Monday, March 6, 2017

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

So I was sitting at my desk when I got home from my appointment at 1 pm EST and was trying to figure out what to write about but I thought I'd like to talk about laughter. You know when you are feeling down and/or depressed personally I will go watch:

1. Three Stooges
2. Laurel and Hardy
3. Family Feud with Steve Harvey
4. Home Improvement
5. Watch clips from a funny movie through the's YouTube channel.

Laughter keeps you smiling and it lifts your not so happy mood into a good mood again. Even think about this: you can even put on your most favorite comedy movie and you I ensure you will be laughing the entire movie from start to finish. They also say laughter is very good thing to do and you cannot be serious all the time like someone I knew and use to be my friend. I know some people cannot take a joke and take it seriously. Life is too short to be serious and you need laughter in your life and I think that is one of keys to a healthy and happy life.

Have a great night!


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