Friday, October 27, 2017

Favorite Things I Like To DO In Toronto

            There are several things I like to do in Toronto and in today's blog post this is what I like to do in Toronto:

1) Go to the Toronto Islands, as a kid, I was always and constantly on the Island or even riding the ferry there and back but I am always at the island and why it has made the list on today's blog post.

2) Chrism Mass/Christmas Mass/Easter Vigil at St. Micheal's Cathedral: For many years, been going to the Chrism Mass, Easter Vigil Mass, also the Midnight Mass at St. Micheal's Cathedral which now has become a tradition with my dad and I and we do not miss it year after year.

3) The Royal Winter Agricultural Winter Fair: Since probably since I was a kid or close to my teens, I have been to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every year from when my dad and I started going to the Royal minus the one year we went and I was sick as a dog with a flu bug.

4) Polish/Ukrainian Festival: Every year for at least the past 5 years now, my dad and I go to the Ukrainian Festival, followed by the Polish Festival which is a back to back festival, so you can say I come home on a full stomach, because I did have a full tummy by the end of it. We have gone for the last 5 or 6 years minus the last 2 years due to the fact it rained 2 years in a row but usually the festival is on the schedule for ChrisBOnTheWeb.

5) Greek Festival: Up to last year, I have attended to the Greek Festival for many, may years since the later 1990's with my dad and had tons of fun but after last year with it being busy and people shoved me around and telling me off, I didn't plan on going this year because of what happened. I would like to try it again next year but it made the list.

6) Toronto Blue Jays Games: Love the Jays, I am a Jays super fan since I was little and yes I was around when they won both World Series in 92 and 93. Haven't gone to a game in a few years.

7) Toronto Argonauts:  It has been many years since the last Argo's football game and I had so much fun and since they have moved to BMO Field on the old grounds of the former Exhibition Stadium and it is time for me to return to a game or 2 each season and yes the Argos are in the Playoffs this year as the East is weak but that's for another blog later.

8) The Canadian National Exhibition (The CNE): I love the CNE, the rides, entertainment, food, the buildings, the food building and it goes on and I haven't been there in many years and would like to go back but then again I have to save up the money to go, but think next year I am going to be planning to attend The CNE.

              That is about it for my list, I have more but it is an endless list and probably missed a bunch of favorite places in Toronto that I never mentioned but if I remember I could continue the list on another blog post. Until the next post have a great night!


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