Wednesday, February 13, 2019

How Have I Managed To Record Podcasts?

              You probably wondering how in the world I am sliding by with getting podcasts recorded? Well it hasn't been easy to get recording as the coughing is the main issue where I could get into a coughing fit and it has happened where I had to either stop recording or edit out me coughing my head off so you guys wouldn't have to hear it. That is definitely the beauty of editing a podcast able to editing out the um's, buts and coughs in my case as you know I am on the slow mend from this cold. I know, I had to cancel my plans to record due to my coughing fit I was going through but I had no other choice but to do that. It's not like it will be going far and yes I realize that it is out on Friday night and we have my niece and nephew and would be nice to have it done so I can spend time with them as I have something to show em. I hate cancelling but it was beyond my control that I was in a coughing fit. Now if I was on video, it would probably be quite more difficult to do as it would be a live podcast. With putting up the audio it could take a while to remove what I mentioned at the top of this post with the and's, um's coughs and buts.

                Either way, nothing stops me unless I am stuck in bed resting like yesterday for primary example. I continue to strive forward sick or not sick, the show must go on and I do not want to disappoint you guys with the podcast. Unless something that happens to me like yesterday then I will not record if I feel weak, tired or the coughing fit. I realize my voice sounds different, deeper as I mentioned on the first podcast that I recorded while sick, almost a week ago now. I know I have made some stupid remarks about my cold but it is who I am, I like to make some stupid jokes about myself and it entertains you guys as well in the process. In the end I am proud of myself for making the effort to try and get podcasts out on time while dealing with a cold. Like the saying goes, the show must go on and that is the way I think of things and trying to keep a very positive attitude.


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