Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Feeling Good!

        With the recent events that has gone on, I am starting slowly come around and be a bit happier then I have been over the last 4 days.  However, I am still depressed on and off and my sleep has been completely derailed in the last few days, meaning someday's I sleep normal, some nights I sleep at 6 pm till midnight then up throughout the night. However I am more up and open to talking to my parents compare to the last few days I've been very quiet but today I am very talkative person and more open to talking to my friends, neighbors and family.  Today I also feel like podcasting, like getting the podcasts that are missing up on,, & TuneIn! Which surprised me entirely that I wanted to get caught up with the missing podcasts that were missing and as of tonight I will be caught up on last week but tomorrow I am doing my Amazing Race 29 Preview Podcast and of course my Survivor Game Changers Recap Podcast but I have to take one thing at a time and in time I will be entirely caught up with podcasts right to the end of the week and I can rest easy on the weekend. There will be no more preview podcasts to worry about till the summer time when BB19 and Amazing Canada comes out so it will not be a worry. Yea I am still depressed and stressed out but I cannot leave my site as it is with no content so right now I am playing catch up. But being back in the saddle of the podcast and I am finally getting back to normal slowly. I think I will end up going back onto FB Sunday, think a week will be good enough of a break for me and everything will go back to normal and I will not have to worry about the people causing me drama anymore.

Sorry for the short post but have a great night!


Monday, March 27, 2017

Not Been The Greatest...

This is the hardest blog I have ever written, so much rushing through my mind right now to what to say.... Since more friends wanna turn their backs on me, it has put me into a complete tail spin of a downward spiral, I had one heck of a meltdown and hurt myself pretty bad. Today my mood is kind of somber, I am very quiet, haven't had much to eat just toast and peanut butter and probably wont be eating anything else today. I threw my Contigo cup against the old TV and I'm surprised it didn't crack the freakin screen. I doubt it'd work over the abuse its had recently... Ha ha. I am trying to smile a lot more today but its hard to crack a smile with the recent situation. I've pretty well turned on a group of people who care so much about me and my well being, but at this point I feel like I can't trust certain people, feel like I am unable to trust anyone who is my friend because they will turn on me in a dime. Had that happened this year with 3 people and 2 last year being 2 long friendships that have it's best times and it's worst times. I've been avoiding Facebook this week so far but minimal communication with people, such as people who have IM'd me back to make sure I am ok and also my Staff (My Team) I am keeping direct contact with so I can make sure everything is still going to plan. YES! I am trying to keep things as normal as possible when it comes to the operating of Chris B On The Web. I may be dealing with my Mental Health right now but I still want to get stuff out too as well ON Time and not fall behind like last year. Even if I ended up in the hospital, I probably be behind a few podcasts if I stayed over night or a few days but glad I am home and resting and trying to deal with this on my own terms which I should give props for as I am giving it my will power to try and deal with this on my own and I know I do have the option to walk into the Emergency to the crisis unit to talk to someone if I felt like I am still out of control and I feel out of control in my head still, my head is all over the place right now dealing with this, just not sure where my head is at these days with all the friendships falling apart and I just do not know who my friends are anymore in my real life, I just don't feel like I am wanted on Facebook and close to 100% wanting to delete my Facebook account and give certain friends and family my email to keep in touch, that's it.  I got till Sunday as I am taking the week off from the site to decided whether I am returning to Facebook or not. Now mind you I got family on there and high school and college friends, however maybe I need to be careful who I add and trust around my email and Facebook friends list at this point. Yes this is real life friends too I am talking about. Anyways that is the update what is going on with me and why I have been a bit quiet on Twitter and behind the podcasts especially.

Have a great night!


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chris B On The Web & Update!

           After an successful blog post Wednesday morning and talking to my team about things I would like to share our vision for rebuilding the "Chris B On The Web" brand so to speak.  I know last year was a very very rough year for us, both Justin and I trying to figure out a plan with the website and the plan for quite sometime from end of June last year to the start of this year. Anyways here is what is in stored for Chris B On The Web &


- Everything About Reality TV: The Podcast is doing well and at 20 episodes as of today since I spent time with the family yesterday and today will be #BBCAN5 RECAP Podcast. All is doing well with that podcast currently. 


- Now your question is what is your plan Chris to expand Chris B On The Web & Well below is a list of ideas I have that I will bring to the table to my team:

1) Interview With Jeff Livingstone about his sports, bowling, softball and of course his Durham Dragons Hockey.

2) I have an interview on the list, that I mentioned last year at the start of the year, yes the interview with #TheGreenTeam from The Amazing Race. Just waiting on an email when it will happen but I am very very excited to do it.

3) CBOTW Gamers Podcast- Talking About Video Games, Gaming News, Twitch,, YouTube Gaming and much more! Hopefully we are launching this early 2018 when Jeff gets himself a laptop and I need a program to record with such as Mixxcraft. 

                  Well that is the short list of Projects, Interviews or Podcasts so to speak. Trust me I am very very excited to be doing these and hopefully start doing these very very soon.

Have a Great Saturday!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Autism Story...

             First of all a few people has inspired me to write this and I have talked about it on YouTube which that video is no longer on that platform as I've deleted the channel almost a year ago. You guys probably can tell via Twitter, I sometimes am moody on Social Media quite often but for those who didn't know and I do not talk about it much online anymore as people have given me grief over it but I shouldn't been afraid to tell people and usually I get bitched at, saying I am making things up when I am not. I've had autism since 8 or 9 years of age which was like back in Grade 3 or 4 when my teachers noticed something off that wasn't normal to what they usually seen during class. So after I left my Catholic Elementary School I went into the Public School system from 1998 right till 2001. When I entered my 2nd elementary school, I was tested and I was diagnosed with Persuasive Development Disorder, also known as P.D.D. I finished Elementary School went into High School near home, which the school is now closed many years later after I finished High School. I got such a stupid suspension there and my parents pushed to get it lifted & they did. After Donovan High School, I went back to Duffin's Bay P.S. for the remainder of the year. They up'd my progress putting me into 2 different integration classes with the Grade 8's and met really nice friends, still connected with 2 of them to this day which is really amazing.  I even joined the Musical called the Highlight Zone and I really put myself out of my comfort Zone, I was very nervous at the first 2 performances for the school 

             After my Grade 8 graduation, yes I actually got a Grade 8 Graduation this time around compare the first time I left Duffin's Bay I was off to O'Neill and the rest the history, made tons of friends and connecting to a whole pile of them, still connected to my EA, and even Kellie who seemed to follow me from Duffin's! Just kidding! Was such a small world her and I ended up in High School and I almost had her as my first ever Girlfriend, too bad I didn't give her a chance. I met the most amazing teacher, Mr. Plishka, yes he was a pain in my ass but he got the best out of me and had such an amazing time with him in both Grade 10 Gym, Canadian History & Civics class and he also was my Homeroom Teacher. I still got so many memories of High School and my friends were ever so understanding with me having a disability. Also I got reward after reward and even a metal for having high marks for the semester and I still got the medal upstairs in my room to this day. After High School, I started The Video Projects Team up and obviously the rest is history which you can find on 

            So moving into 2010 I went into the Community Integration Throughout Cooperative Education for 2 years and studied Pre-Media with some General Studies like Creative Writing, Communication 1. But Media was my primary focus and I learned so much over the 2 years met so many friends in the CICE program. From there I continued on with my group till the end of it, then you guys know the remainder of the story. I have had a lot of hard times dealing with friendships ending, people turning their back on me but not only that putting me down, I got right back up on my feet and continued to strive myself on a daily basis. I had my very first job at a Book Store that lasted 4 weeks but was one of my most major challenges having a disability and even now I still have my challenges but manage through them one thing at a time.

Have a great Wednesday!


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Busy Week This Week So Far!

       It has been a crazy week with a lot of emotions towards the "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts and the website we all know and love, It has been me fixing a tons of problems with the website and now technical issues with Stitcher, I have made many changes within the podcasts just tonight alone, you would not believe the many changes I have made. One of those changes being that I made the decision to pull my "Everything About Reality TV" Podcasts from Stitcher, even though I fixed the RSS feed and it didn't make a difference  however it's now can be found on Player.FM another website for podcasts which is good. One door close and another one opens and that is exactly what has happened. I have been looking into getting my podcast added to that site for a while since the start of my podcasts. 

        Another problem this week was getting the notes ready for the Big Brother Canada Preview. I was suppose to have it up a week ago and ended up having it up Wednesday, the night of the start of Big Brother Canada.  However I got it up minus stitcher as that was the start of issues with Stitcher and I made it clear with Stitcher Staff I was pulling out of as Thursday morning, I started to think, hmm maybe it is time to call it quits and move on. I am not making a big deal over it and if I chose to I could talk to to the Stitcher Staff and trust me I sent them a nice email and being calm and cool over the situation, lets hope I hear something in the next few days what is going on. But as of right now I am not with Stitcher until I know further, the stitcher button is off at this point. The more partners the better my podcasts get out there, if I do not hear anything in a week then I am moving on from there, I am not going to bother. I just do not want to re upload everything again and rebuild the entire followers I have which I think I got 5. We'll see what happens. Justin said Player.FM is probably a better choice for my podcasts. I trust my Staff's opinion trust me, I've learned to listen to my team and they know best. The next crazy thing that happened was my website buttons malfunctioning and I ended up resetting my entire website to the point I had to rebuild it from scratch.

         So this week has not been a very smooth week and it has been a rollercoaster of problems but also emotions as well. I am turning the negatives into a positives and I working on Big Brother Canada Recap today post that up so it's up to date then move on to next week with a fresh start and try and improve on things. 

Have a Great Saturday!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Favorite TV Shows!

I wasn't going to do a post today at all due to my hectic schedule of prepping for Big Brother Canada Preview Podcast on "Everything About Reality TV" however it is late and I decided just before I go upstairs to bed, I will post up something up on the blog. Please note I am now 6 posts away from my 100th post which is crazy to think I am posted up tons of blog posts either daily or every second day, or a few days apart. So today's, tonight's blog post I would like to talk about my favorite TV Shows and trust me I got sooo many different TV shows on my list, I may miss some of them. 

1) The Honeymooners (OOOOH Bang! Zoom!) from 1955 and 1956 but originally started in 1951, I love the character of Ralph and his crazy schemes he always get himself into!

2) I Love Lucy- I like her schemes and mishaps that go on in each other, such as her and Ethel working in the chocolate factory, to her in a Vitavegamin commerical, ending up getting up drunk from the product.

3) Home Improvement, Tim getting into accidents on his TV Show Tool Time to the insults and stupid middle names for Al, makes for a hilarious comedy show.

4) Full House and Fuller House

5) Degrassi (Junior High, Degrassi High, The Next Generation and I've peaked at the New Class a tad bit)

6) CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami

7) Criminal Minds: Beyond The Border

8) Mcgyver (Current New Series on TV)
9) Hawaii 5-0 (Since 2010)

10) Reality TV Shows, such as Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, The Amazing Race, The Amazing Race Canada, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, Masterchef, Masterchef Canada, Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef Junior

11) Married With Children

The list is endless and I cannot name them all at this point, but those are the most basic out of the shows I like to watch on TV old, new and current! Most of these days it is reality TV I watch however I watch McGyver and Hawaii 5-O I watch that is non Reality TV I watch currently, but also there are game shows I like to watch but that is for another day and another blog post. Thank you guys so much for reading today's blog and I will talk to you on tomorrow's blog post.

Have a great night!


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why I Do Not Broadcast Anymore!

There have been many requests for me to return to broadcasting live again, especially with Everything About Reality TV as it is what I do to this day but there are many reasons behind why I do not cast anymore and one of them is I got banned from 3 sites, Vaughnlive, Ivlog, Justcastlive (Which is now Defunct) and Youlivenow. But a lot of you have mentioned to me, Chris why not Twitch well Twitch is basically gaming and I feel like Podcasting doesn't have a place on Twitch, unless it was a gaming podcast which I will be starting up eventually. Ustream, like many other casters mentioned you gotta really work for viewers there and I do not like their chat system at all as when you get banned it is only for 24 hours so anyone trolling and disrespecting me comes back then I gotta ban them for another 24 hours then another 24 hours which honestly does stinks if you ask me. I am not putting any platform down, just expressing how I feel and giving my reason why I do not cast anymore. 

Now you are going to probably ask me what about well I had a bit of a conflict with the owners 6 years ago almost and I just do not want to cause anymore damage then I have done 6 years ago and that is my choice to stick to Audio ONLY at this point of time. Plus it has proven to be a big hit on Audio ONLY, between,, & and I do not want to take that away from the Audio ONLY listeners. Only if I had Chance's chatroom I would of continued with the Ustream adventure but that isn't going to happen now unless I used the chatango chat but not highly liking that chat system much at this point of time. So as you can see the development of bringing podcasts live isnt looking too grim and I think at this moment I am not planning on video broadcasting for my Podcasts or as a pleasure thing, I am doing this for myself and my team and what is best for the future of, you never know it might change in the near future!

Thank you so much for reading today's blog and Have a great remainder of your Wednesday!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Accomplishments and Not Giving Up!

Today, I did something I didn't think I would of done after a few months of trying and trying. You are wondering what I am saying well today I finally beat The Doctors Revenge Challenge on the Binding of Isaac and boy it felt great, it pumped me right up and wanting to continue on the journey to beating the game so I can finally get to Re Birth game as I am very behind the times for updated video games but thats ok, I am starting to get through them quite quickly now these days which is a good thing. When I usually play video games I use a lot of strategy to how I want to do things and with The Binding of Isaac I have finally  learned a majority of the items that are in the game and I also know what they do which is a good thing if you ask me or I would be completely clueless in the game, ha ha. To accomplish something like I did today really put a smile on my face and really made me happy. I have been trying to beat this challenge for the last 3 - 4 months now and I finally did it. How did I do it? Not just strategy but patience and if I died in the level, I would keep on trying to I succeeded and I did finally. Did I give up? No! I kept on going and if I got way over frustrated with the game, I would turn it off and play a different game in the meantime and come back to it tomorrow or another day when I felt like giving it another shot. Like the saying goes if you first succeed, try , try, try again and that is what exactly I did. Yes I may be behind in The Binding of Isaac but I will eventually get Rebirth then finally Afterbirth and play other video games afterwards. I think once I got on a roll and a certain card that gave me more hearts,did help quite a lot so that made quite the difference during the entire run of the game. But today was indeed an accomplishment in itself and I very proud of myself. Wish I recorded it for my niece and nephew but they will be happy it has finally been beaten. Finally sorry this blog post is shorter then normal but I have nothing much else to say except thank you so much for reading today's blog and have a great night!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

So I was sitting at my desk when I got home from my appointment at 1 pm EST and was trying to figure out what to write about but I thought I'd like to talk about laughter. You know when you are feeling down and/or depressed personally I will go watch:

1. Three Stooges
2. Laurel and Hardy
3. Family Feud with Steve Harvey
4. Home Improvement
5. Watch clips from a funny movie through the's YouTube channel.

Laughter keeps you smiling and it lifts your not so happy mood into a good mood again. Even think about this: you can even put on your most favorite comedy movie and you I ensure you will be laughing the entire movie from start to finish. They also say laughter is very good thing to do and you cannot be serious all the time like someone I knew and use to be my friend. I know some people cannot take a joke and take it seriously. Life is too short to be serious and you need laughter in your life and I think that is one of keys to a healthy and happy life.

Have a great night!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Everything About Reality TV: From Being On YouTube to Audio ONLY!

        For those who been following my Everything About Reality TV for the last year and a half and know the podcast when I had it on YouTube ONLY, that is where it got it's start originally back in 2015 when I wanted to try something new as The Entertainment Man Talk Show was finished it's 6th and final season which was completely lost along with season 5 as well. So Larry and I set off with Everything About Reality TV. But let's go back to January 2015, when I did Chris B On The Web Reality TV Talk, it was the early stages of EAR TV but we officially got started in 2015 with Survivor (forget what season it was then) and also Amazing Race 27 which I became very connected with Justin and Diana from that season and an interview is coming just waiting on their word and we will get it going! Of course Larry left the team in 2016 and I continued on my own and it was very very successful gaining 10 - 20 views each recap. After Big Brother Canada 4, Amazing Race 28 & Survivor Kaoh Rong Finale I decided to take a break as you know my YouTube career was going down the drain and it did, so once summer was over and the renovations to my website to suit Audio ONLY Podcasts, I was underway and to this day I am doing Audio ONLY and the numbers have proven to be great! 

            So you are all wondering, Chris, what is the point to this blog? Well one I wanted to give you a brief history and talk about the difference in the viewership's that I've noticed since the podcast began in 2015. Well on YouTube as I said I would pull in 10 - 20 views a show, not bad if you ask me and it would be more when Larry's late cat now, as he passed away end of last year, Charlie, one of my favorite cats of his. But anyways he would always go off each and every time which was the comedy relief for the show and the podcast alone. However after leaving YouTube, I did want to continue the podcast as my career on YouTube went downhill very fast and I had to move on and do something else and with The Royal Winter Fair event coming up the site had to be remodeled for blogging & podcasting!

              September 22nd, 2016 the day after Survivor Millennial's Vs Gen X Premiered and the day Big Brother US 18 ended it's season, I was off to the races on my first ever Survivor Podcast recap since the podcast was on the YouTube platform. After Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X ended, I ended up with 53 odd views at Finale which is incredibly awesome and I am so amazed at the early success. Also just recently a week or so ago I was back behind the microphone recording the Survivor Game Changers Podcast and once again it has proven to be once again successful on Audio ONLY. Not only that, I grew the podcast onto, & which I couldn't grow the podcast besides YouTube, well technically I could of gone both Audio ONLY and Video but chose not to but what I am trying to say I have proven on the Audio ONLY and if a new podcast started up like the CBOTW Gamers Podcast which isn't dead yet, it has been shelved for now, but I would bring that over to my channel once the channel is back and hope it will be tomorrow but Adam and I were talking about it and think it would be a great idea and on top of that a weekly Sunday gaming stream but that's another day, another blog post. But not all podcasts will be live some Audio ONLY, some or one on Twitch, but once again that's another post for another day. In general, I prefer Audio ONLY, just because more listeners this way and I do not have to deal with the trolls whatsoever but I am itching the cast again in the near future again, as I do miss it from time to time! 

Have a great night!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Grand Theft Auto IV Vs. Grand Theft Auto V Comparison!

As most of you know, when I am not podcasting or blogging on my website, I play video games for fun when I am not spending time with the family or out and about and at appointments. It gets my mind off things of the website, podcasts, blogging, it really gives me time for myself for when I was on YouTube I didn't have much time for myself when I was planning constantly with projects talking to new potential Staff members to join the crew!  So on my spare time I spent tons of time playing Grand Theft Auto V and just recently completed all the missions including the 3 choice conclusion which are very interesting, 1) killing Trevor which was the essential choice I picked cause of him being crazy and interesting character. But I gotta admit tho that there is more characters then the one character in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto. Going back to 4 or back towards the first ever one you only get to control one character. However they definitely did an amazing job with each Grand Theft Auto and it always makes me wonder what to expect next on the game. 

Grand Theft Auto 4, the primary focus is on Niko, Roman, Mallorie & Little Jacob, Packie, Brucie, Dwayne and Kate but you are the entire time Niko which is fine with me I was use to it. There was a lot of killing characters like Vlad, Dimtri which was the major Antagonist in the story arc throughout the entire game but was there till the end of the story arc. There was a lot of characters killed off Mr Faustin, Vlad, Kate which was unfortunate at the Funeral scene, however if you did option 2 it would be Roman's fate that happens. Same with I either had to kill Derrick or Francis and obviously I picked Francis, I got sick of him bossing Niko around, LOL. But the fact that you get 2 options in the game at certain points of the game, I absolutely loved!  And the fact I was Niko the entire time I go to the location made the game easy to navigate.

Now Grand Theft Auto 5, I love how you can switch characters in and out of the game and the different comments the characters makes, especially Trevor who is an character in himself and is very very hilarious character! I Love the craziness between all 3 characters and a lot of shooting and action happens in the game, always some kind of action that happens within the game. I like how if you run into someone as you know when you did that in 4 or before then, they could open the door and pull you out to start a fist fight, well now when you hit someone you can end up in a car chase or the person rear ending you in the game so that sure makes it interesting. If you just start start making any noise whatsoever in Grand Theft Auto 5 a dog can come and attack you and same with a wild animal which is completely different. Finally in this version of Grand Theft Auto you can customize a car to your liking with many options like engine, transmission, brakes, customize in colors and secondary colors, its crazy, I went to town and I re-created Trevor's Mustard Truck, Micheal's Lava Car and Franklin's Sprite car & Sprite Bike and gave it the highest level of upgrades which made it fast and so wicked! That is my review between the 2 and I would take GTA 5 over 4 any day of the week but again I liked both thus far! What do I know right? Ha ha!

Have a great Friday (TGIF!)