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Friday, June 24, 2022

Fiesta Week 2022

                Tuesday, I got the privlege of going to the Polish Pavillion, the one that was closer to home for us. My dad and I went and I had the Perogies, Shish kebab and a Polish Sausage while he had a  cabbage roll, Polish Sausage and Perogies. I can say this the perogies were so soft and tender. It was so good and delicious. The Shish Kebab fell apart when I bit into the kebab and was so juicy and really, really awesome. When we went into the door the smell was so awesome so I knew right off the bat that the food was going to be amazing. I had no doubt about that whatsoever. We took the food down to the lake to eat it and then followed by a walk down at the lake to help digest the food.

                Now Thursday, which was yesterday I went to the Italian Pavillion with my parents and they had lasgna and my dad had the rice balls that was breaded. My mom just the Lasgna alone. I had no issues with the sauce or pasta whatsoever. The only issue was the one Meatball were a little harder on the outside, bland but the other one was better so that is the only issue I really had with the meatball at the time. So I am afraid I cannot give a full 10 out of 10 but I can give it an 8 out of 10 due to the meatball was hard and I wasn't overly happy with it. That is today's post, I will talk to you all tomorrow for the end of the week update.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2018 In Toronto

             Yesterday, I got the opportunity to go to two festivals, the Ukrainian & Polish Festival, yes tons of food and definitely a weight gainer as you know I am on a diet right now but I took yesterday as one of my fat days for the festival and I am allowed that once and a while and yesterday was one of those days. So we left at around 10 am in the morning, drove down to York Mills Subway station and got on from there. We had to transfer at Bloor to the Bloor Danforth Line all the way over to Jane for the festival. Yes I realize it is a long way to go but worth it in the end. We got there and started to look around and we turned around and there was the parade which is do a parade that they do each and every year to launch the festival and as you can see above, there is the start of the parade. Next we walked down the street looking at some of the booths there, so many political tables which I do not know why they have to even campaign at this event as we are going into another election which will be municipal. Anyways we grabbed some food, this year we had perogies and Latke which are potato pancakes.  We finished looking around and headed on out from festival 1. 

                Then we headed our way to the Polish festival off of Roncesville in Toronto, Ontario and it was a lot to take in as it goes a very great stretch down the street. We heard some great music, Polka Music to be exact and also they had dancing as well which I have have seen polish dance before at the General Sorkorski Hall here, locally last year during Fiesta Week. As for dinner we had polish sausage on a bun which the bun was so fresh and the sausage itself was really tender and great. Another great year at both of the festivals and looking forward to going back next year with my dad once again as both him and I do this each and every year. It is always fun to go even though, there is tons of walking involved with it but it is good exercise and glad to be away from the studio for the day.


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2017

               I know I am late on blogs and right now due to my very hectic schedule and catching up on podcasts and I have decided that blog posts for right now will be sporadically until the website is back up and running and this is one of the toughest decisions I had to make with Chris B On The Web but it is what it is right now.

                 So with that now out of the way as you know I went to the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and it was so much fun to go to in the past, I had to return to it. One good thing about it is I didn't get pushed about like I did in the Greek Festival and people telling to move. We started at the Ukrainian Festival in the Bloor Village. Was a busy festival, more busier then it has been years ago when we were there the last time. The food was so amazing, had Chicken Shish Kebab, note it wasn't breaded like a normal Shish Kebab is, however it tasted sooo good, it practically fell apart and melted in my mouth, it was cooked perfect. On top of the chicken kebabs, I had perogies with potato and cheese and it was so good as well. My dad and I saw the parade which was part of the opening ceremonies of the festival, the outfits were so beautiful, the music I absolutely loved, I felt like I got a taste of what living in Ukraine is like. 

After that we took a detour through my dad's old neighbor where he grew up as a kid as we had plenty of time to spare between festivals for travel time so we took a detour down to Roncesville. When we got there it was packed and different from years ago... We saw some awesome old cars, Oldsmobile, Mustang, you name it! We crossed the street into the festival and as we started heading south in the village of Roncesville and first thing that struck my attention was the Polish desserts and I haven't had a dessert in a long time, due to my on-going diet right now to get below 200 pounds and nowhere close, currently at 220 pounds at the moment. So my dad and I agreed to come back and grab a donut on our way to the streetcar and I will get to it shortly. We stopped at the first of 2 stages where a group playing polka music and also had people dancing and I was getting into the dancing mood with the polka music. We continue on walking at the festival and we stopped at the second stage they had set up at the festival which had more dancing and of course I took pictures during the festival. Just love the dancing in the festival and I would love to learn the dances as I absolutely love the music as well. My late Aunts Margaret and Maria are from Slovakia and my Aunt Maria told me she can walk into Poland as the town she is from is right at the border of Poland, I had to share that little story with you guys in today's blog. Finally we got to the end of the village and we went back up on the other side of the street and back up to grab some food.  What did we grab for an early dinner, well since we got perogies and kebabs my dad had a Polish sausage and Latke which a potato pancake is called in 
Europe. Now you are going to ask me, how was it, it was delicious! It tasted so good, just like food you make at home from scratch... One thing I wish they had was mustard for the sausage but its OK, it was fine without the mustard, I cannot be picky. In conclusion I had a really good time and I was tired by the time I got home and I was ready to hit the hay by the time I was home. I again apologize for not posting up sooner, as you know I was trying to catch up on podcasts and of course my ailing needs major attention and repairs. I will be talking about it more later in a update blog post and the schedule for Everything About Reality TV. Speaking of that #EverythingAboutRealityTV is currently trending on Twitter which is amazing. But thank you for your patience during these hard rough patches Chris B Is Going Through and I will be posting up another one later.

Have a good night,


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Chris B On The Web Events For 2017 - 2018

                 I am going to make it clear in this blog post that there are certain events I am attending for Chris B On The Web and ones that I am not. I have been hounding this in my head over the last few weeks and thinking of what events most definitely benefits Chris B On The Web and which ones have not been beneficial to "CBOTW" Also I will be mentioning the reason behind why I do not or I am going back to the event this year and to the list that I am uneasy to wanting to attend the event that is listed below. So without further ado, here is my list:

Events I Am Not Going To This Year:

Taste of The Danforth (Greek Festival): Not going to be going after last years debauchery of being shoved around and being told off by a lady, uhh, I will pass this year and probably will never go back if this is the way people are going to treat me. Nothing to do with the event organizers its just the other visitors giving me crap for no apparent reason when I wasn't doing anything but walking with my dad. 

Possibly Event's I Am Going To:

Polish/Ukrainian Festival (Roncesvalles & Bloor Street, Toronto): Depending how the weather is over the course of the month of September and in the past years it has rained on the weekend for the festival and my dad and I been unable to attend due to the fact of the weather for the last several years have put going to this festival in doubt year after year, so It is on the maybe list and it is scheduled on just it will depend on the weather and I hope this non stop rain stops soon or it will be a no go once again. 

Autism Celebration: I had a few mixed emotions with going to Autism Celebration last year, one being the booth sign I had said I was an YouTuber and Blogger and it was completely a disaster as I had a lot of questions about YouTube and people hassling me to go back, I am totally unsure on my decision to return this year, unless Kerry's Place talks me into coming back or my friends talk me back into it.

Events I Am Going To:

Apple Festival: I had fun and was a fun blog to blog about each and every year that I have covered over the times I attended it.

The Royal Winter Fair: I love going to the Fair each and every year, it is a privilege back in 2015 to be vlogging for my old YouTube channel that one year and I was under cover last year with my camera for the blog and hopefully I will be more open to taking more pictures this year if I can get the Media Pass.

Oshawa Santa Claus Parade: Always have a good time at the parade and haven't missed a Santa Claus Parade in many years. 

Tyrone Parade of Lights: Since probably my college years or even before that I attended the Farm Parade of Lights and rarely missed one minus 1 or 2 years in a row but could of been due to rain or weather.

             So there you go, that is my list and things could be change and I will let you guys know one way or the other if I decide to move a Possible events to the going to the event and will let you guys know right away. Have a great night.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Fiesta Week 2017!

               Crazy week this week hence the blogs both on & Soapbox have not been going up as I have been out and about in the community this week at events and interacting with the rest of the community, even on my way back from an appointment I interacted with another member of the community which is awesome and the word out about Everything About Reality TV gets outs faster then you think. Don't get me wrong but I love doing both blogs and the podcast, just i gotta get out of my studio here sooner or later. So with that I went to Fiesta Week which is a celebration of many different countries and get a chance to try many different foods from all around the world! Trust me posted tons on Twitter and Google Plus over the last few days with pictures of what I have been up to and just posted up another picture on Social media not long ago. There is a parade on the Sunday before the week and the opening of pavilions during the days at certain hours begins. 

                The first Pavilion I went to was on Wednesday and it was the Krakow Pavilion, also known as the General Sikorsky Hall here in my city. There was all the different types of Polish food, Cabbage Rolls, Shish kebab, Polish Sausage. Trust me it was a great time and great food. The second best part of the night was the entertainment. I loved hearing a bit of Polka and traditional Polish music was a great way to end the night. I had a blast, great food, followed by great music and entertainment.

                 Despite my busy schedule today I managed to get out to the Romanian Pavilion and I wasn't sure if I would like the food but WRONG! I absolutely loved it! I know it was meant to be a little drier then I normally have when it comes to meat but I loved the flavor overall and that one spice gave it such an amazing taste and I had fun once again, was an hour but was worth the 1 hour of being out of my studio. Below is some pictures I took at the event, have a great night!