Saturday, May 7, 2022

Maple Festival- Bowmanville, Ontario!


              Well, well, well, it has been a long time since I have been to an event especially with my dad. I can tell you guys this I was nervous being in a bigger crowd and I know not everyone was masked and I didn't have mine on but we were outside and it is a ton safer. Anyways it wasn't as busy as before, I mean in the past, 3 years ago at the last Maple Festival in Bomwanville. There was a lot of local businesses out and Bowmanville has changed so much since before this pandemic and honestly I have only been through the town twice before today and didn't really get a chance to see it. Lots of places to eat, the Loaded Perogi place which I will have to try next time around as I love Perogies and a big fan of it since I am part Slovak I absolutely love it!               

There was a fudge place from all the way up in Bruce County which is pretty much Tobermory area where I use to and will be going up to at the end of this summer with my dad. So many different places. Even the local politians were there from Conserative Party of Canada and one from the Provincial Liberal party (sorry to get a bit political but it is nice to see then and Erin was the leader of his party up to the last 6 months. I even ran into a fellow bowler that I use to bowl with, it was nice to see her and she picked me out pretty quickly from the crowd. We kept out distance which was good. All in all, was a nice outing, we bused it out from our area which two two buses to get there and back home again. Anyways that is my bonus post for this Saturday, again Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there and I will speak to you all on Monday!


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