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Thursday, October 22, 2020

My Time In College (Throwback Thursday)

             This goes way back 10 years ago and yes I said 10 years as that is when I started College. Now it was a very nerve wracking at first and I really had to get use to being in the college environment outside of what I originally do which was YouTube was my thing back then in the day. Honestly the first couple of weeks was a rough go as I somehow ended up getting Bronchitis and wasn't the only time either I had it at the end of my program too but second time I caught it early and got it under control quite quickly. My first few weeks was rough go especially the fact I had to miss classes and my Learning Facilitator had to grab notes for me and send me notes as you all know I have autism and I was in a bit more modified classes with the workload but either way I seem to have stayed on track and I always was able to modified or not I was always keeping on track one way another. So it did take me sometime to get the hang of things and I know by 2011 I was close to just dropping out of the program as it was becoming way too much however I wanna ensure you I did graduate in 2012 and I actually continued on after a bit of counselling through the campus wellness center and it helped I can tell you guys that, it did help especially at the time I was balancing out school and being in a relationship with my now Ex Girlfriend as we broke it off after I finished up school but that is besides the point. However it was also hard to juggle around keeping the YouTube channel going and active while in school. So it was tough but managed all 3 that I said. 

             On top of school, tutorials I also had a radio show on the college radio station which I mentioned yesterday and it was delayed as they renovated the room it is actually still currently used by the station. I learned a lot but I decided to try and get involved with stuff on campus and be busy on my extra time. Also i had the opportunity to work out in the Gym at the Wellness center which the staff who ran it actually ran my program for the first year before we had a new Liaison who ran it and I think she ran the program in my first year but it is hard to remember to be honest as again it was 10 years ago. Also I found my 3rd camera man for YouTube and he was with me from December 2010 till June 2013 when he suddenly quit. Also that is where I met my last Camera Man that I had & now Co-Host of Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast, Larry. I almost where I met Justin, aka Justina who helped build the set for each season of the series. So there was a benefit towards this as I got more team members.


Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Working Long Hours, I Think I am Officially Sick 😳

           After working long hours in this studio of mine, I think I am Officially sick. However let's not jump to conclusions as of yet. I woke up this morning with a sore throat so that isn't good whatsoever. However life goes on and if I need to rest a lot more then I will however I will still be working on things but I have to remember that my health and wellness comes first always. I am going to start taking the Echinea pills to help me as I am suppose to be out of town in Toronto this weekend with a friend. I know this is the wrong time for me to get sick and it is my own fault as I should of wore my warmer coat with it being colder yesterday but again this could of been caught a week to 10 days ago and I have been dressing for the appropriate weather too. I guess it is just a bad luck of the draw and I know how to deal with it. I should of also been taking my vitamin pills as well. Right now I do feel fine right now as it is just a sore throat but yet again it could be nothing honestly just dryness, however never know, however I need to be aware of this and keep an good eye on it so this way I can deal with it quickly and what not. 

          However my health comes first and yesterday was about me resting and the reason the blog was on a stand still. Despite being sick and wanting to sleep all the time, I realize I need to try and get some work done which I need to keep up with Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue and it's not hard to do as all I am doing technically is watching the TV Show and taking notes right now. So I will try watch good amount rest for a while then continue on as that is my strategy with it honestly while I am sick and trying to recover from this and I do not think it will last too too long and it will be out of my system by next week at the most and I should be back to normal hopefully moving forward. However today I feel a bit better then yesterday so that is definitely a good thing to be happening as I feel stronger. I am in good spirits while sick and just gotta keep up the good positive spirits up while I deal with that. I plan to rest when I need to and that is probably the best thing to do especially at this moment. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How Have I Managed To Record Podcasts?

              You probably wondering how in the world I am sliding by with getting podcasts recorded? Well it hasn't been easy to get recording as the coughing is the main issue where I could get into a coughing fit and it has happened where I had to either stop recording or edit out me coughing my head off so you guys wouldn't have to hear it. That is definitely the beauty of editing a podcast able to editing out the um's, buts and coughs in my case as you know I am on the slow mend from this cold. I know, I had to cancel my plans to record due to my coughing fit I was going through but I had no other choice but to do that. It's not like it will be going far and yes I realize that it is out on Friday night and we have my niece and nephew and would be nice to have it done so I can spend time with them as I have something to show em. I hate cancelling but it was beyond my control that I was in a coughing fit. Now if I was on video, it would probably be quite more difficult to do as it would be a live podcast. With putting up the audio it could take a while to remove what I mentioned at the top of this post with the and's, um's coughs and buts.

                Either way, nothing stops me unless I am stuck in bed resting like yesterday for primary example. I continue to strive forward sick or not sick, the show must go on and I do not want to disappoint you guys with the podcast. Unless something that happens to me like yesterday then I will not record if I feel weak, tired or the coughing fit. I realize my voice sounds different, deeper as I mentioned on the first podcast that I recorded while sick, almost a week ago now. I know I have made some stupid remarks about my cold but it is who I am, I like to make some stupid jokes about myself and it entertains you guys as well in the process. In the end I am proud of myself for making the effort to try and get podcasts out on time while dealing with a cold. Like the saying goes, the show must go on and that is the way I think of things and trying to keep a very positive attitude.


Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas & Updates!

            This is not going to be a overlong blog post as most of you know by my Tweets and Instagram photo I have been indeed been sick in bed with the flu for the past 3 days and today was a better day honestly despite still being ill and in bed part of the day but rest was  indeed good for me and I did see my grandma, just worried she will get what I had and what my mom and dad now has which is not a good thing right now. Overall Christmas was very quiet, but good and I tried spending time with my parents yesterday but was just completely out of it slept the entire evening right into the morning today so my sleep is getting better and yes I realize its getting late and I should be in bed soon and soon as I am done tonight's post that is where I'm headed and soon as I wake up tomorrow, I am back in here writing the next post and trying to get back on the right track of things with these blog posts and getting the next The CBOTW Show Podcast up. 

               Finally in this shorten blog post as I do not want to take up a lot of your time today from spending but I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you enjoyed spending your dad with your loved ones and you had a very blessed holiday. I know you weren't expecting much of a post but this is what you are going to get a very small post but they will get better in the days coming when I am not as tired and exhausted from being sick for days. I really missed you guys and I feel entirely bad leaving you guys a message sooner when I was sick but the only thing I could think of was an Instagram post at the time as it  was the only thing that really came to my mind. I really looking forward to catching up with you guys in the coming days and I have to re-evaluate the timetable for the coming days but you will see what I have planned down the road. Finally i got a DVD of one of my favorite TV Show, CSI NY, a pair of pants and a nice blanket for on top of my bed as well! 

Merry Christmas!


Tuesday, August 7, 2018

So Sick of This Heat....

              Honestly I hate this heat... It has been HOT and when I said hot, I mean hot, I am talking about in the early 30's and we do not have air conditioning here in the house so it is quite hot, well minus the studio which is in the basement and is quite cool in here everyday in the summer but in the winter its colder and the heater has to go on. But anyways back to this heatwave here in Ontario. It's hard to sleep at night the last couple of nights, to a point I am up till 1 or 2 am EST in the morning and up around 1 pm which sucks. Not because of my back problem its more the heat that doesn't help me with my sleep situation and I was sleeping well before and even during the website work that had already start. Maybe the fact it was too hot in the house it doesn't help but should be cooler the fact I have my fan on full blast.

                 I mean it is frustrating to deal with sleeping in this heat but not only that but it is hard to deal with it during the daytime and trying to stay cool here in the house...  I mean the days that I go out to hang with my friends and have a social life, then I go to the mall and it is more definitely much more better there then here as the Mall has A/C and it truly does keep me cool while I am there but some days, too cool as they blast the AC full blast but hot days like these it is well worth it! I am totally trying to deal with this stinkin' heat and it is tough but I am trying to keep a positive mind of frame throughout this heat and dressing in cooler clothes and not wear dark colors right now as it is not a great idea to wear dark colors. But I am truly hanging in there and I cannot wait for fall to come as that is one of my favorite seasons of the year on top of spring!


Friday, April 22, 2016

Still Sick!

Still sick as ever can be with the coughing, but coughing is getting better which means the cough syrup is slowly working but I gotta remember to take it daily or twice a day, which I haven't been doing much lately. I didn't take it this morning and plan on taking it tonight before and if I end up in bed... My sleep is so screwed up but it will take time for me to sleep normal again! If it isn't tonight, it will be tomorrow that I definitely, as I wont be able to sleep in the morning so I will be staying awake all morning and all day then I shall be ready for sleep that night! All will be good again! I hope... It's cause of the coughing crap that's causing lack of sleep... I am tired so I might lay down for a while.

Anyways, I have been screwing around with my website, and the line that was put in originally has been a troublesome for me and doubling up out of nowhere so I made my own line with program and put it into the site and made it appear on all pages but once, so I hope that gets rid of the glitch if it isn't that, then its the editor giving issues. But I think this issue has been resolved and I moved a majority of the coding out of the way to check for extras of the line and none anywhere. Changed the account password in case of the account got tampered or hacked into. I am taking all per cautions of my account and website, but I doubt it, it would show me the IP it last was logged into, and not seen any changes made.

Finally I probably will vlog but take very little video of me talking tomorrow as I am going to try and rest my voice this weekend. I am going to limit to how much I talk. Sorry guys I need my voice for the rest of the recaps this week.

Talk to you this weekend hopefully.