Sunday, March 5, 2017

Everything About Reality TV: From Being On YouTube to Audio ONLY!

        For those who been following my Everything About Reality TV for the last year and a half and know the podcast when I had it on YouTube ONLY, that is where it got it's start originally back in 2015 when I wanted to try something new as The Entertainment Man Talk Show was finished it's 6th and final season which was completely lost along with season 5 as well. So Larry and I set off with Everything About Reality TV. But let's go back to January 2015, when I did Chris B On The Web Reality TV Talk, it was the early stages of EAR TV but we officially got started in 2015 with Survivor (forget what season it was then) and also Amazing Race 27 which I became very connected with Justin and Diana from that season and an interview is coming just waiting on their word and we will get it going! Of course Larry left the team in 2016 and I continued on my own and it was very very successful gaining 10 - 20 views each recap. After Big Brother Canada 4, Amazing Race 28 & Survivor Kaoh Rong Finale I decided to take a break as you know my YouTube career was going down the drain and it did, so once summer was over and the renovations to my website to suit Audio ONLY Podcasts, I was underway and to this day I am doing Audio ONLY and the numbers have proven to be great! 

            So you are all wondering, Chris, what is the point to this blog? Well one I wanted to give you a brief history and talk about the difference in the viewership's that I've noticed since the podcast began in 2015. Well on YouTube as I said I would pull in 10 - 20 views a show, not bad if you ask me and it would be more when Larry's late cat now, as he passed away end of last year, Charlie, one of my favorite cats of his. But anyways he would always go off each and every time which was the comedy relief for the show and the podcast alone. However after leaving YouTube, I did want to continue the podcast as my career on YouTube went downhill very fast and I had to move on and do something else and with The Royal Winter Fair event coming up the site had to be remodeled for blogging & podcasting!

              September 22nd, 2016 the day after Survivor Millennial's Vs Gen X Premiered and the day Big Brother US 18 ended it's season, I was off to the races on my first ever Survivor Podcast recap since the podcast was on the YouTube platform. After Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X ended, I ended up with 53 odd views at Finale which is incredibly awesome and I am so amazed at the early success. Also just recently a week or so ago I was back behind the microphone recording the Survivor Game Changers Podcast and once again it has proven to be once again successful on Audio ONLY. Not only that, I grew the podcast onto, & which I couldn't grow the podcast besides YouTube, well technically I could of gone both Audio ONLY and Video but chose not to but what I am trying to say I have proven on the Audio ONLY and if a new podcast started up like the CBOTW Gamers Podcast which isn't dead yet, it has been shelved for now, but I would bring that over to my channel once the channel is back and hope it will be tomorrow but Adam and I were talking about it and think it would be a great idea and on top of that a weekly Sunday gaming stream but that's another day, another blog post. But not all podcasts will be live some Audio ONLY, some or one on Twitch, but once again that's another post for another day. In general, I prefer Audio ONLY, just because more listeners this way and I do not have to deal with the trolls whatsoever but I am itching the cast again in the near future again, as I do miss it from time to time! 

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