Sunday, January 31, 2021

The End of Daily Blogging....

               This is my last post on a Sunday as we change into a  different timetable which I know will be a ton better and we are changing things up after blogging daily for the last couple of years. It has been a lot of fun blogging on a daily basis but also exhausting coming up with ideas on a regular basis. This is why I am making the change now to 5 days a week not the full week. Now this doesn't have to be permanent, it can change at anytime if we wish and you never know we can get the Staff Involved with the blog if we wish but that is for later. As you guys know this blog started in 2014 so it has been a crazy adventure the last 6 years. Change is good and I think this will be the best decision for me and what a better way to start a new era by starting tomorrow on Feb 1st, 2021. You know I was thinking about the change over on Jan 1st of last year? Yeah I was thinking about that all together before the New Years hit and wish I did it sooner but I needed time to think things through and I will be talking about that on next week's podcast on Sunday which is already pre-recorded and ready to go.

               Like the saying goes, out with the old, in with the new and as I previously said nothing is permanent, I can change it back if the views go back up again and I start to get more ideas in the top of my head but for right now this is what has to happen and I thank you all who supported the blogs on a daily basis and I hope you guys will continue to support the blog Monday - Friday which is a normal work week for us here in the studio and the other staff's home studios as well. Now for the weekend of no blog posts what does this mean, well I may sit down and record a video to post up on both Facebook and Instagram once a week that is an idea I am working on and may be a few weeks or I could also put up some of the BTS (Behind The Scenes) Look at The Entertainment Man Talk Show which I could post up every week if I wish. I do have a couple of those. I could also do a Facebook Live on Saturdays at the end of every month to talk to you guys, there are a ton of ideas really I could do with that extra time. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this ramble blog and talking about the end of blogging and what is next for CBOTW moving forward. Tomorrow Charlotte our resident Site Admin will be making her first on the new day and I will be talking to you guys on Tuesday.


Saturday, January 30, 2021

YouTube and Collabs Updates!

               I know the old channel got banned and it wasn't my doing, yet the part I didn't tell ya's my account wasn't even attached to it, it was removed and the person who got into it is out west so that's different location all together and yes it was someone that I knew all together too. If I get banned, I get banned so be it if that is what happens to me then that's fine with me but so far, so good with the channel and it's growing like a weed right now that is what matters and the views are very good, maybe even better then what we have on the Audio ONLY platforms. However as long as people enjoy it that is what really matters... YouTube seems to be a ton more popular for the podcasts then our Twitch channel but I am sure that will pick up eventually but we just have to be patient with this transition of change.

             Now to the collaboration podcast as you probably noticed they disappeared from the Audio ONLY Podcasts all together and that is because we are merging them together as one, Power Rangers Collaboration & Big Brother Collaboration Podcasts will be merging into The CBOTW Show which once was on the air at one point and is making it's return after being off the air for 2 years now and excited for this new venture. Already created the new logo that looks so much sleeker and nicer then what we had originally and it was time for change and change is honestly good. Also on this podcast we will be having Survivor Recaps again done the road but not right at this moment and maybe just maybe down the road we can add Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada down the road. You never know. There will not just be Reality TV Podcasts but also TV Podcasts and we are open to new opportunities down the road just reach out to us! I will talk to you tomorrow on the final post on a Sunday here on!


Friday, January 29, 2021

The Recent Changes and What You Need to Know!

                 I know with the decision to end daily blogging a lot of questions why would I end something that has been a part of your daily lives for the past 3 - 4 years? 1) Views are not there as they use to at one point and the 2nd point I'd like to say, I am starting to run dry on ideas with topics for posts on a regular basis so that has become a common issue for the last 6 months. I still got ideas but the fact I only post 4 days a week Tuesday - Friday with weekends off, I think this will help my mental health especially and I think this is the right move. I know there will be upset people with the decision but you have to realize I have been doing this for 3 - 4 years non stop so I kind of knew this time would come where I would have to stop daily blogging. This means a change in my routine. So the Schedule you guys wanna know the Official Schedule as it hasn't become public but this weekend, we wrap up weekend posts and get to new timetable as of Monday. So today is the normal post and tomorrow will be my last Weight Loss Update on a Saturday and Sunday a reflection on Daily Blogging every single day. I know there are questions about events and on Tuesday, I will get into it at a later date when I start going back to posts. Anyways here is the schedule for moving forward:

Sundays: Weekly Updates from our Site Admin

Mondays - Thursdays: Normal Posts from me

Fridays: Weight Loss Updates

Every Other Fridays: Regular Post as I do not wanna make it on a weekly basis at this moment. 

             I am looking forward to this change and I know there will be upset people and this opens the door for other opportunities within the website community and you never know what is planned for the future! Expect the unexpected.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

First Episode of Power Rangers Collab Podcast (Throwback Thursday)

           The first ever episode of The Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast... This takes us back 2.5 years when this all first began and we didn't have even have a logo whatsoever till last year so we waited a year to officially get an logo. This started well before this pandemic and we were able to be in the studio and record within the CBOTW Studios. I was a nervous wreck when it first started but hey it was an amazing first episode and we brought in the views first 3 episodes for Mighty Morphin. The rest became history. I think we didn't even have the second boom arm, just the mic stand is what we had originally this was pre second boom arm that we had in the studio. We were a very small production and now we have become a bigger and better production then before. Ever episode we do we improve on things and this is not just this podcast but any of the podcasts really. 

             We have gotten the attention of a few Power Rangers Alum, Steve Cardenas and Jason Faunt which funny enough are two amazing Red Rangers from Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo and Jason from Time Force. It got us excited to see that they are seeing what we are doing and you really never know they could be listening to it, you never know and I cannot really tell who listens are there isn't a way to know who listens to the podcast but we appreciate each and every one of you that listens. I can say it has been quite a journey for the last 2.5 years and there is ton more episodes to come as we're in it for the very long run of Power Rangers Collab. One other thing I kind of wanna drop the Podcast and just call it Power Rangers Collab when talking about it but will be more formal. Hope you enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys in tomorrow's post.


Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Old YouTube Videos Are Not Being Posted...

            Since the announcement of the recent changes with the website, we have come to an decision to not upload videos from his old YouTube channel at this point. I think it is just better to actually not bring something back that ended 4 years ago. The past is the past and now we wanna focus on the podcasts and there could be a dedicated website for that technically but you never really know to be honest. This decision became a most definite decision adding in the Live Tab being added to the website and the growth of this website and to be honest with this addition it's really helped out as we've seen ton more views per day on the website so that helps us a ton in the long wrong and gives Chris the mollah on the website. I think focusing on a podcasting part with the blog is definitely the right move for him and the rest of the team moving forward.

             I know that CBOTW has returned to YouTube and growing rapidly fast now and apparently we're showing up in their algorithm but this time it's different, we're focusing on the podcasts live compare to regular videos on the platform so there is a difference. I know we were banned that never happened here in the studio, it was elsewhere and it is unfair to Chris especially but another post for another day from him and I will be sure to tell him. So the YouTube videos however are saved and he has put them on his 1 TB (terabyte) and you never know with him, he may end up putting it onto DVD down the road. You never really know with him to be honest, like Big Brother "Expect the unexpected."

Charlotte, Site Admin 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Return of The CBOTW Network

              As I said yesterday, The CBOTW Network and all the podcasts within this website it's not dead, it's coming back and bigger and stronger then ever! Which is totally exciting for us as a group or his team behind him as we have his back 150% So we have two streams on the list for the podcasts at this moment, Twitch & YouTube which more then likely will be the only two streams we will be on at this current time unless we end up reaching out to our Fan Page but I think Chris wants to keep Social Media for Social Media at this time. The CBOTW Network for those who didn't know this network was on Video but also Audio ONLY Streams and recorded for Audio ONLY Platforms which was one, Mixcloud was his home originally. It is indeed exciting to see this make a triumphed return and to regrow that empire. There is no Audio ONLY Stream, just the video streams which you can find on here. So you can find us on both platforms here:




             There are the links, please do be sure to follow or Subscribe to either or both feeds if you'd wish and we updated the website with Live Podcasts and Audio ONLY Podcasts within the website so it is there for you guys on the website as we got rid of the idea of uploading videos to the website at this point. There is simply no room on the website at this point and we wanna focus on the podcast side of things at the moment. However all videos are downloaded and on  an external hard drive and saved in case YouTube shutdown or they banned his account for some odd reason. This is exciting news and Chris has already started posting up on the YouTube side of things with Entertainment Man Podcast on an weekly basis and he possibly could be live tomorrow for the interview he is doing with Jasmine. Anyways I will talk to you guys tomorrow.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Monday, January 25, 2021

The Future of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast.....

                    After over a week and a half of drama and Chris is starting to talk to his Co-Host again so things are getting better now and the two are speaking to one another which is a start for fixing things for the two of them. Right now with this podcast he has put recording the podcast on Hold but the preparation behind the scenes continue to be worked on a regular basis and ready for when the two boys are ready to get back into action with this podcast. Chris hasn't told Larry as of yet about the YouTube or Twitch thing but he will in time, Chris left out that piece of information at this moment. We want to ensure you NOT to panic or worry about the Podcast going away anytime soon because it will be returning but not at this moment, they gotta fix the friendship as they do not want this to turn into 2016 which was a major fight. To be honest this is the first major fight where Chris blocked Larry for the first time in 5 years which is astounding. They have a lot of understanding for each other and maybe why their friendship is a ton stronger. 

             I know today and the last week and a half has been hard for his team, behind the scenes, unsure what he'll say or do and today was one of those days where he got really wound up over things today. However he has calmed down quite a lot since around dinner time and hopefully the smiles return very soon. He's made some progress with Dino Thunder and it's like nothing happened at all even tho there was something that happened but he continues to work on it and also created a video stream pages which I will talk about on tomorrow's post and explain where you can actually listen to the podcasts when they are live on the air as he tested it out and continue to test it out. He has another camera, the 2nd or 3rd camera he's ordered on Amazon which have broke in the past but he made sure its a good quality. Anyways talk more tomorrow and updates to the studio, have a wonderful night.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Sunday, January 24, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-23-2021]

           There has been so much that has happened recently with Discord returning and then disappearing once again to The CBOTW Show... I will get into it all in today's post:

Discord: It has been a problem for a while and we got some information that someone who was staff'd with us got into Chris's account and deleted it. We did a new one but since have deleted it due to troll issues again and it wasn't worth the stress. 

The CBOTW Show: It was a ton of work to just prepare it and now we have a newer plan with it and I will get into it all as I continue on with this post and he was on the right track originally and maybe we took a step in the wrong way.

Website: Menu went back to the 2021 version of this website which is a ton better and it works a ton better then the older version and seems to be a more responsive menu as we've had fans mention that it is not as responsive. So that is one of the reasons but now that The CBOTW Show is now out of the picture, we put a reverse on this.

YouTube:  As you guys have heard, we have a YouTube Channel for the Podcasts which you can find at for the video side of things. Today it starts on the YouTube and two old episodes of Entertainment Man Podcast from Season 2 are up.

Power Rangers Podcast: This morning, Chris has made it clear that production for this podcast is indeed put on Hold for recording till he figures out if he has a Co-Host or not and that will be this week's battle to figure out what is going to happen next for the podcast. Just hope production does resume as I know he wants it back and Larry does too. but Chris said he will be working on the Collaboration Podcast and stuff but as for recording not as much.

                 There are the updates for this week and I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully some better news will come next week, so please do have a wonderful week and I will talk to you guys next weekend with another update.

Charlotte, Site Admin

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Favorite Memories of College....

                 Since it has been nearly 9 years since I left college now, I thought now would be the most appropriate time to step up and do this post about my favorite moments in College and to be honest, I do not think I did a post and I cannot remember if I did out of the 1200 + posts that have been done. However here are some of my most favorite moments in no logical order:

Riot Radio: Was an honor to be a part of the Campus Radio Station was one of the first visual radio stations I guess out of College Radio Stations in the country or even Ontario but I forget. I remember when I ended up awfully sick with barely a voice but I managed through a really rough show. This was also the early inspiration for what I am doing now, podcasting and having a passion for being behind the microphone and a lot has come back to me the do's and don't which I could do a podcast on technically. 

Working Out In The Gym/Basketball: We had this thing were we got to go to the gym and shoot some hoops in the gym. I never got to work out on the machines upstairs during my time in College.

Dinner At the Campus Pub: I had dinner with my fellow classmates and other students on the campus and I got to try fried pickles which honestly was delicious! I really enjoyed it and the first time I have had it.

Ridgebacks Hockey Game: For those who didn't know, my college I attended also had an university on the campus as the College and once again I got the honor to see a Ridgebacks hockey game which University hockey is very exciting to watch.

                    There is my list and I am sure there are other moments on campus I can mention such as several videos were made for my YouTube Channel, including an interview with Justin, Larry and the rest of them which was amazing really, I had fun doing it in the process.


Friday, January 22, 2021

Video Game Updates [01-22-2021]

              I have a few updates with video games to update you guys on and there is a few on the list. So I have played some games between recording the site and what not and without further ado here are the updates:

The Sims 4: After the Sims 4 corrupted on me, now it is is actually re installed everything seems to be working and nothing was really affected by the game, meaning the files with Sims seem to be fine so I have no clue what is going on honestly.

Surgeon Simulator: I got the game but didn't last more then a minute as I found it really difficult to pass so I said the heck with it and I got my 10 bucks back for the game as I thought it wasn't worth the money honestly. 

Spelunky 2: As for Spelunky 2, I've gotten to 1-4 on the game but the big guy that rolls around got me and the part that is really getting me more and more frustrated with the game moving forward and I have considered quitting and stopping it completely for a while but that is no me, I wanna keep going and trying to beat the game all together. 

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth: I have gotten back to Isaac and apparently have started to dominate the game and been playing with Azazel a bit more and I ended up getting one of my favorite items Ipecac and I thought this item wasn't a thing in this game. Hey I guess I got it now.

             There are the updates and I will do another update when I see it fits as I hardly have had time to play videos games right now and I guess work is my priority and I am sure in time I will end up having more time for video games but right now it just not the time nor place. I hope you guys enjoyed this update and I will see you guys in tomorrow's post!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Will There Be An The Entertainment Man Talk Show Reunion Tour?

               I know I've been editing all the old videos lately while in Isolation from the world during this pandemic and I have had time to think and I'd like to do a Reunion Tour with Eric down the road and while on our journey take a walk down memory lane but this wouldn't be for a long time and by that time, I could change my mind to be honest. However it has been many years now since we went off air and this would be a cool idea to do a walking tour and maybe I will bring the camera with me take some videos, pictures and remember the good times I once had with the team. Maybe even I could make a trip to Whitby, Ajax and just remember how much fun the series was. It could even be done here in the house remember where the series was majority of Season 3, 4, 5 and 6 was filmed at. We may have not gone too far on this series but it will be nice to walk where we filmed and just remember and talk about it. I wanna do the videos as part of the content for Facebook and IGTV just for you guys and it is an opportunity knocking. 

                 However remember that we are still in a pandemic and it will be quite sometime until things get back to normal and see friends in person as there is no way for me to get in or out of my area as it is on demand service and I totally refuse to actually take it as the bus service has made me quite angry and I've blocked their fan page at this point as I asked em a question and was totally ignored but it was besides the point. Anyways I am getting quite off topic so to speak and I should get back on track with this post. During this isolation, I can start thinking about where I wanna go etc. I can also start working on how I would like to do this, the order of how I wanna do. Anyways I will not rule it out right now if I would do this but it wouldn't be just me, I'd have to do it with an alum and I haven't really asked around much. That is today's post and I hope you enjoyed this random ramblings of mine and I we will see how things are post pandemic and all I can do is plan and that is what I am doing right now.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Batman (1989) & Batman Forever (1995) Movie Review

              I been wanting to do this for a while now and a few weeks ago, I got to sit down and watch Batman and I believe that was during my down time with Christmas so that could of been when I watched the movie during the time off from CBOTW. So Michael Keaton was in this movie as Batman which mind you Michael Keaton is an great actor and not really sure if he is still acting to this day, Billy Dee Williams which we all know him from Star Wars 5 and 6 and 9 who played Lando Calrissen and he plays Two Face aka Harvey Dent in the movie which he was a great Two Face, I didn't know it was him till I looked it up after the movie. Also Kim Bassigner and Jack Nicolson who played the Joker. Now his role as the Joker, he did an amazing job as always as I have seen 3 movies with him in it which the other two is Anger Management & The Shining which I will do an review eventually here on the blog. I loved the movie and seen 3 out of the real life Batman movies. The Action of the movie was amazing. The Bat-Mobile is more high tech as you get through the movies. The movie was well put together and kept you entertain right through. I was only 3 going on 4 in 1989 technically. I admit the Bat Cave was a lot different different from the 1966 TV Batman. I would give a 10 out of 10 out of this movie and would watch it again!

               You thought that was the end of this post, huh? Well surprise! Two reviews within one post for once. So the second review as the title says I am doing a second Batman, this time I want to review is Batman Forever, which I went to see with my aunts in 1995 as I spent a day with them every week while my parents were at work during my summer off from school and we happened to go see this amazing movie. This movie has another amazing actor as Batman, George Clooney and of course the famous comedian, Jim Carrey which I am a huuuge Jim Carrey Fan and I've seen almost every movie he's done. This movie had it's serious moments and action pack with the addition of Chris O'Donnell as Robin The Boy of Wonder. However, you have in the addition to this movie some funny moments as Jim Carrey brings ins the comedic side of thing. Especially the "Riddle Me This. Riddle Me That, Who's Afraid of The Big Black Bat?" Once again I would give this movie a 10 out of 10 and I really enjoyed these movies together and watched them back to back. Hope you guys enjoyed this review and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


Monday, January 18, 2021

Addressing Last Week and Updates....

              Yes I have returned to blogging and I will address that at the end of today's post. Last week was full of drama between myself and my Co-Host of Power Rangers Podcast and to be honest, now I do not know where we stand with this collab and I should of kept quiet and not say anything or send him anything this situation would of been a bit better moving forward. The reason for the server going down was because of reasons I cannot discuss at this moment. I gotta keep professional at all time during this. In this blog I am doing to discuss 2 things that are now affected by recent events and the first one is the interview and the reason of it happening was because something  happened and now there is an opening for interviews and I am working on getting an interview for the 31st at this moment and I do have someone lined up but I have to do have someone in mind right now and he is familiar to ChrisBOnTheWeb and involved with the website. He also went to High School with me and I will leave it at that and you guys will see who it is, well hear who it is. I am excited for this interview and this is the start of interviews. As for the other interview, well it's been put aside at this time. 😟

             The next part if talking about Power Rangers Collaboration and it's future.... I can say this: Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast will be tucked under Archives some point in the spring once it goes on hiatus where you guys can catch up with past episodes are done in the meantime and I will keep Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast listed in my bio for the time being while we figure out what is going to happen with this project and if it is going to go to the way side for good or it will be coming back fully. I also wanna state I will be working on future Collaboration Podcasts for that series and soon as I am done Dino Thunder, I will be moving into SPD and Mystic Force and so on in case things get better. I am trying to remain optimistic with this series will return and it is all that I can really do is stay optimistic for the hopes of a return sometime this year. As for Dino Thunder, if this situation isn't fixed anytime soon, I do have a Guest lined up in case and if it does get fixed the Guest will still come on regardless. I wanna thank, my Management Team for their help through this hard time, especially Matt who took the reigns of this blog for an entire week. I promise to try and blog a bit more as I am sure you guys missed me not being around much but I ensure you things are under control now.


Sunday, January 17, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-17-2021]

               Another week is upon us and I have a couple of updates but not too many updates even tho the last week has had it's dramatics and Boss Man quite shaken up of the recent events he's unsure about things and that's OK. As I said yesterday he's returning tomorrow and please be nice to him.  I'm sorry to sound harsh but speaking on behalf of his team, we want him in good spirits and his Mental Health better. I've said this many times, we work hard everyday on content for you guys. Anyways to the updates:

Discord: Our Discord Server has been removed once and for all, Chris had enough of the drama on there and he wasn't happy whatsoever. He decided to remove it and he's removed himself from Discord all together and using Skype and Zoom for Podcasts.

Entertainment Man Podcast: He was suppose to be interviewing Larry but cause of what I said above, that never happened and he is quite disappointed that the interview never happened and he has made a decision to reach out on his list by tomorrow and see who he can get and if he can't then what he will do an topic for you guys.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: With the recent drama I said above, this Podcast is now in limbo and those are his words exactly. I know how he is feeling and things kind of were messed up for him and this Collab and this is why he is going through with this Hiatus and he will be working on SPD, Mystic Force and beyond even if this doesn't happen whatsoever cause of the ongoing arguments between both parties, he just wants to be prepared and ready in case things get better. This goes beyond catching up notes now, it goes towards fixing things between them if this even happens down the road. The Podcast will be moved off the main menu under "Podcasts" and moved into a temporary archives while decisions are made with the future of this Collaboration Podcast.

                 That is what I had to say and I had to say my peace on all of this. I am disappointed in what has happened and the fact PR Collab has to suffer cause of a choice someone made and Chris has every right to be upset over this. He works long hours on this and he had every right to feeling the way he is feeling right now. He could be working on other projects as well on a weekly basis which he has been working on but more information coming next weekend's weekly update and until then I will talk to you all next week.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Chris Returns To Blogging Monday Finally and Updates

               Chris makes his return to blogging Monday after a week away and he needed it really as there was unnecessary drama with a former Co-Host of one of the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast so he is feeling a lot of pressure right now with the Collab. Anyways back to him returning, he will be still in the same timeslot, 11 am EST everyday as usual. Nothing is really changing from that as he has a ton of decisions to make and this upcoming week he will start making those decisions and I respect any decision as long he lets the team know of this decision that's totally fine. I know you guys will welcome him back to the blog as of Monday and he's admitted to me that he misses talking to you guys and wishes that he didn't have to walk away from the blog but we understand the fact he needs to step away from time to time and with the change it is totally understandable. I wish I knew exactly what I can tell you guys but right now he's going through tough decisions and maybe with this weekend he will have time to think things through and figure things out. 

                With him returning to a more normal schedule moving forward means he may be addressing somethings that has happened in the last week and how he feels embarrassed and of course some more positive posts and hopefully we can move forward with this and continue to grow this community. I know I sound a little harsh at times but it is frustration with what has gone on and I am not really not sure what he has planned for this week at this point as I haven't seen what is on his board but this week we find out what he has set for this week moving forward. I will be back tomorrow for the Weekly Update then back to a weekly basis.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Friday, January 15, 2021

Explaining The Coming Soon On The Website Navigation... (Finally!)

              I want to explain the entire "Menu Bar" or "Navigational Bar" finally. I want to tell you guys that this year we will be adding some old content to the Website OFFICIALLY. This content that we are uploading to the website some of your favorite series that Chris once did on that site called "YouTube" which he is now banned from creating as you know because of a former Staff. Anyways, we both been working on this the last 2 - 3 weeks now and been downloading all the video 300 + videos have been downloaded and will be made available on our website throughout 2021 and will be available for you guys to watch and have a blast from the past. We have separate account just for the videos so there is no mix up with the podcasts to the videos.  The vlogs and updates that were on the former TheDirector015 will not be on there. It will be just the series the team did The Entertainment Man Talk Show, Friends of The Entertainment Man and much more. The schedule, we are looking at twice a week at this point and he is looking at Wednesdays and Fridays @ 2 pm EST.

             However right now we are working overtime on videos and downloading and editing the videos so they are ready to go so it will take sometime for us to prepare all of this great content. There will be an announcement when we start uploading up here to the website. This is why there is the coming soon and when we are ready to go that will be changed over to YouTube and will have an array of things on there. We may upload some Behind The Scenes from the Series as we have a bunch of those for 2 of the series. This is exciting stuff that Chris's own website will now house the Archives of his Former Web Series and I believe he has about 7 different series we will be releasing. Any questions to contact us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or the Discord. I am always in there more then Chris is majority of the time and are there to help you guys.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Thursday, January 14, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Printer is On It's Last Legs....

                Boss Man has told me that the printer in the  studio is on it's final legs and sounding like there will be a time he will have to indeed put money aside to get a brand new printer and something he didn't wanna really do is spend the money on something quite expensive but if that is something he needs to get then so be it. First the scanner completely stopped working which really he doesn't need technically as he rarely uses it to begin with as normally he uses the SD card reader for pictures and if he was to scan old pictures then I do not know what he would do. I am not 100% sure if you can get a printer without a scanner anymore and to be honest he rarely used the scanner and has tried to actually use it and apparently he's uninstalled the software so many times so now the scanner doesn't work so that was strike one. The second strike was installing a new ink into the printer where you have to scan a print off so you can authenticate the ink and it doesn't seem to work anymore as the scanner isn't working. 

                So he's going to have to definitely buy a new printer and will have to go shopping for a new one once the lockdown is finished and things start to open up once again and we get back into the different levels as we went from Green to Yellow-Orange to Red to the Grey level and now in complete lockdown at this moment of time to try and flatten the curve of this virus especially. Hopefully he will somehow manage to print off things for right now but not sure what will happen if it completely dies out on him as one other issue he's having is the display screen sometimes goes completely dark and he has to unplug it to work so it's slowly on it's final legs and to be quite honest, he is planning to steer away from HP despite it's been very good to him over the years. He has to remember he uses it on a regular basis and it will wear and tear on him and he has had it 5 years at the most and it is used all the time so he will have to definitely invest in a new one soon. 

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Update on Chris and How He is Doing

            Chris, well he's hanging in there and has been dealing with the Mental Health and his sleep has been off and still is off he sleeps in the evenings and up during the nights however the positive thing is he is sleeping full 7 - 8 hours and up around 1 or 2 in the morning. The next step for him is to actually get to bed a little later then usual and he will have that opportunity soon as he has an interview Thursday to do with Larry so opportunity is knocking to fix his sleep. However he is in good spirits right now and working hard on content and working on that new feature as that has become the bigger project and from time to time he works on Dino Thunder as well. Management Team and Discord Moderators and you guys are keeping him in good spirits right now and he makes his occasional visit to the Discord.

           He is working hard even if he has to nap he will nap to get his energy back up. I believe he's picked up the workload quite quickly and very affectively and he is nowhere near stopping as he has done an amazing job on content and also the way the server has grown very quickly. Chris continues to grow the Discord server and we continue on this growth in the community. I will be talking about that on Saturday's post but for now, I ensure you Chris will be just fine and give him some time he will get to more a normal sleep pattern and he is working hard on the sleep issue and I know he will fix this and get back into a routine, it will just take sometime for him. Chris wanted me to add that he will be back blogging first thing Monday and cannot wait to update you guys on things.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Events and Studio Closure Updates for 2021!

               The last almost year has been really rough for all of us, not just physically but mentally and we've watched Chris's Mental Health gotten bad from him losing weight to gaining weight during this pandemic. Today I want to talk to you guys about the updates on the CBOTW Studios closure and also him going to events each and every year. I want to start with the events and unfortunate bad news is Chris has cancelled all events for 2021 as we are in stages of the vaccine coming out there are no plans to go to events even locally there are absolutely no plans moving forward. I don't blame him whatsoever for doing this and he has to do what's best for him and his health especially. I can be honest, I do not think there will be events this year and I realize it is just January and got plenty of time but he's doing what he thinks will keep him safe this year and I am honestly proud of him for making this decision early. 

               To the CBOTW Studios being closed, it will continue to remain closed for the entire year unless we have a major turn around with the cases in Ontario but he has decided to wait till January 2022 to make the decision whether the studio opens this year or not and he has made the decision to keep the studio shut for the remainder of this year with hopes to actually open the studio in 2022. One problem he has mentioned only way for guests like Larry for an example well there is no bus to get to the house and to the studio so that is one of the major issues moving forward and Larry has no way here till they reinstate the route that Chris takes within his area. When things start getting back to normal he will assess the situation and the plan moving forward but right now we continue to keep the studio in complete lockdown as we did 10 months ago.

Matt, Site Admin/CBOTW Management

Monday, January 11, 2021

This Is Why Chris Is Away From Blogging This Week....

               There is a lot of reasons why Chris is away from blogging this week and today's post I will explain it all. It has nothing to do with you guys, just stress and mental health and we really do not wanna see him like this.

- Sleep- First thing is work is not a problem, he gets a ton done per day but it is hard with his sleep being out of sync and him sleeping in the evenings and up all night and day his sleep is pretty well out of wack right now. If he's not working he's asleep in bed and not working on content.

- Mental Health-- He has been struggling with this entire Pandemic all together and it has been a very big part of this entire issue. What I heard he was entirely fine Pre-COVID-19 but now not so much and it has affected his work performance in the recent week. He is trying to keep in good spirits but some days are better then others.

Workload--  He has made some progress with content and continue to work on it despite not sleeping but this week he wants to focus on the content and get things rolling for content is another great reason why he's not going to be around this week.

                  I know you are going to ask about the Discord? He may pop in the Discord from time to time and I know he sees all your wonderful positive comments and feedback in the Discord even if he is working away on content. He will be just fine, this Pandemic has thrown his sleep and mental health and he really hopes that this pandemic ends soon as it's affected him greatly. You will see him on social media, Discord throughout the days but as blog he's off the blog for the time being but more then likely he'll be back next Monday with new posts hopefully.

Matt, CBOTW Admin/Management Team

Sunday, January 10, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-10-2021]

               Another week around CBOTW Studio has passed by and a lot has happened in the past week. Chris got himself an external hard drive to store things and not sure if the 1TB or the 4TB will hold the podcasts to be actually honest with you and that would be up to him.     Anyways we have now into a full week with being back and Chris is trying to work as much as he can despite his sleep schedule is pretty messed up which I will explain as I am giving him a week off from blogging so this way he can try and fix his sleep schedule so the entire week, you will be hearing from me. Into the updates for the week what we have been up to.

Website: Website, it's looking quite epic now with the new menu bar and the darn bar seems to work a lot better then what we had and with the menu bar or navigation bar had before we changed all of this. To be honest the last menu bar sucked it was really bad the way it was coded and was unresponsive compare to this one which is very responsive and works.

Discord Server: Server has been doing a ton better since the drama on there took place and we had to ban someone from the server. Moving forward we have added in more channels and adjusted the rules to the server. We've added on Links and Media (Images) channel, added an "rant corner" and "TV and Reality TV corner" to the server. We may have had our bot down for an hour or so the other morning but that is besides the point.

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Boss Man's podcast is back and up and running once again! So happy to have his personal podcast back on the air and cannot wait to see what he has planned this season and what is on tap. I know interview is coming up and that's with his Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: He is trying to get the season complete and sounding like he is now aiming towards the end of January and February this year as I said his sleep is extremely messed up and trying to fix it and why he's off from the blog all week long so he can try and get the sleep schedule back to normal and I should have an update by Thursday. Anyways he will be aiming to finish up the show by mid week this week.

               Not sure how the scheduling for the interview with Larry and Chris going to go on top of the collab but that is on the schedule to complete and finish this month. He's been trying to work and has failed and he's not been happy in the last week so I am taking over the blog and you guys will have to deal with me for the next while no real timeline on his return and if it is not until he's finished Collab stuff that's fine, myself and Billy have things under control. I will talk to you all tomorrow.

Matt, Site Admin

Friday, January 8, 2021

Animaniacs Reboot 2020 Review

           I can say this about the entire reboot, I liked it a bit but it is not the same as the original series I knew and love growing up. I just wasn't pleased the fact it only had Animaniacs, Yakko, Wakko and Dot and also Pinky and The Brain. Nothing else no Slappy the squirrel, the 3 Pigeons brothers were some of the original cast. Yes they showed up but non speaking parts but that is pretty much it.  The excessive singing was a little much and some of the storyline I just get at some point. However I wanna focus on some of the positive side of things. The Pinky and The Brain intro had some pretty wicked new graphics for the intro and a lot different then the original series from 93 - 95 or 96 when it first was out, meaning the original series. That is the only thing I can say positive as I really wish they'd bring back a ton of different portions, the 3 pigeons, good idea, bad idea, Slappy the Squirrel and if I remember correctly. 

          Anyways not all the actors could be still living or they could not be acting or moved on to other projects and maybe why they did not put as much as they had before. Who knows but I just did not feel like it would get my approval rating for this time around and I remember this series growing up as a child or in my childhood. Just wish they could of added more then just Wakko, Yakko and Dot, Pinky and The Brain. Would of been nice to see a mix of what they had. Maybe they were actually looking at new ideas perhaps? You just do not know what they are thinking really but in the positive side of things, it was really nice to see something from my childhood to come back and my niece and nephew get an idea what I grew up with as they were the ones that mentioned this reboot to me. I managed to get through all 13 episodes but was hard towards the end but still glad I got to see this reboot. Now would they do another season? Guess time will tell if they decide to do another one in the very nearby future.


Thursday, January 7, 2021

Getting Entertainment Man Podcast's 2nd Season Off The Ground Wasn't Easy!

               Yesterday I got to record the first episode of Season 2 of Entertainment Man Podcast and boy it wasn't easy to get it off the ground honestly. So many technical issues that was actually caused by me as I seem to totally forget about my own setup here in the studio. Let me explain-- With the Mix-Minus setup here in the studio, I totally forgot if I have the speakers on while the microphone is live, you get major feedback squeal and trust me you can imagine the colorful language out of my mouth. It was quite frustrating for me.  So now when I record I have the speakers on while the mic is off then when it gets close I turn em down and if I have to edit it to the right spot in the intro that's fine. I was almost cancelled recording but I persevered and fixed the sound issues the sound levels like it was at once point. I couldn't sleep so I worked on editing the podcast and getting it scheduled for this weekend.

                Who would ever think I out of anyone would have technical issues on day 1 of record this series again. I think I just totally forgotten that I need to actually need to turn down the studio speakers as it actually affects the mics in studio. When I started to record I had no sound on the recording and squealing which I actually had the headphones on which hurt my ears and I am sure my parents were questioning all the ruckus down here. That being a nOOb at podcasting still there yet I've been doing this on and off for 6 years now and should be a professional at this by now. However you have to remember I am not familiar with Mix-Minus and didn't think it would be such a headache to turn things down or turn one thing down then but I have to get use to this setup as it's new to me and I will and this is why both Larry and I have been testing it non stop during recording and off the recording sessions and we are getting familiar with this setup. So in hindsight yes it was a messy start to season 2 but it will only get better from here on out. Gotta keep the positivity going!


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Website Progressing Well!

              Well we have come a long way from the start of this project. Chris and I thought it would take weeks months to create the entire new menu bar, add pages and what not. I have today, created all the new pages, that special side project and I can say I am finished with that and all we have to is upload what we have planned with it.  Now the next step is I re did the entire archives for the podcasts and is active at this moment.  Also "The Team" and "Frequently Asked Questions" have been created and will be the first thing released when the new Menu Bar is being released which will be in the next week or so. I have to work on the CSS code still and compare notes to the previous CSS so it will help. I should have an update on this by the weekend. We're on the move for what is going to be a bigger and better and it is truly amazing the big ideas we have to help him become a bigger and better content creator. 


             The Website has OFFICIALLY launched the new menu even though we have to reset because I really screwed up to a point Chris wasn't speaking to me for a good 45 mins to an hour but all is good, I'm lucky he didn't unadmin me from the site itself as I kept working on it fixed the entire website and made it better and impressed the boss man in the process. You do not know how bad I felt destroying his entire website setup. So with the Menu bar stress done, we move into the next phase which an announcement is coming a week Friday as Chris continues to work on this top secret project. I know what it is but not allowed to say. You can see a Coming Soon on the bar at the top of the website so we have already in place and ready for the phase of releasing some old content for you OG fans out there. It's coming along and I wanted to update you guys on these plans. I will be talking to you guys Sunday for the weekly updates.


Matt, Site Admin

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Addressing Discord and Some Recent Drama....

            Recently there has been some drama with the Discord with Demanding to speak to Chris when he was offline, busy work content. That is his job is to be a content creator. He cannot be paying attention to the Discord 24-7. He and we all have things to do, life, work, etc. You guys have to realize myself, Billy and Jasmine (JWL1988) on Discord are here to help. We know exactly what is going on with CBOTW, we do have the knowledge as well as Chris works with us constantly with updates to the website, blog, podcast or content in general. To come on the Discord and demand for Chris is NOT needed. Also we have rules and to ask for Mod we know you personally and you have to earn Mod. There is a dedicate channel and if you ask a member or the Management Team or Mod we can type #discord-server-rules and all you do is click it. There are buttons you can press to see the chatters list and also top left is where you hit to see a list of channels. We tried to help, we explained there is rules to follow. 


             To accuse Chris "This is the way you treat your fans" when he was feeling frustrated the way you treated not just me but our moderator by saying "I do not trust them." That is just outright rude when the Management Team and Moderators work hard to keep the community a clean, positive place to be. Plus you do not know anything about them or even got to know em even if you just jooined the Discord Server. We will not tolerate it and if we have to ban we will. This is unacceptable behavior and to disobey the rules when we were clear to where it was and we tagged it. Anyways I wanted to address the situation and we are trying our best but please guys, read the rules under #discord-server-rules it is clearly there. Show us a little respect we are trying our hardest. Like our former "Community Lounge" our Discord Server also has rules and they have to be followed. I will talk to you all tomorrow at 11 am EST for an website update.

My Weekend Winter Adventure- January 2021

               Over the weekend, I had the chance to go out for a walk with my dad and I found this to be a photo op for content and you know this is content in the bag for me. Gives me the opportunity to actually create content for you guys. Anyways we went to McLaughlin Bay Reserve which really is only a few minute drive from the house for us and close. We got there and there it trust me it was a busy place but don't worry we stayed our 6 feet distance from people despite this pandemic going on right now that is the most important thing. We walked about 2 hours and I thought honestly we were not going to far in but 2 hours my butt we ended up going that long and honestly that's OK, I need to do 2 hour walks from time to time. I know it was painful on my knee going though the snow. Anyways i had a Chickadee on my hand and my dad got a good still of the bird looking at the camera. Also the way the snow was beautiful and was really nice.

       Nature was definitely on my side as I got a picture of a Squirrel posing for the picture, got a pic of an Cardinal as well. The picture on the right of this text  is branches that reach across the path above the pathway which is really cool and I took a few different types of pictures actually but you can find them on on my Instagram for all the pictures that I have posted up for you guys. Honestly there is so much I can say about my Hike and yeah we interacted with a few people as they always said hi to us. Either way it was really nice to actually get out and just walk and get out in nature and maybe I need to do this more often and I think that is what I am going to do today is get out and actually walk and enjoy my time out and about. That is what I have to say and I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to be on the lookout for an additional post not from me but from Matt as he wants to update you on the progress on the website work that is being done behind the scenes.


Sunday, January 3, 2021

ChrisBOnTheWeb Weekly Updates [01-03-2020]

             First of all Happy New Year!!!!!! We all made it into 2021! Chris, Billy, Larry and Myself promise you guys this year will be a lot better as he announced some dates and things that are going to be happening for CBOTW in 2021. We certainly hope you guys had a wonderful New Years and ChrisBOnTheWeb is back in the saddle once again. Now with this being our 3rd in 2021, there are no real updates but Chris working on Entertainment Man Podcast, the Collab and that 3rd project that is underway right now. So I would like to take this opportunity to actually to address something that happened last year that we have been keeping silent about. There was some drama last year that has happened with a pile of people who once supported us and I want to say this, we will not tolerate disrespect and moving forward if we see any disrespect, you will be blocked or banned from our social media. We work our butts off on content and growing this community to have this disrespect thrown at us.  


              The next thing I'd like to address is the former Community Lounge which has since then been replaced by the Discord Server which has done extremely well and it is a ton better then Chatango. Let me explain.... With this chatbox we had we did not allow users or guests to use VPN's as we have had troll issues in the past and that became problematic for us as VPN's were used and yet we had "do not allow VPN's" on. So it is a problem with their block system on their chat service. So Chris and myself deleted all accounts, Billy's, my own, Chris's Staff account and the main admin account have since then been deleted along with the chat system as well. We have since then we've moved to Discord Server which I did do a post and you can find the Discord Server on the right hand side next to the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram buttons or by going to and signing up for a Free account as our server we have it securely tight as there will be 0 tolerance for drama or disrespect moving forward. I will talk to you guys next week with an update to what has been done in the last week, have a great week and I will talk with you next Sunday. 😀

Matt, Site Admin

Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 and What Is Planned for ChrisBOnTheWeb!

              2021 is going to be promising for the website and content! Today I am going to expose what the plans are and I actually been hiding a ton of stuff from you guys. Right now there is one thing I cannot tell you guys yet and that will be for Matt to tell you guys down the road on the 15th of January to be exact. Anyways here is what is in stored for 2021:

Entertainment Man Podcast: Returns on Sunday, January 10th, 2021 at the normal time @ 1 pm EST with a brand new season and the podcasts 2nd season to be exact and got monthly interviews lined up over the next few months.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: As you guys know there is one episode remaining before the hiatus and you know the Hiatus will be a lengthy Hiatus for Larry and I but the part that you do not know and I am going to tell you guys we are planning to return in June. This gives us 6 months to get ourselves straightened out with Podcasts and the plan we are having is June for SPD and Mystic Force, October for Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury and December for RPM and Samurai. We will then be back in January 2022 for a new collab and we should be by then to be back on track.

Possibly Another Collaboration Podcast: Another collaboration Podcast is on the horizon and I have spoken with my potential Co-Host and I am excited for a new opportunity. We do not know the entire details as of yet. It is Reality TV related and a Big Brother Collaboration Podcast. Also it will be an seasonal thing kind of like Larry and I's podcast but again no details are available as of yet as it is in the planning stages. Don't worry non of the other podcasts will be affected whatsoever. 

Events:  I am not going to say anything on this topic but right now I am playing everything by ear at this moment and with the Corona Virus still very much a thing, there is no events really planned at this moment and I do not wanna take a risk. Right now we are currently in Lockdown at this moment and no plans to actually  for events till things really settle down. So I am not going to say anything but at this point more then likely no events at this time. I hope this clears things up a bit.

Studio Lockdown: This is another thing that I cannot really say as I do not know when Larry will be allowed to come back to the studio and honestly it is quite difficult to pinpoint the plan is moving forward but any podcast will be done online.

            There are the plans for 2021 and I am sure this year will be amazing and I know I left out the site work but that information is coming in the next few weeks in the middle of the month but when it is time, Matt will explain the plans with the website and the enormous change that is going to happen. Anyways I will talk to you all on Monday with regular posts again.


Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! 2021 Is OFFICIALLY Here!

              First of all, I wanna wish you guys a very Happy New Year! Hope you didn't get too crazy over New Years Eve! I know I didn't I had a beer in the evening to celebrate and a small glass of wine when we rolled into 2021. Anyways, this year has a lot of cool stuff happening and minor changes to CBOTW.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Heading into 2021, I promised some interviews and guests and I promise you guys I will get some guests on there 3 Alumni are set to appear but no guarantees with 2 of them as we are still currently in Quarantine and it is hard as two of them do not have Skype and rather be in studio to record it. Anyways also I got a ton of tops throughout the year and this year promises to be a better year for this podcast as this is one of my primary focuses right now so looking at least 50 new episodes weekly this year and I am excited for it.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Excited to record the remainder of the verbal agreement or contract we had with one another so another collab is coming your way this month before we go on a lengthy hiatus till mid year and while we fix our tech issues we had last year and catch up on the notes and a post is coming about the timeline I'm looking at this collab.

Events: No ETA when I will be able to go to events so right now things are on hold at this current moment and I cannot tell you guys exactly when I will be back to those, it depends if cases get lower but you can expect me to not be in Toronto for Toronto events anytime soon, not this year at the most, but looking into 2022 at the most for returning to events but again we will see.

                 I am excited for this year and continuing on with the projects and even potentially collaborating with other podcasts and having them as a guest on Entertainment Man Podcast and potentially make some new amazing connections and continue to stay in touch with all my current connections. Again Happy New Year to you guys and I wish you nothing but the best in 2021!