Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Website Progressing Well!

              Well we have come a long way from the start of this project. Chris and I thought it would take weeks months to create the entire new menu bar, add pages and what not. I have today, created all the new pages, that special side project and I can say I am finished with that and all we have to is upload what we have planned with it.  Now the next step is I re did the entire archives for the podcasts and is active at this moment.  Also "The Team" and "Frequently Asked Questions" have been created and will be the first thing released when the new Menu Bar is being released which will be in the next week or so. I have to work on the CSS code still and compare notes to the previous CSS so it will help. I should have an update on this by the weekend. We're on the move for what is going to be a bigger and better and it is truly amazing the big ideas we have to help him become a bigger and better content creator. 


             The Website has OFFICIALLY launched the new menu even though we have to reset because I really screwed up to a point Chris wasn't speaking to me for a good 45 mins to an hour but all is good, I'm lucky he didn't unadmin me from the site itself as I kept working on it fixed the entire website and made it better and impressed the boss man in the process. You do not know how bad I felt destroying his entire website setup. So with the Menu bar stress done, we move into the next phase which an announcement is coming a week Friday as Chris continues to work on this top secret project. I know what it is but not allowed to say. You can see a Coming Soon on the bar at the top of the website so we have already in place and ready for the phase of releasing some old content for you OG fans out there. It's coming along and I wanted to update you guys on these plans. I will be talking to you guys Sunday for the weekly updates.


Matt, Site Admin

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