Monday, May 29, 2017

The Binding of Isaac Road To 100% Achievements!

                   Well I am getting more and more excited for The Binding of Isaac as I am now at 37% completed my achievements and on the road to 100% achievements and trust me once I get 100% I will be moving on to Re-Birth then once done that one I will be moving on to After Birth. I am merely really excited to be moving forward on Isaac quite quickly and that is what I do with my time recently is Isaac, Isaac, Isaac! Just trying to master Isaac and of course I learned a lot from playthrough's on YouTube has taught me a lot particularly one YouTuber and I have grown so much in this game and I am learning what the items are and what the items do and what items are not a good item especially like the tick being an item I do not want to get as it locks the trinket on the top left side of the screen. I realized the Nail is a good item if you get it at the right time which was what made me go all the way to the gold chest and win and unlock the quarter and Samson character which is the last of the characters I can unlock, well ok Blue Baby is the last one I will unlock but in time. I am pretty hyped up and the hype is so real right now and even tho I don't as far but I go far enough in the game but I went on a streak last week within two days apart I got so pumped up and excited to actually be going places on the game. It is only going to get better as I am knocking off achievements left right and center and it pumps me right up to get this far which now I will not give up whatsoever and I wanna get 100% achievements and move on to Re Birth then After birth! Those are on my list of games I would like to play right now and plan on getting it when I get close to 100% The price isn't bad actually so it wont be much to spend on Re Birth but I know it is pretty wicked! Another thing I have started to love is the Ipecac which is explosive shots which can be tricky especially with having it on homing shots so that makes it difficult but it you have plain Ipecac then you are good to go! That is my item of choice or the Fetus is the other item I like to use but that takes time to get use to it as well. The other items including orbitals like Sister Maggie, Brother Bobby, Little Chubby, Little Steve. Ghost Baby & Harlequin Baby which is a big help in Damage.  

                      So all of these will help me in long run and there are what I use mostly but I tried using the candle and it is pretty cool as well, but I have been more patient which has paid off to me completing achievements not just one at a time but 2 at a time which adds up the number of hours I've played which last time I checked it was 530 hours in total I have played Isaac! I am very proud of myself, keeping patient, taking breaks when I have to but keep on trucking through with it all!

Have a great night another post coming later on!


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