Saturday, July 8, 2017

Chris B On The Web Plans (REVISED)

       So I did this post before but things are changing and rapidly fast and things move fast around the Chris B On The Web Studios and I been thinking things out very clearly lately and I think this is the best plan yet to wait on a few things with the site and Chris B On The Web and I am finally thinking for the future not worried about the past on the platforms and I should of took just retired from casting after so many years of broadcasting on the internet, the trolls got to me, yes! And casting isn't worth the stress at all! So without further ado, here is the update and again please note nothing is in cast iron can change down the road at anytime!: 

July 2017:

July 10th: Start working on getting Everything About Reality TV Podcast onto ITunes to help it even grow even more and will be the last network  I am extended the podcast onto for now, but could be on other networks in the near future at a later time and date!  

September 2017:

- Plans to collab with long time friend Jeff Livingstone to do an interview with him about his sports, bowling, softball, hockey. 

On Going:

- Also ongoing right now is an experimental stage of having one of my Alumni be an author for this very blog, I will not say who but in time you will know who it is. Even if you went to the blog on the website it is a total giveaway! LOL Let me helps you guys on this one Yes I am being quite sarcastic with that statement!  

In The Plans But Cancelled The Plans:

- I was aiming to bring Everything About Reality TV LIVE on the airwaves of via UStream and a chat however, I said I am retired from casting and I need to stick to my word and never ever cast again. I am happier not casting, but had fun while it lasted and will always remember the good memories I have had broadcasting over the years.

           There is my timetable for right now, it can change with new plans or plans can be dropped if need be if something happens or unable to go through with the plan but hopefully this will all go into plan step by step and taking one step at a time, I know the plans for this year are going to go through as for the cancelled, I am not changing my mind whatsoever on it, it is what it is and I am going to deal with it!

Have a great night!


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