Friday, September 29, 2017

Silent Lake/Haliburton Trip 2017

               So back on Tuesday, I got to go up north and leave everything behind and not worry about anything here at the studio and it was a break to get my head back into game mode as Survivor: Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers was a day away at the time this day trip was worth it and as you read on I will explain more.

               My dad and I left around 10 am EST for those who aren't in the EST timezone but we headed up to Silent Lake Provincial Park with the only stop to fill up with gas and a stop at Country Style for a drink and a treat. We got there in pretty good timing it was about 45 mins from the coffee shop and gas station. We got our day pass and went to our old camp ground site # 127 which for many years we use to reserve each and every year not including one year where we were in a different campsite, if I remember correctly, campsite # 124. After that we went down to the water to the dock and our favorite rock we use to hang out on in the evenings.

               Following that we went to our Rock for a quick swim and you probably thinking are you nuts Chris? No I did put my feet in the water at the dock and it was warmer then it would be in the summer, so yes it was cool but felt really nice and didn't take me long to put my full body in the water.  I found it hard to tread water as I forgot to bring the flippers I usually have when I go swimming, I didn't think about bringing them out then before or the night before the trip. However, I managed I had to go back to the edge if I needed to because I did struggle quite a lot of tread and probably because I haven't done that in about 4 years. Anyways we went to the day beach walked about for a few minutes and the day beach before we left to head south west down to Haliburton for lunch at Mckecks which is a gastro pub. In the way of the fall colors, it is starting to change, however the problem was because of the hot weather so that is what delayed the fall colors actually turning into the beautiful yellow, orange, red bright colors you normally see. I can say it now it has been a temper mental weather with the temperatures and rain we have had this summer and mother nature gave us a longer extended summer weather but the purpose of the trip was to see the color.  


            We traveled through some what of nice colors  on the windy roads of on our way to Haliburton not much to talk about but we saw some really old cars and I am talking about cars from the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's which was really cool. Once we got to Mckecks if you don't know who Walt McKechnie is he was a former Toronto Maple Leaf back in the day,. like in the 60's and 70's. Anyways I got a Cody Burger which consist of a hamburger, obviously, peameal bacon, lettuce, onions and tomato, but I gave my tomato to my dad as I am not a big tomato fan but i will eat it but not too often. We then traveled home and I was tired as heck and slept pretty good until obviously as you know I am writing this in the middle of the night. Anyways I had a good time and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and sorry for a very late post 3 or 4 days later after the trip. I will be posting up a second blog up later on.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Plans For Chris B On The Web In 2017 - 2018

           I have been very quiet about the clear plans for podcasts and interview plans especially as I have been putting together ideas after ideas and to bring out content to you guys and there are numerous ideas that is on the list I'd like to share and if I already have posted this is an updated version of the list of projects I want to work on and collab with a few people on a podcast. Please do note there is no timeline set but this is the plan of attack for the upcoming year once the studio is re-designed and fixed right up. Also events are also added to this blog post as well as things have been updated since the changes in the events I am attending this year, so let's start with the events for 2017 - 2018:


            Oct 14th, 2017: Apple Festival, Bowmanville, Ontario
            Nov 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair
            Nov 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade
            Dec 6th, 2017: Tyrone Farmers Parade
            March 2018: Maple Festival @ Purple Woods (Date TBA)
            May 2018: Maple Festival in Bowmanville (Date TBA)
            Jun 2018: Food Truck Festival (Date TBA)


              - Everything About Reality TV (Off Season Podcast) My top 15 all time Big Brother US Players of All Time (Today @ 9 pm EST)
              - Everything About Reality TV (Season 4 Starts this Thursday, Posted Up @ 9 pm EST)
              - Chris B On The Web Talks Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Coming In 2018)
              - Chris and Jeff Talk Sports Collab Podcast (Coming In 2018)
              - Interview With Jeff Livingstone (Coming In 2018)

               That is the list of upcoming Podcasts/Collabs/Interviews & events and it quite the list of stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and as you can see no "Autism Celebration" as I have officially pulled out of the event due to money issue and the ink cartridge suddenly dying on me when there was ink in it. It was unfortunate that I had to drop out of the event but I will be back at the Autism Celebration next year, bigger and better then ever! I am still waiting on the Media pass for the Royal Winter Fair but I will let you know if I get it or not but will be taking pictures regardless of having it or not. I will be doing another blog post later on about my trip up North for the day.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Do I Have No Regrets Dismantling The CBOTW Team?

           Now this is an odd post and I do not think I've ever covered this since letting go my team that was behind me...  Well Justin Milner and I came to a consensus that we both agreed at this point of everything that has happened to the team the last while for me to go on my own as I honestly didn't have a position or jobs he can do within Chris B On The Web Studios, but I had one when the studio gets re-designed I was going to get him to help me move around but we ended the team before the team broke up entirely but I got a couple of offers to help move the studio around to it's new setup. When 2017 came around, I started to think maybe its it time to go on my own without the help of Justin as the plans with Jeff from the US went up the creek without a paddle. So over the winter and the spring I started to think you know Justin has helped to the best of his ability to get me setup with the podcasts and for success and I think it's gone so well, I am ready to take the next step up and get this studio fixed up and re design the setup of my space. 

             So do I got any regrets? No, not at all. I actually find myself very productive now and able to do things for myself and able to keep organized and caught up on things. I may of been behind several but I persevered and got it done and kept up on the work load day in, day out. I think going on my own was the greatest move I've made and I have no regrets, but I am thankful for the team I once have to keeping me going with the project, YouTube, website, continuing to make quality content, whether I have a team or not, I am becoming a force to be Reckon with. It's not only having a team, its the fans that is keeping me going to this day and I am forever grateful for such amazing supporters and fans. It has been a whirlwind of changes in the last year, changing from YouTube to Blogs and Podcasts, to having no team anymore but I am becoming a pro at being on my own but not only that but showing a lot more independence on my own. I made the big move at the right time and I know you guys back me up 150% also Krissy, Justin Dave and Larry as well. The ERA of having a team may be over but this is not the end of Chris B On The Web.


Saturday, September 23, 2017

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Celebrate's It's 1 Year On The Air!

              2 Year ago today, marks 2 Years that Everything About Reality TV Podcast has been on the air on the Audio ONLY platforms. It is incredible it's lasted this long on the air as it wasn't as long when I did this Podcast on the video side of things from September 2015 to the end of May 2016. The Audio ONLY has been a blessing and a curse. I have had a few problems with things over the course of the last year, such as the issues with Stitcher even though I gave them a chance eventually as you know over the last several months I have moved away from the platform moving to ITunes and back to Player.FM which they were honored that I wanted to return and they featured me on their front page under Reality TV Round-Up which is very very cool to be featured, I take that as a great honor and privilege and I am ever so grateful for this opportunity to be featured! 

               The one thing that has changed is the quality of my sound, I have found the right levels and the levels I am comfortable with but when I was first, I was quite distorted at times and the sound wasn't as smooth as it is now, well I got a condenser Mic now but still got the old faithful Audio Technica PRO 31 which acts the guest mic in the studio here... But as I learned the knobs on the mixer, I figured out the levels and over the winter/spring season, I fixed the intro going into the summer season so as the podcast its progressed and I finally know not to hold off 4 seconds between sentences, I hold for a second then start my next, I have learned so much about podcasting improving each and everyday or recording session I do.  I am forever grateful to have gone so far with the podcast and hope to continue on with the podcasts even if closes down I have the other platforms to go to.

Have a great night!


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Updates & Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule for 2017 - 2018

            This is an update as I am now at the end of the summer season for Everything About Reality TV is pretty much over, even though still got the BB19 Finale Recap to still record but, after today, my main focus after today is to get the website running once again as you know is currently down and I am working day in, day out, but the podcasts and these blog got in the way, but website is the next phase at this point of time to get it back up and running.

              So now what about Everything About Reality TV, what is entailed for the highly successful podcast this fall, winter and spring? Well this is what the timetable sort of looks like, please note Amazing Race 30 is awaiting scheduling but could be fit into the Spring schedule if need be. 

Fall 2017:

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers  Scheduled For Release for Thursdays @ 9 pm EDT (Starting Next Thursday, September 27th, 2017) 

Winter 2018:

Celebrity Big Brother 

Late Winter/Spring 2018:

Survivor 36

Big Brother Canada 6 

Awaiting Scheduling:

Amazing Race 30

                 There is the timetable and once I get dates I will be announcing the dates and schedule for the podcast on here, but that is what the 2017 - 2018 schedule is going to look like right now and it will once again be a busy season as I am gearing up for Survivor Heroes Vs Healers Vs Hustlers starting next week!


Ukrainian & Polish Festival 2017

               I know I am late on blogs and right now due to my very hectic schedule and catching up on podcasts and I have decided that blog posts for right now will be sporadically until the website is back up and running and this is one of the toughest decisions I had to make with Chris B On The Web but it is what it is right now.

                 So with that now out of the way as you know I went to the Ukrainian and Polish Festival and it was so much fun to go to in the past, I had to return to it. One good thing about it is I didn't get pushed about like I did in the Greek Festival and people telling to move. We started at the Ukrainian Festival in the Bloor Village. Was a busy festival, more busier then it has been years ago when we were there the last time. The food was so amazing, had Chicken Shish Kebab, note it wasn't breaded like a normal Shish Kebab is, however it tasted sooo good, it practically fell apart and melted in my mouth, it was cooked perfect. On top of the chicken kebabs, I had perogies with potato and cheese and it was so good as well. My dad and I saw the parade which was part of the opening ceremonies of the festival, the outfits were so beautiful, the music I absolutely loved, I felt like I got a taste of what living in Ukraine is like. 

After that we took a detour through my dad's old neighbor where he grew up as a kid as we had plenty of time to spare between festivals for travel time so we took a detour down to Roncesville. When we got there it was packed and different from years ago... We saw some awesome old cars, Oldsmobile, Mustang, you name it! We crossed the street into the festival and as we started heading south in the village of Roncesville and first thing that struck my attention was the Polish desserts and I haven't had a dessert in a long time, due to my on-going diet right now to get below 200 pounds and nowhere close, currently at 220 pounds at the moment. So my dad and I agreed to come back and grab a donut on our way to the streetcar and I will get to it shortly. We stopped at the first of 2 stages where a group playing polka music and also had people dancing and I was getting into the dancing mood with the polka music. We continue on walking at the festival and we stopped at the second stage they had set up at the festival which had more dancing and of course I took pictures during the festival. Just love the dancing in the festival and I would love to learn the dances as I absolutely love the music as well. My late Aunts Margaret and Maria are from Slovakia and my Aunt Maria told me she can walk into Poland as the town she is from is right at the border of Poland, I had to share that little story with you guys in today's blog. Finally we got to the end of the village and we went back up on the other side of the street and back up to grab some food.  What did we grab for an early dinner, well since we got perogies and kebabs my dad had a Polish sausage and Latke which a potato pancake is called in 
Europe. Now you are going to ask me, how was it, it was delicious! It tasted so good, just like food you make at home from scratch... One thing I wish they had was mustard for the sausage but its OK, it was fine without the mustard, I cannot be picky. In conclusion I had a really good time and I was tired by the time I got home and I was ready to hit the hay by the time I was home. I again apologize for not posting up sooner, as you know I was trying to catch up on podcasts and of course my ailing needs major attention and repairs. I will be talking about it more later in a update blog post and the schedule for Everything About Reality TV. Speaking of that #EverythingAboutRealityTV is currently trending on Twitter which is amazing. But thank you for your patience during these hard rough patches Chris B Is Going Through and I will be posting up another one later.

Have a good night,


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Had To Pull Out of An Event & So Much Is Going On Right Now!

          First of all this really stinks! So much going on for Chris B On The Web, setbacks after setbacks, after setbacks. First of all what do I mean by this? Well, I had to bail out of an event due to the ink cartridge suddenly dying and it would cost me a bit of money to get replaced. It is the little things that is draining my money to get ready for this event and I feel so bad  for bailing out but I pretty much ran out of money on the budget, so I kind of screwed myself over in the process. That is how bad things are going for me at this point of time.

          The next thing is as you know "CBOTW" has no more group since people aka haters wanna report my posts as "spam" when it isn't spam, I am posting information for people to know what is going on with Chris B On The Web and I have my ideas who it could be and I am not letting the haters get the worse out of me either. My primary focus now is Twitter and Google Plus and as you know I only post up on Google Plus the most important things as Twitter I can post what I want but not like messages by the second, I try to space out my posts by a few minutes. So one less social media I have at this point of time. Yes I am not one bit happy with the fact that I lost my group to wrongful reports of spam when it wasn't spam. I should of kept it a private group this way nothing got reported and would of been only the members that could report as if the group was totally a secret to my friends nobody can find it or post so I should of done that, but I wanted it to be available to all the fans out there. I should of really known better.

            Finally is the icing on the cake to all this bullcrap in the last 12 hours or so is my website sub menu deciding to not work and we all know it is the web builder. The good news the sub menu problem has been fixed but the website will need to be re-build so this means more work for em and the list is on and on and on of stuff to fix, pretty much I gotta fix the mistakes and I am actually improving the way Everything About Reality TV will be in the way of feeds, as you know I have to transfer feeds each and every season which isn't a problem but thinking of having the one feed for each season that would be the only one to be updated this way there isn't too many pages to click on but yet I am quite content with the way it is right now but it is an idea but you guys are use to the current state of the feeds and how it goes but there is always room for improvement but at this point. That is my update and there will be another blog post later on today to talk about the Ukrainian/Polish Festival I went to yesterday. 


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Announcements For Chris B On The Web &

          As you guys know, we had a chat on the go, but the person, no names mentioned, well they got too busy and also I gave ideas but wasn't taken in consideration for the chat, so the chat project is no more and no plan to reconcile it at any point. I truly feel like having a chat will become a bit of a pain with the trolls and deal with drama again like I did back on the days of but those days are done and I know there is a slim chance in re-building the community. My theory behind it is I can't trust anyone to help me mod as I was screwed over by my Moderator Staff in the past. So that is the first update, this entire chat/community chat plan is now done! No plans to build a community at this point. I am quite content on the way the website looks currently. 

            The next update, I had to postpone the collabs here in the studio with Jeff Livingstone until the studio is fixed up and hoping to fix it up by next year so I can have a nice looking studio, not what it looks like currently which is an appalling mess. I decided to not do a collab bring in guests for the 1 year anniversary as the studio needs some renovations to be done before I have anymore in here. 

              As for the 1 year and doing something but more from me, the boss man of Everything About Reality TV and it will actually be a preview podcast for Survivor Heroes, Healers and Hustlers season which is only 17 days away from it's premiere so the Friday the 22nd, the actual anniversary date will have a in depth look at this upcoming season and what is in stored for this season. I am not making a big deal of the podcast being On The Air for a year, I am glad its lasted this long and hope it will be around for years to come! 

             As you probably notice I put interviews, podcasts, collab podcasts under a new tab name called On Demand as you know its "On Demand" and easy to access and this way if another page is to be added I have enough room to add it to the website at anytime. 

            Now in the way of Everything About Reality TV being behind, I will be doing a major catch up tomorrow in getting the podcasts back on track so here is this weeks schedule:

Tuesday (Tuesday, September 12th, 2017): Recorded In The Morning, Released Big Brother 19 Week # 10 RECAP @ 6 pm EDT

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017: Amazing Race Canada 5, EP # 11 (Season Finale) Recording In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

Friday, September 15th, 2017: Big Brother 19 Week # 11- Recorded In The Morning, Released @ 8 pm EDT

             There is your schedule and I ensure you guys I will prevail and stay on schedule this week, this is a new week and I got a plan, hopefully this works out better. Have a great night!


Saturday, September 9, 2017

My Vacation 2017- Part 2

 I know I am extremely late on blog posts lately catching up on both podcasts and blogs and planning to promote Chris B On The Web at an event but here is the last part of of my vacation, so I do apologize for the blog's delayed.


            So Day 3 of my holiday was probably one of the most hectic days for me on the vacation but was fun and a lot of exercise involved on this day. So after breakfast we went out to Bruce Peninsula National Park and trust me, had a heck of a time trying to find it, we literally passed by it and it seemed like we were heading home without our tent which was back at camp. Don't worry we ended up turning back around and very quickly and headed back north towards Tobermory. We were worried we weren't going to find it, so we planned on going back getting the stove to do lunch at Singing Sands Beach, however we managed to find the Bruce Peninsula Park. What was good about the park, as you know we just celebrated Canada's 150th Birthday this year and a day pass was free of charge so was so nice of the government to do that for us Canadians. However we had a time limit between 7 and 11 am to be at the Grotto and usually we do not spend a lot of time at the grotto, usually an hour at the most. The water at the Grotto, my body went into total shock and found it hard to breath at times swimming around. We found a frog hanging out on the rock I tried to pick it up but it hopped between some rocks. 

          After the Grotto and we went back to the car we went back to the camp to grab some lunch, followed by that we to Singing Sands Beach to hike and look for Rattlesnakes which we did not see any snakes compare to several years ago, probably since I was still in college at the time. So in total by the end of the hike we have accumulated 5 KM in total for our hike. Was very rewarding to hike that far in a day! Plus my weight maintained at 220 pounds and one of the reasons there hasn't been monthly updates on my weight loss progress as I have maintained at 220 or gone up a bit. So back to vacation talk on this blog, we went for a swim and was really more dunk your head under and get wet as the sand bars go from shallow to deep to shallow again, so it is hard to have an actual swim unless you keep on walking out further out which can take quite sometime.                                                                                  

          So the evening we went out to a local fish place and ordered out dinner, local white fish and chips which was sooo good. It had the skin which sealed in the flavor in the breaded fish. We sat down at the Ferry docks to eat and afterwards we sat over on the rock for a while and watched the Chi-Cheemaun come in and of course we went to town to watch it leave. The final day was the windiest day of them all and  the waves were huge as demonstrated in the picture on the right hand side of the post. I know that doesn't stop the ferry from running but the cruise boats were obviously cancelled and I took a picture of me next to one of the boats I took a cruise on when I was younger.

 So we watched the Chi-Cheemaun depart and we were on our way home with a stop at Blue Mountain for a round of mini golf and a Meathead Pizza, so it was a fun filled trip and it truly felt good to be home and its been hard to come back to all of this but slowly re-adjusting to things again. One last picture below is the mini golf course I played, it was quite a challenge too!

Have a Great Night!


Sunday, September 3, 2017

I'm Back From Vacation!

            After 4 days of being away, I am back home! I do refreshed and raring to go! Despite recent drama the day I return home from holidays an old friend from decided to turn on me, but whatever I got plenty of friends. Only broadcasting friend that is left I have is Santiago at the moment.  Anyways I am now back and in this blog I am going to talk about the trip to the shortest extent as possible, however I am putting it into 2 parts, Day 1 & 2 today and Day 3 & 4 tomorrow to split things up as it is a lot of information to put out there in a blog post!

             I left bright and early on the Monday with church in the morning followed by breakfast at Tim Horton's. Then the fun began with travel for 6 hours or a bit more. Mind you I won't bore you with the details of the travel, mainly I wrote on my pad of paper with ideas in my mind, keeping track of what I did on the trip. Read a book on the War of 1812, so it was pretty much boring stuff I did, which is very uninteresting to you guys anyways. So we were officially on Manitoulin Island and close to the ferry boat. We went on the way to our campground for the night, had a very easy dinner, chicken and potatoes which is traditional dinner we have when we go year after year.  After dinner we were out to the beach and sat out on the beach, went for a walk, had a good time. 

             On Day 2, was a big day, we had breakfast, was the quickest one ever, we cleaned up and went for a walk on the board walk and some some murals in town. Then we packed up camp and drove on to South Baymouth with a stop at the marina nearby in Providence Bay. Once we got there, we went to a local art gallery and looked around, followed by lunch at the local restaurant, I had a triple Decker grilled cheese sandwich, small side of french fries. After that we went to the marina and the walk way and went out to the lighthouse for a peak and found a rock I decided to keep that reminded me of the Flower Pots on Flower Pot Island, which mind you I cannot find it now... I went up on a higher platform and was so gorgeous! Finally we went back to the car and drove onto the M.S. Chi-Cheemaun! Travel wise it was a tiny bit rough but I didn't really care it was rough, I like to rough so to speak, ha-ha! We arrived and we got a few things from the store as we needed milk and wieners (Hot Dogs) as we were planning on having it for lunch the very next day which will be in tomorrow's blog. After that we went to camp, setup for the next 30 - 37 hours camping in Tobermory. The evening, we went on a Sunset Cruise and was so much fun and the sunset itself was absolutely gorgeous! It was well worth taking a holiday away from the podcasts, blogs and websites. Finally in Saturday's blog I will be covering the last two days on my trip and it will be a lot more fun and activities going on.  I apologize for the latest of blogs recently, I will start blogging more, don't worry. 

Have a great night!