General and Business Inquries:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have any additional plans for other Collaborations within the Core group of your friends or loyal fans outside management team? A: Chris is always looking to collaborate or have guests on his podcast. Also Larry and I have plans outside of Power Rangers Podcast for future Series together.

Q: Are you planning to go on other podcasts as a guest? Yes of course, just send an email above if you would love to have Chris on the podcast and we'll set something up!

Q: Are you planning to have guests on Entertainment Man Podcast right now? Not at this time as Season 2 is underway, there is no plans for guests on this season in particular.

Q: What happened to CBOTW Gamers Podcast? A: That podcast has since been put on the shelf all together and no real plan to reboot it at this time.

Q: Do You Stream? A: No Regular Streams at this time. Will do the occasional stream on the Facebook Page & Instagram Page but nothing like Twtitch

Q: What happened to the chatroom on the website? A: It was removed for inactivity and also trolls became an issue.

Q: How can you contact Chris or the Team: A: You can contact him or his team on their FB/Twitter/Instagram: ChrisBOnTheWeb or by looking at the right hand side of this page and clicking on the Social Media buttons or to the left of the FAQ and using the E-Mail.>

Q: What happened to the Discord Server and will it be back? A: The Discord was full of Drama and Trolls, so it will not be back and Chris has deleted his Discord account.

Q: When will Chris be live on Facebook or Instagram Live? A: With his busy schedule, he tries and pop on especially when he has news to give you guys.

Q: When was Entertainment Man Podcast, Power Rangers Collab Started? A: Entertainment Man Podcast- March 8th, 2020; Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast- June 10th, 2018

Q: What does CBOTW Studio have in equipment? A: Neewer Boom Arms (2), Audio Technica 2020, Audio Technica Pro 31 Handheld Mic, LG 24 - 27 LG screens, Logitech Cam, Life Cam, Microsoft 6CH-00001 Lifecam Cinema Webcam USB for Business, 6 Mainstay lights from Walmart for lighting and Samson Mixer MDR624, Acer computer.