Monday, December 3, 2018

Maybe I Should Listen To What I Said Months Ago... (Frustrated With A Video Platform)

             Two blog posts in 1 day?! Are you guys lucky or special to be getting a second post of the day as something is on my mind. As you all know I had plans to do something huge for Everything About Reality TV Podcast's 10th season. As you know the podcast is coming up on it's 10th season within 2.5 years and boy it's been a ride since the start. The cat is now out of the bag so to speak, both myself, Dave, Larry and CorvetteFan90 have been talking about the podcast going back into video for it's 10th season in such a short time but recently I have had my accounts tampered and deleted numerous times and honestly I am tired of it. I am so frustrated with this platform as I was planning on bringing in my loyal fans to their platform and yet I cannot do that now. I am flabbergasted what the heck is going on with my 2 account for both the podcast the bot that helps me out in the chat to make sure the chat is going with the flow, nobody being rude or spamming the chat.

              I am giving Twitch a week to get this all figured out then I will be done with video broadcasting and broadcasting all together. I am not going to wait around forever for them to get things sorted out with two accounts and I am not playing around as I take my podcasts very seriously and still have fun doing the podcasts at the same time. I wanna grow my podcasts not have em fail whatsoever and honestly when I said I was done with YouTube I meant every single word of it. I had no plans to ever return to the platform at all. Honestly a lot of people left YouTube moved to Twitch that is why I am doing exactly the same but right now I got that minor inconvenience and lets hope it is fixed soon or I am staying on the Audio ONLY platforms which mind you have done extremely well on all the platforms and I see no reason to add video at this point but I want to do this as part of the celebration of it's 10th successful season and that is where I am now making the strive to get things ready, to get a second camera for the studio and also the boom arm which I am holding off due to the stupid Canada Post strike backlog now that the strike is over and I will be talking about that in a different post next week at some point. But yet again, I am giving all of this  a week then I will be making the decision to stay where I am currently. I don't think it will change and I will let you know the outcome from today's blog post. 


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