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Friday, June 11, 2021

Favorite Moment's On Big Brother Canada?

               I know I probably have done a post about this topic or a podcast about this in the past but I thought it was time for an updated version and decided inside of a podcast to do it blog version and maybe this could be a thing especially during the seasons perhaps. Anyways here is some of the top moments in the series:

1) Talla's Maze Meltdown: Her infamous 191999 Maze meltdown continues to be the top of my list since the show's inception in 2013, just about 10 years ago.

2) Brother's Self Nominate: After Cass pulls Tim off the block, Brother's tried to nominate themselves which definitely would of been interesting if they were on the block and were evicted. Question is if they were evicted would it been of been one vote if they were in jury together?

3) Ika Shredding Letters: Still up there in my list and still on my list as one of the top moments but there is no real order for the picks to be honest.

4) Karen Roasting Sindy: Karen's roast on Sindy with an S was classic and one of my top moments in Season 5 with her saying Sindy, that sucked with an "S." It was quite a memorable moment. 

5) Wedding The Chapel of Have Nots: The houseguests get a chance to close down the have not room as long as Joel and the late Nikki Grahame (R.I.P. Nikki 😢) get married and the moment Marsha called Nikki the crazy lady got me laughing pretty hard!

                I probably forgot some of these moments and some already been on the list but let's just say this is a continuation of the list perhaps. Anyways that is my post for today and Monday I have an announcement towards all this craziness with equipment breaking down, there is a light at the end of the tunnel but for now have a great weekend!


Monday, July 13, 2020

Big Brother Canada Is RETURNING for a Season 9!

                 For certain reasons, Chris is unavailable right now to make this post but he sends his apologies as he is spending time with his Fam right now which is very important to him. As I sit here writing a post for you guys, I am excited for Chris, Reality Teas & Larry and the rest of the Production Team that puts on The CBOTW Show on a weekly basis, depending on the shows currently on air. However as you all know is that Chris and the rest of the team have been struggling with the podcasting world as shows have been on hold of not as many shows on the air right now but today changes everything for not just us but the entire fan base. The title doesn't lie that Big Brother Canada is returning for a 9th Season. We found out back last month that the show was put on Hold till we know further with the pandemic as you all know but I guess with the news of us going into Stage 3 of re-opening things. Also Arisa Cox has been promoted as Executive Producer which I have to say is well deserved! She will have a part in casting for the show and also the basic storyline within the house.

                So we are very excited for this news and look forward to the next season of Big Brother Canada. I know Chris really wants to make it up to Larry for no Big Brother Canada Finale this year and he wants to make it up to him. So this is indeed good news and just have to wait to see if their is casting for this season or if they will end up doing All-Stars next season to the pandemic, however it could have online auditions and no open casting calls to cover up the fact that they are doing all stars like they did with the US All-Stars. Will they use the same house design or will they redesign the house again? I would keep it the same as it would save money for production and it was only 4 weeks in the season so they can use the challenges that were not used as they were forced to shutdown production early this year. However we will have to wait and see what they have stored for the 9th season of Big Brother Canada. What are your thoughts on this season? Let us know in the comments below!

- Mark, Community Manager

Friday, June 26, 2020

Survivor & Big Brother Canada 9 On Hold, Amazing Race Canada To Air Next Year!

                 So much going on and this nightmare is far from over. Yes I am making reference to "Everything About Reality TV Podcast."  Yeah it's not been the greatest year for the podcast and I will get into that on another post on Friday here on the blog. Today I wanna talk about some of the Reality TV Shows I watch and also cover on the podcast. Anyways here is what is going on:

Survivor 41: I know it has been in doubt when they will be bringing back Survivor. I had word they were going to start filming it but now what I heard last it is now on hold which I found out from another fellow podcaster of mine. So I wonder and hope they get time to at least film Survivor 41 for this fall so this doesn't hurt my podcast whatsoever.

Big Brother Canada 9: What I have heard is they are putting Big Brother Canada on hold according to Big Brother Maple and MyIClick which you can find or for the entire article. However they are not sure they will be able to afford to air it as they are highly depend on sponsors etc but anyways you can read about it in the two articles I sourced on here. Yes I am sad to see this happen and I will again address why on the Friday post.

Amazing Race Canada 8: Finally on the list is Amazing Race Canada which they recently announced on their social media that they will be back next year for Amazing Race Canada 8 so this means they aren't able to film the show this year due to this Pandemic.  However this is why I already have Tough As Nails and hopefully one other show but I am fine with this but I understand why. 

             I know it took them sometime to announce but least we are now getting some news on the shows we love and watch. However we are still awaiting on Big Brother 22 and I just hope Big Brother 22 happens so this won't end up losing listeners especially with our Reality TV Podcast. It is frustrating indeed to have all this spare time of no Reality TV Show so I am trying to make the best of my time to be honest.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

5 Years Ago Yesterday, Larry and I Had Our First Big Brother Canada Finale! (Throwback Thursday Story)

                  5 years ago today, Larry and I started this annual Big Brother Canada Finales and I believe we started in the early years, Season 3 which is like 5 years ago. Mind you when we started doing those, Everything About Reality TV was in preliminary stages and under a complete different name and what not! Everything About Reality TV was 4 months later when it existed so we weren't doing Finale Recaps till Season 4 the following year when we were still on YouTube. So we had no pressure whatsoever especially after. Non of that was in existence yet! So we got to sit back and relax and enjoy the finale. Now 2016 and on that was when he came over for them then that was a lot of fun recaps and honestly we can admit not just the finale itself we enjoyed but the Finale chat podcasts that we did which is a tradition now each and every year minus this year as there was no finale due to essential services were only and Big Brother Canada was forced to end production so this was the first time in 5 years we did not get together but this would of been our 5th year but either way we're still considering this our 5th year even without a Finale. 

                 I remember one Finale we got ourselves Ketchup Doritos which I haven't really seen around the store or we made popcorn at the house. I remember one year he was snoring so damn loud I smacked him with my pillow LOL! Oh the memories honestly! I know he missed coming over for it this year but hopefully next year we can make this happen again and get back to it. I know you guys missed him on a podcast this year but he is going to be on a Podcast sooner then you know it! Few weeks time you will be hearing his voice whether we will be live or just recorded but we are making it up to you guys for this year. Don't worry I'm sure there will be more Finales and I am sure the show will be returning in 2021 as I've read up they are planning a 9th season. It was just unfortunate this happened this year but it is what it is and production made the right choice.

- Chris

Friday, April 3, 2020

When Could Amazing Race 32 Air?

            So the question is when will Amazing Race 32 air? I know I have not mentioned anything before my podcast obviously went on it's hiatus for weeks on end with no news. However with Big Brother Canada finished early due to this virus, like Eric told me this could be a good time but if you put it against Survivor might be hard in the ratings as it is competing but only my opinion honestly. Now we know this for a fact that they have been filming season 33 and with the recent situation in the world they had to stop and totally understandable as we gotta stay safe. My thoughts for 32 however is if there is Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada, Everything About Reality TV may be on a summer hiatus but willing they will if they can get things under control with this soon I hope. However my point is if they have to CBS can definitely air Amazing Race 32 then and after reading articles some other shows are on hiatus due to the situation with the virus in the world.  However no real date as of yet and starting to make me wonder what is going to be happening with the show. Also according to this Reddit Post it could be also on be on the shelf in case of a writers strike for scripted shows such as NCIS, Law and Order for example. 

              Time will tell and looks grim for my podcast but there has been episodes I have done months ago back in January that I happened to erase but not lost and I can do off season stuff between and bring on Larry for an episode and even Billy on. One way or another there will be content while we wait for Amazing Race 32 especially. The final thing I would like to say is that Amazing Race 32 is and has been filmed almost a year a half ago which was taped finished in December 2018 to be exact. Either way I will as always keep you guys in the loop as we progress on with the weeks and see when they air it. One last thing on my list they told us mid season 2019 - 2020 and it is now getting into the late season and shows slowly ending and we still haven't gotten word when Amazing Race 32 so something is truly up but we'll have to wait and see honestly it is a tough time for the industry and just gotta try and keep ourselves busy while we wait. 


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

My Thoughts For The Upcoming Big Brother Canada Season 8....

               Now that there was a post about BBCAN8, it is starting to make me wonder what the plan is. I have several ideas, thoughts and theories behind the upcoming season next year and this is why I called off the other post I was suppose to do today till tomorrow which you will see what I mean tomorrow. Anyways I wanna talk about this as I am, I mean it has me wondering as there has been speculation on one basic thing that we have been waiting for now 8 seasons. Here is my theories and thoughts:

1) All-Stars: This has been on our mind since the 7th season has now wrapped up and we could be seeing an All-Star season, however would the casting director make an announcement that casting information is coming soon? I mean wouldn't they stay quiet if it indeed been an all stars season cast? Their definitely wouldn't be anything in the way of auditions for an All-Stars as that is mainly them bringing back old cast from the previous 7 seasons so I am not totally certain there will not be an All-Stars yet but never know with Big Brother, Expect, the unexpected. They could be hyping us up for an All-Stars season after all but never know!

2) Big Brother Canada Vs. U.S. with newbies from both the U.S. and Canada- A topic long talked about after season 4 of Big Brother Canada after getting international houseguests in that season. I pretty much am convinced as they are talking about casting calls information is coming soon, like I said I think All-Stars is not in the question but again but you just do not know what they have in stored. 

3) Big Brother Canada Vs U.S. With Veterans- I know not every fan is fond of returnees but this could be another option, however what would be the point of auditions or casting information as it was said, that casting information is coming soon so this means there probably be casting so the 2nd one is probably more the probable at this point.

                 There is my list of 3 ideas that is going through my list as I spent about an hour and a half with Eric and we were talking to get my mind off the recent drama in my life and anything right now is possible with this. I just do not know which way they will go or they will once again have newbies this season. Eric mentioned they could be doing 8 Canadians, 8 American's in the winter and the same in the summer in the U.S So I just do not really can put a finger on it as I do not know what their plan is but right now it is but if it was All-Stars, there would of not been an announcement about casting but it is still early to tell and they could even do an All-Stars season but we will find out in time. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!


Friday, May 31, 2019

What Do I Hope To See On Hell's Kitchen 19?

              Back in February Hell's Kitchen was renewed and I wanted to say I am excited it is coming back and yes I have tolled the idea of doing recaps on the podcast but that is besides the point as I need to talk to a few of my alum about this idea as it wasn't easy to do those recaps due to the fact it wasn't doing well so that's besides the point but I am ready for it and I actually would like to see an entire new bunch of chefs come in to compete for the the title of Hell's Kitchen and head chef position wherever it will be at. I think seeing full or partial returnees for the last 2 seasons is enough honestly and I am ready for a season with a new crop of chefs this time around. However, unless it is something good I will watch it one way or another. I will never miss a Chef Ramsey show whatsoever and currently watching Masterchef Junior which will be wrapping up next week and Masterchef which just started it's 10th season which is amazing. Anyways back to Hell's Kitchen, definitely would like to see some new faces but we have to wait and see what happens. 

             Now the next things I would like to address on the blog today is the fact that they are moving out of LA to all the way to Las Vegas which is a huge move and change for the show so I am excited what the new Hell's Kitchen is  going to look like and I am excited to see if Chef Christina winner of Hell's Kitchen 10 will be back as the Sous Chef as Andi hasn't been the sous chef for the last couple of seasons but I am guessing Chef Christina will be back. I am sure he's already asked her and I guess they will be recording around now or have already recorded this season but don't forget they have to cast first unless there are returnees which makes it easier but I am sure between now and mid summer they will be recording the season so it is ready to go for the fall as it happens just after Masterchef US Season 10 so won't be long after when the season ends. However I am very excited for the NEXT season and cannot wait to see what is going to happen next season. But for right now I have Masterchef Junior and Masterchef season 10 to watch and you can tell I am a super fan of these shows.


Monday, December 3, 2018

Favorite Survivor Seasons!

                 I do not think I ever did a post about Survivor talking about my favorite Survivor seasons I have watched on TV and I have a pile on my list of favorite seasons and I cannot list everyone of them but I will try my best to post as many as I can without making this post a text book to read and I promise you guys that too. Also there is no particular order in the episodes hence the reason I didn't list it 1, 2, 3 and so on but anyways here is the list 

  • Survivor Pearl Islands- Was one of the second seasons i ever saw and I loved the twist of having the outcasts twist in the game 
  • Survivor All-Stars- Only reason this season made the list this was the first season I watched and got right into the TV Show and haven't missed a season since. I have watched every season since!
  • Survivor Cook Island- Penner going at it with Jeff Probst when he was wasting the cannonballs in the challenge.
  •  Survivor Gabon- The fake idol on Randy and him saying all 3 of you kiss my --- Also the fact Bob was oldest winner on Survivor at the time and still is still the oldest winner to this day.
  • Survivor Palau- The first season a tribe is decimated to 1 member and moves to the other tribe, Koror tribe. First time there is no merge either and the first appearance of Exile Island.
  • Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians- Loved this, love the returnees in this season for this 20th season of Survivor on it's 10th year. I would love to see a Heroes Vs. Villians 2 down the road too! 
  • Survivor Blood Vs. Water Seasons- Both seasons of Blood Vs. Water from Colton suddenly quitting to the return of Rupert and his wife Laura it was such an interesting season to watch indeed.

                  There is some of my favorite seasons that I really enjoyed and mind you I have seen some of the seasons before Pearl Islands such as Amazon, Borneo and Australian Outback. I only had 3 seasons from the pre idol era and the rest is more the recent seasons of Survivor season but I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I enjoyed writing it for you guys. 


Saturday, September 29, 2018

My Final Thoughts on Amazing Race Canada 6

             It has been over 2 weeks since Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition has concluded it's season and in today's blog post I want to briefly talk about it with my thoughts as I have now had 2 weeks to think about it and I want to briefly talk about it in today's Blog. First thing I would like to say is, am I happy with Adam and Courtney winning? Of course I am, just really hoped to see Martina and Phil in the final 3 but it is what it is and I am so glad they went that far and honestly I would like to see them both back in another season of Amazing Race Canada in an All-Star edition or Unfinished Business if we decided to go a similar approach like the states did.  Also would also like to see back Leanne and Mar to come back along with Todd and Anna from this season but this is only my thoughts or opinions.

               However I really, really did like this season, the last 3 seasons I actually did enjoy and was excited for the past several seasons and I cannot wait to see if it gets renewed for a 7th season and I will be talking about that in a bit. I was really excited this season for a few reasons. The first point I want to make is both Martina and Phil followed me on Social Media which I got excited and i mean excited, excited! Also I couldn't wait for the next episode to see what happened. This season I was very invested in the season and got right into it compare to previous seasons and I am not sure why but that's OK, was a season I will never forget actually. 

             Finally do I think they will renew for another season? I think so, I think they will do another season and I cannot wait to see what kind of theme or where they go and I like the mixture between countries outside Canada and actually in Canada so I really like the mix they do in the season. Let's just say our version has a very unique touch to it. 


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Music City On CMT Renewed For Season 2 (Everything About Reality TV Podcast NEWS)

             I just got the news yesterday that Music City on CMT is renewed for a Season 2 which means, more then likely I will be covering it as long as WE get CMT here in Canada as I am not quite sure if the show is carried up here and when it gets closer to the time, maybe they will contact me about covering it again which the answer is a big YES! I will not say no to Music City, I enjoyed covering the show and its a shorter format of Everything About Reality TV as the show is only 30 minutes compare to the hour shows but that's OK, I am happy with the results and the podcast did do very, very well back in the spring in the way of the numbers and I do not usually talk about the numbers and it doesn't really matter how many I get but it is good I do get good views. 

               This journey as a podcaster has been so incredible and to hear the renewal of Music City puts a smile on my face, knowing that Everything About Reality TV will be around for quite some time  and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon and it is here to stay. Another reason why I want to say yes to covering Music City is the story line that kind of been left off from the end of the season so most definitely I will be covering Music City to find out what is going to happen on the show next! I know it is a hook, I am now hooked on the show and I am glad I am, I really enjoy it and meant it when I said it is a breath of fresh air doing this show as it is different from what I've done. 

                 I am sure they will be in contact with me when the time comes to let me know the time it comes out as they did before but I am one step ahead as I already knew the show was renewed from their social media which told us it was renewed for a season 2 and my first reaction was LETS GOOOO! lol! I am very excited, the smile hasn't left my face since the announcement came and I was fist pumping like crazy as that made me really happy. So I will announce the release schedule for you guys to when it comes out and I will be making sure to make a post for you guys on the timetable. I am sure guessing it will be around the same time it came out as it did this year but never know, it could be an earlier release of the series!