Wednesday, May 31, 2017


                I really never talked about this in the past on this blog, but I am today on this blog post. Sometimes when things are going very wrong for you, you gotta be patient and wait at the right time to make the right moves is a prime example, like now I am primarily doing Audio ONLY but down the line you never know if I will bring it back to Video platform again in the near future? You never know but right now the Audio ONLY has become a success from the get go, since September 22nd, 2016 when I took off on this podcast journey on Audio ONLY. Then building up to Stitcher that took patience after submitting to be on there, same with but I got there and took nothing but patience for a response whether I was accepted into those platforms or not but I was, I managed to get onto that platform no problem at all and I have my patience to thank for that. Some people are patient at certain things and I admit I am not totally patient with everything and my team towards the end of the time I had a team left but they were kind of pushing it. 

               Now on that topic, it wasn't easy having a team even back in the old The Video Projects Team days I was patient to a point until my team decided to push my buttons that was where I drew the line with things then I would have to take appropriate action and deal with it accordingly. Even at the end of the run for Team Chris B On The Web patience was getting limited asking my team to do one simple thing over and over again and waiting months for something to be done that really ticked me off because I don't like to wait I'm a doer  not a waiter, I know that made no sense whatsoever.  Same with the suppose CBOTW Gamers Podcast I had a host lined up but waiting for them to get back onto Twitter and it took em 5 months and still never was done, if they never got suspended non of this would of happened and they would be underway to be hosting yet another great podcast on Chris B On The Web &

                 But now I am very patient and using my problem solving skills and deciding what works for me and what doesn't work for me and it has helped out so far and this is now my second week on my own, was like a couple of days before Big Brother Canada 5 finale came around. But I think I have started to become very patient with things and figuring out and problem solving and there is a lot of things I would like to fix and it will happen slowly but surely! The saying goes, patience is a virtue!

Have a great Wednesday!


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Post Team Chris B On The Web Days....

            Ever since I ended Team Chris B On The Web, things have been less stressful, not saying Justin M was a problem because he wasnt. He was one of the best Staff I had since Larry was on the team. He helped set me up to be on my own eventually and that time is now. I may be losing tons of followers on twitter but it happens. I have managed to get a game plan together this way I am setting myself up for success, not failure. I have done a decent job since then but have struggled a bit to maintain the followers and been stuck between 2680 to 2693 followers but i have been in that rut before a few times in the past too so I should be use to it.

              Also since being on my own I have been more consistant with posting up blog posts every second day which was my goal to get a post everyday or at the most every second day. I am slowly getting there bur it will take time just like fixing my podcast scheduling issue of being on time.

Have a great Tuesday!


Monday, May 29, 2017

The Binding of Isaac Road To 100% Achievements!

                   Well I am getting more and more excited for The Binding of Isaac as I am now at 37% completed my achievements and on the road to 100% achievements and trust me once I get 100% I will be moving on to Re-Birth then once done that one I will be moving on to After Birth. I am merely really excited to be moving forward on Isaac quite quickly and that is what I do with my time recently is Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! Just trying to master Isaac and of course I learned a lot from playthrough's on YouTube has taught me a lot particularly one YouTuber and I have grown so much in this game and I am learning what the items are and what the items do and what items are not a good item especially like the tick being an item I do not want to get as it locks the trinket on the top left side of the screen. I realized the Nail is a good item if you get it at the right time which was what made me go all the way to the gold chest and win and unlock the quarter and Samson character which is the last of the characters I can unlock, well ok Blue Baby is the last one I will unlock but in time. I am pretty hyped up and the hype is so real right now and even tho I don't as far but I go far enough in the game but I went on a streak last week within two days apart I got so pumped up and excited to actually be going places on the game. It is only going to get better as I am knocking off achievements left right and center and it pumps me right up to get this far which now I will not give up whatsoever and I wanna get 100% achievements and move on to Re Birth then After birth! Those are on my list of games I would like to play right now and plan on getting it when I get close to 100% The price isn't bad actually so it wont be much to spend on Re Birth but I know it is pretty wicked! Another thing I have started to love is the Ipecac which is explosive shots which can be tricky especially with having it on homing shots so that makes it difficult but it you have plain Ipecac then you are good to go! That is my item of choice or the Fetus is the other item I like to use but that takes time to get use to it as well. The other items including orbitals like Sister Maggie, Brother Bobby, Little Chubby, Little Steve. Ghost Baby & Harlequin Baby which is a big help in Damage.  

                      So all of these will help me in long run and there are what I use mostly but I tried using the candle and it is pretty cool as well, but I have been more patient which has paid off to me completing achievements not just one at a time but 2 at a time which adds up the number of hours I've played which last time I checked it was 530 hours in total I have played Isaac! I am very proud of myself, keeping patient, taking breaks when I have to but keep on trucking through with it all!

Have a great night another post coming later on!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Mistakes and Learning From Them!

                 Yesterday, I made the biggest mistake in the world that is 2 days ago well 2 days ago today, I went to Staples to get Justin's tag as he is now Alumni, got the tag laminated, however when it was done I left the store and I pulled out his tag to realize, I forgot to add Justin's name to the tag so I kind of spent $4.41 for no reason and I was pissed off at myself for doing something so simple for one of my former staff and yet I go and screw things up now... LOL! Typical me, I rushed out the door to not look or realize that the freakin tag was messed up without  me checking the entire work is correct before the lamination process so I was livid pissed with myself in the process but laughing at it now, 3 days later and I have definitely learned my lesson from this  and I am going to be checking all the odds and ends of the document before either duplicating it (photocopying) or getting an item laminated.

                  Now this is a big example, you have to check your work, just like math problems, you gotta make sure it all adds up or had the right information and relevant information that is to the topic you are talking about or in my case has the right information whether its a name tag or it is a flyer to promote yourself with you have to make sure spelling mistakes are not there and proper use of COMMA's, periods and also apostrophe's are used as well! You are only human to make the mistake but yes I know I spent $4.41 and it was a mistake and a half to go there and make the wrong choice to not even look at the tag but you cannot be perfect on a daily basis! 

                   So don't sweat the small stuff just learn from your mistake the first time around not the second or third time around. I have made a ton of mistakes in my time with Online Media and it is endless to name every item but a few besides my run to Staples is not sticking to Adam for the other Podcast then that other person, no names mentioned, trusting 3 people from The Video Projects Team from 2005, early 2009 and 2010. But again that is the only way you learn from your mistake, you gotta remember when I started all of this I was young at the age of 20 and I am currently 31 years of age now, so I have grown from the mistakes and even now I will mistakes and so will you guys as the saying goes and its probably the truth, you are getting older but you are getting wiser! 

Have a great night, another blog post to come out later on this Saturday so stay tuned!


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Standing Up For Yourself!

                 So in the last week, drama endured and I think I see where Justin was coming from with we should of stuck to Everything About Reality TV and not grow into a network and should of made the plan to stay Audio ONLY and that is exactly what I am planning on doing it. I am merely really happy on the Audio ONLY platforms currently. Anyways I was planning on bringing on a second Podcast, that's right a second Podcast! Yet I worked with the potential host for the last 5 months and haven't seen progress of them getting back onto Twitter plus I was trash talked which made me realize I do not need this kind of bullcrap, I don't need my team being disrespectful so I stood up for myself and Chris B On The Web and decided to go another direction which I am now a solo artist or podcaster and honestly I should of done that sooner once I departed from YouTube last year. Don't let anyone put you down and that is what I did with this situation.

                   Another instance of me standing up for myself is someone telling me nobody will listen to Everything About Reality TV with all the support in the last 8 months has been astonishing! Fans of Reality TV, other Podcasters such as one of my very first podcasts I ever listened to from the Stickam Days even  supports me! I am connected with these guys and they even wished me luck! Now does that show you nobody listens to my podcast nooooo, there are listeners and I know for a fact 6 subscribers on & 2 followers or subscribers on which tells you people do listen to it and if you follow me on Twitter you often see me post stuff up regards to the podcast with #EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast So I didn't let anyone put me down in that instance and wasn't just one person that put me down it was multiple people. 

                      So do not let anyone put you down, keep doing what you are passionate about and that is what I am doing to this day and I will be not tolerating it and if it happens a block will be put into place or an IP ban from my website If people bug you block them if they constantly put you down. You do not need that hassle on a regular basis. Like the saying goes haters will hate and they are just haters not fans of yours.

Have a great Wednesday!


Thursday, May 18, 2017

TV Shows I Would Like To Watch Again or Watch An Entire Series!

                 There are a lot of show's I would like to re-watch and this blog post is committed to the TV Show's I would like to watch again and this is my post on the shows I would like to start to watch again!

               - Married With Children, watched at least 3 seasons of it but would like to watch it from start to finish.

               - The next show I would like to re-watch from start to finish is CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami. Loved all 3 series through its runs on TV Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!

               - Next on my list is Degrassi, havent watched the series in several years and would like to watch it once again! 

               - Who's The Boss, love the series and got into it through a channel in the 200's and seen pretty much a good majority of the series over the course of time.

               - Murder She Wrote, I love playing along with who I think who did it but half the time I am never right! LOL

                Despite my list being very small it is a small list but I would like to get to all of them eventually but don't forget CSI are 3 different series but this will keep me busy over the next year and it keeps me out of trouble. Sorry if this is a rather smaller blog then usual then it has been in the last while. Promise to have a longer post tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday!


Monday, May 15, 2017

Starting To Doubt....

                   I am usually pretty optimistic with things but recently in the last week with having nothing but website problems, yes has been down for the second time in a week and it's nothing to do with my provider where I bought the domain it is more along the line 000webhost the web builder I use to build on and trust me I have been looking for alternatives but there is one I would like to use but I would have to learn HTAccess and without Chance to guide me through it as hes ignored me on Twitter and stopped being active with Chris B On The Web, he has been no help currently and I do not know much about HTAccess currently. But getting an ideal idea how to do it slowly but going to do another test site to make sure it works fully before moving everything over to that provider. This would mean emails for my website that I use to use would be back in play and I would for now retire however at this point I gotta be patient and if I cannot figure out HTAccess then I gotta deal with these server problems until renewal of the domain which is in November 2018 of next year.

              I know what your going to say it is frustrating and I hear you guys. Myself I am clearly frustrated with the lack of uptime this year, my site has been down more then has been up and running but I gotta work with what we have with currently and just deal with this minor 12 hour outage. Again I would like to thank you for your patience through this rough 12 hour downtime with the website.


Friday, May 12, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Finale's Weeks (May 14th & May 21st, 2017)

                   It is that time of year again, Finale's will be coming up back to back weeks and i wanna announce the schedule/special guests scheduled for the Reality TV Finale's for #EverythingAboutRealityTV if there is any scheduled or not.

May 14- 20th, 2017: Big Brother Canada 5 Finale Week:

May 18th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Game Changers RECAP- No Guest, On My Own.
May 19th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Big Brother Canada 5 Finale RECAP- Special Guest In Studio, Larry Rieck
May 20th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 RECAP- Special Guest In  Studio Guest In Studio, Larry Rieck

May 21st - May 27th, 2017: Survivor Game Changers Finale Week:

May 25th, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Survivor Game Changers Finale RECAP- No Guest, On My Own

May 28th - June 3rd, 2017: Amazing Race 29 Finale Week:

June 1st, 2017: Everything About Reality TV- Amazing Race 29 Finale RECAP- No Guest, On My Own

                         That is the timetable for the upcoming few weeks with Finales coming over the next few weeks and what to expect on the podcast and who the guests or guest is for the remainder of the Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule and I will be announcing in the coming weeks the preview podcasts when I will be releasing the 2 of them once I know what the cast is for both Big Brother US 19 & Amazing Race Canada 5 is out!

Have a great night!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Summer 2017 Schedule (CONFIRMED!)

             So it is that time of the year, well 3 times a year I make this announcement on the Blog that for this upcoming Summer Season, now I wasn't going to do this till June 1st as I was planning on doing it a few weeks before the Summer Reality TV began but I am plain out too dang excited to announce this schedule! One thing that is different from this season and I am not putting down this schedule, I love the schedule but it has been hectic schedule this winter season, but worth all the stress and hard work put into the podcast. So without further ado here is the schedule for Summer 2017:

Wednesdays: 8 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 5 RECAP

Fridays: 8 pm EDT: Big Brother US 19 RECAP

          As you can see the schedule is only 2 recaps as I am only covering 2 shows during the summer which makes it a simple easy summer and plus I am liking the fact I get a day between, but again I do not mind recording day after day, after day, 3 days just the change of pace is nice and you never expect when a reality TV Show is on TV, like the saying goes in Big Brother, Expect the Unexpected! That is why I love the various days I record on, each Reality TV season is different from season to season and I never know what to expect! Also please note that Friday can change once the NFL Football Season begin in the fall towards the end of the BB19 so you can be looking at a Thursday Recap due to the NFL Football Thursdays! I will let you guys know once I know the change of schedule. Also as last season we had a few Friday episodes and if anything like this happens I will probably push it to a Saturday for the one week but again I will inform you guys of any schedule changes if there is any or they add a night on a Friday.

Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, May 8, 2017

My Favorite 3 Stooges Episodes!

                I have been very, very excited to write this as I am a big Stooges Fan since my aunt Margaret and Maria, who has passed away in 2008 and 2016, whom I miss dearly got me hooked on The Three Stooges and of course Laurel and Hardy as well. So here is my list of my favorite episodes of the Three Stooges and they are not in any order whatsoever. 

               First one on my list is probably one of my 2 favorite most ever, ok well the 3 of my favorite episodes of all time! Well the episode that has made my list for all time favorite episodes is the one with the Cats In The Piano with Shemp which was called "Pest Man Wins", one of the most craziest and funniest episodes. You gotta admit Larry, Shemp and even curly wasn't the brightest tool in the TV Show back then but it leaves for hilarity to ensue.

               Next on my list is "Punch Drunks" where Curly becomes a boxer and when he hears pop goes the weasel tune it makes him go insane especially in the boxing scene but you will have to see the episode to see for yourselves.

                The next one that has made my list was "A Plumbing We Will Go" which is very self explainitory of the three idiots are plumbers and you can guess that chaos happens in the entire episode, they mess up the plumbing and even the blasted electrical! Again you would have to see the episode for yourself to see what happens!

                 The 4th one on my list which is in no order whatsoever is "Baby Sitters Jitters" and the reason is is just the smart alic remarks made to one another that got me laughing and the crazy antic's that happens throughout the episode including this dialogue: Moe: What's that
Shemp: A Clock
Moe: What's a clock say?
Shemp: Tick, tick, tick, tick
Moe Smashes clock on Shemp's head. 
That is a primary sample of the episode that made me laugh.

               There was one other but I do not remember it but had to do with Curly, Larry and Moe were looking after a house or mansion and a kitten was on the piano they thought it was a ghost also the scene the morse came in and Moe asked Larry what does it mean and Larry imitates it in a sarcastic but funny way. That is a few on my list that I really love and hope you have enjoyed reading my list and have a great Monday!


Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Taking Risks!

                  As I am typing this, I realize now that both Justin & Jeff want nothing but the best for Chris B On The Web and I agree, this is why I have decided to let Jeff do The CBOTW Gamers Podcast and there has been talks about it for the last few months but I can definitely guaranteed it will happen in the near future. There is a few things that need to be done to ensure Jeff is ready:

1) Get himself a new Twitter account since i got 2 or 3 of his permanently suspended, he will have to re-establish himself on there.

2) Get a laptop

3) Schedule the day of the first week of the month.

4) Get the necessary training he needs how to do the introduction since it is all Pre-Recorded, nothing currently Live.

So with that I am willing to take this risk, to trust Jeff enough that he can do the podcast once a month and I've known Jeff since at least 2009 and I should be able to trust him around my site and doing content both on the Chris B On The Web Blog and on his podcast. Trust has been a very big issue for me over the last year, first Chance letting me down on a chat, which has put myself in question can I take this big risk especially this early in the rebuild game? I am always one for taking risks and trying things out if they do not work I change things up I decide to not do that set thing whatever it can be. I am always a big risk, I like to take the risks but it sometimes or break Chris B On The Web. However I shouldn't be afraid to make such risks especially if and when opportunity comes a knocking.

Have a great Wednesday!