Saturday, June 20, 2020

The Sims 4-- Biggest House Build Yet!

             So I have started working on a huge house but before I get into that, it was actually the old Sims 4 Big Brother House which was torn down right back down to the ground as I wanted to build a bigger compound for the CBOTW Staff as their house isn't too big and their technically in a tiny house at the moment. So the house they are in well the rest of them as my guy is overseeing the construction of this house will return when the house is built and ready to move in. Trust me it is looking pretty wicked right now. I have added an full legit basketball court in the back yard which will have a roof over top to protect them from the rain and snow. I also have a rock climbing unit as well added in there and a garden built right in there. Just gotta get seeds to start planting away but that will be when it opens officially. Right now it's bare bones of the house and been working on and off but recently been busy with my duty of CBOTW recently and it isn't easy to have time to work on it but hopefully soon when things die down a bit in our craziness we call Chris B On The Web! So there isn't any paint or brick or even many windows minus about 4 in the back but still work in progress really. 

             I wanna change a few things and the layout of the house so I am going to gut the entire inside of the house again and start from scratch. I just do not like the layout and I feel like moving the basketball court sideways to be honest and make the house a bit bigger in size but able to fit things in the backyard but we will have to wait and see. I need to gut the house first and I wanna make a front hall way. I may just destroy everyone what I built and restart and maybe not much of a backyard perhaps? Again I just started to re-think this entire house situation, I may end up seeing an entire demolition or just a partial but again I will assess that once I get done my workload for the podcasts. So that is what I am up to and I guess I will have to fill the other house with more sims but I will cross that bridge when that comes. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will talk to you guys Monday.


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