Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Standing Up For Yourself!

                 So in the last week, drama endured and I think I see where Justin was coming from with we should of stuck to Everything About Reality TV and not grow into a network and should of made the plan to stay Audio ONLY and that is exactly what I am planning on doing it. I am merely really happy on the Audio ONLY platforms currently. Anyways I was planning on bringing on a second Podcast, that's right a second Podcast! Yet I worked with the potential host for the last 5 months and haven't seen progress of them getting back onto Twitter plus I was trash talked which made me realize I do not need this kind of bullcrap, I don't need my team being disrespectful so I stood up for myself and Chris B On The Web and decided to go another direction which I am now a solo artist or podcaster and honestly I should of done that sooner once I departed from YouTube last year. Don't let anyone put you down and that is what I did with this situation.

                   Another instance of me standing up for myself is someone telling me nobody will listen to Everything About Reality TV with all the support in the last 8 months has been astonishing! Fans of Reality TV, other Podcasters such as one of my very first podcasts I ever listened to from the Stickam Days even  supports me! I am connected with these guys and they even wished me luck! Now does that show you nobody listens to my podcast nooooo, there are listeners and I know for a fact 6 subscribers on & 2 followers or subscribers on which tells you people do listen to it and if you follow me on Twitter you often see me post stuff up regards to the podcast with #EverythingAboutRealityTV #Podcast So I didn't let anyone put me down in that instance and wasn't just one person that put me down it was multiple people. 

                      So do not let anyone put you down, keep doing what you are passionate about and that is what I am doing to this day and I will be not tolerating it and if it happens a block will be put into place or an IP ban from my website If people bug you block them if they constantly put you down. You do not need that hassle on a regular basis. Like the saying goes haters will hate and they are just haters not fans of yours.

Have a great Wednesday!


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