Thursday, June 10, 2021

Got An Idea When I'll Be Able To Have Guests In My Studio Again!

                 I do have an idea when I'll be able to have guests such as Larry for a prime example in my studio. I know Larry and I have talked about this on the Collab last week, a week ago actually to use returning to a more normal routine. We both agreed that we could be able to see each other to hangout again and to also record our podcasts again in person. Well that really depends if the cases of this pandemic keeps going downward we could see each other early as of January 2022. I am not taking any risks sooner with things opening up sooner and as you know I am still with my folks and they have helped me with when the time is right etc. There will be a time for it to happen. As you know Larry and I record in February, June and typically December which is 3 times a year at the normal schedule outside of this pandemic. Anyways February 2022 would be the date I am able to start recording in February. 

                I'm sure I will have to teach Larry how things work in this studio since there has been so many different changes since he was here little over a year ago. He hasn't seen the setup, especially with the recent big purchase I have made most recently! So there is a ton I can look forward to be honest and trust me there will be tons of pictures and Behind The Scenes look at our first get together and recording! So many great opportunities to honestly and I cannot wait till this day comes where we are both reunited with one another and recording back in studio with the full lights and setup for Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast. That time will come and for now I just gotta be patient till that day comes. I will talk to you guys on tomorrow's post for the end of the week!


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