Monday, December 3, 2018

Favorite Survivor Seasons!

                 I do not think I ever did a post about Survivor talking about my favorite Survivor seasons I have watched on TV and I have a pile on my list of favorite seasons and I cannot list everyone of them but I will try my best to post as many as I can without making this post a text book to read and I promise you guys that too. Also there is no particular order in the episodes hence the reason I didn't list it 1, 2, 3 and so on but anyways here is the list 

  • Survivor Pearl Islands- Was one of the second seasons i ever saw and I loved the twist of having the outcasts twist in the game 
  • Survivor All-Stars- Only reason this season made the list this was the first season I watched and got right into the TV Show and haven't missed a season since. I have watched every season since!
  • Survivor Cook Island- Penner going at it with Jeff Probst when he was wasting the cannonballs in the challenge.
  •  Survivor Gabon- The fake idol on Randy and him saying all 3 of you kiss my --- Also the fact Bob was oldest winner on Survivor at the time and still is still the oldest winner to this day.
  • Survivor Palau- The first season a tribe is decimated to 1 member and moves to the other tribe, Koror tribe. First time there is no merge either and the first appearance of Exile Island.
  • Survivor Heroes Vs. Villians- Loved this, love the returnees in this season for this 20th season of Survivor on it's 10th year. I would love to see a Heroes Vs. Villians 2 down the road too! 
  • Survivor Blood Vs. Water Seasons- Both seasons of Blood Vs. Water from Colton suddenly quitting to the return of Rupert and his wife Laura it was such an interesting season to watch indeed.

                  There is some of my favorite seasons that I really enjoyed and mind you I have seen some of the seasons before Pearl Islands such as Amazon, Borneo and Australian Outback. I only had 3 seasons from the pre idol era and the rest is more the recent seasons of Survivor season but I hope you guys enjoyed this post as I enjoyed writing it for you guys. 


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