Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Addressing Discord and Some Recent Drama....

            Recently there has been some drama with the Discord with Demanding to speak to Chris when he was offline, busy work content. That is his job is to be a content creator. He cannot be paying attention to the Discord 24-7. He and we all have things to do, life, work, etc. You guys have to realize myself, Billy and Jasmine (JWL1988) on Discord are here to help. We know exactly what is going on with CBOTW, we do have the knowledge as well as Chris works with us constantly with updates to the website, blog, podcast or content in general. To come on the Discord and demand for Chris is NOT needed. Also we have rules and to ask for Mod we know you personally and you have to earn Mod. There is a dedicate channel and if you ask a member or the Management Team or Mod we can type #discord-server-rules and all you do is click it. There are buttons you can press to see the chatters list and also top left is where you hit to see a list of channels. We tried to help, we explained there is rules to follow. 


             To accuse Chris "This is the way you treat your fans" when he was feeling frustrated the way you treated not just me but our moderator by saying "I do not trust them." That is just outright rude when the Management Team and Moderators work hard to keep the community a clean, positive place to be. Plus you do not know anything about them or even got to know em even if you just jooined the Discord Server. We will not tolerate it and if we have to ban we will. This is unacceptable behavior and to disobey the rules when we were clear to where it was and we tagged it. Anyways I wanted to address the situation and we are trying our best but please guys, read the rules under #discord-server-rules it is clearly there. Show us a little respect we are trying our hardest. Like our former "Community Lounge" our Discord Server also has rules and they have to be followed. I will talk to you all tomorrow at 11 am EST for an website update.

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