Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Plans For Chris B On The Web In 2017 - 2018

           I have been very quiet about the clear plans for podcasts and interview plans especially as I have been putting together ideas after ideas and to bring out content to you guys and there are numerous ideas that is on the list I'd like to share and if I already have posted this is an updated version of the list of projects I want to work on and collab with a few people on a podcast. Please do note there is no timeline set but this is the plan of attack for the upcoming year once the studio is re-designed and fixed right up. Also events are also added to this blog post as well as things have been updated since the changes in the events I am attending this year, so let's start with the events for 2017 - 2018:


            Oct 14th, 2017: Apple Festival, Bowmanville, Ontario
            Nov 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair
            Nov 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade
            Dec 6th, 2017: Tyrone Farmers Parade
            March 2018: Maple Festival @ Purple Woods (Date TBA)
            May 2018: Maple Festival in Bowmanville (Date TBA)
            Jun 2018: Food Truck Festival (Date TBA)


              - Everything About Reality TV (Off Season Podcast) My top 15 all time Big Brother US Players of All Time (Today @ 9 pm EST)
              - Everything About Reality TV (Season 4 Starts this Thursday, Posted Up @ 9 pm EST)
              - Chris B On The Web Talks Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Coming In 2018)
              - Chris and Jeff Talk Sports Collab Podcast (Coming In 2018)
              - Interview With Jeff Livingstone (Coming In 2018)

               That is the list of upcoming Podcasts/Collabs/Interviews & events and it quite the list of stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and as you can see no "Autism Celebration" as I have officially pulled out of the event due to money issue and the ink cartridge suddenly dying on me when there was ink in it. It was unfortunate that I had to drop out of the event but I will be back at the Autism Celebration next year, bigger and better then ever! I am still waiting on the Media pass for the Royal Winter Fair but I will let you know if I get it or not but will be taking pictures regardless of having it or not. I will be doing another blog post later on about my trip up North for the day.


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