Friday, June 11, 2021

Favorite Moment's On Big Brother Canada?

               I know I probably have done a post about this topic or a podcast about this in the past but I thought it was time for an updated version and decided inside of a podcast to do it blog version and maybe this could be a thing especially during the seasons perhaps. Anyways here is some of the top moments in the series:

1) Talla's Maze Meltdown: Her infamous 191999 Maze meltdown continues to be the top of my list since the show's inception in 2013, just about 10 years ago.

2) Brother's Self Nominate: After Cass pulls Tim off the block, Brother's tried to nominate themselves which definitely would of been interesting if they were on the block and were evicted. Question is if they were evicted would it been of been one vote if they were in jury together?

3) Ika Shredding Letters: Still up there in my list and still on my list as one of the top moments but there is no real order for the picks to be honest.

4) Karen Roasting Sindy: Karen's roast on Sindy with an S was classic and one of my top moments in Season 5 with her saying Sindy, that sucked with an "S." It was quite a memorable moment. 

5) Wedding The Chapel of Have Nots: The houseguests get a chance to close down the have not room as long as Joel and the late Nikki Grahame (R.I.P. Nikki 😢) get married and the moment Marsha called Nikki the crazy lady got me laughing pretty hard!

                I probably forgot some of these moments and some already been on the list but let's just say this is a continuation of the list perhaps. Anyways that is my post for today and Monday I have an announcement towards all this craziness with equipment breaking down, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but for now have a great weekend!


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