Sunday, September 24, 2017

Do I Have No Regrets Dismantling The CBOTW Team?

           Now this is an odd post and I do not think I've ever covered this since letting go my team that was behind me...  Well Justin Milner and I came to a consensus that we both agreed at this point of everything that has happened to the team the last while for me to go on my own as I honestly didn't have a position or jobs he can do within Chris B On The Web Studios, but I had one when the studio gets re-designed I was going to get him to help me move around but we ended the team before the team broke up entirely but I got a couple of offers to help move the studio around to it's new setup. When 2017 came around, I started to think maybe its it time to go on my own without the help of Justin as the plans with Jeff from the US went up the creek without a paddle. So over the winter and the spring I started to think you know Justin has helped to the best of his ability to get me setup with the podcasts and for success and I think it's gone so well, I am ready to take the next step up and get this studio fixed up and re design the setup of my space. 

             So do I got any regrets? No, not at all. I actually find myself very productive now and able to do things for myself and able to keep organized and caught up on things. I may of been behind several but I persevered and got it done and kept up on the work load day in, day out. I think going on my own was the greatest move I've made and I have no regrets, but I am thankful for the team I once have to keeping me going with the project, YouTube, website, continuing to make quality content, whether I have a team or not, I am becoming a force to be Reckon with. It's not only having a team, its the fans that is keeping me going to this day and I am forever grateful for such amazing supporters and fans. It has been a whirlwind of changes in the last year, changing from YouTube to Blogs and Podcasts, to having no team anymore but I am becoming a pro at being on my own but not only that but showing a lot more independence on my own. I made the big move at the right time and I know you guys back me up 150% also Krissy, Justin Dave and Larry as well. The ERA of having a team may be over but this is not the end of Chris B On The Web.


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