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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Back @ The Royal Winter Fair This Week in 4 Years!

           For the first time in 4 years, I will be returning to The Royal Winter Fair since November 2019 before the pandemic start. I know I've been on edge about going back and contracting COVID again but I will be wearing my mask and hope my dad does too just to be on the safe side as Toronto is where I got sick with it in the first place. However this is the first time for this event again and I have missed it dearly. I am so happy to be returning to the Royal again after a 4 year absence from it. I will have my phone and take a ton of pics of the show itself.

             However, I will not be attending the horse show since there isn't one during the afternoon during the week and there use to be but not anymore. It would be late for us to get out of there and back home so it's definitely not worth it but if it was on a weekend... Most definitely yes. Always next year. However I'll be there taking notes and pictures to talk about my first time back at The Royal Winter Fair for the first time in 4 years. This has indeed been long overdo and excited for this week getting back into events locally and abroad meaning Toronto as I have two schedule. Anyways that is the post for today and as always I will speak to you all tomorrow!


Thursday, November 9, 2017

After The Royal Winter Fair 2017 Stories

             So as you know by my previous blog this morning I blogged about the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and this blog will not be as long as the other one but I had a really neat stories from at the Royal to after as we were heading out the door and in this blog I will talk about the 2 different stories I had during the Royal Winter Fair this year.

              First story I wanna tell is my dad and I were where the sheep and the goats, rabbit were, we walked by and a goat was standing up against it's food container to just eat it, I was just amazed by the goat able to stand on it's back two legs. I am attached the picture to this blog post but how the goat managed to hold on to the fencing with it's hooves its beyond me but it was a neat moment and of course the character coming out of the animals. The goat came over put its hoofs on the top of the fence looking for free hand outs of course.

Second story I would like to share and I already told the story about the horse neighing when we walked away but this was after we left The Royal Winter Fair we walked out into mass chaos and noise and of course as I remember as we are getting off the Go Train and also going into The Royal Winter Fair, The Toronto FC Soccer are playing the Semi Final game against a NY team so that is why but a lot of chanting and noise and chaos, wish I had the camera out filming it so I could put it in the blog or even take a photo but it was chaotic. So were waiting for the Go Train and a gentleman being friendly and pleasant with us asked if we went to the game well he offered us napkins to wipe off the bench but after he asked if we he to the game and I told him we went to The Royal and of course he said its always a fun time. We asked him since the FC loss and the 2 game series was tied what happens next and he told us they went with the number of goals they have scored so of course the FC have advanced on. Then he went the other way then he offered to give us a FC Flag and we said yes so I got it in my room and will put it up next time they are playing. So those are my few little stories I had from my day at The Royal and this wraps up this years Royal Winter Fair till next year, I cannot wait to go again.

Have a great night and will talk to you in tomorrow's blog post!


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2017

Here we are at another Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and I was merely excited, I mean I was raring to go this year in good intentions of no problems happening this year as there was an argument this year and fair warning we were having too much fun. So we got there at around 1130 am, got my media pass.  Also I have added the amazing Winter fair logo display they made in the main lobby they made when you entered the Royal Winter Fair. It was the main thing I saw when I entered in the Royal this year. So it sure did bring in a warm welcome to the Fair this year. Of course I had to buy the horse show ticket as I didn't have a pass for it this year so I had to buy the extra ticket to get into that part of the event. So we looked around a bit before the Horse show, if I am corrected we had an hour and a half to kill before we went into the Ricoh Coliseum for the Royal Horse Show. We looked around for a while at the sheep and the goats and yes Plishka the goats didn't get cut! LOL... Sorry small joke that ran back in my high school years back in the day.    
                                                                                                          We looked at the Butter Sculptures as well that people put a lot of hours in and it they are sure very talented individuals to do such artistry with the butter sculptures, I remember one year someone did the head of Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies. We also saw cows like the Angus cows, Jersey, Guernsey, Ayeshire, Milking Short horn, Swiss and of course our milking cows the Holsteins. Did you know Cows eat 100 lbs of feed a day and 20 lbs of grain a day and a bathtub of water a day? Also they lay down 13 hours a day and eating 8 hours a day! I know crazy right, I never knew this till I read the sign there which was a cool neat facts on cows. 

 So we went into the Royal Horse show with no ideas what all the horse jumping programming was and it was eye opening on the different programs for Horse Jumping. In my entire life I've never heard of Hunter Derby and it's similar but it is hard to explain but here is what the course looks like on the picture on the left side. Hunter Derby began in England, so that is the origin of Hunter Derby. After that they went to the Single Road to Bike competition which is like Hackney but again it is a hard one to explain as I have never rode a horse in my life, well not yet at least, maybe one day I will get to ride a horse! They also had a featured entertainer named "Bob Kur" not sure if that is the proper name but he is

an entertainer that goes around North America Entertaining people. Followed by that was the Junior Jumpers now note between them setting things up we went back out to the Agricultural portion of the fair looking at booths from Northern Ontario, especially one from Manitoulin (my stompin grounds back in the summer) and it is always nice to see Manitoulin business at the Royal Winter Fair each and every year. Also Honey, beewax pickles, tarts, chicken eggs also Oats, Hay, Corn Barly. There was so much to see there and I know there are story's I wanna tell on a second blog post which will come later on today as a 2 part blog. Also had vegetables, giant pumpkin weighing over 1200 lbs. Also a long parsnip, Rutabaga, apple judging, cheese like cheddar cheese, egg plant & cabbage, the list is endless.

                    Finally at the end of the day my dad got a muffin and a coffee and I got a chocolate cookie with a peppermint tea and we went into the horse palace as that is the way we go out and plus it is a nice way to finish up the day at The Royal Winter Fair and it's be a tradition for both my dad and I for many, many years. After we finished our treat and I took pictures of a few riders riding their horses in the warm up ring. After that we walked around the horse palace and we saw a white horse, absolutely beautiful and loved every moment of attention it got and we walked away away and we hear a neigh from that same horse as it was a sign "hey get back here and give me attention" But overall this year was a great and fun experience and cannot wait for the next year as I will be once again doing the Royal Winter Fair and trust me I am looking forward to it once again! I will be doing a side blog little later about some story after the Royal Winter Fair.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Favorite Things I Like To DO In Toronto

            There are several things I like to do in Toronto and in today's blog post this is what I like to do in Toronto:

1) Go to the Toronto Islands, as a kid, I was always and constantly on the Island or even riding the ferry there and back but I am always at the island and why it has made the list on today's blog post.

2) Chrism Mass/Christmas Mass/Easter Vigil at St. Micheal's Cathedral: For many years, been going to the Chrism Mass, Easter Vigil Mass, also the Midnight Mass at St. Micheal's Cathedral which now has become a tradition with my dad and I and we do not miss it year after year.

3) The Royal Winter Agricultural Winter Fair: Since probably since I was a kid or close to my teens, I have been to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair every year from when my dad and I started going to the Royal minus the one year we went and I was sick as a dog with a flu bug.

4) Polish/Ukrainian Festival: Every year for at least the past 5 years now, my dad and I go to the Ukrainian Festival, followed by the Polish Festival which is a back to back festival, so you can say I come home on a full stomach, because I did have a full tummy by the end of it. We have gone for the last 5 or 6 years minus the last 2 years due to the fact it rained 2 years in a row but usually the festival is on the schedule for ChrisBOnTheWeb.

5) Greek Festival: Up to last year, I have attended to the Greek Festival for many, may years since the later 1990's with my dad and had tons of fun but after last year with it being busy and people shoved me around and telling me off, I didn't plan on going this year because of what happened. I would like to try it again next year but it made the list.

6) Toronto Blue Jays Games: Love the Jays, I am a Jays super fan since I was little and yes I was around when they won both World Series in 92 and 93. Haven't gone to a game in a few years.

7) Toronto Argonauts:  It has been many years since the last Argo's football game and I had so much fun and since they have moved to BMO Field on the old grounds of the former Exhibition Stadium and it is time for me to return to a game or 2 each season and yes the Argos are in the Playoffs this year as the East is weak but that's for another blog later.

8) The Canadian National Exhibition (The CNE): I love the CNE, the rides, entertainment, food, the buildings, the food building and it goes on and I haven't been there in many years and would like to go back but then again I have to save up the money to go, but think next year I am going to be planning to attend The CNE.

              That is about it for my list, I have more but it is an endless list and probably missed a bunch of favorite places in Toronto that I never mentioned but if I remember I could continue the list on another blog post. Until the next post have a great night!


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Upcoming Events & Podcasts, 2017 - 2018 (UPDATED!)

           After talking to my Alumni & good friend Larry about the podcasts and how I would like to grow the website further, also the events has been changed time and time again so I've compiled a new list of events and podcasts and potential or definite guests for the collab podcasts that I am planning on doing, so without further ado here is my list:


             As you know With the Cancellation of appearing at Autism Celebration & Apple Festival, re-adjustments are currently being made & adding  and here are the adjustments:

November 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario, 9 am - ????

November 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade, 6 - 8 pm EST

December 6th, 2017: Tyrone Parade of Lights, 6:45 - 8:15 pm EST

Podcasts (Including Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts & Collab Podcasts):

- Everything About Reality TV, Big Brother Canada All-Stars Dream Cast with Larry Rieck Mid December, Late December after Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers

- Everything About Reality TV, 100th Episode Special with Larry, Maybe Justin and/or Dave.

- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk Collab Mini Series Podcast With Larry Rieck

- Interview With Jeffrey Livingstone about his Sports

- Sports Collab Podcast With Jeff (Possibility) 

                That is it for my list, it can be and will be updated if it needed in the nearby future
if need be but things change quite rapidly with Chris B On The Web and it is my job as the Founder/Owner/Blogger to ensure the updates are giving to you when they are available. Have a great rest of your night!


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Plans For Chris B On The Web In 2017 - 2018

           I have been very quiet about the clear plans for podcasts and interview plans especially as I have been putting together ideas after ideas and to bring out content to you guys and there are numerous ideas that is on the list I'd like to share and if I already have posted this is an updated version of the list of projects I want to work on and collab with a few people on a podcast. Please do note there is no timeline set but this is the plan of attack for the upcoming year once the studio is re-designed and fixed right up. Also events are also added to this blog post as well as things have been updated since the changes in the events I am attending this year, so let's start with the events for 2017 - 2018:


            Oct 14th, 2017: Apple Festival, Bowmanville, Ontario
            Nov 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair
            Nov 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade
            Dec 6th, 2017: Tyrone Farmers Parade
            March 2018: Maple Festival @ Purple Woods (Date TBA)
            May 2018: Maple Festival in Bowmanville (Date TBA)
            Jun 2018: Food Truck Festival (Date TBA)


              - Everything About Reality TV (Off Season Podcast) My top 15 all time Big Brother US Players of All Time (Today @ 9 pm EST)
              - Everything About Reality TV (Season 4 Starts this Thursday, Posted Up @ 9 pm EST)
              - Chris B On The Web Talks Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Coming In 2018)
              - Chris and Jeff Talk Sports Collab Podcast (Coming In 2018)
              - Interview With Jeff Livingstone (Coming In 2018)

               That is the list of upcoming Podcasts/Collabs/Interviews & events and it quite the list of stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and as you can see no "Autism Celebration" as I have officially pulled out of the event due to money issue and the ink cartridge suddenly dying on me when there was ink in it. It was unfortunate that I had to drop out of the event but I will be back at the Autism Celebration next year, bigger and better then ever! I am still waiting on the Media pass for the Royal Winter Fair but I will let you know if I get it or not but will be taking pictures regardless of having it or not. I will be doing another blog post later on about my trip up North for the day.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chris B On The Web Events For 2017 - 2018

                 I am going to make it clear in this blog post that there are certain events I am attending for Chris B On The Web and ones that I am not. I have been hounding this in my head over the last few weeks and thinking of what events most definitely benefits Chris B On The Web and which ones have not been beneficial to "CBOTW" Also I will be mentioning the reason behind why I do not or I am going back to the event this year and to the list that I am uneasy to wanting to attend the event that is listed below. So without further ado, here is my list:

Events I Am Not Going To This Year:

Taste of The Danforth (Greek Festival): Not going to be going after last years debauchery of being shoved around and being told off by a lady, uhh, I will pass this year and probably will never go back if this is the way people are going to treat me. Nothing to do with the event organizers its just the other visitors giving me crap for no apparent reason when I wasn't doing anything but walking with my dad. 

Possibly Event's I Am Going To:

Polish/Ukrainian Festival (Roncesvalles & Bloor Street, Toronto): Depending how the weather is over the course of the month of September and in the past years it has rained on the weekend for the festival and my dad and I been unable to attend due to the fact of the weather for the last several years have put going to this festival in doubt year after year, so It is on the maybe list and it is scheduled on just it will depend on the weather and I hope this non stop rain stops soon or it will be a no go once again. 

Autism Celebration: I had a few mixed emotions with going to Autism Celebration last year, one being the booth sign I had said I was an YouTuber and Blogger and it was completely a disaster as I had a lot of questions about YouTube and people hassling me to go back, I am totally unsure on my decision to return this year, unless Kerry's Place talks me into coming back or my friends talk me back into it.

Events I Am Going To:

Apple Festival: I had fun and was a fun blog to blog about each and every year that I have covered over the times I attended it.

The Royal Winter Fair: I love going to the Fair each and every year, it is a privilege back in 2015 to be vlogging for my old YouTube channel that one year and I was under cover last year with my camera for the blog and hopefully I will be more open to taking more pictures this year if I can get the Media Pass.

Oshawa Santa Claus Parade: Always have a good time at the parade and haven't missed a Santa Claus Parade in many years. 

Tyrone Parade of Lights: Since probably my college years or even before that I attended the Farm Parade of Lights and rarely missed one minus 1 or 2 years in a row but could of been due to rain or weather.

             So there you go, that is my list and things could be change and I will let you guys know one way or the other if I decide to move a Possible events to the going to the event and will let you guys know right away. Have a great night.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Royal Winter Fair 2016

First of all yes I am late on this post, I haven't been in a good mood since the end of The Royal Winter Fair which was 3 days ago. The first half was great but the rest not as much. However it was a good day and I think I was over tired and still recovering from lack of sleep but been sleeping well since Monday which is a great thing! Anyways lets talk about this years The 94th Royal Winter Fair. So I left around 9 am EST which is early, however I was up at 530 in the morning, crazy I know right? I am normally up early like this in the last 4 days so I am getting this routine down. So we got on the 935 am GO Bus and headed to the Go Train Station to catch the 10:12 am train to Exhibition Place. 

So moving forward to arrival at Exhibition Place, I arrived at around 11:20 am in the morning with my dad and we got our tickets for the Royal as I didn't have the Media Pass this year but it didn't stop me from taking 442 pictures, that's right 442 pictures.... So crazy it only  registered on the camera 66 - 90 pictures, so I was utterly shocked with it but I went camera crazy. First thing we saw was the vendors for horses, like saddles, boots, cowboy/cowgirl hat. Also got to see some non GM (Generically Modified Food) It had Orange, Red and Green Peppers, Tomato's the normal ones that we have on a regular basis like on Burgers etc. Then they also had the Cherry Tomatoes which go great in a Salad. They had 2 The Wandering Bean... Oooooh yes I am making a Mr. Bean Reference there... ha ha We then proceeded to the Animals which had Sheep, the old Goats that was for Mr. Plishka, Pigs, Piglets which were soooo cute! Silly old Wabbits (Rabbits) Yes I pulled a Elmer Fudd there. There was also Sheep judging in the older building which was where the animals are and always been. Use to be an upstairs but thats not used much anymore for this type of event. We moved on to the moos as my Niece Ryleigh use to call em. There were Holsteins (Dairy, Milk) Jersey and Swiss which I do believe make the cream that you put in Coffee and certain baking. Also Guernsey cow as well. There were so many areas represented, down in the Grand Bend area, South Simcoe Durham Region East which I am from obviously, Prince Edward Island and many more! We also had Nathan's Hot Dog and of course I indulged in a Beer. 

We went to the Horse Show and saw these competitions: International Jumper - Power & Speed Competition, H/H Pony Pleasure Driving - Amateur, Belgian Four Horse Team, Hackney Pony – Amateur, Jump Canada Medal Finals, Harness Pony – Amateur and Percheron Four Horse Team. We also saw in the International Jumper Power and Speed Competition Jessica Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen's daughter which myself and my dad have seen her compete in the past.

We went in and out of the Horse Show and continued to looked around, saw the area for the kids, petting zoo, slide etc. After the Horse Show, we looked around a tad, saw a Lama, Alpaca and some sheep, Long Wool Sheep, Meat Sheep. Then of course we went to grab some food but nothing really caught my eye, I ended up skipping dinner. If they had Perogies I would of eaten but I was in a miserable mood and my dad didn't help my mood. We looked at the grains and veggies then we headed to the Horse Palace. I was in a bit of a better mood but not any better. I will leave the rest of the night at that as I really do not want to talk about it. Here are a few more pics for your pleasure, have a good Thursday!