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Saturday, May 7, 2022

Maple Festival- Bowmanville, Ontario!


              Well, well, well, it has been a long time since I have been to an event especially with my dad. I can tell you guys this I was nervous being in a bigger crowd and I know not everyone was masked and I didn't have mine on but we were outside and it is a ton safer. Anyways it wasn't as busy as before, I mean in the past, 3 years ago at the last Maple Festival in Bomwanville. There was a lot of local businesses out and Bowmanville has changed so much since before this pandemic and honestly I have only been through the town twice before today and didn't really get a chance to see it. Lots of places to eat, the Loaded Perogi place which I will have to try next time around as I love Perogies and a big fan of it since I am part Slovak I absolutely love it!               

There was a fudge place from all the way up in Bruce County which is pretty much Tobermory area where I use to and will be going up to at the end of this summer with my dad. So many different places. Even the local politians were there from Conserative Party of Canada and one from the Provincial Liberal party (sorry to get a bit political but it is nice to see then and Erin was the leader of his party up to the last 6 months. I even ran into a fellow bowler that I use to bowl with, it was nice to see her and she picked me out pretty quickly from the crowd. We kept out distance which was good. All in all, was a nice outing, we bused it out from our area which two two buses to get there and back home again. Anyways that is my bonus post for this Saturday, again Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there and I will speak to you all on Monday!


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Maple Festival 2019!

             So I was back out and about once again to another event or function as this is now the start of the busy season for me has started. However like I said back in the beginning of the year, I did take some of the events out but that's not the point of this post. The point is I once again attended the Maple Festival 2019 locally here. I did manage to go last year and I know I missed the fall event in the little town. We were really surprised how busy the street was and last year at this time it was busy last year as well. So we arrived in Bowmanville and we started at the far end of the festival and we already pinpointed our lunch which was hot dogs and we always get one every year when we end up going to the event each and every year. 

The next thing we saw was some entertainment by the former bank which is right now something else at the moment.  We saw Maple Syrup, Honey, fudge stands, a place you can measure yourself which I should of done it for the heck of it to see if I really shrunk that much at 33 years of age. LOL! Anyways they also had rides the Ferris wheel. Also had toffee and I believe they were giving small handouts of fudge and I just didn't get a chance to snatch one for myself or technically I could of shared it with my mom as she loves her fudge but we already know she has her fudge still from 
what I gave her back at Easter time. We looked at Norm's Deli and busy as heck! Always nice to see the deli hustle and bustling with ton of people.

So also Tyrone Mills was there and you probably remember me doing a post about the Farmers Tractor Parade which I did not attend due to it being my birthday. They have their infamous donuts which is soooo good. They also have their really good tarts and also Apple Cider which they use to do right there at the Mill but they haven't done that in years but still very good cider one way or another. Also the fire department was there with one of their trucks for the kids. Finally I got to grab a cream horn which is a pastry with cream in it and I had it at Easter and it is really good! Also we grabbed some lunch and we had the dessert after to what we got from the coffee shop which is my dad's stomping grounds every Saturday mornings. Anyways it was a fun time and it was nice to be out of my stuffy studio after being stuck in for the past 10 weeks since Big Brother Canada began it's 7th season so I was able to get out of the studio for 2 hours.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Bowmanville Maple Fest 2018!

              Yesterday, I got to go to the Maple Fest in Bowmanville with my dad before I spent time with my niece and nephew and I always go to this event every year, I believe I did not go last year but made up for it this year. Today also marked this as the first local event or event in Ontario this year. There is plenty of more events to come and I will be announcing it at the start of next week to the events I will be attending this year in the way of Chris B On The Web related. 

              So first impressions were I was excited to be going back to events just because I love to blog about it, the adventures, what I saw, what there is to do. We got there, there was the fire truck displayed and what a fire truck it was! It really has changed since the first ever fire truck came out back in the day! Of course we saw a fire truck coming our way probably was heading to a call and it wasn't red, it looked like a black fire truck and I thought the fire trucks are suppose to be red? Maybe it was too far away from us where we were standing at the time.                         

They also had vendors as well, lamps, they had entertainment in two areas of the street, one in the middle and at the east end of the event as well. I took a picture but I don't think it turned out very well but I managed to try and get a picture but I didn't see it when I processed the pictures but I will look through the images again to see. There was food too, BBQ, Hot dogs, sausages. My dad and I have a Potato Tornado which is potatoes on a stick. Can have Sea Salt, Buffalo flavored, sour cream or Dill. Was delicious to eat and I wanna try the sour cream flavor as I  am one for sour cream when I eat my potatoes, baked potatoes mainly. So I definitely will try that next time we have a tornado potato. When I look at it, it does look like a tornado when you look at the stick from the top to the bottom of the stick. Yes I snapped the stick in half after I was finished eating.

Finally I enjoyed my time at the Maple Fest and looking forward to the next one which is the Food Truck  which is the day before the Old Car Festival which is in June, the date for the Food Truck Friday, June 15th, 2018 and I will be attending it this year, however the old car festival will be a no go but there is other car festival here in Oshawa coming this summer to look forward to going to, so I am not worried at all about missing it but I loved going to the Bowmanville one because of the old Edsel Car but it is what it is and I just gotta deal with it.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Chris B On The Web 2018 (Updated As Well!)

          So today's blog post consists of the schedule and outline of the upcoming New Year for Chris B On The Web and had to take out a couple of things on the list as it wasn't doable so I am doing what is best for me and my website. After all I am the Owner/Founder/CEO, whatever you wanna call me or consider my role with Chris B On The Web and I have to remember I came into a no team situation with a goal to be a solo podcaster/blogger, the website has grown tremendously, added Larry as an Alumni Blogger and more. Without further ado here is the schedule in the way of content for 2018:

January 2018: Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 5)

February/March 2018: Everything About Reality TV 100th Episode Recording

March 2018: Everything About Reality TV (Season 6) Starts up!
May 2018: Everything About Reality TV Off Season Podcasts Recorded With Special Guest!
                    Maple Festival, Bowmanville

June 2018: Interview with Jeff L from here Ontario; Gaming Talk Podcast                                           
                    Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 7)                                       
                    Food Truck Festival, Bowmanville

                    CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Talk (3 part podcast series)

  September 2018: Everything About Reality TV Starts back up! (Season 8) (INCLUDING the RETURN of Hell's Kitchen Recaps!)

                                Ukrainian/Polish Festival, Toronto Ontario

October 2018: CBOTW Presents: Power Rangers: Zeo Talk Podcast

                          Apple Festival, Bowmanville

November 2018: The Royal Winter Fair 2018

                              Oshawa Santa Claus Parade


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Plans For Chris B On The Web In 2017 - 2018

           I have been very quiet about the clear plans for podcasts and interview plans especially as I have been putting together ideas after ideas and to bring out content to you guys and there are numerous ideas that is on the list I'd like to share and if I already have posted this is an updated version of the list of projects I want to work on and collab with a few people on a podcast. Please do note there is no timeline set but this is the plan of attack for the upcoming year once the studio is re-designed and fixed right up. Also events are also added to this blog post as well as things have been updated since the changes in the events I am attending this year, so let's start with the events for 2017 - 2018:


            Oct 14th, 2017: Apple Festival, Bowmanville, Ontario
            Nov 5th, 2017: The Royal Winter Fair
            Nov 18th, 2017: Oshawa Santa Claus Parade
            Dec 6th, 2017: Tyrone Farmers Parade
            March 2018: Maple Festival @ Purple Woods (Date TBA)
            May 2018: Maple Festival in Bowmanville (Date TBA)
            Jun 2018: Food Truck Festival (Date TBA)


              - Everything About Reality TV (Off Season Podcast) My top 15 all time Big Brother US Players of All Time (Today @ 9 pm EST)
              - Everything About Reality TV (Season 4 Starts this Thursday, Posted Up @ 9 pm EST)
              - Chris B On The Web Talks Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Coming In 2018)
              - Chris and Jeff Talk Sports Collab Podcast (Coming In 2018)
              - Interview With Jeff Livingstone (Coming In 2018)

               That is the list of upcoming Podcasts/Collabs/Interviews & events and it quite the list of stuff coming up for Chris B On The Web and as you can see no "Autism Celebration" as I have officially pulled out of the event due to money issue and the ink cartridge suddenly dying on me when there was ink in it. It was unfortunate that I had to drop out of the event but I will be back at the Autism Celebration next year, bigger and better then ever! I am still waiting on the Media pass for the Royal Winter Fair but I will let you know if I get it or not but will be taking pictures regardless of having it or not. I will be doing another blog post later on about my trip up North for the day.