Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Weirdest Dream... True Feelings About The Entertainment Man Talk Show Ending

I know it is early and I just got up after 7 hours of sleep. You guys will see this as weird but I feel asleep at the last second half of me sleeping. The dream I had was my ex girlfriend from out west messaged me saying hi, I am like what do you want? You have no right to speak to me after the way you spoke to me at that radio station I am now banned cause of you starting crap with me when I am there for enjoyment. Shes the one that came in and started drama with me when I was there enjoying music of my now ex friend. They do not believe a word I said. I cannot believe what kind of crazy things that the brain comes up with when you are sleeping. Guess your brain is resting it can put crazy things in the mind.

Next thing I wanna talk about is The Entertainment Man Talk Show... Now I said this to Larry last night over Skype, I am actually not sad The Entertainment Man Talk Show is over, well I am a bit sad to see it go, but it is time for me to move on and move on to other projects around the channel! This is my opportunity knockin! But I am still open to a top 15 or 20 moments on The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I think this is better off if I do this smaller things within the series then the big Finale then that will be it!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Still Sick!

Still sick as ever can be with the coughing, but coughing is getting better which means the cough syrup is slowly working but I gotta remember to take it daily or twice a day, which I haven't been doing much lately. I didn't take it this morning and plan on taking it tonight before and if I end up in bed... My sleep is so screwed up but it will take time for me to sleep normal again! If it isn't tonight, it will be tomorrow that I definitely, as I wont be able to sleep in the morning so I will be staying awake all morning and all day then I shall be ready for sleep that night! All will be good again! I hope... It's cause of the coughing crap that's causing lack of sleep... I am tired so I might lay down for a while.

Anyways, I have been screwing around with my website, and the line that was put in originally has been a troublesome for me and doubling up out of nowhere so I made my own line with program and put it into the site and made it appear on all pages but once, so I hope that gets rid of the glitch if it isn't that, then its the editor giving issues. But I think this issue has been resolved and I moved a majority of the coding out of the way to check for extras of the line and none anywhere. Changed the account password in case of the account got tampered or hacked into. I am taking all per cautions of my account and website, but I doubt it, it would show me the IP it last was logged into, and not seen any changes made.

Finally I probably will vlog but take very little video of me talking tomorrow as I am going to try and rest my voice this weekend. I am going to limit to how much I talk. Sorry guys I need my voice for the rest of the recaps this week.

Talk to you this weekend hopefully.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Everything About Reality TV Update

OK, so your all wondering what is the deal with finale stuff. Well I made time while working on FINALE Stuff for The Entertainment Man Talk Show, so here is you FYI on upcoming Finales:

Friday, May 13th, 2016: Everything About Reality TV (Big Brother Canada 4 FINALE Recap) will be @ 11 am EST 
                                       Everything About Reality TV (Amazing Race 28 FINALE Recap) will be @ 8 pm EST

Thursday, May 19th, 2016:  Everything About Reality TV (Survivor Kaoh Rong FINALE Recap) will be @ 7 pm EST 

OK that's my schedule towards Finale and as for starting my Second Season of Everything About Reality TV (RECAP Series) June 2nd, 2016 will be the first one with Masterchef US. BB US 18 is pending right now, and I am waiting on scheduling to come out. But BB US 18 is on the list for RECAPS. 

Amazing Race Canada 4 is not so much on the schedule as of yet, I will keep you guys informed when this happens!  

In the meantime Summer schedule is as follows: BB US 18 & Masterchef US 7 is confirmed on the summer schedule. Will be a bit quieter schedule but there will be recaps at least 2 times a week!


Monday, April 11, 2016

Done with Ex Girlfriends!!!!

The last few weeks to months with 3 of my ex's has been hell, I have had to deal with my stupid ex's harassing me and not leaving me be. They were disrespectful and not respecting my wishes and/or being really rude to me when I didn't do anything to them. I am no longer wanting anything to do with any of my ex girlfriends in the near future, like Britt said I need to be happier in my life not miserable as I have been for the last while. I don't need ex's.... If I had my ex Jess's number I'd consider only talking to her nobody else out of the other girls I dated in the past. The rest of them are a pain in my royal butt! I am over all my ex's and moving forward... If they show up on my site like this one did, I will ban their IP address, simple as that... I am not about to go back into rewind mode with their drama in my life once again. Had one issue with one in a radio station broadcast and starting drama with me and coming in to harass me and bother me. I stopped going there cause of her! I said I am avoiding them as much as possible! Now them coming on my site to harass me, is an easy solution and an IP ban can be placed so they cannot access my site and of course if you cannot access my site it says Forbidden which means you are banned from my website. As an website owner I need to try keep professional and keep my site as clean as possible. Plus I am not allowing drama across my site at all, and ex girlfriends are on my list. I am doing this for me and only me. No one else!


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Everything About Reality TV's 1st Season Coming To A Close | The Entertainment Man Talk Show Season

Cannot believe the first Season of Everything About Reality TV is coming to an end. The first official season of the recap series has almost come to an end and has become a sensation on my YouTube channel! Cannot wait to premiere Season 2 on June 2nd, 2016 the day after Masterchef US airs! Season 2 will be recapping Masterchef US 7, BB US 18 & eventually Amazing Race Canada 4. This all started as a test run and ended up having support from Amazing Racers like Justin from #TheGreenTeam and Krista from #TheCheerleaders. I am blessed this series has quickly won over the amazing viewership on the YouTube community and my small YouTube community of 41 subscribers and climbing! 

Now with The Entertainment Man Talk Show, I can say I am ready to summon my camera crew and get filming the series as of tomorrow the set will be completed and ready for production in the week and a half from now. A lot of time, work and effort to the series has been put into the setup and planning, last things to do is finalize set, put the curtain decorations up, then the board and make sure its all setup and ready to go!