Friday, June 12, 2015

Set Redesign plans underway for The Entertainment Man Talk Show

For those who already knew and speculated that my web series is indeed going to season 7 plans, you would like to know why I've been posting last minute pics on my fan page and Instagram with the words "probably last selfie with the old The Entertainment Man Talk Show background." Well the set is distractedly changing for season 7 and on. Times are changing and our space is limited, so we need to change the set entirely and it is time for some change. Larry (Co-Producer/Director/Camera Man) of the series, and lead set designer Justin Milner have told me "the board you have for the series is getting old, warped, and the imprint of the letters are viewable after many re paints over the years. So we are redesigning the set, we are retiring the old board which is most likely being torn to pieces and scrapped.

Have a great day guys!

P.S. I pulled the podcast too many technical issues.