Sunday, October 29, 2017

What Makes A Good Podcast?

                What makes a good podcast? Several things that makes a good podcast and that is what I am going to talk about today is what makes a good podcast and also give you tips to become a successful podcaster, like myself and many other amazing podcasts out there. 

1)     Good audio, having crisp and clear audio, my recommendation is 128 KBPS (Kilobytes Per Second) is the best setting for your audio sound. I also do recommend MP3 format for your podcast which sounds amazing if you ask me.

2) Use the platforms that will get you good views and I highly recommend staying on Audio Only as it has brought tons of viewers but if you want to do video that is also fine as well, it is totally up to the podcaster and what you are most comfortable with podcasting on. The more platforms you are on the better, not necessary, go on the ones that you think you will be successful on then it is totally up to you.

3) Choosing your platforms you wanna be on, I.E. Stitcher,, Player.FM,, Mixcloud, ITunes.

4) The platforms I do highly recommend to try and use for podcasts are Stitcher,, Player.FM,

5) Lengthwise? Well it up to you, it can be 15 minutes, 20 - 30 minutes, it can be an hour but I recommend, if you guys do not mind me recommending but you can try the other ones that are listed on here. 

6) The ones that I recommend to you guys can try but again, it is totally up to you guys the Podcaster to where you would like to have your podcast on. The ones I do recommend are,, Player.FM, those are the platforms I am on and love every moment and highly recommend them, especially Player.FM as they featured my podcast under Reality TV Roundup, so you could end up featured on there! TuneIn, you grow fast and the furious and loving the platform all together. 

                 The most important part of podcasts is your sound quality so people can understand what you are saying or if you are doing a music type of podcast, please note you have to have a music license to play it, you gotta make sure the quality is crisp and clear. Also platforms that will help you grow in the long run, like I mentioned above. If you do what I said above, you will be a huge success. Don't stress if it is perfect, you will perfect it in time, just be patient! Have a great night!


Friday, October 27, 2017

Favorite Things I Like To DO In Toronto

            There are several things I like to do in Toronto and in today's blog post this is what I like to do in Toronto:

1) Go to the Toronto Islands, as a kid, I was always and constantly on the Island or even riding the ferry there and back but I am always at the island and why it has made the list on today's blog post.

2) Chrism Mass/Christmas Mass/Easter Vigil at St. Micheal's Cathedral: For many years, been going to the Chrism Mass, Easter Vigil Mass, also the Midnight Mass at St. Micheal's Cathedral which now has become a tradition with my dad and I and we do not miss it year after year.

3) The Royal Winter Agricultural Winter Fair: Since probably since I was a kid or close to my teens, I have been to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every year from when my dad and I started going to the Royal minus the one year we went and I was sick as a dog with a flu bug.

4) Polish/Ukrainian Festival: Every year for at least the past 5 years now, my dad and I go to the Ukrainian Festival, followed by the Polish Festival which is a back to back festival, so you can say I come home on a full stomach, because I did have a full tummy by the end of it. We have gone for the last 5 or 6 years minus the last 2 years due to the fact it rained 2 years in a row but usually the festival is on the schedule for ChrisBOnTheWeb.

5) Greek Festival: Up to last year, I have attended to the Greek Festival for many, may years since the later 1990's with my dad and had tons of fun but after last year with it being busy and people shoved me around and telling me off, I didn't plan on going this year because of what happened. I would like to try it again next year but it made the list.

6) Toronto Blue Jays Games: Love the Jays, I am a Jays super fan since I was little and yes I was around when they won both World Series in 92 and 93. Haven't gone to a game in a few years.

7) Toronto Argonauts:  It has been many years since the last Argo's football game and I had so much fun and since they have moved to BMO Field on the old grounds of the former Exhibition Stadium and it is time for me to return to a game or 2 each season and yes the Argos are in the Playoffs this year as the East is weak but that's for another blog later.

8) The Canadian National Exhibition (The CNE): I love the CNE, the rides, entertainment, food, the buildings, the food building and it goes on and I haven't been there in many years and would like to go back but then again I have to save up the money to go, but think next year I am going to be planning to attend The CNE.

              That is about it for my list, I have more but it is an endless list and probably missed a bunch of favorite places in Toronto that I never mentioned but if I remember I could continue the list on another blog post. Until the next post have a great night!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What Video Games I Would Like To Play

                   Man, at first I thought this was going to be a long blog but not too many games at the time I would like to play at this time, but I got a bit of a list at the moment and I am willing to try games, like Farming Simulator 17, I tried it and actually I did not like it whatsoever due to the fact you have to have pallets of seeds compare to FS15 but that's another blog for another day. 

                    Minecraft Tekkit:  I am getting a full copy of Minecraft, I am planning to play Tekkit and hopefully maybe a friend will want to play with me or get one of my former listeners to play with me on the holidays. But either way I do want to play Minecraft once again.

                   The Binding of Isaac Re-Birth: This moment is pretty much I have been waiting for is completing The Binding of Isaac and moving on to Re-Birth for the longest time and been struggling with the game recently but I need to do more runs but trust me, I am eager to get to Re-Birth, I am merely excited to play it but aiming by mid 2018 to finishing, I am going to make some hard core runs in the coming months. 

                     Mutant Football: Looks like a hard game and I don't mind hard, just going to try it out and if I don't like it, I won't play it anymore but you guys know me well enough to not give up, well minus me recently raging Farming Simulator 17 for now, but I am always open to playing new games on Steam.

                     Star Wars Battlefront II: It more then likely will be quite expensive at first but once the price goes down, I will definitely be playing Battlefront II. I am really hoping this time around it is more exciting, the one thing that I found hard was the flying around and not enough of the flying missions or I mainly found it difficult to destroy the AT Walkers or ships but you can destroy the ships but I find it hard. What I hope to expect more flying missions besides ground missions and I hope to have more then Tie fighters, X Wing fighters, A Wing fighters, I hope there an option for the Millennium Falcon to fight with, also Bobo Fett's ship as well, could be a neat feature.

                     That is about it on my list, like I said it is not a big, big post nor there are a lot of games I would like to play at the moment, just the 4 on the list but you never know I will probably get some new games I would like to play in the near future and I will more then likely update the list as time goes on. Have a great night! 


Sunday, October 22, 2017

What Platforms Has My Podcast Been On?

             I have been doing podcasts since September 2015, as you know my history of Everything About Reality TV starting on YouTube, now on Audio ONLY platforms and this is why I am writing today's blog post is to talk about platforms you can podcast on and which ones you should be on. Let me say this first, it doesn't matter what platform you are on, it is the platforms that works for you and I am going to talk about which ones I am on and why, but also the different platforms I have discovered over the course of the last year that you can get your podcast on. 

     The primary platform my podcast is on and it has been a great platform and if you need an RSS, this is a great platform to grow on and that's another blog post for another day talking about Growth. But when I moved over from Mixcloud due to the viewership on there wasn't overly the greatest and was hard to get a following on there that is why I chose and I think I found this site through Rob Has A Podcast (RHAP) if I remember correctly. I am still currently with them to this current time and loving how my podcast has grown so fast.

               Stitcher: It was another great platform but the problem I did have with them and I am not putting them down and I think it was because of the growth of their website which does put a smile but if you want to grow you have to break the website, someway, somehow. I know that with my own website. But after 4 - 6 months I started to grow on there but the problem was the feed wasn't updating or took over 2 hours for a 30 min - 45 min podcast, but they told me it was their site is growing which is a great thing. I will be forever grateful for them allowing me on their website as a start to my podcasting career so I am very humble for the opportunity there. 

       Tunein, I absolutely love, been a great experience and I have grown on there with currently 8 favorites and Tunein is a huge for Radio Stations & Podcasts, even local stations here, Toronto and all over Canada and the world. So it is worth it to get onto TuneIn if you want to grow. 

                  Player FM: Player FM is one of my favorite platforms as currently I am featured with them under Reality TV Round-Up which is very cool and I proud of actually being recognized for the hard work I have done in the last year. You can now say I am among the other great podcasters out there like RHAP (Rob Has A Podcast)

                   ITunes: Was great to be on one of the bigger platforms once again, but again I had some technical issues with it but a lot of the views I'm sure came from there, but obviously as you know I had to pull out of there, however I may return there in the near future but highly recommend it if you wanna grow as a podcast.

                   So which one's do I recommend to use? Well it depends which platform or platforms you wanna be on and are doing well on, so it has to do with the podcast individual or individuals choice of preference  and I am only giving my opinion on the ones I have been with but these are the main ones I am or was involved with in the past. 


Saturday, October 21, 2017

Having Differences With Other People

                 In the last 11.5 years of doing Online Media, I've had my share of differences with my team when I was still a YouTuber and even being on my own there was creative and also differences between 2 parties or more. Now I gotta say before really digging into this blog, we all differences, it can be creative differences, it can be differences in opinions, depending what the argument is or differences you are having with your friends or it can even be family. 

                   First thing I would like to say about opinion differences, we all have our own opinion and we are entitled to an opinion and of course here in Canada it's called freedom of speech, as long as it isn't slanderous or defamation of character, or even hurtful and/or mean to the other party. Let's just say sometimes we agree to disagree but no need to throw insults or putdown to the other individual in the part. I've had my share of disagreements with my former team from back in 2007 which is very early in The Video Projects Team where one staff, he didn't want to end the day even though we were suppose to have a meeting but Missy was sick, which is totally understandable but to say were not done, technically you should listen, so obviously argument and differences were a major factor in this situation. I wouldn't call it a creative differences just different opinions were in the factor. It can be an idea or a opinion that sometimes can go the wrong way or it it is said in the wrong context and of course the other party will argue with you.

                    So finally, as I am shortening this blog for today, we all have differences and it is ok to have differences whether it is a creative differences or opinionated, it is Ok to have differences between parties, we have our thoughts and opinions and these things do happen and just have to agree to to disagree. We all go through our differences in opinions everyday life and it is part of our everyday life, in the end we put our differences aside at the end of the day.

Have a Great Day!



Monday, October 16, 2017

Sleeping Habits...

                Sleep ever since Late 2015 into 2016 right up to now, my sleep has not been the greatest, I would sleep at night for a few days, then up during the night for several days to sometimes a week and sleep only during the daytime... It is totally insane. I try to make the most out of the no sleep situation. But if I am up the night I try to get in bed by 3 am up at 10 am at the latest, hoping to fix the sleep situation. So trying to sleep for 6 - 7 hours and being up at a decent time not like noon, 1 or 2 pm in the afternoon, so trying to motivate myself to actually being tired enough to sleep that night, so that is part of the motivation to make myself sleep at night, or just wear myself out so bad to a point, I am tired to sleep at night... 

                    I am the definition of a night owl, lately I am have seen myself up at night and there are several things that can be a factor in the lack of sleep department and one thing I think of when it comes to lack of sleep is stress, when I get stressed, I don't sleep which is a disaster for me where I end up sleeping most of the day. But recently been sleeping at least 3 - 4 hours in the last couple of nights which is good to a point. It does stink to be up during the night but when I have a couple nights for sleep, it does feel really good and I got so much more energy when I do sleep at night time. 

                    What do I do when my sleeping habit goes south of the border? Well I end up being up at night I try to make the best out of it, I try to make myself tired as quickly as possible and if not then I end up half the night. I try to pre-occupy myself and hope to fall asleep quickly. I know this blog is all over the place but I try to make myself tired when I'm not I try to wear myself out as quickly as possible but there can be nights where I'm up during the night but nights where I sleep night after night and that is the way I kind of the way I want it to be is have a good sleeping habit.  Have a great night I will talk to you in the next blog.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Upcoming Events & Podcasts, 2017 - 2018 (UPDATED!)

           After talking to my Alumni & good friend Larry about the podcasts and how I would like to grow the website further, also the events has been changed time and time again so I've compiled a new list of events and podcasts and potential or definite guests for the collab podcasts that I am planning on doing, so without further ado here is my list:


             As you know With the Cancellation of appearing at Autism Celebration & Apple Festival, re-adjustments are currently being made & adding  and here are the adjustments:

November 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, 9 am - ????

November 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade, 6 - 8 pm EST

December 6th, 2017: Tyrone Parade of Lights, 6:45 - 8:15 pm EST

Podcasts (Including Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts & Collab Podcasts):

- Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada All-Stars Dream Cast with Larry Rieck Mid December, Late December after Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers

- Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode Special with Larry, Maybe Justin and/or Dave.

- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk Collab Mini Series Podcast With Larry Rieck

- Interview With Jeffrey Livingstone about his Sports

- Sports Collab Podcast With Jeff (Possibility) 

                That is it for my list, it can be and will be updated if it needed in the nearby future
if need be but things change quite rapidly with Chris B On The Web and it is my job as the Founder/Owner/Blogger to ensure the updates are giving to you when they are available. Have a great rest of your night!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts

                Let me say this first, I've been wanting to do this post for quite sometime now in the way of regards of the podcasting world, as you know I am a podcaster on top of the blog posts that I do. So today I would like to talk about the differences from Pre-Recording Vs. Live Broadcasts Podcasts and the differences are and which one I prefer to use that will be in today's blog post. 

                So with Live Video Podcasts, like if you do Audio and also a video platform for example, this means scheduling and making sure you have to be on time for the live broadcast make sure you don't forget its happening on the night or day of the podcast. Also make sure your on time for the guests on the podcast is another thing, I made a mistake on a podcast where I went back to bed and over slept for a podcast to come out which was entirely my fault and I'm an idiot for doing it but making sure your in the studio at least 20 - 30 minutes before the podcast begins. Also notes being done and watching the TV show if you are recapping a TV show like I do several times a week as you guys know. So their are a lot of different things that has to be done to ensure a smooth podcast. Also promotion that I am going live to record podcasts, so the PR side of things for that but both require to promote it out onto social media.

                     Now with Pre-Recording I can record whenever I want on the day of the podcast being released or posted up. It is not as stressful as going live, only thing I really worry about and probably need to have ready for the having the notes ready and in the hand when the time is to turn on the mixer and have the program up with the intro to the podcast ready. So Pre-Recording is a lot better however I still gotta upload it to and also to the website for the player on the website but it's not as nerve racking as going live and even Larry, a former staff of mine even admit it, that it is not as stressful.

                     One last thing to say before wrapping up this blog post for tonight is I do get more listeners on Audio ONLY then I do on video, however if Stickam was still around, I'd probably get more views but being banned and broadcasting platforms are not like they use to be back in the day. So Audio ONLY is my preference, however I am not knocking the opportunity to going live for even Special Finales, for example Larry being here for a Big Brother Canada finale, definitely an opportunity knocking for sure. That is it for me on tonight's blog, hope you enjoyed it and I will talk to you on the next blog tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Stress And How I Deal With It

               With all the mass chaos going on in the last month, the website going down for a long week and a half and the end of the summer season of Everything About Reality TV Podcast turned my world upside down with stress. So you probably wondering how do I deal with the stress of podcasts, blogs, trolls on social media? Well for the podcasts I have my schedule but as you know my life is busy and I go by a calendar and I find it quite helpful for recording. The recording can go off schedule at times due to very hectic schedule or personal life in the way or just spending time with the family but that's OK because I utilize and let you guys know if there is going to be a blog post missed or podcasts have to be re-scheduled for any reason out there.  

                  In the way of workload, well I write a list with the most important thing to do to the least, as you know I was behind podcasts at the end of the summer season and plus the website completely down due to technical issues with the website that became the very last and least priority on my list as I needed to catch up on podcasts first before the website came up on that priority list. The fact to get caught up on podcasts and get content out to you guys in the way of podcasts and plus the podcasts are on a schedule meanwhile the website is not on a schedule and I gave the links for the blogspot page and the podcasts links so it made it easier while the website was down so it was easy to temporarily re route everyone to the other links while I did the necessary repairs to the website.So you can see I thought things over before deciding how things will go for re-routing everyone to other links for the time being and those other links are always there and public even outside 

                   Now stress doesn't seem to be a problem anymore and I am getting better each and everyday with dealing with stress as I now have the tools on how to deal with problems and deal with the overload of work when I end up adding up the amount of work on a daily basis but my motto is I go with the most important and needs to be done first then work on the next important and so forth. That is how I deal with stress on a regular basis and I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope to catch you on my next post!


South Simcoe Railway & Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

               Today I got to go to the South Simcoe Railway on this really odd day with the weather we have been having lately. Anyways we left around 945 am this morning as we had to be there for 1120 - 1130 EST so we can get tickets and get onto the train for the noon train. I pretty well slept the majority of the way and I am completely bushed now after a long day and a rough night as my sleep was completely messed up after 2 or 3 days of straight sleep, the streak went to nothing. I want to have a solid sleep for a very long time, each and everyday but nope, didn't have it that way apparently. We arrived around 20 after 11 am which is good timing and we got our tickets and we were on Car 74, the one car I don't like as the seats are hard but you gotta remember back in the 1920's they aren't going to be comfy and that's OK if it isn't. We got a drink and a chocolate bar as a snack for the time being then headed back took some pictures and got on the train and rode the South Simcoe Railway with Steam Engine 136 doing the pushing and pulling of the passenger train. Engine # 136 built in 1883. We went several miles down the track to the town of Beeton, of course passed the sign, Nowhere which technically we are in the middle of nowhere, just trees around and fields. 

                      So we got off and looked around the yard at what was there, the mural and timeline of what the railway was from the current time to the beginning on this railway. We also checked out the 1057 steamer that is currently under a bit of restoration and so far looks really good and looks like it's gotten new paint added which makes her look amazing.  Hopefully very soon she will be up and running once again and maybe they will be swamping back and forth between the steamers. I want to do another blog about the difference between the two and how I know for both these two steamers and the ones on York Durham Railway.

                       We started to head back home with going through the Holland Marsh which is our tradition each and every year that we do this, we stopped at a local farmers market and got some gourds for the front of the house for Halloween and also we got some Marmalade that I can put onto toast for breakfast. To the most important part of this blog is I'm sorry if I am late but Happy Belated Thanksgiving to my other fellow Canadians out there, I hope you had a great Canadian Thanksgiving and a well rested holiday from your normal daily lives. I sure had a great holiday even though it was partially busy but also quiet with the dinner. I wish I had this blog up sooner but least it is up and I know 2 days later but better late then never right? So hope all had a good holiday and a safe one if you were traveling to see family. I will be back later on with another blog around 12 Noon EST and it actually was pre-written a few days ago so it put me at ease, I did that in case I fell behind like I have just tonight. Have a great rest of your night and I be back later for another blog post.


Monday, October 9, 2017

Halton Radial Museum 2017

              Today's blog post is a 2 in 1 blog post today and I want to first of all talk about the Halton Radial Museum. We paid for our ticket for our time at the museum and we had to wait for our lunch as they were warming up more wieners for us... So we ended up going to peak from the opening of the maintenance when one of the volunteers invited us in to take a peak. Saw a old Diesel that is being fixed up and will be static which means it will not be used for the line for rides. Also a TTC Service vehicle was in the maintenance barn and I don't think it was there for repairs, just there in case they need it as it looked in great condition.
Next it had the # 4 London and Port Stanley just like # 8 which that one was built in 1915.  One of the big projects they were working on was a TTC # 416 which was a cottage like streetcar built in 1923. We then got 2424 which is a Peter Witt built in 1921 and was in a movie, now do not ask me what movie, because I do not have a complete clue. Originally had wooden seats, wood replaced on the frame of the streetcar. This also had a coal stove at one point back in the day and now has electrical heating under the seats. The following cars I believe are able to run or close to be running, 4611 (PCC), 327 (Outdoor Streetcar), 2984 (Needs repairs) Also the plow which I know runs in the winter season, 4000 the presidents conference car , 497, a bus I think if I am correct, 23 outdoor car, 792 Ford bus and the list goes on and on, including the 2 original streetcars 1326 & 55 streetcars and I believe I was on 1326 when we first started going there way back in the mid 2000's maybe earlier then that. Also our local work car that use to run up and down the line here back in the 50's and 60's # 45 that did the wiring for streetcars was on the railway. There was 5098 - 5099 Gloucester cars from England 1953 and 5300 - 5301 Hawker Siddley built in 1962 and trust me I have and probably been on these two trains in the 90's at some point of my life growing up. 

                I had ice cream on the second trip out on the 2424 once again and was an ice cream I have never tried in my life time Peanut Butter and Chocolate which honestly was sooo good and I really did enjoy it! I actually would have it again in the future and who thought peanut butter and chocolate would really mesh together but I actually did enjoy it and think it was fairly new on the 4618 a PCC Streetcar which is now converted as a Ice Cream shop with a majority of the seats still in so you can sit down. Afterwards we went to the frog pond which there was no frogs visible but there are frogs when they are in mating season but had to take a picture of myself up on the rock with the sign behind me of course and I took a picture of myself last year at the exact same spot last fall on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.

We then got onto the 4600 PCC Streetcar which suddenly replaced the other Peter Witt Streetcar and went back to were we started. We got onto the # 8 Streetcar which is another London and Port Stanley Streetcar built in 1915, which this streetcar is now 102 years old and was shipped in parts just like 4618 was which was neat, it had something to do with they couldn't ship it fully built due to taxes apparently. So that was my day and I apologize for the lengthy post and I will talk about Canadian Thanksgiving on top of the South Simcoe Railway post later on and I'm sorry its 2 days late as I got home and I was really tired to do a post and I procrastinated too long to post but back up on schedule for today and the podcast is caught up so today is going to be a great day and a great day for another blog post! 


Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Opinion on The Job Market In Ontario...

          First of all I gotta say this, I do not normally usually get political in my posts but this has been bugging me for the last while and I wants to address it this morning. As you all know I live in Ontario and I am starting to not like living in Ontario anymore and want to move out of this province because since 2015 and quitting my only job I had in my lifetime, to find work is not easy whatsoever and I am kind of to blame for quitting but I did what I felt right. I admit the government said they were going to create more jobs and I believe they were going to create jobs for people with a disability and yet were still waiting... I am one, not happy with the Ontario Government and change needs to happen and I couldn't be any happy for the election, hopefully for people to see the change in this province in many many years. Hopefully we can make change and hopefully things do change around and things get better for this province but you never know what will happen. Hopefully Ontario is tired of our premiere they want to vote for another party in but I do not want to get too political which isn't my forte in this blog whatsoever.

               Now in the way of the job search, I am clearly not sure where my future lies with my employment support as I have thought about leaving numerous times as my frustration to find work is getting worse and worse each and every 2nd week I am there so I've considered leaving but decided to stay on longer to see if I get a job but the second I start school I will have to take a leave of absence from it to attend school but school is my alternative move from searching for work and I am currently been looking at bursaries, OSAP anything that can help me through college and there are options for people with disabilities like myself so there are options. In conclusion as I am keeping this blog post a bit shorter as I am posting another blog post later on, but anyways I do got future and backup plans in case this job search does not pan out but I am grateful for having as many job interviews as I have had this year and anything still can happen.


Monday, October 2, 2017

The Truth Behind The Entertainment Man Talk Show!

          There are things that I really never made clear as when I left The Entertainment Man Talk Show and YouTube career. I wanna make this clear to a few things that probably didn't seem real or I faked but let me say for the most part a lot of my out bursts at my team was entirely real, it was pure frustration with them, whether Eric said a bad word I said something or with me going off at them was pure frustration but the one thing that I faked was me tripping those two episodes but I cannot remember the exact episode numbers that it was but those two episodes were faked. The rest was purely frustration at times and trust me filming a talk show like The Entertainment Man Talk Show isn't as easy as you think and it was the most stressful thing I ever have done in my entire life and having to deal with some staff drama, no names to mentioned but that was another major factor behind it but that is the truth behind me supposedly tripping but it was entirely faked but me going off on camera numerous that was real. Some scenes like Gordie saying in the St Patties Day episode he would wear green but hes got nothing green in his closet. Of course me being a smarty pants like I am, saying yea except Shawn, Gordie saying hes just green to the gills, I just had to put in my 10 cents worth. There are memorable moments where something is said and it was an instantaneous comment that came out of my mouth or one of my teams that made a moment of laughter on set. 

             Now the last thing I want to touch on is why is there no longer Seasons 5 and 6? Well they are now lost episodes as they were lost as I forgot to download them when I decided to quit YouTube all together and go in the direction of podcasts. When I say they are lost, they are TOTALLY lost episodes and I feel nothing but bad this happened and if I had a time machine, I would go back in time and save all the videos and bring em back to the future or this present day of time. Regrets that Larry and I regret making is ending it after 6 seasons and move on with other things or start podcasting like I am doing sooner so that was our major fatal flaw we made. I knew the views were down anyways with the series and my channel pretty much died after nearly 10 years being on YouTube so no regrets leaving and I've been given crap about leaving but I've been with the platform for nearly that long and I was ready for change to be made, if people do not like it then then so be it, I had to do what I had to do.


Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Experience With 3 Surgeries Within 3 Years

         Back 14 years ago, I got really sick and I mean really sick to the point of me of throwing up. Not only I was concerned , my parents and family were worried something was seriously wrong and usually I have been an healthy person over the 17 years as that is how old I was at the time of this illness. My mom and dad returned from their anniversary to find me sick and just not wanting to eat or anything. They took me in not once but twice or might of been 3 times they took me in but I think it was 2 times, the first time they gave me a shot saying it was a viral infection, pfft whatever. But the second time they realized something is truly wrong, I believe they took me in for a test that 2nd night as well to see what was going on and then of course they admitted me into the hospital for more tests. I remember I fell asleep for a while between on going tests before being brought up to pediatrics floor. The next day, I believe I was awake at quarter to  for blood work and this was on a daily basis in the 3 and a half  weeks I was in the hospital which I will get into towards the end of the 3 week stay I had in the hospital. So the very next day I was taken to Bowmanville Hospital via Ambulance to get a CAT Scan done on my stomach. Within a day or so later the surgeon came in and said he needed to operate on my stomach so it begun to a long road to recovering from this ruptured appendix. All went well and the appendix was removed. But 2 days later the surgeon told myself and my parents he has to go back in to remove the poison that was inside my stomach as things were still not as good. I think there was another test between the operations at the time. I was very inpatient with this test as I was in pain but most part I had high pain tolerance just like my mom has. So back into surgery I went and my thought in my head was here we go again. All went well with the second surgery and I was moved to the 7th floor.  As I got better they put me on a liquid diet to getting me to eat again and off the IV bags that gave my stomach nutrition.  Lipids was one of them if I can remember correctly. I also got moving around the floor walking several times a day and I would need a speed bump in the hall... LOL... During my time in the hospital I had a visit from my coach as I was off from baseball after playing half the season and presented me a gold metal as they won the Softball tournament for me and they gave me a metal. On August 27th, 2003 I was discharged after 3 and a half weeks in the hospital. 

           just little less then 3 years later I once again got sick and I started to feel symptoms with being with Eric which I believe was a production meeting about  one of the projects I was doing and this was Pre-YouTube ERA before I began my time on YouTube. Anyways we were at an arena nearby my house and this was on a Sunday, the 20th of March 2006. So my mom picked us up as I had no strength as I was in too much pain to move to much so she picked us up and when we got back I had to lie down to rest. Obviously it was so bad my mom took me to the clinic and my dad took Eric to the bus early but Eric checked in the evening how I was feeling as he was deeply concerned about what was going on with me at the time. It got bad by the late evening so my mom took my back to the ER to get it looked at and of course this time around they actually called in a surgeon and he got me to the CT Scan aka CAT Scan to have my stomach scanned as I figured something wasn't right when they put in the IV in my hand. So the surgeon didn't like what he saw obviously and I was heading into emergency surgeon at 130 am that Monday morning. Surgery on my stomach once again for the blockage on my bowel was successful and I was in the hospital for about 4 days before being discharged and sent home. The surgeon said it was because of the previous 2 surgeries I had almost 3 years before that caused scar tissue to form hence the blockage so that is my long but hopefully shorten side of my 3 surgeries within 3 years, I hope you enjoyed it and I will tell another side story about the nurse from hell in another blog on another day!