Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Podcast Notes for My Show Are Done For 2021!

                I have been awake since 1130 pm EST last night and I'm sure when this comes out, I am just getting up from a nap if I nap as I writing this at 5 in the morning so that is quite early. However I finished up the notes and so happy their done and finished for the rest of the year. All I have to do is record the episodes, edit and post them up. However it feels good to be back and I have 2 more episodes in the vault for the podcast for this weekend and the next weekend which should give me a ton of time to finish up SPD and get them mailed out to Larry along with that NDA (non disclosure agreement) that will be attached to it and have to be sent back to me as well which hope he will have signed and sent back to me as soon as possible. 

               So with the notes now done I can move forward with other content and possibly start working on the picture pages for events that I go to with Savannah and we can actually get that released by the fall time for you guys. Also this will give me the opportunity to start planning out 2022 too when I get into watching Mystic Force I can start thinking about the format for the podcast and how I wanna lay it out for the next year. Hope you guys are excited for the rest of this season and I cannot wait for you guys to hear the podcasts and no I didn't record to the end of this year, they are just planned out with notes. I will be back to recording in 2 weeks time and back behind the microphone as I have been taking some personal time off from recording hence why I recorded ahead of time. Hope you guys enjoyed the post today and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Short Analysis of The Psycho Movies

                I just got finished watching a couple of nights worth of Horror Movies and I decided to watch all 3 of the movies again. I wanna talk about each of em out of the 4 movies that they did out of the series. Anyways let's get into em:

Psycho: Which is what got all of this started with Marion Crane who was played by Janet Leigh who is Jamie Lee Curtis's mom which I never knew that till I saw this movie.  I love the intensity of the music when something tense is happening within the movie. I know there was only person that died in the movie that was Marion. Absolutely loved the story line and this movie is indeed a classic! 

Psycho II: The story of after Norman what he did to Marion at his Motel. He gets a job at a diner and takes in Mary in his mothers house. The one thing that annoyed me was Mrs Loomis and that Manager he had working for him at the start which he was a stupid drunk to be honest. I really hated that douchebag. I know it's only a movie but I couldn't stand the two of them whatsoever. Also I know when Mary dropped the guy and he hit something it wasn't her fault. she got a bit distracted there so it's not her fault.

Psycho III: Well Maureen got a ride from this crazy nutcase Duke who was a complete nutcase. He was kind of a weird character and will always be the one character I really disliked. Noticed with 2 and 3 they did not use the violins like they did in the first one as I forgot to mention it above. 

Psycho IV: Finally the 4th and final movie which wraps up the storyline. We have Norman talking to a doctor on the radio about why he killed his mother and the entire storyline when he was younger to now how he became his mother in the process. Now I noticed the scene the girl is killed off early part of the movie when they showed Norman, I swear it was Anthony Perkins that was the one I froze, zoomed up on the frame to see. I love how it ended with the burning of the Psycho house, kind of symbolic in the end and now he is a free man of demons.

           Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this short synopsis of each movie, I tried to get in what I had to say and I love this movies and now I have a great appreciation for these movies. I know I was told 2, 3 and 4 sucked but I enjoyed it. It tells a story and there is elements to these movies and the 4th is the high peak of the movie how it ever started to the finish line. I plan on doing some for Friday The 13th and Halloween movies down the road. Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your day!


Monday, June 28, 2021

Will Entertainment Man Podcast Return In 2022?

                    There has been talk and speculations after I mentioned I have episodes on standby and there is a few things that I had that was put on the backburner. There was episodes that were unused when I made the decision to bring this podcast back on the air, there was episodes not used but I am using a couple of em to fix the repetitiveness of episodes as there was 2 or 3 that repeated. Whatever that wasn't used and is already written will be ready for January 2022. Yes I am planning to do another year of this podcast for the 3rd year in a row and very much excited for this podcast to be continuing on it's journey. Also I may as well also add to the list, I have numerous ideas already written down and I am not even going to expose the ideas, I want you guys to stay on your toes. 

                     However, yes I am planning on a 3rd Year on this podcast. I am still formatting 2022 as I am adding in the interviews which I am planning to have 2 weeks booked off for interviews in case I get really busy with them. However in case it becomes quiet then I will be sure to have a backup plan ready to go in case there is no interview on that week that there isn't interviews scheduled. Reason I am doing the 2 weeks is incase it gets busy as you know I am on the website, Audry and Match Maker website and have a good amount of replies and I have someone that I was suppose to interview this year, see if they are interested in coming on after all. Either way 2022 should be an interesting year for the podcast but right now I need to get over this hurdle for 2021 with the 36 episodes this year which is more then half of the year as there is 52 weeks in a year. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Friday, June 25, 2021

End of The Week Updates!

                In this update, I will be talking about some of the things I completed and are working on. Also will give you guys an Minecraft update as well at the end of the update. First, gotta get to ChrisBOnTheWeb related:

- Weight Loss Updates Resume Next Week: I have started to get more serious on losing weight and will be providing you guys with an update next week on my weight loss journey. 

- 3 Entertainment Man Podcast Podcast Episodes Being Edited: I have officially finished up editing all 3 episodes and range between 18 and 19 minutes on each of the episodes and I have it ready to go when it's time to upload the episodes to the website.

- Entertainment Man Podcast Notes: I couldn't sleep so I was in my studio writing notes as I still have a long way till the 27th and final episode of 2021. I do have ideas and with episodes already edited and prepped I got more time to work on this and get them all finished for this year.

- Power Rangers SPD: I am aiming to start working on this season again soon, hopefully by start of next week so I can finally get typing the notes and send them out to Larry so he has them for when it is time to record at the end of July. Also with a new NDA he has to sign and send back and I will photocopy it and he will get his copy sent to him when he gets the Mystic Force/Operation Overdrive/Jungle Fury/RPM Notes which will be quite a delivery of notes for him and he doesn't know that I am sending him a slew of notes in one package, LOL. He will also get a copy of the NDA up to the end of Ninja Steel as we haven't had one since the end of the Roundtable and Zordon Era.... ha-ha!

                 Now to the Minecraft updates: My nephew and I OFFICIALLY made the field bright enough the monsters won't spawn. The bad news is I haven't put lights in for the main floor of the stadium as I have been busy laying down the dirt for the next stadium build which is a baseball stadium which will be a massive project to build so been setting the forest on fire to clear a path for this but should get back to the football stadium completion soon. Also I tinkered with the arena and put lights under the ice hoping it'd light up but no luck whatsoever it just gotten darker again so I have to put everything back the way it is and let my nephew fix that issue.  Those are the updates for this week and I will be back Monday with a brand new week of posts. So have a great weekend everyone and I will talk to you all Monday!



Thursday, June 24, 2021

First Time Having Deep Fried Pickles!

                    This goes a long way back to the point of me still in College for the 2 years I was in college. This was like between 2010 - 2012. Anyways, there was an event for a freshmen I guess so to speak and it was like a BBQ that we had over at the Campus Pub. Anyways there was a bowl of deep fried pickles and I thought, you know what, I am going to try this and see and I wasn't sure what to really expect and this might of actually been the first time I actually had Pickles all together. Maybe, not 100% sure to be honest. The first time I had it I thought, mmm this is good! I actually really enjoyed it and was different to be honest. It was very, very different and to be honest, I'd have it again in the very near future. 

                   All it really is breading around a pickle and it is deep fried. It's not cold it is a room temperature and I am not afraid to try something new to be honest. I more open now then I was for trying something new which is good. I'm sorry this post isn't very very long, its a very short and sweet post and I wanna keep it short since I am late for the post today. I apologize for the late and the not so excited post today but I wanted to do something. Back to what I was saying, if you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it, especially if you like dill pickles especially it is truly recommended. Anyways that is the post for today and I will see you in the next post next week, Savannah will explain on tomorrow's post. 


Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Doing Quite Well!

               This is a week of so many updates with things, changes and what not. I failed to tell you guys how well it's done. It has become quite popular. As of yesterday afternoon the newest episode almost at 20 views. It keeps growing and growing. This is what I wanna see with the podcast is growth. To be honest it's done a ton better then any podcast I have done in the past years. I am so proud of this podcast and everything it has become. It is nice to finally have a sense of accomplishment and this is only the start of this podcast to be honest, this is just the beginning of what's going to be an amazing podcast. I am so thankful for you guys listening in to every week and it is because of you guys I continue to produce and host episodes of not just this podcast but both podcasts. We, yes I am including my old pal Larry as he's heavily involved with the collaboration podcast. When I started Entertainment Man, I had no clue how well the podcast would do. I was very surprised after a year of doing this podcast on and off to quite honest with you guys.

             I want to take the time to also thank each and every one of you guys for the love and support you guys have given me during this journey. I know things haven't been solid in the last year but you guys supported me through the thick and thin of things and I am planning to stay with the projects I am doing for a long time and not planning on any other project in the nearby future. I wanna focus on getting this podcast on a good pace before starting anything else starts at the start. Anyways thank-you again, you guys are such amazing fans and I am thankful each and everyone of you guys! Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day! 


Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Why Did I Switch From A Facebook Fan Page To A Group?

               I know this has been a question for a few weeks now why on earth I changed from a Facebook Fan Page. Well somebody or somehow I got reported to Facebook for misleading content and was unable to earn money from Facebook all together but I do not even earn a single post from Facebook. I have one source of income which I will not say so the trolls do not try and get me demonetized, doing that for my own safety. However recently I felt like the move was a dumb move as 60 likes is a heck of a lot. It probably was the biggest bonehead move I ever made but the way I think of it, I can pin a lot of announcements to the group this way compare to a fan page. Yes it's only 19 members in the group right now and that's fine and anyone can join as its visible to the Facebook Community. I will get more members I'm sure down the road, there will be a place and time for that to happen.

                 I know we had a few members on the group leave and that was cause of the drama going on in that community. Both Savannah and I had to ban 2 individuals after all the drama and this really has me wondering if I just made the wrong decision to stop having a fan page for this group. I wish I actually kept the fan page at this point but I can pin more then one thing at the top of the group so it has that plus. Anyways I am going to continue on with this group and if we lose a ton more to a point of 2 - 5 members, then yes, I'd consider closing it down but for the most part, I plan on keeping the group going and running regardless of the past few weeks, I am moving forward. Hope this explains a bit why I switched over and hopefully things improve for the better of the group. I will talk to you all tomorrow morning at 11 am EST for the usual blog post.


Spelunky 2 Video Game (What Happened To Me Playing The Game?)

            I know this hasn't surfaced in months, maybe since last year at the most. I wanted to give it a fair shake at a review. This game definitely has some differences from the original game and it's quite tougher especially the big ball guy that tries to run you down and I actually got a chance to play it with a remote and actually found it a ton easier to play with compare to the mouse and keyboard. I really should of given it more of a chance but I found it hard to get passed the Jungle and that is where I actually made it up to the Jungle portion of the game and I think I just kind of gave up after that at that point. However I am planning to resurrect the game again and actually plan on playing the game once again. It's been a long coming since I've played the game and it will be a thing soon enough. I think the fact I got play frustrated with the game didn't help and I pretty much raged quit. 

            Like I said I plan on making that change soon and I wanna go in depth with the video and I need to get a little more deeper into the game to have that opportunity. This also goes for the original Spelunky which I haven't been playing. Most of the time I've dug into The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth + and Minecraft from time to time when I have the time. So eventually I will get back to it but I wanna continue with the game and give you guys that review you guys have been long awaiting for. Anyways that is the post for today.... HOWEVER, there will be a bonus post that is coming out this afternoon at 2 pm EST, 3 hours from when this post went up on 


Monday, June 21, 2021

Made Some Podcast Changes!

               I wanted to give you guys a full explanation on the changes I made to Entertainment Man Podcast. As you probably noticed on the feed that the podcast has continued on passed 9 episodes. Their is a reason behind this: I feel like 9 episodes and then starting a new season isn't right. It doesn't sit right. With this podcast having seasons isn't sitting well with me to be honest. I think going by 2020, 2021, 2022 and so on is the better idea. A full year doing the podcast is the way I wanna do this and non of this season 1, 2, 3 business anymore. I wanna change things around and take action before it is too late to make the changes. Now the link will not change whatsoever, I am not about to take down the entire 2021 season and re-upload. No way Jose, too much additional work to do and I am leaving it be. However the title has been changed to: Entertainment Man Podcast (2021), with the episode # and title of the episode of the podcast.

              This is in effect immediately. I wanna make this change right off the bat and from here on out and you will what I said above on a weekly basis. Now nothing will be changing with the Collaboration Podcast. This came to me on late afternoon and I decided to start making the changes. All episodes moving forward will be this way. Anyways I definitely think this is the best move. Also the last final thing I wanna say is Entertainment Man Podcast now has a brand new intro and VO (Voice Over) and big thank you to Jimi from The Record Machine Show for doing this and I know he didn't have to but he wanted to help and I really, really appreciate it. I support his show so much in the last year, he's doing the same back. That is how it should be podcasters supporting each other. You will hear a really cool interlude and you will see a bit of a different intro how I do it. I cannot wait to recording it on Wednesday, I cannot contain my excited and relit passion for this podcast!  This also takes affect for the regular Collabs and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, they were all re done too. Starting definitely a clean slate with all 3! Especially PR Collaboration Podcast being in our 3 year On-Air. Anyways that is today's post, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!


Friday, June 18, 2021

Little About Myself And My Involvement With Chris's Website

            Hello, my name is Savannah and I am Chris's website monkey... I mean Website Admin. I do everything from coding in the new features and pages to his website. I am in the South Western Ontario Region so so couple of hours from boss man. I do web design for a living and self employed doing all of this and really happy to be part of Team Chris B On The Web, helping him grow this amazing website. When he hired me on to replace the other site admin, he told me he gets a couple of hundred views a day and I can see that from the admin panel in the back side of the website which is incredible. Especially the fact what we are about to do with the overhaul of the now former and defunct Extra's tab that is now Events and will have a list of events he has been to which he has explained. Let me explain my job, my main job is to build the pages on his website, make adjustments according to his request which I admit the about page changes wasn't his idea, was mine entirely and he loves what I did to it. I have access to the source code of the pages, especially the menu bar code and the CSS code, so I can tweak anything if he wishes but trying to keep things the same.

             I do not blog too often on here but have the full access to the blog if he needs to step aside for something for a day or so, but my main job is to work on his website when it needs to be worked on. Also I am in charge of posting up content to the website meaning the podcasts you see on Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast  every week and when it airs on the website. That is like the most important part of my job and keeps him stress free knowing that things are on track for the website. I am glad to be a part of his website even if it is just the 2 of us only since some either quit or were fired for their actions and to be honest this is a great duo, sorry trio, forgot to add Larry as Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast is a big part of this website and his community. I wanna thank Chris for giving me this time to formally introduce myself to you all and I'm sure you will see me around the community.


Thursday, June 17, 2021

Do I Miss Streaming At All?

               The question is do I miss streaming? The  answer is a straight plain NO. The reasons behind that are trolls, I have a zero tolerance for the trolls especially and also the fact I have had to endure the amount of dislikes on each video on YouTube, I do not miss it whatsoever. Twitch or any other platform, I pretty much got trolled the heck off at least 3 or 4 platforms over the course of time. I could care less about video platforms I am very much happier where I'm at right now and that is what matters to me is I rather do the blogging and podcasting on Audio Only then waste my time stream. I know CBOTW Gamers Podcast is pending to return and there has been talks about me bringing it to video but I would have to convince my potential to stay Audio ONLY and to be honest not sure if it'll happen but it is being talked about and not 100% sure if it would happen whatsoever. 

                Back to streaming, I do not miss the trolls, it was pathetic to having to put up with that day in, day out and I do not miss any of this. I got better things to do with my time then streaming. I still got OBS in case of the slight chance but to be honest I will use it in case I fail to get Mix Minus setup by July for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast and we may have to push back Mystic Force as I have been diddly daddling but the only reason I would use OBS only in case the mix minus is not setup properly and need more time but we'll find out tonight what happens with the settings but OBS is there as a primary back up for that but more then likely I will never stream ever again. That ship has sailed and I am very happy and comfortable where I am to this day with what I am doing. Yes CBOTW Studios and the CBOTW Studios Bot have been disabled on Twitch and more then likely will never log back into that account that is that post and there is a special guest post tomorrow and you might see em around my Facebook Group and my Twitter from time to time so I will talk to you all Monday, have a great weekend!


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Favorite Pizza Places?

                I know there use to be a bunch of places I use to go to, Dominos but we got turned off by Dominos for our Pizza getting misplaced and also the bacon on it was hard as a rock at a time. The other one that I got turned off was Pizza Pizza and to be honest, I've had Pizza from there once since the burnt and cold pizza gate at Toronto Union Station and only went to our local store cause of the gift card they got me and not been back since. To be quite honest there is only one place we live by for pizza and that would be Little Caesar's Pizza which is up around Kingsway and it is the best pizza ever to be honest! They even got an the Chicago style deep dish pizza which I had for the very first time in Chicago in July 2012 almost 10 years ago. So it definitely worth going to.

               The fact it is also really fresh and good and we've had no problems with Little Caesar's Pizza which is good so I vouch by this pizza place at this point and I just do not know why the places above I just feel like that now there is only one place I vouch by at this point and to be honest I wish I can give Pizza Pizza and Dominos another chance and maybe I will down the road but not as of right now. So inconclusion the only place I really like is Little Caesar's Pizza at this moment and honestly that's OK. Whichever once I am most comfortable with and the fact I enjoy it is what really matters in the end. I'm sorry this is a short blog, got so much to do today, editing, watching SPD and getting further into that season but promise you guys to get all caught back to a normal length tomorrow. 


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Few Things Are Pending...

                 As you know there is something that isn't working on the mix minus setup with the new mixer board and I probably went and screwed something up and did not set it up properly. I am still working on SPD right now if this podcast is still going to be a thing unless we end up cancelling till were able to be in the same studio as one another but I am going to try and fix this issue. I hope to be done by July 15th, 2021 for recording but we will have to see at this point. I got practically a month to go and going to multi task to do both preparing it and been working on Entertainment Man and SPD in a combo, also working on scheduling the Entertainment Man Podcast. No matter looking up on forums and online, I seem to not find any damn answers on the issue and at this point, I may end up calling or emailing the damn store for some help with this issue. Dunno what I'm doing anymore and anything will help me get Power Rangers Podcast back on track again. It is one thing after another. 

                 So I cannot really say if we will be back in Mid July at this point but I have sent an email to Long and McQuade and we will see what is said back about getting this mixer properly sync'd up with the computer for Audacity and recording Podcasts. However I have a plan to try and fix all of this even if it takes me some time to figure out the issue. I have a plan and may as well say it, I could use OBS and the computer audio section on OBS and still record till this is all fixed. I kind of went off on Larry after and blocked private messages from him but I better remember to reverse that before he's on this afternoon before he gets on and wonders why I am not replying back as anything. Anyways I do have a backup plan in case but we'll see what the music store says and if they can shine any light why its not being picked up on Audacity. I will report back when I get more information on this and when if it is fixed. Just hope it's working by July 15th for the next collab podcast at the most. 


Monday, June 14, 2021

What Is The Plan For The Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?

                      You probably wondering what the plan for the "Former Extra's Drop Down Menu?" Well the plan is we will be using it and Savannah and I already have changed over the name to Events and the Tab is currently disabled and it is not dropping down at this current time. This will be like this for a while now, I'm like talking about all summer, that tab will be disabled. Work will be done on the website throughout the entire summer on that new feature and it will take her and I sometime to actually build up the pages and the events that will be shown when things get back to normal and the events in more a temporarily hiatus for the time being. These are the events I plan on going to and the events after this pandemic and finally events on temporary hiatus status:

Going To Post Pandemic:                       On Hiatus:                         Questionable:

Maple Festival May                      Polish/Ukrainian Festival                            Food Truck                                                                The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto                 Rib Fest            Apple Festival                              Toronto Christmas Market                                                       

Tyrone Parade of Lights                                       

                  As you can see there are at least 7 - 8 events I go to on a yearly basis is quite a good amount, not as much as I had Oshawa Santa Claus Parade and Oshawa Tree Lighting but nowhere near pleased with the two events as it's changed so much over the years. Also I also use to do the Autism Celebration as well and since it's not on my list anymore I have removed 3 events on top of the 7. Originally I had 10 - 11 events a year. So the events I am going to post pandemic, is only 3 to start with, however Food Truck is questionable as not sure if it will be in the plans for Bowmanville events but will have to wait and see when events start back up more then likely in 2022, maybe 2023 for me, let's see how I feel by then. Rib Fest is a bit bigger of an event down at the lake and I probably won't have that comfortable level. So The Questionable one will be under the archived events on the archive page for pictures. The one on Hiatus will be under Hiatus on that page as well. The events that will be active events under the archives and will be activated once events start back up. The only item that will be activated under events on the website's main page or anywhere on the website will be Archives that will be accessible on the website and yes you can view the pictures by clicking on the Icons that her and I are adding to the website. This will be all completely hopefully this year as I cannot promise an ETA on this but it has started to be worked on. I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Friday, June 11, 2021

Favorite Moment's On Big Brother Canada?

               I know I probably have done a post about this topic or a podcast about this in the past but I thought it was time for an updated version and decided inside of a podcast to do it blog version and maybe this could be a thing especially during the seasons perhaps. Anyways here is some of the top moments in the series:

1) Talla's Maze Meltdown: Her infamous 191999 Maze meltdown continues to be the top of my list since the show's inception in 2013, just about 10 years ago.

2) Brother's Self Nominate: After Cass pulls Tim off the block, Brother's tried to nominate themselves which definitely would of been interesting if they were on the block and were evicted. Question is if they were evicted would it been of been one vote if they were in jury together?

3) Ika Shredding Letters: Still up there in my list and still on my list as one of the top moments but there is no real order for the picks to be honest.

4) Karen Roasting Sindy: Karen's roast on Sindy with an S was classic and one of my top moments in Season 5 with her saying Sindy, that sucked with an "S." It was quite a memorable moment. 

5) Wedding The Chapel of Have Nots: The houseguests get a chance to close down the have not room as long as Joel and the late Nikki Grahame (R.I.P. Nikki 😢) get married and the moment Marsha called Nikki the crazy lady got me laughing pretty hard!

                I probably forgot some of these moments and some already been on the list but let's just say this is a continuation of the list perhaps. Anyways that is my post for today and Monday I have an announcement towards all this craziness with equipment breaking down, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but for now have a great weekend!


Thursday, June 10, 2021

Got An Idea When I'll Be Able To Have Guests In My Studio Again!

                 I do have an idea when I'll be able to have guests such as Larry for a prime example in my studio. I know Larry and I have talked about this on the Collab last week, a week ago actually to use returning to a more normal routine. We both agreed that we could be able to see each other to hangout again and to also record our podcasts again in person. Well that really depends if the cases of this pandemic keeps going downward we could see each other early as of January 2022. I am not taking any risks sooner with things opening up sooner and as you know I am still with my folks and they have helped me with when the time is right etc. There will be a time for it to happen. As you know Larry and I record in February, June and typically December which is 3 times a year at the normal schedule outside of this pandemic. Anyways February 2022 would be the date I am able to start recording in February. 

                I'm sure I will have to teach Larry how things work in this studio since there has been so many different changes since he was here little over a year ago. He hasn't seen the setup, especially with the recent big purchase I have made most recently! So there is a ton I can look forward to be honest and trust me there will be tons of pictures and Behind The Scenes look at our first get together and recording! So many great opportunities to honestly and I cannot wait till this day comes where we are both reunited with one another and recording back in studio with the full lights and setup for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. That time will come and for now I just gotta be patient till that day comes. I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post for the end of the week!


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Mixer Ordered! Not Sure How Long I Will Be Off Air For!

                      I have officially ordered a brand new Behringer Mixer which I will more then likely do a review on at some point of time. So with the new Mixer coming in, this means there is no ETA as of right now of it's arrival which means with 20 days left of this month, this means it could come within the next 2 - 2.5 Weeks from now. and I know a week and a half from today is the premiere of Season 3 of Entertainment Man Podcast. I know this reaches a lot of alarm bells going off is the 3rd season going to be on schedule? I'm afraid the answer with what I know of right now, the answer is no. I do not know when it comes in. You also have to remember I have to set it up, I have to figure out what is what and how the mix minus on the new board works what the buttons do as there are buttons that I have no dang clue what is what according to what I studied on the image of the mixer on the music store website. So by the time I am ready to record, I will be totally prepared for the return of podcasts. 

                  So with what I said, I am putting Podcasts on Hiatus until further notice. I probably said that before but what I can tell you that I didn't tell you guys is that I am aiming to return in July for Podcasts meaning both "Entertainment Man Podcast" and "Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast." However, I had to update this post and a gentleman from the music store Long and McQuade call me on my cell and spoke to him for a few minutes and let him know I've ordered it but not sure when its going to arrive so they told me it should be here by end of the week at the start of the weekend. So it is not 100% if it will be here by the weekend so this is why I am just not able to give you an date right now so stay tuned to Social Media and this blog for updates. I will be sure to give you guys updates when I have some updates on the situation. Until tomorrow have a great rest of your afternoon!


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Podcast Updates and Made A Decision!

                As I said on my Social Media, I have my reasons why an episode was removed off the feed but now that has happened, you probably wondering what's the plan to make up the episode. I actually have a bonus episode but I have to listen to it back to make sure the mic doesn't cut out on me at any point as you know I have had some mixer issues with the power supply unit but I will listen to it before I decide to release it. However now with the Mixer issues, I may be sitting on this bonus episode till I get the problem resolved and ready. What do you expect, I've used this mixer non stop especially with a former "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast and current Power Rangers Podcast and Entertainment Man Podcast, you can imagine shes getting tired and these things do not last forever. There will be a parts that breaks right down and right now if that bonus podcast is in good quality then I will be sitting on it till I know what the music store says back to me, hopefully by the time this is out or before or close I will know what's next.

               So with the missing episode I have, I am sitting on a bonus episode till further and when the premiere day is determined as of right now, what I am trying to say is, Entertainment Man Podcast and Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast are on hold for a little bit.  Why do I say this well   I heard back from the customer service and they are sending it to my local store and they will put it on Order for me.  Still maybe a be delayed but we will see how things go when I get the item. I can say I am still aiming for July 15th and July 29th, 2021 for Power Rangers Collab returning for more amazing episodes! It is just Entertainment Man Podcast that is pending the start, once I know I can do a week prior release of this bonus but more details is coming soon! I apologize for this inconvenience but these things happen!


Monday, June 7, 2021

I Wanna Make This Clear....

              I wanna make this clear, I am not going to put up with anymore drama. If I have to block, I will. I have endure so much in the last week, I am going to put my foot down now. I have been too lenient over the course of the years and I think I need to do what is best for me in the end to make sure I'm happy and that I am smiling and staying positive. Maybe the saying is right? Change is good! I know we lost a bunch of members on the Facebook group and I am sure we will bounce back, always do as today the fan page is gonzo, done, finished as I will be deleting it since I managed to get it back thanks to the help of Facebook Support helped me out with this. The primary focus will be the group nothing else. I have been so stressed out lately but things are going to be changing for the greater good. I am going to start thinking positive moving forward and not going to let anyone drag me down whatsoever. 

             This is the start of the new Chris and nobody is going to bring me down. Going to continue on with Power Rangers Collab and Entertainment Man Podcast, because I have made some good strides with this. I am constantly working on things to ensure content is going out and I know yesterday there was no extra video. I am sorry about that, I am getting the last piece of the puzzle to the entire thing so it is coming this weekend for am update on the studio itself what things I've changed within the studio. I cannot wait to show you. Anyways, I just wanna make it clear, I am not going to put up with this drama no more, I am all about positivity and being happier moving forward! Until tomorrow have a great rest of your day!


Friday, June 4, 2021

Content This Weekend!

                This weekend will be a busy weekend for me and especially today. I have tried to get SPD done and been working between Entertainment Man Podcast, SPD (Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast) and editing videos and editing the podcast itself it will be a busy, busy weekend. I have a bit of a schedule but would like to apologize for the amount of Social Media Posts but you guys seem to really love the daily pics and going down memory lane with me. Anyways here is the timetable for this weekend and I promise you it will not be overboard: 

Saturday- 1 pm EST: Since it is the normal video day which is on a Saturday, I will be posting up a Behind The Scenes look of the day getting prepared for the Podcast and during the podcast while we record the podcast. I will have the studio cams running during the podcast on and off during the recording.

Sunday- 11 am EST: I have a tour of the studio as I have made some changes to the studio and I am sure there is some changes  that I want to announce in the studio in the next week or so but either way ton of content on it's way in the coming weeks!

                 1 pm EST: Pictures will go up on social media throughout the day, including pictures of the actual notes. More then likely I will post em all up at once and promise to not over do the pictures as I do not want to overdo it. 

             This will conclude the anniversary and anything Collab wise, you will not hear anything for the next few weeks podcast wise as I will be preparing for the next podcast towards the end of this month. Only thing you will hear from me is when this podcast goes up and of course Entertainment Man Podcast which an update is coming on the final week before the week of recording. Anyways have a great weekend, enjoy the content and I will speak to you all on Monday! 


Thursday, June 3, 2021

Today Is The Day! Power Rangers Collab Podcast 3 Year Anniversary!

                Today marks 3 years of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast started! Yes I am recording the podcast today, more like tonight with Larry and yes this is 2 weeks apart from the last podcast and him and I recorded. Am I excited for recording this special episode? Of course! We never once celebrated our anniversary of the podcast nor even once mentioned over the course of the last 3 years and this is the first time we actually acknowledged an anniversary and it was our own fault as we got too carried away with enjoying recording the episodes and the fact this is the 3 year mark for us is sort of special to us honestly. 3 Years is a long time, well not a long time but a good amount of time with this project. To be honest finding this project still a ton of fun regardless and I thought I'd been burned out with this but no, still loving watching this and really this given me the opportunities to see other seasons and at this point, I haven't seen the seasons in full minus a couple of the team ups like in Megaforce and Ninja Steel "Dimensions In Danger" the team up in Operation Overdrive. However full seasons not yet but least I am aware of the team ups. 

                It is funny that both Larry and I chose this day to start Power Rangers Collab which at one point was part of The CBOTW Show which didn't even last more then a year. Also this was the day that The Entertainment Man Talk Show filmed the Season 6 and Series Finale. No clue what the heck we picked that day and perhaps we will never know why we picked this day in general. Maybe we just did not realize this was the day we were up at the railway yard filming and/or we have just moved on from that series and just totally forgotten about that but it is worth mentioning on the podcast to be honest. I thought I'd mention this and might mention it tonight but you never know with me, however I may just forget about it but hopefully will remember this little fun fact. Either way I am excited for the anniversary and will let you all know when we're putting it up on social media as always. 


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Video Game Tirades- Started To Rage At The Game!

             Title does not lie,  I started to rage with one certain game and that game was The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth +. Yeah, remember how I mentioned that I re-unlocked Ipecac well been trying since that gaming post last week to a point, I am flabbergasted because I should of darn well had it at least once!  No matter how many times I reset seemed to not help. I am just so stressed out and pretty much raged quit at this point. This game is ridiculous and yes I am raging on my own blog and I have every right to be mad. I honestly think this game is broken despite probably has been fixed but something has to happen. I gotta get this item sooner or later! Something seems busted on the game, spent a good part of Monday playing, resetting, the only good thing that came out of this was me beating the Devil at the very end unlocking Mom's Knife item so I do not know what the heck is going on.

              I do not know what is next or if I plan to continue to play with the game, I may end up taking some time away from the game moving forward and I may be moving over to Minecraft more and playing on the server more then anything and that is my choice or I could play Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 which I have another rant I could do. You know what, since we're on this subject of me raging at video games, I got mad at Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 as I very much drained the heck out of my money on there to a point I was in the red (the minus) and started to sell off the rides to just stay in the + side of things. Also the fact half my janitors and security guards wanted to quit didn't help whatsoever or become so lazy to do their jobs. You can imagine how many I have had to fire cause of them being lazy. Yes this is a video game but enough was enough I do not tolerate laziness! Anyways that is my post for today, I will talk to you all tomorrow!


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast 3rd Anniversary Week Is Here!

                Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast 3rd Anniversary is officially here. I hopefully will be sharing some pictures and memorable moments only if I can find them off my drive and we'll see, I will dig through some today at some point between working on notes and SPD. I cannot believe it has been 3 years, Larry and I made it to the 3 year mark this week! 2 more years and we will be on our 5th Anniversary unless the podcast stops as by that point, we should be caught right back up to speed with seasons but I can tell you we have a full year of episodes to our traditional 3 recordings a year! This week's episode isn't about a season in particular just us celebrating the 3 year anniversary. Here is what you can expect on this and it is a very easy going episode of this podcast:

1) Interview- Will be asking Larry 25 questions about our wonderful Podcast and the 3 year journey we have taken with this podcast of the last 3 Years and what this podcast means to us as host and co-host of the podcast

2) Activities- Got a couple of activities, consisting of lists and ranking seasons and some of the characters we have seen over the course of the last 3 years. There are 3 different lists I wanna do on this podcast and excited to do really, I cannot wait to dig into that portion. 

              I am excited for this anniversary and I'm sorry this is a day late as I had to address the management team situation as we're now down to 3 of us but that is yesterday and I move forward with the content. It is business as usual as I said yesterday and I cannot wait for you guys to hear this 3 Year Anniversary Podcast and it's going to be a great episode I'm sure when we record it. Until tomorrow, have a great rest of your day!