Friday, June 19, 2020

Still Deciding On If I Will Post Up A New Podcast Next Week

            Since I did post up the new podcast that was waiting I am pending a decision whether I am going to plan on recording next week and right now no announcement with Big Brother 22 so this means if all goes well, I will be definitely going to be doing at least one more podcast before the preview podcast for Tough As Nails. I am hearing mid July or late July for Big Brother so a definite shorter season and All-Stars. So this opens a bit more open time and able to one or two more one off podcasts and I am excited to do that honestly. If I had it my way I'd do actually 2 more but right now I think at least one more on the list is what I wanna do but yet again you guys never know with me to be honest as I can surprise the heck out of you. I have another one in the back of my mind I'd like to do that would of been had to do with a show that was suppose to air this summer that's Canadian, Amazing Race Canada so stay tuned for that. This weekend and next week will be busy in the way of podcasts. 

            This weekend while I work on the Wild Force Seasons, I am going to be preparing notes for the next 3 podcasts. This will really get the numbers up as we inch closer to the 300th episode which has kind of haulted back in the spring with the lack of episodes since Big Brother Canada ended early in the spring which I know I do not have to remind you of that but what I am trying to say is we would of been closer to the 300th episode but right now that is not the case and we will get there one day and even if it is this fall then that is totally fine with me to be honest. Right now I focusing on these 2 podcasts but there is content on it's way and it all starts today with me working on notes to get them ready to go. So that is the plan moving forward but I will not push the issue with 3 if I get 2 then that's fine too but I will work on it and really wanna get back to recording and bring out more podcast content for you guys. More then likely I will record the 2. 


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