Friday, June 23, 2017

Fiesta Week 2017!

               Crazy week this week hence the blogs both on & Soapbox have not been going up as I have been out and about in the community this week at events and interacting with the rest of the community, even on my way back from an appointment I interacted with another member of the community which is awesome and the word out about Everything About Reality TV gets outs faster then you think. Don't get me wrong but I love doing both blogs and the podcast, just i gotta get out of my studio here sooner or later. So with that I went to Fiesta Week which is a celebration of many different countries and get a chance to try many different foods from all around the world! Trust me posted tons on Twitter and Google Plus over the last few days with pictures of what I have been up to and just posted up another picture on Social media not long ago. There is a parade on the Sunday before the week and the opening of pavilions during the days at certain hours begins. 

                The first Pavilion I went to was on Wednesday and it was the Krakow Pavilion, also known as the General Sikorsky Hall here in my city. There was all the different types of Polish food, Cabbage Rolls, Shish kebab, Polish Sausage. Trust me it was a great time and great food. The second best part of the night was the entertainment. I loved hearing a bit of Polka and traditional Polish music was a great way to end the night. I had a blast, great food, followed by great music and entertainment.

                 Despite my busy schedule today I managed to get out to the Romanian Pavilion and I wasn't sure if I would like the food but WRONG! I absolutely loved it! I know it was meant to be a little drier then I normally have when it comes to meat but I loved the flavor overall and that one spice gave it such an amazing taste and I had fun once again, was an hour but was worth the 1 hour of being out of my studio. Below is some pictures I took at the event, have a great night!


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