Tuesday, June 30, 2020

We Have To Address This....

                The last week has been so dramatic to be honest. Not just that but disrespect not just Chris but myself as well. It has gotten to a point where we had to start removing things off the website to avoid the extra drama to be honest. What do I mean? Well the chats that were on the site here are now gone and will not be returning anytime soon. More then likely it will never return. Chris is so stressed out with this drama, he's had to take an additional day hence the reason why I am back on the blog. I've told him to take his time with coming back and he's actually switched tomorrow's post 2 or 3 times now with recent news that he has heard about BB22 (Big Brother 22) so he is hoping to discuss that tomorrow. However back to what I said, we the staff of ChrisBOnTheWeb & ChrisBOnTheWeb.com will not tolerate any type of disrespect of drama moving forward. We do not need the Owner taking breaks all the time as there is a ton of work to be done especially with The CBOTW Show that is suppose to be recorded as of this upcoming month so time is ticking and he was up late watching the show and getting notes done for this podcast so he can start typing up notes for the podcast.

                    The point is, we will ban if we have to if the drama is non stop and continues to a point of any of us feel like we've been disrespected or drama we will ban but it is is hard to ban as we do not have that privilege with blogger to ban people from coming on our site but comments will be sent to spam from here on out. We're putting 0 tolerance for any disrespect and drama. I'm sorry but I'm beyond frustrated not just for myself, the team and our Founder & Owner, Chris who had to take more time off from social so he can just focus on the podcasts at hand. Enough is enough. Chris, myself and the rest of the team puts a ton of hours into the website and content you see on a regular basis and we sure as heck do not wanna have to deal with any of this anymore. I'm sorry if I'm coming off a little harsh but I had to address this so you guys know there will be 0 tolerance for disrespect and drama. I will talk to you all Sunday for the weekly updates and let's hope the rest of this week remains calm and cool and no more problem.

- Website Admin

Monday, June 29, 2020

Everything About Reality TV, Shows & The YouTube Situation

              So obviously Chris is unavailable today for a post and there is a reason. As I specified on Social Media he's been under an enormous amount of stress but it don't stop him on his goals and aspirations with the website, blogs and podcasts. In this post and he has given me entire permission to go ahead and talk about this. However this hasn't been discussed with the team, Co-Founder/Senior Producer and the other hosts haven't been notified of his plan but he will be posting this up during the daytime today for discussion. 

-  Now we aren't worrying about Big Brother 22 too much but if they somehow decide to not do it then YouTube will be continuing on the back burner but for the most part it sounds like there will be a season but he has something in the planned in case of a worse case scenario situation.

- Now the fall is the next thing and a ton of questions what does this mean for YouTube and he has a few scenarios if Survivor doesn't air this fall and we hope so but there is no news when they are going to start filming the next season at this moment.

- First scenario: Chris has decided if Big Brother 22 is a no go for some odd reason and Survivor is a no go in the fall, then what the plan is for him to remain off YouTube and wait it out till one of the shows that we cover that does air on YouTube that will be the more suitable situation.

- Second scenario: If Big Brother 22 airs this summer as it sounds like it is a most definite go despite the state of the pandemic in the U.S. Then what he will be doing is, in the fall when Amazing Race 32 airs, he will record both Video and Audio ONLY and upload it to YouTube for the time being and there will be no Live stream, just uploaded as we're just starting out on the Video side of things right now.

              There is what is going to be happening and Chris should be back to blogging tomorrow as he's taking it easy right now and that is his plan with the podcast and again he will be working on discussing this with his staff more then less letting them know what the plan is. It took a bit of time to decide what he wanted to do but he's finally made this decision moving forward.


Sunday, June 28, 2020

ChrisBOnTheWeb Updates for 06-28-2020

                This is our last update for the month of June as we're heading into the month of July already. So there has been a lot of issues around our community and drama which mind you is unacceptable but I will talk about it in today's post.

Everything About Reality TV-  Only thing we can tell you as we are hiring for Amazing Race and Amazing Race Canada and other show which you can apply by going here:
https://form.jotform.com/201782407842052 Also boss man Chris recorded the Tough As Nails Preview and doesn't feel too confident on it but time will tell if we get listeners for this show. He feels like he's taking a big risk or gamble but that is how he is.

Website- There was so much drama here on the website which mind you is unacceptable. Disrespect towards me or Chris or the rest of the team will not be tolerated whatsoever. We had to ban our first individual which we do not wanna ban too much but rules are rules and inexcusable for not following our terms or guidelines.  We also have decided to permanently remove chats from the website due to drama so there will be no chat on the website from here on out. We're trying to simplify things for not just us but Chris as well.

The CBOTW Show- Only thing I can say is feeds are now active and Chris is working on Wild Force and hopes to finish it next week so he can type up notes and record with Larry.

               Not much in updates this week, just the usual and most updates are about the website itself but right now not much to report back to you guys on with the website at this point really. It has been very quiet recently, especially around CBOTW HQ, I'm sure.  I'm sure if there's updates he will be sure to let us know but for the most part nothing to really say elsewhere on what I said and I will talk to you guys next week.


Saturday, June 27, 2020

As of Tomorrow, We Are Moving Blogs To 11 AM EST!

                  As of tomorrow, Sunday, June 28th, 2020, we are officially moving our Blog posts back to 11 am EST as we originally had it when we first started scheduling daily blog posts. I think this is the best decision for us. I know we said that we would be switching back times but we just totally forgotten we announced it and went through with it hence the reason why we are announcing it today so you guys know. As I said Sunday, we are making the blog post released at 11 am EST which is only an hour back of the current schedule for the podcast. Anyways I think this will open a ton of doors for other projects as we are trying to be flexible with scheduling as much as we can and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to actually bring it back an hour. Also I was gonna do this when Entertainment Man Podcast was still on the air back nearly 3 months ago when it abruptly ended so that was the original reason behind it but now I just wanna make sure hosts and projects have the most appropriate scheduling time slot.

                 It will not be me on Sunday's post with the change over of times as that is usually my day off from CBOTW Blog posts most of the time but I start with the new time on Monday and boy I have a couple of gaming related updates to make too and excited to make the updates. Also got a couple of ideas, including when do I wanna start going to events in 2021 which will be a difficult one to write. I think we got more views in the late morning for the blog posts then at the normal 12 pm EST time slot. I promise you guys this change will not change ever again and it will remain as it is moving forward from here on out. I wanna try and stick to the same schedule with things but sometimes we have to make changes that we don't like but it is what it is to be honest. Anyways there is my post for today and I hope you guys are fine with this change of times for the blog and I'm sorry we didn't go with the changes originally but we just totally forgotten about the change over all together. Anyways I am excited for these changes to tjeblog posts moving forward.


Friday, June 26, 2020

Survivor & Big Brother Canada 9 On Hold, Amazing Race Canada To Air Next Year!

                 So much going on and this nightmare is far from over. Yes I am making reference to "Everything About Reality TV Podcast."  Yeah it's not been the greatest year for the podcast and I will get into that on another post on Friday here on the blog. Today I wanna talk about some of the Reality TV Shows I watch and also cover on the podcast. Anyways here is what is going on:

Survivor 41: I know it has been in doubt when they will be bringing back Survivor. I had word they were going to start filming it but now what I heard last it is now on hold which I found out from another fellow podcaster of mine. So I wonder and hope they get time to at least film Survivor 41 for this fall so this doesn't hurt my podcast whatsoever.

Big Brother Canada 9: What I have heard is they are putting Big Brother Canada on hold according to Big Brother Maple and MyIClick which you can find https://myiclicktv.com/big-brother-canada-9-fans-react-to-news-season-9-on-hold/ or http://bigbrothermaple.com/bbcan9-placed-on-hold for the entire article. However they are not sure they will be able to afford to air it as they are highly depend on sponsors etc but anyways you can read about it in the two articles I sourced on here. Yes I am sad to see this happen and I will again address why on the Friday post.

Amazing Race Canada 8: Finally on the list is Amazing Race Canada which they recently announced on their social media that they will be back next year for Amazing Race Canada 8 so this means they aren't able to film the show this year due to this Pandemic.  However this is why I already have Tough As Nails and hopefully one other show but I am fine with this but I understand why. 

             I know it took them sometime to announce but least we are now getting some news on the shows we love and watch. However we are still awaiting on Big Brother 22 and I just hope Big Brother 22 happens so this won't end up losing listeners especially with our Reality TV Podcast. It is frustrating indeed to have all this spare time of no Reality TV Show so I am trying to make the best of my time to be honest.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Today Marks 1K in Blog Posts!

                    Well today marks 1000 blog posts or 1K if you wanna be totally politically correct... LOL. Anyways when we first started these posts it was here and there on the website and this was just the start so we weren't on the full time or daily blog posts and I couldn't really tell you when we started the full time blogging on a regular basis. However when we did we were very consistent with posting on on a regular basis actually. Yes we did miss a couple of days here and there and we're not trying for a world record but to have this many posts over the years since the beginning of Chris B On The Web almost 6 years ago we sure made up the time. I want to go through all the posts and I know that's a lot but I will be able to find it and pin point where we started and it definitely can be a post for next week and I will write it on my white board as a reminder of to do this post.

                   This isn't going to be overly a long post as I was rushed as I had an dentist appointment today but I want to thank you. Thank-you for sticking by us over the years, remaining loyal to our website, the podcasts and the growing pains we have experienced here on the website through the thick and thin of things with the website. Here is to many more blog posts as we are nowhere near stopping the daily blog content on a regular basis. As long as you guys continue to read the posts, we will continue to create new and exciting posts. We enjoy keeping you guys up to date with the progress of the website and the growth and we have some neat things in the works that we are planning to bring back to the website that we recently removed. We got ton more exciting blog posts coming next week with a ton more updates especially in my gaming world as I just recently made it. So you guys can see we're not slowing down we are full speed ahead.

Chris, Founder & Owner of ChrisBOnTheWeb

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mixer Shutting Down-- My Thoughts?

           This came sudden to me with the announcement for Mixer streaming website and I was honestly shocked. I know recently I have had my own feelings about the website but will not talk bad about them as it was a really good website up to me being banned for apparently being under 13 years of age which all of you clearly know that I am not. I was reading into their blog post and did not understand why they were closing and it doesn't  really explain why it is shutting down but here's the article: https://blog.mixer.com/2020/06/22/the-next-step-for-mixer/  however I do not understand why. In my opinion it is truly sad to see another website closed. First Stickam which I grew up with, then BlogTV.com then Justin.TV, Stream.me and so forth. This does mean that streamers will either have to go to Facebook gaming as it says in the post or some go back to Twitch, YouTube or another website. I know how it feels to go from site to site, I've been there as some was the perfect fit for me some weren't. It is wherever you are most comfortable streaming to be honest/

            However I have to remain positive with this post and I have to say thank-you to the Mixer Team for being there for us gaming content creators and helping us grow as creators and grow our community and help us succeed in creating our own community and building. We understand why you have to close down and I remember when it first opened and trust me I was most impressed with the way it looked and I loved the way the chat looked and the name colors rather then a badge for a rank on your chat or even subscriber and I really liked that they were different from other platforms.  I may not be streaming games anymore but still support gaming sites even without it as I watch streamers like Taran from Rob Has A Podcast, Kevin from Big Brother Canada, Boogie2988, McJuggernuggets. Also still streaming our podcast on YouTube eventually. However thank you for reading what I have to say and stayed positive throughout the post and I will see you in the next post tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Changes and Announcements

           Over the last couple of days so much has happened since Mark announced what was going with Chris B On The Web. So this is I guess is another update and you know I love to keep you guys in the loop on things, so this is why this is yet another update 2 days later. So here are the updates:

Website:  Chats been moved to a single tab as the Big Brother idea probably will not work out so we will have one general chatroom called "Lounge" which is now active and open to the public. Yes we actually did open it to guests if you choose to not make an account but we still encourage it. However if guests get too rowdy like before and this is years ago then we will go back to where you have to login.  Also we've added the Live (YouTube) on our website with coming soon. Also CBOTW Gamers Podcast was removed and The CBOTW Show is under Other Podcasts and I will get to that shortly on this post why we removed it and moved the podcasts I mentioned. 

Everything About Reality TV: Myself, Larry (Our Co-Founder & Senior Producer) and our host for Big Brother Recaps made the executive decision to indeed do YouTube. Now there is no ETA when we will actually launch it at this point as we're still waiting on Big Brother 22 news and at this point nothing, nadda zip. I said this to Chris (Reality Teas) I am sick and tired of the rumors and just want more information. You know this is harming the podcast with lack of podcasts right now and we're trying our best. Speaking of that it doesn't sound like Amazing Race Canada is a no go and the reason is because of production has been postponed so it is sounding like they are going to wait till next year which really hurts the podcast but we understand it is because of this pandemic and it is always safety first for the cast and crew of the show.

The CBOTW Show: As I said above The CBOTW Show was moved up and now under Other Podcasts as I cannot put numerous show pages. I just do not wanna complicate this website too much as it is very complicated and complex as it is. So all shows will be under 1 page at this point. We will adding more shows later but this is the start. We also have our 2 Audio ONLY pages as of right now as we're waiting on Stitcher to fix our feed which wasn't fixed technically but besides the point really.

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: We're back to square one with this podcast and it was decided by me to just cancel the podcast all together and 0 plans and interest in bringing it back at this point as we just couldn't work things out with the host so it is just better it is on the shelf for good this time around. This is a business decision as this has been going back and forth for years now and at this point this podcast is not going to see production anytime. 

            I have every right as I am the Executive Producer for the programming you see on this very website and have darn right to cancel is put a podcast on hiatus to where I see it fit as I know I had one person not so happy with me but you gotta realize I am the one that has the power to do all that and it is my decision in the end. However that is what is going on with Chris B On The Web and anymore updates or developments especially in our Reality TV Department, we will let you all know soon!


Monday, June 22, 2020

Would I Audition For Big Brother Canada Again?

               I know a lot of you know that I have auditioned for Big Brother Canada in the past, numerous times Season 3, 4, 6 and 8. Yeah I remember the seasons I auditioned for. Now it's been brought up by my loyal fans and friends if I'd do it again. Well as you know the website has really taken off and now we have a team I just wanna focus on the website and continuing to grow the website. Honestly I have tried 4 times and I know Dan winner of Big Brother 10 said it took him ton of times to get on the show but that's not the reason why I do not wanna be on the show. The real reason is I just wanna focus on Chris B On The Web. It's become a priority and become so crazy with running the site with podcasts being added. I also do not have the desire to be on Reality TV, I do not have the itch to be on Reality TV anymore. I've tried so many times and really I want to focus on Chris B On The Web and it's podcasts and I just feel like I will not get on Reality TV unless they find out I'm a blogger and podcast personality. However you never know but I highly doubt it. The Podcast name has gotten out there recently.

               My days with auditioning for Reality TV is over as I said my focus is CBOTW as it's become a big part of my daily life and it's become very hectic for me and running this website is a job and a half to do too. Everyday it's the upkeep of the website, answering emails, etc. I know I got staff to do that but I am fine with this decision really. I will walk away from these experiences with knowledge and it also has made me a lot more confident as a person. I remember when I first did it I was so nervous but when I did the second audition through video, I was a bit more confident. When I got to the open audition, I was pretty confident person and I felt confident in my answers. However that ship has sailed and mind you I am going to still watch the shows and recap as it is part of my job as the Executive Producer of two amazing Podcasts so the answer is I am not going to audition for Reality TV anytime soon as I am focusing on this website. 


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates (06-21-2020)

              It is time for another weekly update for Chris B On The Web. Another crazy week and we have made some changes to the website. I will explain in this update.  We were messing around with the website and have the ability to shut this blog off if we just get plain tired of blogging but it is your news source for updates around our community. 

1) Website-- We have added chats as you know but we have started to consider to remove it as it has yet to be active so we have done that and the chat menu drop down menu has been removed from the website for the time being. No plans to bring it back at this current time. 

2) Everything About Reality TV-- Chris worked on the podcast with some new podcast content and decided to 3 podcasts 2 more off season podcast and the preview podcast but you never know with him to be honest what he is thinking. He has been working on the notes all weekend long which is good. He hopes tomorrow to start recording all 3 and the editing process for them all. I cannot give you much information as I do not even know what he has planned.

3) The CBOTW Show-- He's been working on intros again and re doing every episode intro for the Power Rangers Podcast and is done at this point. The feed remains quiet for right now as he isn't planning anything till he is done with Wild Force and has the notes typed up and ready to go. 

4) CBOTW Gamers Podcast-- It is currently unknown if it will actually return right now and we're waiting on our potential host whether they are going to be doing it and this stems back to not announcing things till we are sure it will be happening. So we have made numerous changes to the website recently. 

                That is all I have for updates for this week. Not much to update except all the work we have put into the website and constantly bringing out content for you all. We continue on a daily basis to improve things on Chris B On The Web and any suggestions or ideas please do feel free to shoot us a private message on our social medias and we will take you suggestion for the very nearby future. 


Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Sims 4-- Biggest House Build Yet!

             So I have started working on a huge house but before I get into that, it was actually the old Sims 4 Big Brother House which was torn down right back down to the ground as I wanted to build a bigger compound for the CBOTW Staff as their house isn't too big and their technically in a tiny house at the moment. So the house they are in well the rest of them as my guy is overseeing the construction of this house will return when the house is built and ready to move in. Trust me it is looking pretty wicked right now. I have added an full legit basketball court in the back yard which will have a roof over top to protect them from the rain and snow. I also have a rock climbing unit as well added in there and a garden built right in there. Just gotta get seeds to start planting away but that will be when it opens officially. Right now it's bare bones of the house and been working on and off but recently been busy with my duty of CBOTW recently and it isn't easy to have time to work on it but hopefully soon when things die down a bit in our craziness we call Chris B On The Web! So there isn't any paint or brick or even many windows minus about 4 in the back but still work in progress really. 

             I wanna change a few things and the layout of the house so I am going to gut the entire inside of the house again and start from scratch. I just do not like the layout and I feel like moving the basketball court sideways to be honest and make the house a bit bigger in size but able to fit things in the backyard but we will have to wait and see. I need to gut the house first and I wanna make a front hall way. I may just destroy everyone what I built and restart and maybe not much of a backyard perhaps? Again I just started to re-think this entire house situation, I may end up seeing an entire demolition or just a partial but again I will assess that once I get done my workload for the podcasts. So that is what I am up to and I guess I will have to fill the other house with more sims but I will cross that bridge when that comes. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys Monday.


Friday, June 19, 2020

Still Deciding On If I Will Post Up A New Podcast Next Week

            Since I did post up the new podcast that was waiting I am pending a decision whether I am going to plan on recording next week and right now no announcement with Big Brother 22 so this means if all goes well, I will be definitely going to be doing at least one more podcast before the preview podcast for Tough As Nails. I am hearing mid July or late July for Big Brother so a definite shorter season and All-Stars. So this opens a bit more open time and able to one or two more one off podcasts and I am excited to do that honestly. If I had it my way I'd do actually 2 more but right now I think at least one more on the list is what I wanna do but yet again you guys never know with me to be honest as I can surprise the heck out of you. I have another one in the back of my mind I'd like to do that would of been had to do with a show that was suppose to air this summer that's Canadian, Amazing Race Canada so stay tuned for that. This weekend and next week will be busy in the way of podcasts. 

            This weekend while I work on the Wild Force Seasons, I am going to be preparing notes for the next 3 podcasts. This will really get the numbers up as we inch closer to the 300th episode which has kind of haulted back in the spring with the lack of episodes since Big Brother Canada ended early in the spring which I know I do not have to remind you of that but what I am trying to say is we would of been closer to the 300th episode but right now that is not the case and we will get there one day and even if it is this fall then that is totally fine with me to be honest. Right now I focusing on these 2 podcasts but there is content on it's way and it all starts today with me working on notes to get them ready to go. So that is the plan moving forward but I will not push the issue with 3 if I get 2 then that's fine too but I will work on it and really wanna get back to recording and bring out more podcast content for you guys. More then likely I will record the 2. 


Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Binding of Isaac and Spelunky Update! [06-18-2020]

           First of all, I screwed up. I was accidentally in the other account that use to house our YouTube Channel at one point way back. Anyways I am in my main account now and that is what matters. So this post I want to provide you guys a bit of an update on the Binding of Issac. Now I got to play a bit with the game and and I got to fight with Samson and actually went all the way past Mom and Mom's heart and went all the way. I actually had a good build going and I had the nail which gave me soul hearts and truly helped a ton and helped me with the build! I actually took devil deals where it gave me damage up (DMG) and that also helped me quite a lot and I managed through it all. So that made me happy. I also unlocked a bunch of things and one of them was actually the #6 challenge which is great. I actually took a try at it and got a good length but ended up dead in Necaroplis floor but I know I will get it done.  However I am glad I gotten a bit further in the game and soon as I get every single achievement before I get After Birth and After Birth +. I am going to be keep on playing moving forward. 

             Now to the Spelunky side of things. I have started to play a lot more and getting further but still dying like crazy so there is still work to do. I have learned a lot through Dan Gheesling's Spelunky runs and taking spiked shoes and the jet pack. I have started getting those when I can and it has helped me a lot. I still got a bad habit fighting the shop keeping or hitting the shop keeper which I have died most of the time even tho a few times I have won against the shop keeper in the past which means free items technically.  I have also used the shotgun on the game and it has helped me on my journey. However I haven't gotten passed the Mines level as of yet but I gotten to Mines 3 so that is definitely a good start for me to be honest. I am progressing and learning every time I play and excited to continue my playthrough of the game. I wanna get every item in the book to 100% this game as well. Anyways that is my gaming updates I do got another update this weekend on The Sims 4 and what I have been up to with it recently so stay tune for that. Until tomorrow's post, have a good day and I promise you to be on time tomorrow as I have been off schedule recently. 


Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Went On A Walk Outside My Area Yesterday!

                Yeah the title is true. I broke my isolation, however since we are in Stage 2, I decided to go outside my comfort zone yesterday and go out for a walk. Now I was at the Lake which wasn't the original plan originally but we went to see the Federal Margaree that was sitting in the port unloading. It was planning to leave yesterday evening. Anyways we went on the new pathway which cool and different I think it took us 30 - 45 minutes of a walk to get to the end and back and I brought my FujiFilm SLR Camera with me thanks my uncle for giving it to me.  Anyways I will include an image of the freighter from between the trees which is one of my best pictures that I have taken yet! 

               Don't let the picture deceive you I was a long way back from the trees. My lens on the camera captured this picture very well. I also took some pictures of flowers and the nature as well while I was out there and on my little walk with my dad. Now at the time I wish I had my fitbit on my wrist but it was charging and it took 24 hours to charge as it was completely dead but I am pretty sure it was pretty dead, Anyways I enjoyed the little trek down to the lake and enjoyed every moment being out and about actually. I know there isn't much to say on this post but it felt good to get out and about for an hour at the most and I was already out earlier in the day shopping for things I needed I.E. getting my Fitbit wrist band replaced as it's been sitting on my night table for quite some time however this walk really felt good to get out and about to be honest. However I got 3 blisters, 2 on the left foot and 1 on the right so I should of really wore my shoes not sandles so I'm suffering through it all. It sure hurts like a bugger. One last thing is I have added one more picture to this post for you guys. 


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

We Have And Adding Chats To ChrisBOnTheWeb.com!

                 Chris gave me the green light to write this post for today's post. As you can see we have been busy around the website as we have been coding our eyes out yesterday which now looks really amazing to be honest! We have been always looking to add new features to the website and yes we had a chatroom on our website at one point but was shutdown due to spam and hate but we realize with this chat when someone is banned, nobody in particular but it's an IP ban. The Community Chat is up and active here on the website and we're around the website if you wanna chat but I am happy to say you guys got a place to go and chat and hangout with everyone else in the community. Only thing is getting it used but we will be leaving it up on a 6 months basis and if it doesn't work out then we will remove them but I am sure we will have a few people here and there. You guys have to realize this was just launched 24 hours ago and we are getting views on the page so that is good. We're around if you wanna talk. Now we have added a few rules to the list and we wanna focus on just chatting with you guys and leaving help to our E-Mail or contact page on our website.  

                 Now to the second "Chat" page it is ready to go but not released as of yet. We are waiting for the Big Brother season to be officially release a date to when the season is going to be starting. It is actually on the website itself just not visible at this time but it is going to come. This Big Brother Lounge will also be the official Chat for Big Brother Canada whenever they decide to renew the season. Chris or myself will update you when things go live but for right now we are sitting on this extra chatroom for right now but we're excited. One final thing I wanted mention is we are working on fixing the drop down and trying to come up with a fix for it as right now the darn thing is a horizontal drop down but we are researching how to fix that so it is what we are working on is to fix the drop down under "Chats" as I said it is the wrong way that we want it to be. 


Monday, June 15, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & The CBOTW Show News!

            I have been thinking about this and it's definitely an idea to work with but it will take some time and work.  I have been thinking about handing a few shows down to others and this will bring down the amount of shows that I do as a host for Everything About Reality TV. I am more then willing to do that and willing to do that. However I am planning to not give up every single show as I wanna do shows with this podcast and still wanna be involved host wise. Now I do not plan on giving up on all the shows just at least one more at the most.  Now the plan is the follow:

- Survivor: Me
-Big Brother: Reality Teas (Chris)
-Big Brother Canada: Audition Process for 2021
- Amazing Race: Me
- Amazing Race Canada: Me

                 Now Tough As Nails is just a filler show for this Summer and I do not think I will or would do another season right now but also it depends on the amount of listeners I get and if you guys do enjoy this. Either way we have a show for the summer to fill in the spots in case they decide to not air Big Brother and Amazing Race Canada but Big Brother is sounding like it's happening this summer which is good but we're waiting for OFFICIAL confirmation. 

                  Now onto The CBOTW Show which has been around on and off for the Past 2 Years and honestly I have been thinking about it deeply and yes I wanna bring it back even if it is just on two or three different platforms to start with that is totally fine with me to be honest. I am not gonna push this podcast much to start with. I wanna slowly grow it as that is what I did with Everything About Reality TV Podcast so do not expect a ton of podcast posts with The CBOTW Show at first but we will add more in the very near future. 


Sunday, June 14, 2020

Chris B On The Web Update [06-14-2020]

              Another week has gone by and it is time for another update. Lots of stuff has happened from drama and hateful stuff going on towards Chris our Founder. However him and I spoke and he's got a plan and we have made all the necessary changes made and this is what has happened:

Everything About Reality TV: We made the permanent staying on Audio ONLY and sticking to it this time around. We have made the mistake with the YouTube return and we ended up 30 dislikes on the channel and hateful comments. So the channel is removed off their website. Also with all the changes with YouTube, we have decided that it is just better for us to remain where we are.

The CBOTW Show: It is no joke, he has and is bringing back The CBOTW Show, another TV Recap Podcast. He wants to add on more shows to the list and he has let his staff know that Power Rangers Podcast will have a place on this podcast. Chris will hopefully start working on this today at some point.

CBOTW Gamers Podcast: A gaming podcast hosting by the only JLDrum aka Jeff. This has been in the works for the past year and a half and quite some difficulty getting it off the ground but it is finally going to happen and is now in the Pre-Production Stages at this point. 

Website: We recently last week added in the 2 new shows and tweaked the Menu bar under Podcasts so all three podcasts sit in the drop menu with no problems. We had some issues with it and it we thought it was in the menu bar code but it wasn't, it was in the CSS code of the website. However it is fixed and all good now. We helped each other out on the issue. 

                 We are most definitely happy with the recent changes made and I think it is the best decision for us. The views are definitely there and you guys seem to listen off our website too besides the other platforms which is definitely great. We are ready for the continuing growth. Also one last thing I wanna address is we got an email from someone about helping us fix this website. I gotta say, in way, shape or form we are in trouble with viewership. We sometimes get between 50 to sometimes 150 views a day! Which is a pile of them. We do not appreciate what was said and we are trying to stay professional and we do not usually share our analytics usually but I wanted to address this and that we are doing just fine and not in danger of losing views. Actually our fan page has grown! We have gained one extra like on the page which we thank you for it and we appreciate it.

Until Next week, 

- CBOTW Team

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Everything About Reality TV & YouTube!

                As I addressed yesterday on Facebook Live on our Fan Page, we are no longer on FB. I wanna make this a longer explanation as I did not explain it too much at length so this is the post about it. As you guys know we were set to go back to YouTube but apparently one of our really older channels has gotten dislikes galore but that doesn't matter as I have been trying to get it shutdown for quite some time now. However recently our premiere which was set for 2 pm EST was cancelled due to us having a ton of dislikes on it and I'm talking 20 - 30. Someone made sock accounts just to dislike us and also put hateful comments which I will not repeat. So we are continuing to remain Audio ONLY from here on out. We have 0 plans or interest in Video at this point. We have tried several times to return to the YouTube platform and no Buenos on that. We are committed to the Audio ONLY platforms at this point and have deleted the YouTube channel all together. We can re-enable it at any time or place before they permanently delete it but again we have no plans right now. 

                 I was told so many times to stay Audio ONLY and now my team has my back on this and we have discussed this and all are on board with the plan. I should of known better and stayed retired from YouTube and now I am retired. Yes I got a channel for listening to videos and commenting but that's pretty much it. I have no plans to streaming or going back to that website at any point soon. However I may stream on Mixer for the heck of it if they unban my personal account so stay tuned for that. As for YouTube, I am done creating content on that website and got 0 plans to ever stream or create any content. I wanna focus on the Audio ONLY, our website and our network in general.


Friday, June 12, 2020

The Entertainment Man Talk Show-- The Final Years

               The last week to week and a half ago marked 5 years ago since I last recorded an episode of The Entertainment Man Talk Show and I admit, my emotions have been up and down since then. I remember both Larry and I actually were up at the heritage railway in Uxbridge to record an episode of the web series and was the last episode that was ever recorded as you guys know we were in planning for a 7th Season but that was never happened. We had our ups and downs to whether we were gonna go through with it and September rolls around there was no show, no new episodes. Pretty much yeah, it went on Hiatus and never came off hiatus either. We tolled with the idea for the entire 2015 - 2016 season and even after Larry quit on us we even started to build the set which we had help on. However I had to scrap the set pieces as this was the end of the series when I officially announced the end of the series around this time 4 years ago weeks before my departure from YouTube all together. 

                With this being 5 years since the last episode and 4 since the cancellation of the series, I still wonder where the heck we went wrong. However I cannot dwell on the past and look forward with the future. I am glad we ended at the Heritage Railway and was a great way to say goodbye to the series honestly and go out with a bang after 112 Episodes, 6 Seasons and 8 years on the air. You can still find the first 4 seasons on my YouTube Channel TheDirector015. Anyways I think this is the last time I will speak about it as it is now in the past and I am focused on the podcasts and what I am doing. I am thankful to the cast and crew who helped me over the years and I am considering this finally closure to that era but I wanted to bring this up one final time. I am going address our future with YouTube tomorrow as there has been rumors going around about it recently.


Thursday, June 11, 2020

I'm Back To Blogging!

           After several days of not blogging and taking some time off from the blogging and having my staff take it over on the blog here on the website, I have returned! As you know I was under so much stress in the past week and this week, I have dealt with some much drama I just was at a breaking point and I made that decision to walk away for a bit from social media and the website but still do the workload offline. However I was answering messages from friends and I was still active on my personal accounts I.E. Instagram as I was podcasting last weekend with a special guest which drops this weekend on Saturday. Anyways I have been editing the last couple of days and still going at it as this podcast that is dropping is 2 hrs and 28 mins long which probably be less on Audio ONLY but more on Video as any of that content on there will be unedited actually. Also been preparing this week's episode and a bonus episode on Monday hopefully by Sunday we will be announcing when Big Brother is coming on and if it will and also the plan for the YouTube channel. 

            There is a ton of work to be done either way and you probably noticed the last 1.5 days I became a bit more active and took the Twitter over in the last day and a half and that was a sign I was ready to start be active again and that is a good thing cause originally wasn't planning on coming back till Monday next week and taking a week off Social. Thank goodness I have a team to keep an eye on things while I was away. Now I do have to address something on Saturday about the whole YouTube thing as there was concerns with recent changes but I will address all of that Saturday's post and I am writing it this morning.  So I am back and I am raring to go with more content for you guys and excited to what we are going to be bringing to you guys! 


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Entertainment Man Podcast Is Cancelled

                   There has been rumors of Chris continuing on with Entertainment Man Podcast but recently he has made a decision with the podcast to just stop it.  He feels with the updates of the website here on the website, kind of warrants the podcast not to happen. Let me explain-- It is sort of the same topics as the blog posts and he doesn't want to stop the blogs and it has gotten good views.  We do not want to lose those faithful views and I totally understand. Actually Chris has a plan in tact for the podcast. He has actually thought about resurrecting The CBOTW Show, with a New logo and what not. Putting Power Rangers Podcast on there and algamating those to that podcast like he did in 2018 when that podcast first began it's journey! He has spoken about Recapping some shows old and new but he has to work on ideas for that technically. This means the collaboration page, Power Rangers Page will be going away. He is going to be working on the intros again for the podcast and his intro video as well. He is nowhere near done with Recapping TV Shows anytime soon.  For now he will be posting up Power Rangers Podcast in the meantime while the planning is in progress. 

                    So Entertainment Man Podcast feeds will be removed and taken down. However we will keep the Audio ONLY Feed here on our website so you guys can listen to it or catch up. He is going to be working on the feed and bring it online. He has confirmed this new project will indeed be on Stitcher (again), TuneIn, ITunes, Player FM and of course here on ChrisBOnTheWeb.com. This is very exciting stuff and he is indeed on the right track for the website and making the right decisions and we know you guys respect our decisions and we are doing what's best for the website as it has become a part of our daily routine and has become a big success as I have said above the views are doing really good for us. 


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Power Rangers Podcast-- What Chris Does Has Planned?

Chris has been touch with the team and has spoken about the changes that could happen to this podcast. He has struggled to get working on it but recently he's been on a tear with this and could see July recording happening. However we have to plan for the future technically and the what if's they cannot make the deadline but he sure as heck is as he's been sleeping evenings and up early part of the night to work on it and he wants to get it done and moved onto Wild Force by the end of the week at the most. He's planning to watch the show all day long in hopes to get himself close to finale. However the plan if this isn't met by first full week of July is:

October 2020: Maybe by then the studio will be open again to the Staff and Crew as you know it has been locked down for the past several months since March as he's shut it down due to the virus. If worse comes to worse he's planning to record in October. I know that gives you a big alarm what about Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder? What about finishing that stretch of seasons? Don't worry he's got a plan moving forward but all we know he's got a plan and going to fix all of this.

December 2020: Now  the next stretch and we know and he realizes that it is two months apart but over the summer he's going to be making it up for loss time that he's lost due to all the changes and the studio shutdown and him not allowing anyone in studio until this is over and we hope it is over soon. 

                 I won't go into 2021 yet but over the summer and fall into the New Year he will be binge watching seasons after Wild Force such as Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury. This will get him up to June 2021 recording and ready to go to for the half way mark to next year. He is planning to record in the winter and June as usual, he wants to make an effort next year to stay on track as long as he has no issues as there has been issues recording but will not get into details. Either way he's working hard everyday on the content and getting ready to record and let's hope it's green lit!


Monday, June 8, 2020

We've Got Some Information Regarding Everything About Reality TV!

                  Chris did his usually digging about Big Brother 22 and found out we will finally know if Big Brother 22 is going to happen and has notified Reality Teas (Chris) of this news and the next few days he's gonna be busy and already has indeed made an alternative schedule to the summer.  He has made the decisions to stay Audio ONLY at this point as someone got into our YouTube channel and mind you we have fixed and now we are working on the website to replace the link on the website Live link on there to ensure it is the correct link. Trust me Chris is pretty peeved off and not happy right now this happened. He put his long hours into the channel and now all that work went down the drain. He's made a new channel and secured it all to ensure we're safe to go. However he has an alternate schedule for the podcast and will be revealing the podcast plans to the staff soon.  So you can see we're working around the clock and Chris has rarely slept during the night and mostly in the evening or the day time but he's working around the clock and he's shown dedication. 

                     So Sunday I will be announcing the plans for the podcast on his behalf as he's asked me to blog a few times this week as he's working on podcasts and the website stuff as I am not good at the website stuff. However I will let you all know what is going on. However Chris is returning to the blog Thursday and Wednesday is my last day posting. Tomorrow he's asked me to talk about Power Rangers Alternative schedule in case him and Larry aren't able to record then. Thursday is about the ideas that's going on in his head with the website. He's given me a list for the 4 days I am covering for him. One last thing to say is he will be blogging but he will remain off Chris B On The Web Social Media for the rest of the week. He will be forwarding me the information every day and he hopes to return to normal by the weekend. 


Sunday, June 7, 2020

Chris B On The Web Updates For 06-07-2020

            It is time for the weekly updates for Chris B On The Web for this week and it has been a stressful week for not just me but Chris. He's been under so much stress, there has been so much drama with some staff and  fans but he's fixed things with one of his fans and he wants nothing but the best for the team and the fans. 

1) He's made changes which I will not talk about publicly but it was a tough decision for him. He has to do what's right for the podcast and he's on the right track honestly and he's doing the right thing right now. 

2) The discord server erupted in drama and to the point we had to make the decision to shut down the server. We may make one down the road but we may not but it is a big thing to do. Him and I both deleted our accounts and I think it is the right direction for right now. 

3) Chris recorded a 2 hour and 28 minute podcast last night and currently being worked on. He was up most of the night editing Everything About Reality TV Podcast as he was really just wound up from the last night. 

4) This brings me back to the top topic of the recent drama and problems. Chris has taken some time off social media and left the team and myself to watch the Facebook and Twitter Pages. He hopefully will be back this week and myself, Larry and Chris (Reality Teas) will be keeping an eye on things while he is off Social. I will be taking over the blog for a few days till he's ready to return. 

5) We are still monitoring the Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada and to when it is going to happen so that is one of the other things that is stressing him out the most and he's under immense pressure especially with the YouTube Channel starting but we think it's in a good phase and this first episode that's going up is going to probably explode the channel right outside the gate. Then followed by the preview for Tough As Nails. So if Big Brother 22 isn't going to happen then he has Tough As Nails. We're trying to bring content and Chris (Reality Teas) may pop up here and there for a podcast but it hasn't been discussed fully but it is in the works! We're going to make it work. If Amazing Race 32, and there is no Survivor 41 due to the circumstances of the virus then he has a second plan in his mind and you guys will definitely like it. 

6) Finally he is working on Power Rangers Podcast but has struggled as he has been editing non stop the last couple of days but he is going to watch it this week and he plans to be on track for Mid July if not that early Fall. With everything going on he may be forced to put the production on hold but he's working hard to stay on track and wants to get it done by next week. There is my updates and I will chat with you all tomorrow.

- The CBOTW Team

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Weight Loss Update

                 I have been bad with actually keeping up with weighing myself every few days and I should be weighing myself every couple of days to be honest and I haven't been recently. Last time I weighed I was 228 pounds, a little too much to be honest for my like. I want to lose the weight this summer and this week I am going to be working on this. I need to try and lose 3 pounds or even 1 or two pounds a week take it very slow. I am not making any goals for right now however if you were to ask me what would I want for a first goal well the answer is 220 is the first goal for right now is my first over goal. However I do not wanna go over that point as time and time again I failed to get to that point. Right now I wanna slow down my goals for right now and I have a couple of ideas for my next goal honestly. However I do not wanna push myself too hard, too fast. 

                However I wanna do things right this time and I am cutting back on Sugar and what not this time and not having too much Sugar. I will have the one fat day once a week but I may skip out on the one fat days actually and just try and lose the weight then I can add that on later on but the most part I need to lose the weight first and get back down to where I was before. I just am sick and tired of being fat and honestly its against takin effect to my knees again. I need to keep track of my weight every 2nd day and keep tabs on the weight loss from here on out. I need to work on this and this week coming up I plan on really working hard on this and cutting back on things and I am sure it will happen and hopefully another update in 2 weeks. I think 2 weeks apart is the better plan for right now. 


Friday, June 5, 2020

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Progress!

              So lately while watching Power Rangers Time Force to get the season underway and moving well. I did a Azael run and boy I went on a tear first time around. I also did a normal Isaac run and had a decent run so that is very good. I have actually unlocked a couple of things. Honestly I dunno what happened to the Vanilla Isaac, the original. Apparently I left it and it automatically 100% Golden God so that is why I am now on Rebirth so the game glitched out on me apparently. Anyways I am having some really good deep runs and I like Rebirth better then Isaac. I think it is one of my most favorite games of all times out of the two that I have played. I feel like it is a ton better then the original but yet again the second one is always better as they sure change things around this time around. 

               Either way I will not give it any review at this point as I want to get further into the game but I promise you guys soon enough you will get a review.  Finally I would like to say I find myself playing this game more and more and hey I got some time on my hands right now even while watching the shows to get a collab done which buys a lot of time and gives me something to do honestly. Also I have actually knocked off a few challenges in the process but also found myself struggling with the one challenge with the orbital tears which is hard to control but I am getting use to it and one day I will get use to it. However with brimstone, I have become a pro at it and I love it and really good and whenever I get the chance with that item then I take it without any hesitation as I am really good with it. When I first used it, I wasn't good at it but now, I'm a pro at it all together. There is my post for today and I guess I will see you Monday as I am off tomorrow as my staff is taking over the blog tomorrow so have a great Sunday and talk to you guys Monday.


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Website Menu Bar Was Tweaked A Bit...

               As you know, ChrisBOnTheWeb & ChrisBOnTheWeb.com is always rapidly changing. There is a reason behind the Menu bar looking different under the Tab, "Podcasts" However I cannot say anything yet as we need to tie up the loose ends for this project. Trust me I had a heck of a night with frustrations and what not working on this and I thought it had to do with the menu coding itself but it wasn't. After 2 hours, I was ready to just give up and force the project to one certain platforms but now that has been resolved now, it's green lit. I really wanna tell you guys what we got in-stored and even some of our members on the Discord Server got to see what we were doing technically. However once we get confirmation and the host is setup and been tested then we will be announcing where you can listen to him on the air and yes I said he. Let's just say it's an old friend from the chat website I use to be involved. Anyways I can hint all I want really. I know you wanna know but soon you all will know whats up and the plan that is ahead for us. 

              However the changes are live here on the website and just scroll over podcasts and you will see the big gap which in time will be filled in. Please patient with us while we continue to plan and get things setup with our new hosts. Mind you this menu bar is still in BETA Testing right now and we're ironing out all the bugs and issues. We're new to the entire building your own and the entire CSS Code thing so please do be patient with us while we deal with all the bugs and issues. Please do send us a message or email thecbotwteam@gmail.com if you see any bugs or issues with the website so we can take a look into it. We haven't had complaints but with the recent work we put into the website last night, you never know when a bug will appear on our website.  Anyways I will see you guys tomorrow in our next post.


Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Everything About Reality TV Podcast-- Updates

                    So you guys are probably wondering what is going on with the YouTube channel and we got some news actually on the status on the platform. After it being created over a month and a half ago, we are OFFICIALLY going to launch it even if Big Brother doesn't happen. This came to me days ago and I didn't get to talk to Larry our Co-Founder & Senior Producer of Everything About Reality TV and he agreed to bring Tough As Nails to The YouTube Channel. This also means the channel will be active even before we start this brand new season, our 14th season which mind you it is very scary to think that we are this far into the podcast. So the other part of this that you may be wondering is what about before the 14th season? Well where are planning this both Video, YouTube & Audio ONLY:

June 3rd, 2020 (TODAY): 8 pm EST: Big Brother Favorite and Least Favorite Seasons (Audio ONLY)

June 4th, 2020: Test Stream W/ Larry to ensure we are ready to go!

June 10th, 2020: 8 pm EST/l Big Brother Canada Best Moments Podcast (Audio ONLY)
June 18th, 2020: 7 pm EST- Big Brother Canada Legends Podcast W/ Chris & Larry (Live On YouTube)

June 20th, 2020: 8 pm EST- Big Brother Canada Legends Podcast W Chris & Larry (Audio ONLY)

Date & Time TBA: Survivor Legends Cast Podcast W/ Special Guest (Live On YouTube)

Date & Time TBA: Survivor Legends Cast Podcast W/ Special Guest (Audio ONLY)

                  There is the timetable for now as we get towards the late part of this month, I will announce the summer timetable but there's content coming and you guys are also getting video content as well besides the Audio ONLY content. We're excited to be back on YouTube and excited to be returning to the platform! This is only Phase 1 of the bigger plan and honestly we cannot announce the summer stuff quite yet due to the fact we do not know what the status of both Big Brother 22 and Amazing Race Canada 8 is and I understand why if they decide to cancel both seasons or even push. I rather not announce anything till we actually know the status on the shows. I know you guys are starting to wonder but at least one of the podcasts for the summer, Tough As Nails is scheduled at this point which will be announced later date to be decided. 


Monday, June 1, 2020

Euro Truck Simulator Video Game Review

                 Here is my Euro Truck Simulator video game review. As you know I started with American Truck Simulator then moved over but I play both games, I'll rotate from time to time. However I have had fun with both versions of the game and the Euro Truck Simulator a bit more because you end up taking a boat and train for travel with the truck so it makes it a bit cooler really. This one is a bit different from the American version as the Euro you drive on the opposite side of the road. Honestly it took me sometime to get use to it and yes there was times I was on the wrong side of the road but that's OK. Either way I enjoy the game it is fun and gives me something to do on my spare time. Now review wise I'd give this a 8 out of 10 because I find it hard with directions especially with using the train or the ferry so I found it really tough to do that but either way I am happy. 

                 Overall I am pleased with the game and I know I didn't give it a full 10 but I cannot give all these reviews 10 all the time really. However it still deserves a fair rating and that I did for sure. I found the price of the game was very reasonable on Steam and if you like driving games this is the game I recommend to play this. Not much more I can say but this game is fun and you can spend hours driving around and deliver the trailers. I found a way to turn off the speeding tickets so now I can speed at my own risk and you can imagine how fast I go, sometimes 80 - 90 miles per hour... LOL. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will see you on tomorrow's post.