Thursday, June 18, 2020

The Binding of Isaac and Spelunky Update! [06-18-2020]

           First of all, I screwed up. I was accidentally in the other account that use to house our YouTube Channel at one point way back. Anyways I am in my main account now and that is what matters. So this post I want to provide you guys a bit of an update on the Binding of Issac. Now I got to play a bit with the game and and I got to fight with Samson and actually went all the way past Mom and Mom's heart and went all the way. I actually had a good build going and I had the nail which gave me soul hearts and truly helped a ton and helped me with the build! I actually took devil deals where it gave me damage up (DMG) and that also helped me quite a lot and I managed through it all. So that made me happy. I also unlocked a bunch of things and one of them was actually the #6 challenge which is great. I actually took a try at it and got a good length but ended up dead in Necaroplis floor but I know I will get it done.  However I am glad I gotten a bit further in the game and soon as I get every single achievement before I get After Birth and After Birth +. I am going to be keep on playing moving forward. 

             Now to the Spelunky side of things. I have started to play a lot more and getting further but still dying like crazy so there is still work to do. I have learned a lot through Dan Gheesling's Spelunky runs and taking spiked shoes and the jet pack. I have started getting those when I can and it has helped me a lot. I still got a bad habit fighting the shop keeping or hitting the shop keeper which I have died most of the time even tho a few times I have won against the shop keeper in the past which means free items technically.  I have also used the shotgun on the game and it has helped me on my journey. However I haven't gotten passed the Mines level as of yet but I gotten to Mines 3 so that is definitely a good start for me to be honest. I am progressing and learning every time I play and excited to continue my playthrough of the game. I wanna get every item in the book to 100% this game as well. Anyways that is my gaming updates I do got another update this weekend on The Sims 4 and what I have been up to with it recently so stay tune for that. Until tomorrow's post, have a good day and I promise you to be on time tomorrow as I have been off schedule recently. 


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