Saturday, May 27, 2017

Making Mistakes and Learning From Them!

                 Yesterday, I made the biggest mistake in the world that is 2 days ago well 2 days ago today, I went to Staples to get Justin's tag as he is now Alumni, got the tag laminated, however when it was done I left the store and I pulled out his tag to realize, I forgot to add Justin's name to the tag so I kind of spent $4.41 for no reason and I was pissed off at myself for doing something so simple for one of my former staff and yet I go and screw things up now... LOL! Typical me, I rushed out the door to not look or realize that the freakin tag was messed up without  me checking the entire work is correct before the lamination process so I was livid pissed with myself in the process but laughing at it now, 3 days later and I have definitely learned my lesson from this  and I am going to be checking all the odds and ends of the document before either duplicating it (photocopying) or getting an item laminated.

                  Now this is a big example, you have to check your work, just like math problems, you gotta make sure it all adds up or had the right information and relevant information that is to the topic you are talking about or in my case has the right information whether its a name tag or it is a flyer to promote yourself with you have to make sure spelling mistakes are not there and proper use of COMMA's, periods and also apostrophe's are used as well! You are only human to make the mistake but yes I know I spent $4.41 and it was a mistake and a half to go there and make the wrong choice to not even look at the tag but you cannot be perfect on a daily basis! 

                   So don't sweat the small stuff just learn from your mistake the first time around not the second or third time around. I have made a ton of mistakes in my time with Online Media and it is endless to name every item but a few besides my run to Staples is not sticking to Adam for the other Podcast then that other person, no names mentioned, trusting 3 people from The Video Projects Team from 2005, early 2009 and 2010. But again that is the only way you learn from your mistake, you gotta remember when I started all of this I was young at the age of 20 and I am currently 31 years of age now, so I have grown from the mistakes and even now I will mistakes and so will you guys as the saying goes and its probably the truth, you are getting older but you are getting wiser! 

Have a great night, another blog post to come out later on this Saturday so stay tuned!


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