor doing the media thing due to COVID and I respect his decision on this. He's talked about covering the Toronto Christmas Market still but still up in the air. I am sorry for the sudden pull of the post on Chris's behalf and I know he's doing what's best for him and the website, I know he will snap out of it soon.

Alexandra, Chris's Mgmt Team 

Monday, June 20, 2022

Chris is Absent From The Blog


          I am Chris's Community Manager, Sophie. Today he is off. I am not 100% what is going on with him right now but if he needs time to himself then I am allowing him to have this time to himself right now. What he's told me privately he won't be around the Facebook Community of his and this blog till Thursday. So the Eagles review he has will be on either Wednesday or Thursday. I know he is going to Fiesta Week this week with his dad to try some different food so I believe with the shortage of time, he will be doing a 2 in 1 post probably Thursday instead. I do not know what the plan with that but he is currently got a bunch of plans. I think if worse comes to worse, he will probably do a Saturday post this week as this week has started to become a bit wacky. 

         I do know hes had some drama in his real life that he's dealing with and he's not happy one bit and could be one of the reasons he's disappeared for a few days. I know he is working on Entertainment Man Podcast's new feed which has been a headache and a half for us to figuring out the numbers haven't been up to snuff as he was working on it and the numbers were not lining up so he has started over again from the start so it does and he is being careful as he is is wanting to make sure that all episodes are accounted for and we came up with a plan and counted all the 106 episodes that he has done now. We hope he finishes that today so he can get back to Megaforce as he has started that now. I will talk to you all tomorrow, have a fantastic day,

Sophie, Community Manager of ChrisBOnTheWeb

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Sorry for No Blog Post on Scheduling!

                 I know, I know blog didn't go up and I totally slept in once again. This is why I need to prepare the blogs the night before. This is my own fault for oversleeping and like I said in one of my mentoring sessions on an app, I need to do better in time management and this is why I need to do blog prior to the next day, it's more called being ahead of schedule or ahead in the game. So today it's me rambling about me not staying on schedule whatsoever.  I feel really stupid cause I realized this even when starting to post up stuff on social media as I normally would and I saw nothing for the post. To be honest- I do not know what I wanna talk about tomorrow on the post. Running out of ideas and didn't plan ahead like I normally do. Maybe it is just cause I have been busy booking interviews for the coming weeks and right now I am a little busier then usual. 

               However, I am getting a post out to you guys and yes I considered no blog post today but it is what it is, again I still put out a post for you guys today and that is what matters is that I made up and posting this odd ball blog post. Anyways I am sorry for no post but you got one even if I am rambling in an endless circle of nonsense but I promise tomorrow should be a better post for you guys to read. I feel like this post is just pointless but sometimes pointless makes some sense to you guys. Anyways that is my post, hope you enjoyed it somewhat or all together and I will speak to you guys tomorrow and it will be on schedule.


Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Mamma Mia The Movie Review

                Mamma Mia the Movie has been out for quite some time now and I never really did a movie review of this movie. It is exactly like the musical on stage but it really gives you more a consensus what Greece is like as on stage they try to make it as similar to the location it is taking place. Love the scenery in the movie, it is absolutely beautiful there! Definitely a country I'd love to go and visit one day. Anyways one of my favorite movies and highly recommend the movie if you are an ABBA fan. It really gets you up on your feet wanting to dance. Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosman and Meryl Streep was amazing. Never thought Pierce Brosman could sing but he could! 

               I give this movie, 10 out of 10, great movie, great music. So entertaining and I enjoyed this movie and I can watch this movie over and over again honestly. It is hard to tell you guys a lot without spoiling for those who haven't seen the movie yet it is between around for quite sometime now but again, I do not wanna spoil it for you guys regardless it's a mini review, I am not going into full details but talked a bit about some of the actors in general. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it but I am sure you guys already have by now. That is my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, March 3, 2022

Surprise Blog Post!

              Surprise! I decided to do a surprise post as I am just too excited to say I am back and things are on the rise for ChrisBOnTheWeb! I know I have been radio silent all week but making update posts when I can and I have to thank Savannah for keeping those who are in the ChrisBOnTheWeb Facebook Group Community as there has already been changes to the website here and I will talk about that on Saturday. I have a string of posts tomorrow and Saturday with Sunday being the only day off from posting as that is the normal Entertainment Man Podcast post. 

              As I said this morning the spam commenting has to STOP honestly. I am getting more and more frustrated with the spam comments here on the website like seriously?! I am at a point I need to start reporting these spam comments cause it has become now more frequent and friendly reminder this  website is completely english and it is hard to understand but either way I appreciate the comments but there is no need to spam the same thing over and over again. It does get annoying after a while and I see every comment and reply to every comment that you guys put on here on the blog.  This is the second week in a row that this has happened and honestly please do not spam. There is no need for the spam, like I said I read every comment and when my phone goes off and it's from the site I know that it is a comment. Just a friendly reminder there is no spam and it is on my site terms of use (TOU) and any spam will be removed and flagged and reported as spam. I have put Moderation to always moderate the comments and this is to stop these spammers and if worse comes to worst I will set comments where you have to login to comment.  That is my post for today, it is good to be back in the blogging seat again and I will talk to you all tomorrow!