Sunday, July 30, 2017

How I Motivate Myself To Continue To Do Well What I Love To Do!

           Between recording Everything About Reality TV and blogging and fixing the website from the bad timing of a website going down, yes you can tell I have been a bit off in the last almost 24 hours with the site going down. Every month as it is seems to have its oddball issues I get stressed which means I am up to wee bits of the morning stressing over it. Plus catching up on Everything About Reality TV even though 2 days a week isn't overly a hard schedule. How do I motivate myself to get myself back on track under so much immense pressure of trying to keep up with the podcast. Well, I come down with a plan to catch up on a day I have nothing planned and make a precise schedule how I am going to do this catch up whether I have to catch up on Big Brother 19 or podcasts that I am behind. It can be not just the podcasts, it can be the FACT you haven't blogged in what 5 days, yes I am referring to me not posting up on this blog but I'm getting much better at posting up these days! 

                Anyways pick a day that is close to the day you are suppose to bring out the content that you were suppose to have out, let's go right into an example: I had a podcast, no podcast in particular but let's say it is out on a Friday (Yesterday) for an example, and you got time today (Saturday) then that would be the more suitable time to post up the podcast, YouTube video, or blog post or whatever content you create, it is essential to make up the time you have lost and catch up. Do not get over stressed about it, just try and fix the situation and get caught up on things so this way you do not fall behind really bad, trust me I have been there so many times and especially that I will be doing another podcast so I have to keep up to speed on things. I know how to persevere through the struggles and get caught up and it is the best fans in the world that keeps me motivated and going and I get so much love and support, not only that but I also get so much encouragement to keep on going that is what is keeping me on going with the podcasts, the blog & also I am very gracious to have such a great fan base and able to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions with you guys on almost a daily basis. You know I wanna try to blog on a almost daily basis not a week apart from each other. My final bit of advice in today's blog post is to not do not give up on your dream, your passion keep doing what you love to do even if you fall behind on posting up on your website or YouTube or on your blog, just keep on working hard and eventually you will end up caught up or back on the right track or back on schedule. 

Have a Great Sunday!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Reasons Why I Do Not Broadcast Everything About Reality TV On A Video Platform!

              I have had fun broadcasting or casting since 2009 but it is time to move and do what I am doing currently which is Podcasts, "Everything About Reality TV" I have had nothing but fun with these podcasts and got to be myself more and yes I have been a goof on Everything About Reality TV especially but that is what my character is like is a goofball and I like to make jokes a lot too! It is a running joke on the podcast that I ramble on about things or one specific things like that Hanging With Bob Bridge Detour On The Amazing Race Canada. I am very out spoken kind of person and I say what is on my mind. 

              Now to the part of why I do not broadcast "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts, well I haven't really done a regular broadcast outside the gaming streams since end of March of 2015 and I got no plans to broadcast anytime in the near future. I am very content doing my own thing and like Larry told me, least I do not have to deal with the trolls anymore. Only trolls would be through the power of Twitter which is the only current Social Media I have at the time. The trolls kind of ran me off the broadcasting site and it was a wake up call to what I really wanted to focus on which was YouTube at the time till the end of my YouTube career. Now my primary focus is Audio ONLY Podcasts with both "Everything About Reality TV" and I have gotten more a response when I have posted up Everything About Reality TV and I mean really a great response. Not only on the Audio ONLY platforms but on Social Media, aka Twitter has been an outstanding amount of response from my followers on my podcast posts and a lot of encouragements when times get tough, so there is a big reason to stay on Audio ONLY I can say I am happy where I am at this point of time. I am too content right now to make anymore changes right now. I need to stop making too many changes too quickly and leaving Stitcher just came suddenly even tho it started to excel in viewership but viewership does not matter, what matters to me is the fact I am having fun recording each and every episode 2 - 3 times a week. Plus planning on collabing with a few people on a podcast in the near future with some personal friends of mine and also an old friend from back in 2010 - 2011 on the former broadcasting website so it will keep me busy planning other smaller projects but two projects right now is not what I want to do. 

Have a great rest of your Monday!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Durham Transit Bus Throwback Story From Many Years Ago

              First of All I had to share this throwback story, just had to share it as it is quite a funny story and its been years since the event happened but I had to tell it and I sort of talked about it on social media, but not at length and as I was talking about it on Twitter a bit when I had that same bus in particular. 

              So many years ago, maybe back in 2008 or 2009 or something like that, hard to remember when it happened actually, but I was on my way to see to see my grandma, but on the way the bell randomly went off without anyone touching the bell line or pressing the button on the pole, the darn thing still goes off. We arrived at the Oshawa Centre and the bus driver went on a break as he was 5 minutes early, he came back and the bus would not start so the bus decided to break down so I ended up waiting for another bus since they had to try and fix the bus on the spot or get it towed back to the barn to get fixed. So I ended up waiting until the next bus which would be the 11 am bus which was 30 minutes later from the time the other bus was suppose to leave. So I had to let my grandma know what was going on and that I would be late coming to see her.

                I always will refer 8403 on Durham Transit, the bus from hell as it has been nothing but a problem over time. Recently I had that bus and it made a rattling sound on the front of the bus so something was rattling in the bus. This is why I call it the bus from hell as it is always a constant problem or something goes wonky on the bus. I tell ya that bus is cursed and maybe I am the one that put the curse on the bus or the bus was built with a malfunction never know! Haha. This is my throwback story for today and I will do more of them if you guys really loved my throwback stories, because I got lots of em to tell. 

Have a great night!


Thursday, July 20, 2017

1 Year Later- Now A Blogger & Podcaster!

Now that it has been over a year since I closed my YouTube account, I have settled down and considered my feelings about leaving.  The last year has been a long and stressful one for me. Even though it has been tough, I think I have finally grasped at what I want to do with my show, Everything About Reality TV.

I started podcasting back in later 2014. The initial stages and testing of Everything About Reality TV didnt pan out so I continued on with my YouTube career. you will remember that I was still in the midst of my web series, The Entertainment Man Talk Show.  Youtube was starting to take its toll and ultimately, I was starting to feel burnt out.  This was when I started considering podcasting more seriously. Now, thinking back on it, I am glad I ended the Youtube channel and started my podcast. I have continued with the podcast and successfully covered the fall 2015 season of the Amazing Race 27 and Survivor: Second Chances along with Hell’s Kitchen as well. The podcast also covered Big Brother Canada 4 & Survivor Cambodia.

As time went on, I planned not to cover shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Masterchef, Masterchef Junior or Masterchef Canada. I have nothing against those shows. It is just hard to cover everything in a limited time frame. My podcast has continued to grow. I have recorded episodes on Survivor Millennial’s Vs Gen X, Big Brother Canada 5, Survivor Game Changers. Currently, I am recording episodes on Big Brother 19 and the Amazing Race Canada. The podcasts have now grown to 57 episodes and I am not stopping there! Recently, I decided to start a weekly podcast called “The CBOTW Show” recapping TV Shows from 80’s to the 2000’s. Comedy, drama, action you name it!
Now as for the blogging, I have been blogging  since my ‘The Video Projects Team days. After leaving YouTube, I got more into the blogging on I love talking about what is on my mind, stories in the local news, local events or the crazy weather we have had here. Around the middle of June 2017 I connected with Soapbox and offered to blog for them. They said yes and I have been with Soapbox ever since. I love being a part of the platform and connecting with other bloggers. I may only post 1 – 2 times a week but I am always logging onto the site daily to see what other great posts are up to read.

Feel free to connect with me on Social Media as well on With blogging I find I have more of a freedom to express my opinion compared to when I was on Youtube. I truly am blessed to be where I am today with both the blogging and podcasting. I feel that I am making the right connections and connecting with so many amazing people. I am truly very humbled when I think how well I have done in the last year. The future of my podcast hasnt been written yet and I am playing it by ear with each new season.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Chris B On The Web Is Growing Once Again!

             It has been almost a day since the news broke out but thought I would do the official announcement for Chris B On The Web and it is good news, not bad news whatsoever, it is an addition to the podcasts actually. After talking to a old high school which we're very close friends now. He suggested I do a TV Show RECAP, not Reality TV related but regular everyday TV Shows from comedies to drama and much more if it wasn't for Billy I would of been only doing Everything About Reality TV Podcast but having 2 different podcasts it is going to expand my horizon to do other podcasts. I think it would be a great idea in case Everything About Reality TV went downhill, not in views, I mean if shows started to you know stop bringing out new seasons of any of the Reality TV Shows I cover then there will be gaps but I am hopefully Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada & Amazing Race Canada. 

             I am finally listening to you guys to what you guys want to see on and keep up the great suggestions and help, I will listen to you guys to what you would like to see. I know Everything About Reality TV will continue to be on the good path of success. You guys have suggested things that will work for me and I listened. You guys do want podcasts to go live eventually but right now isn't the right time nor the time for it to be live on the air compare to the pre-recording sessions I do during the daytime. But I do put all your suggestions into great consideration, not everything can be done right away. 

              I am however proud on how well Chris B On The Web and has done in growth, the numbers have been to the 600 - 700 range each and every month and stayed at that rate for a while now, awaiting for it for growth to continue on. I have in the last few months been very patient and taken action on things, like actually going entirely solo without a team for now, could find someone to help here and there but that is later on. I think The CBOTW Show will be a huge success, just like Everything About Reality TV Podcast has and will generate some great viewership. I am planning on putting this new podcast onto the same networks as EAR TV is on which are (My Website), (As The RSS Feed where it's located.), & of course ITunes as well.  The CBOTW Show is currently on hold as I am currently making a format for the podcast. It will be a weekly Podcast compare to Everything About Reality TV is 2 - 3 times a week depending on what the schedule for Reality TV is. 

Have a Great Day!


My 10.5 Years As A Content Creator On YouTube!

Well I have been waiting for a long time to talk about my YouTube Career. This was a period of my life that spanned 10 and a half years and involved grinding out video and content.

The Early Years (2005 – 2008)

The journey began back on December 9th, 2005. I remember the date as I commemorate the auspicious occasion yearly. It started as I needed to do a project for High School. I was in my last semester in in school and I needed 40 credits to graduate with my High School Diploma. As someone with Autism I wasn’t suppose to but that is a different blog post for a different day. My teachers gave me an option to get the credits. I could either create a pitch for a new TV show or make a sample episode of a show. Deciding on the sample episode, I decided to try make a pardoy of The Amazing Race. But, as things tend to do in life, nothing went according to plan.
During my team’s production meetings, the we found some aspects to difficult so the plan changed to an entertainment show highlighting local events in Durham Region, Ontario.  So after the presentation in the class (which went amazingly well), my team and myself continued production on February 13th, 2006. At the time I was not on YouTube yet. March 19th, the project was on hold again. I ended up getting really ill and found myself in hospital for 4 days. The doctors had to perform a surgery to remove a blockage. I almost died for the second time in my life. This health blip put the production on hold until mid April.
Once things got rolling we recorded the 2nd episode and continuing on right through to the 16th episode the following year. As time went on, drama ensued amung the production team and our show, Durham Entertainment Today, only saw one full season filmed. Our second season was left with only 3 episodes recorded. The series stopped on January 10th, 2008. After more production team issues, I started up ‘The Entertainment Man Talk Show’. This was the start of my first ever YouTube channel, which still is online!

The Longest Web Series I Have Ever Done! (2008 – 2010)

The Entertainment Man Talk Show had a very successful 8 episodes. From the feedback, everyone loved the first season of the series on YouTube. That following fall, I renewed the series for a second season which had the longest running number of episodes at 42.  In Season 2, saw the expansion of the team and the return of the co-founder Eric of The Video Projects Team. We also grew the team by 3 additional staff members. The series saw another renewal for a third season.
For the first time in the show’s history, we got permission to film in a old firehall, a jail and live on stage for a theater performances. Season 3 saw a lot of on location filming during good weather. When the weather turned, we decided to stay put in the studio. Once the Season 3 finale a live broadcast finale on, ended I made the announcement that the series would go on Hiatus.
The Hiatus:
I took the hiatus to attend college and study pre-media. I was hoping it would help me advance my YouTube career. During the hiatus I lost the majority of my original team and gained 3 news people. Brent would replace the other camera crew that left the team and Justin would help me build the studio sets. I did a Bringing Back The Entertainment Man Talk Show at the Toronto Islands to get ready for my triumphed return. Also during the hiatus I did random updates and blogs and interviews to fill the void.

My Return & Final Years on YouTube (2012 – 2016):

I return to YouTube and The Entertainment Man Talk Show with really high hopes. A big stumbling blog was getting my audience back after being off the air for a 2 year period. During my time at college, I was introduced to better editing programs. This made the projects look better then they were before. We also introduced a full theme to the show at the end of Season 4. Season 5 and 6, Larry took over and did an amazing job until him and Eric quit and another staff member was let go. During June 2015, the last ever episode was filmed. There was plans for a 7th season but due to the team departing I decided to shut down production on June 21st, 2016.
It was at this time that I started to vlog. At one point, I managed to upload 600, maybe 700 days  worth of vlogging in a row. Why did I leave Youtube? There were a few. Mainly because after my staff left I just didn’t have the help I needed. It wasn’t because of hate or negative comments. I had very minimal hate but my departure from Youtube wasn’t because people made fun of me for being Autistic. I really didn’t care what people thought. My theory was that haters will hate. I am very grateful for my time with YouTube and learned so much about myself. Looking back, I have no regrets after leaving the platform.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

So Many Problems I Can Take Right Now!

       Right now I am showing my frustration of waiting almost 2 hours for a post to come up on Stitcher and this has happened today once again after I posted the BB19 the other day and it never showed and I started to feel discouraged that I am not going very far even though the stats on Stitcher have been better then usual and been getting views from the Stitcher platform but what bothers me the length of it what it takes for the podcast to show up, usually the longest is an hour, an hour and a half which is fine with me but 2 hours or more or for it to not show up. This is not the first time I have had this issue and this time I had to really think about the future of Everything About Reality TV and I know Justin Milner my former Staff member kind of mentioned to me about leaving Stitcher few months back and with great sadness I am announcing in this blog post I am leaving Stitcher after 9 months of being with their amazing platform and it was the toughest decision I have yet to made within the last year well 2nd toughest decision to me letting go my entire team so I can go more on a solo project but sometimes you gotta let go and that is what I did in this instance. 

         I am not saying I am not happy, I was kind of more frustrated by the situation, however I am humble to be a part of the platform for the length that I have lasted with them. I am not only Humble but proud to be part of the platform and was a great starter for me and my podcast. It does stinks I am leaving when I started to get more traffic on it but I will try and explain it on the next podcast as best as I can. Like the saying goes, one door closes and not being on Stitcher doesn't mean Everything About Reality TV isn't done, because it isn't, the podcast is still on,, & of course on ITunes. So the podcast is still out there and losing out on a partnership isn't the end of the world, these small setbacks happens and I know I will continue to succeed in the podcast even on my own website,, TuneIn & ITunes. Getting onto ITunes came at the right time to help the podcast out even with the recent departure on one platform, I am on another one. Stitcher was a great start for me and I will never forget this experience and cannot thank Stitcher Staff enough for everything, their love and support throughout the last 9 months. I may be a bit a pain in emails but they know I want nothing but the best for Everything About Reality TV and for it to be successful. In conclusion of tonight's rather late blog post, change sometimes is good and I think this change will be really good for the podcast and if I ever want to return to Stitcher I can in the near future and let em know I would like my feed back I can always request it in the nearby future.

Have a Great Night!


Monday, July 10, 2017

Places I Would Like To Visit Around Canada and The USA!

             There are tons of places I would like to visit around Canada and the US, which is kind of the reason why I decided to write this blog this afternoon and share places, states or locations that I would like to visit here in Canada and down in the States.


- I would like to visit Prince Edward Island and tour the entire island if possible and see the sights and the views that the island has to offer. I would also once again would get PEI Potatoes as they were awesome the last time we brought em home back in 2007 which was the last time I visited Prince Edward Island. 

- Calgary/Alberta again- I would visit Calgary, obviously because I do got family out there and I would want to return to Banff Mountain and also I would like to see the Edmonton Mall which is huge and never know I may run into Talla from Big Brother Canada! Ha ha! It would be funny if I actually saw her in person. Definitely get a selfie done with her if she does't mind! Also maybe run into some other houseguests from Big Brother Canada too!

- Also visit my aunt and uncle in British Columbia, also see Vancouver and Vancouver Island as well, I have never been to the west coast before in my entire lifetime but have been to Alberta before just not right to the coast in my lifetime which will be changing soon when I am out there. 


- First place I would like to visit in the US would be to return to Chicago and do more tourism, see the Museum of Natural History, also make my way back to Minnesota to see the family. On my way home I would like to stop at the Memorial for the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

- The next place to visit in the states Florida, I have never been down south before and would love to see the south and the southern hospitality. On the way down I would like to visit South Carolina on my way down, as I really would like to see what South Carolina looks like.

- Next on my endless list in this blog is California. Several reasons why I would like to visit, Hollywood, San Diego Zoo, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and of course see LA.

- Arizona, I would love to visit my Aunt Dini and Uncle Rob down there and plus it is warmer there then up here in Ontario... LOL. Never seen what a desert looks like. 

- New York City, would like to see Trump Tower, also visit the 9/11 Memorial and the new buildings around where the towers use to be. Also of course the Statue of Liberty which I always wanted to see.

- Finally I want to and I know my parents are planning this to take a trip out of Boston and I of course added in that I wanted to see the state of Maine even though Cabet Cove was fictional in Murder She Wrote  still would love to see the beautiful state regardless and back through New Brunswick, through Quebec and home. 

          Well that is my list, so sorry it is a bit long and I know I wont get to see all those states but hopefully some in my lifetime and I know Boston and west Coast Canada will be a thing for me to see, as for the Florida, Arizona and Cali that is a bit far fetched for me to see and more the likely will not happen, but never say never!

Have a great night!


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Walking Away From An Argument

         Almost a week ago I did the unthinkable, something I have rarely done over in a very, very long time and that is walk away from an petty argument that was over the patio stone project. Now it isn't the first argument I have had over the patio project, but I consider it creative differences but that's OK, we all have our own opinions on things and we are entitled to have our own opinions. But I felt so frustrated with the arguing that was going on, I just needed to get away for 15 - 20 minutes or as long as I need and I felt walking away going inside in this instance was what was best for me at the time and I need to cool off and calm the heck down before I say something I regret. Same with July 1st I got pissed off at my brother and my dad when I said I was going to cook yet they took it over and not tell me they already have started and I said something I should of not said. However I came down to my room and laid down for a minute to cool down then went to continuing playing Rocket League with my niece and nephew and moved on with the rest of the day and everything was fine for the remainder of the evening.

        So you can see there if you cannot come to consensus and not agree on anything or someone is continuing to argue then it is the best idea to walk away from the situation and just cool off for a few minutes and if you need extra time do take the extra time to cool down then if you are clearly ready to go back and try talk things out or go back to the task at hand that you were doing at the time of the conflict/argument occurred. But sometimes it is OK to stop for the day and maybe start tomorrow or if it is the weekend as you guys know I do not work on the patio on the weekend not even a Saturday or on a Sunday, it is usually during the weekdays when there is working being done on the patio. 

       However in conclusion walking away is the best thing to do and staying in the same room or in my instance go inside from the patio or wherever you are it is the best thing to do and arguing is just not worth it. Walk away and cool down before you regret saying something that you do not want to say and will have major regrets in the end and if you say something to friends, then you will lose a friend or friends in the process and you don't want that to happen. 

Have a Great Sunday!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Chris B On The Web Plans (REVISED)

       So I did this post before but things are changing and rapidly fast and things move fast around the Chris B On The Web Studios and I been thinking things out very clearly lately and I think this is the best plan yet to wait on a few things with the site and Chris B On The Web and I am finally thinking for the future not worried about the past on the platforms and I should of took just retired from casting after so many years of broadcasting on the internet, the trolls got to me, yes! And casting isn't worth the stress at all! So without further ado, here is the update and again please note nothing is in cast iron can change down the road at anytime!: 

July 2017:

July 10th: Start working on getting Everything About Reality TV Podcast onto ITunes to help it even grow even more and will be the last network  I am extended the podcast onto for now, but could be on other networks in the near future at a later time and date!  

September 2017:

- Plans to collab with long time friend Jeff Livingstone to do an interview with him about his sports, bowling, softball, hockey. 

On Going:

- Also ongoing right now is an experimental stage of having one of my Alumni be an author for this very blog, I will not say who but in time you will know who it is. Even if you went to the blog on the website it is a total giveaway! LOL Let me helps you guys on this one Yes I am being quite sarcastic with that statement!  

In The Plans But Cancelled The Plans:

- I was aiming to bring Everything About Reality TV LIVE on the airwaves of via UStream and a chat however, I said I am retired from casting and I need to stick to my word and never ever cast again. I am happier not casting, but had fun while it lasted and will always remember the good memories I have had broadcasting over the years.

           There is my timetable for right now, it can change with new plans or plans can be dropped if need be if something happens or unable to go through with the plan but hopefully this will all go into plan step by step and taking one step at a time, I know the plans for this year are going to go through as for the cancelled, I am not changing my mind whatsoever on it, it is what it is and I am going to deal with it!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Chris B On The Web & is Evolving!

             So far my gut instincts have been right about a lot of things and I am loving every moment of the "Podcasts" as I finally gotten right into the podcast and it the quality of the podcast is so much better then it was before, so over my break I improved on the sound and quality of the podcasts and now a better intro without that pain in the neck distortion in my voice. Once I get my Audio Technica 2020 Mic, the quality will be even better then this mic, however I am keeping the Audio Technica PRO 31 microphone as I am planning on using it for guests that do visit the studio for podcast recordings, they can actually be a guest on my podcast while I use the condenser Microphone for myself. So the podcasts are growing and I love being on, Stitcher & and soon and hopefully by the fall also onto ITunes as well as the final step to getting my podcast out there. 

              There was original plans to eventually bring the podcasts to video platform, but not sure now with my busy, busy schedule with the family and spending time with them, working on the patio. So it is totally up in the air right now with my time I have to record them live and I really do prefer to record them early morning or in the afternoon, this way I can  move forward with my day, work on other projects that need to be done for Chris B On The Web or family wise or if I have to run errands of any sort, I do have the time. Also I will have time to spend with friends as well. Majority of my alumni agree that pre-recording the podcast is probably the best thing for me. Plus I am pretty well done with going live, I am retired from broadcasting too and got no plans to go live unless I free up a hour a few times a week. But do not count podcasts NOT going live, because it is being explored, getting a chat together, a video broadcast platform such as UStream.TV so I am exploring the options to doing it. Only reason I am holding back is I need to get the studio fixed up and my setup being changed over, setting up the green screen, OBS, the design on OBS and much more and having enough of a built fan base to tune in each and every recording but we will certainly see in due time! 

            With being with both Soapbox & blogs, I love doing both as I really enjoy writing what is on my mind, locally, this crazy weather Ontario has been, Reality TV, advice, rants which is on my blog only. I just love the freedom to express my opinions as I got more of a freedom of speech compare to when I was with YouTube. Also I am in test and experimental stages with this blog especially as you probably can see on the side of the blog you can see Larry Rieck is involved with the blog as an Alumni blogger and he hasn't posted yet but he will when he is good and ready to go. I love my current situation with Chris B On The Web, I am quite happy the way things are right now and I wouldn't change it for anything!

Have a great Rest of Your Afternoon!



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Monday, July 3, 2017

Canada Celebrations 2017 & Canada 150th Birthday

              Wow what a great day to celebrate Canada Day and this nation's 150th birthday! This will be a day I will remember the rest of my life. First spending time with my niece and nephew even though I didn't go down to the lake did spend time with my niece and nephew and the family that came over and it was fun, I was suppose to cook but my brother and father took over like I figured out so that had a bit of family drama that has gone on. The dinner however was great, tons of food and a great conversation went on. Spent tons of time with my niece and nephew, we played The Binding of Isaac and they got to witness another achievement reached which I am now almost at 50% to being at the full 100% Platinum God which means I will be ready to go to The Binding of Isaac Rebirth which if you ask me I am very very excited and I am sure my niece and nephew are excited to see the next installment and they know a mass majority of the items on the game as I have gone through each challenge or character on the game whether it is Isaac, Samson, Judas, Eve or Maggy, they know almost every item that I have gotten and the new items and we have even looked it up on Canada Day what that specific item does within the game and we, I also mean myself love the lucky toe item.

               The final part of the day would be the spectacular fireworks display that I saw and it wasn't by the lake it was out in Bowmanville which is one town East of me so wasn't far from home so it would do. The downfall of going down to Lakeview is you have to take a city bus shuttle down as you are not allowed to park down there during the Canada Day events so after the fireworks of course it would be quite the crowd and a wait to get onto the bus and go back to the main terminal which I believe was the Oshawa Center if I am correct for this year. But anyways the fireworks so really awesome, it was a very entertaining fireworks and lasted a little over 30 minutes which is amazing, what a great way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. I thought it was going to stop after 20 minutes as it looked like it was ending but it didn't another fireworks and more which made the fireworks display. It was an amazing fireworks and would go back to the Garnet B Rickard Arena.


P.S. here are a few pics from the other night.