Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vacation Notice- August 28 - 31st, 2017- My Last Post For A While!

         I haven't made this official announcement, however I should of done this announcement sooner. So what is this post about? Well as of tomorrow, Monday, August 28th, 2017, I will be away for 4 days up north for a well deserved 4 day vacation. Now I am taking  vacation for only 4 days as I am in the middle of recording Everything About Reality TV and just do not wanna fall behind. 

            While I am there will be no blog posts unless my other bloggers wanna contribute to the blog while I am away but I am guessing not as Larry is my only other blogger currently on my blog right now and hes on vacation right now too so the blog is going to be on a stand still until I return from holidays . So will Everything About Reality TV as I cannot watch the show at all and unable to record episodes on the road right now so both of those will be on a stand still until I return Thursday night. Now even on a Thursday night I will not be wanting to do much in the way to bringing content out till Friday but we will see how I feel by the time I get home and unpacked and settled back in here. 

              So what does this mean for Chris B On The Web &  Well with no blogs and podcasts coming out, Chris B On The Web & the website pretty much goes dormant for a few days while I am away and please do not un-follow any of the social media, I will have a notice up on all 3 social media sites that I am currently on vacation and will be not posting at all. I've decided to stay off social media throughout the 4 days I am currently away, however I will post up an update Wednesday evening and also when Thursday comes around and I am on my way home. This way I am in direct contact with you somewhat but again will not be posting up too updates whatsoever while I am away.  

               Finally you may be asking when is the podcasts & blogs coming out to make up for no blog posts and not podcasts on Wednesday and Friday? Well I am planning on making up for not being online for 4 days, by this tentative schedule:

Thursday or Friday: Vacation Blog Post 
Saturday: 1 pm EDT: Everything About Reality TV Amazing Race Canada 5 EP # 9 RECAP Podcast.
                  8 pm EDT: Everything About Reality TV BB19 Week # 9 RECAP Podcast

                 That is my announcement blog post for tonight and again please do not un-follow the social media I will be back on Thursday and raring to go to conclude this season of Everything About Reality TV Podcast and move forward with Season 4 and also add on tons of new blog post ideas I have written down. Also I will be posting briefly tomorrow on social media then will be offline. Have a great week, be safe and I will talk to you all Thursday.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kars On King Event 2017 Event, Downtown!

           Yesterday I went to an amazing event that occurs in my downtown core of my home town each and every year on the last Friday of August, each and every year and its not just only in the downtown late afternoon on the Friday, it's down at the lake, however it does cost to go and see it down there, we usually chose to go to the Kars on King as it is a free event. 

            This year was a crazy year for the amount of cars they fit in a parking lot and on the main street and side streets, I didn't think they can fit that many in there but they did, I believe out of both my cell phone pictures and my camera which mind me the battery died towards the end as I was snapping so many pictures which is pretty crazy if you ask me. It was fun, ran into my former Staff David, his fiance, Kevin, an old friend who use to hang out with the gang at the table at the food court, was always wondering how he was doing all these years since I haven't seen him and of course someone tried to say hi but cause drama with me and the police were called which put me into a total mental break down but will not go into full on details or names will not be released either, but to try and talk to me months later after the events that took place, uh uh, not happening, not wanting anything to do with them as I cannot trust em.

               Enough of the drama portion but I had a great time, CKDO which is our local Oldies station here in town was doing a remote show there which is really cool to see. Also the amount of people at the event was insane, its become such a popular event each year which is good its a good publicity for them and you never know brings in more people each and every year. Restaurants were getting good business and it was so nice to see such a hustle and bustle of a downtown. I also got to meet a friend of my dad's from the airport who is a pilot as he had his old Corvette there so was great to meet him as well. For those who don't know the downtown was pretty much dead back in  the 90's and early 2000's until our Mayor was not re-elected and a new Mayor was in power. So this was truly a nice change to see such a busy downtown and maybe the downtown need more of these things. My dad and I bused it downtown so this was no worries to find a parking spot but however getting out of the event by bus was not easy whatsoever as traffic on the one street  which mind me is a one way street and the traffic was so horrendous and was late due to the traffic and a majority of the eastbound buses were re routed around where the Generals Hockey play so it was not the greatest. Finally I know it isn't much about the event, I tried my hardest to talk about it but was fun and to leave you on tonight's blog post with a few pictures from the event:

Have a Great Night!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Event Change Announcement for October 2017- No Autism Celebration

             Back over the weekend I had to make a tough decision with one of the events and as you know this year I have and been known for making some drastic changes with Chris B On The Web and no Justin leaving was just a conversation between him and I about what he can do to help the website and of course the conversation of him moving on in his life as he's been with me for 6 long years and I just couldn't come up with an idea what he could do and plus he's been so busy so it was both him and I decided for him to resign and I am so grateful for his time and efforts with the help even when I was still part of the YouTube community from 2006 - 2016, nearly 10 years on the platform. However he will be collaborating in a podcast in the New Year in a Off Season Podcast but that's not what this post is about.

               The reason for today's post of the day is because  I wanna make this special announcement and more importantly an important announcement as it was the most difficult choice I had to make but due to recent events, I need to pull myself away, from the Autism Celebration. This is more then likely a permanent thing, I need to move on from this event even though I really enjoyed going each and every year but like the saying goes "All Great Things, Must Come To An End" and this is the point of time I need to move on and do what's best for me and also Chris B On The Web. One of the major concerns especially for going to this event was spending the money for lamination and also photocopies, ink and it all added up over the last 2 months and drained my money quite drastically so the big issue is affording to do all of this photocopying and laminating and also getting the display board which is like 25 dollars and it all adds up in the end and this year has been hard money wise and it isn't easy to be spending tons of money on an event, probably more then likely I will be working on information over the next year and hopefully next year I'd attend but this year I am giving up my spot to someone else because of some of those reasons, I have another reason but rather not go into great detail or bring it up as I am not feeling comfortable talking about it at this moment and rather not make my own problems public on here. I may go back, I may end up not going back depends how I feel but I feel like my time with that event has come to an end. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and glad one of the Kerry's Place Staff getting me involved with the event for several years and it has opened up so many great ideas but you never know in the nearby future if I will make a return or not just this year is not a great year for me as money is very limited with the purchase of a new studio mic. Hoping next year to attend but it totally depends how things are for me. 

Have a great Wednesday!


Monday, August 21, 2017

My Favorite Trips I Like To Go In The USA

             So, today's blog off with me covering my favorite trips from both up here in the USA. This will be quite a lengthy post but going to try and keep it short and sweet. I will split the two 

              Let's start with the United States of America, the good old US of A. I have been to many places in the States I would visit again too in the near future and my dad doesn't know this but next year I would like to go back to Lake Placid once again and I've been there before and would go back. Few things I loved was the Arena where the Olympics were and I remember the arena very well. Also I would like to go back up on White Face Mountain which I sort of remember going up there but hard to remember that far back what I saw up on the mountain. Also Lake Placid was where the 1980 Winter Olympics were. 

               Next is Chicago, loved visiting Chicago, going to Wrigley Field, eating deep dish pizza which is a well known thing in Chicago. Got to ride the double decker tours, the single older tour buses, cruise tour along the river there seeing all the different buildings within the city of Chiago, got to see Trump Tower Chicago which Bill the first winner of the Apprentice got to chose as a job within the organization. Also got to see Solider Field where the Bears NFL team plays, got to see the waterfront as well. I would go back and see more of Chicago, see the Museum of Natural History, find where the Blackhawks hockey and Bulls basketball team plays. See what I haven't yet to see in the city of Chicago aka the Windy City.  On the side of this paragraph is an image of Wrigley Field.

               The next Vacation I went to was in the same line as the Chicago visit is Minnesota and the reason why is because I have cousins down in Minneapolis. One thing I didn't know was the TV show Mary Tyler Moore was suppose to be filmed in but I believe it wasn't but the intro was done in Minneapolis. I would like to ride the  streetcar but it's a long train and you can walk right through it. Toronto has those kind of streetcars. Also of course I'd see another Twins game, hoping they can start being a good team again and they are getting better as they are winning again and even at home but the game was so much fun and it was a different atmosphere in a open stadium from the dome stadium out in Toronto so the experience was fun! Plus I got to meet the organist and I got a picture taken which is this picture:

I added the Mary Tyler Moore statue as well. There are too many pictures of my trip to Chicago/Minnesota but added 3 of them one in Chicago, two in Chicago and I am merely excited to eventually visit both cities again in the future. In conclusion of this blog post today I would like to say stay tuned for the Canada Vacation Spots I have been to on Wednesday and of course I will add more pictures to that post as well. Finally I will be making a post as more of an announcement in a few days from now as I have made a decision on an event I was suppose to go to has changed.

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Plans For Chris B On The Web &!

              I know it's been a week since i posted up a blog post and its because I have been extremely busy with thing and this is why I am writing this bit of an update after I took the post of the announcement here on the blog I now wanna make it clear the plans I have for the website:

- The next big plan is to involve for right now at least one one of my Alumni, also known as my Former Staff blog for the website and someone was picked after a great consideration I chose Larry Rieck a long time friend since College. Why you may ask? Well he like to write and hes got a passion of talking about video games and also Reality TV so he will give you insight with those and it can be anything he wants to talk about as long as it is 300 words or more so. It will be nice to have someone write about Reality TV too he will give you guys his insight on what is going on in the world of Reality TV and I am already guessing Hell's Kitchen will be having a place on this blog as I am not planning on recapping Hell's Kitchen, I thought about it but kind of changed my mind at the last minute to do the coverage but he more then likely will be talking about it and I can see him blogging about it every week. 

- Final thing I would like to mention on today's blog and I apologize profusely for such a lengthy blog post but this has to be announced sooner then later. Anyways the last update I have is I will be doing several collab podcasts with a few of my friends. I got 2 in the back of my mind right now and an interview setup. 1) Interview with Jeff Livingstone 2) CBOTW Presents: Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Talk with hopefully Larry which will be recorded in one full day in 3 parts, one for each season.  3) A collab on Everything About Reality TV with Justin which I am second guessing as BBCan6 is now happening, I had something completely different in mind about it but I will figure out a revise on it someway, somehow. 

Those are my updates and again I am sorry for the long post but so much to announce, so much happening and exciting news to share with you all and Chris B On The Web & are growing so fast and rapidly and the site itself has reached 14.5k (14,500) website views in the last year and it is just crazy but I am one proud owner! 

Have a great day!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Crazy Trip To Toronto- What A Blast!

              Sunday, I got to get away from all of this craziness/stress and yes I admit to being a tad over stressed getting caught up and I am now currently on schedule for this current week. But yesterday did me some wonders and got me away from the Chris B On The Web Studios and getting out in "The Big Smoke", "The Big T.O." aka Toronto. I was there about a week or so ago but that's OK, it is good to get out and take pictures and get content for a blog post. Most of the time i hid my name badge, but had it on the other half of the time.  I did most of the planning and I will explain as you get further into  reading tonight's blog post. 

        So we got on the bus from the Don Mills down to Pape Subway then the Pape Bus down in the industrial area of Toronto, also where studios for filming and we think we saw where a movie or TV show was being recorded as we saw trailers so we never know. Once we got down to the waterfront we got off where the college or university also 102.1 The Edge is, also where Corus Entertainment is at which runs a few radio stations in Toronto I am sure. We walked by the building and discovered a beach that was there, guessing it was built specifically. Also saw this boat: 

Yes I saw the Federal Welland which I probably have seen in my home town here which probably has made a trip here sometime but you never know. We continued to walk on and my dad and I passed where the former Captain John's use to be an a cruise boat that burned way back in the day, so hearing the history was neat and I am a totally history buff and love to hear the history Toronto especially and also the TTC I love talking about the history and it was brought up on this trip as well. We went by the Ferry Terminal after grabbing some lunch and boy it was a busy ferry terminal and yes Toronto was in the middle of Caribana which happens every year in Toronto down by the water.  We decided to not even line up to get on the ferry for a ride as it would probably been a hour from being on a ferry boat, but could be more, so we passed by and watched the ferry's come and go for a bit and continued to walk. We went by the Gelato place and saw tons of Water Taxi's taking people to the island and it was great to see such a busy and hectic Harborfront and people enjoying and taking advantage of this beautiful weather we have had up to yesterday us having rain and enough of it this summer, but it was great to be out in such beautiful weather. We walked over this bridge by the restaurant which is this picture:

 Obviously I was on the bridge shaking like a leaf trying to take this picture as I still struggle with the heights thing but getting better. I actually love this picture and I was concerned I wouldn't get a clear picture but I did, someway and somehow. My dad and I hopped onto the streetcar which feels like a LRT (Light Rail Transit) not streetcar as it looks like a train. Anyways, we hopped on and went to the Ferry Terminal that goes to the Toronto Island Airport also known as the Billy Bishop Airport which is named like the one in Owen Sound but another day, another post for this blog. We took the underground tunnel that takes you over to the Island Airport as I normally call it, but you can walk underground tunnel with this cool walkway:
Just like an airport right? Yes! any airport has a moving walkway and I did do a video about it and haven't posted it on Social Media yet. Don't worry I didn't fly anywhere, still in my studio and in the same hometown city I live in. But my dad and I wanted to check it out and see what change they have made over the last while and it good, you can either take the ferry and bring your car over to park or walk under Lake Ontario... LOL, I know that sounds entirely wrong! Haha! Don't mind me, my mind is in the gutter right now and when isn't it? We walked about the terminal and discovered the departures on the second floor and found where passengers can get the ferry and this the most beautful view you can see of the Toronto Skyline from the Island Airport:

Anyways, sorry for the lengthy post but it was a fun day, long and my knee was bugging me a tad but it don't stop me from going out and being a normal human being, well when is my life normal, it's always chaotic and busy but being busy is fine with me, I got no job and it is getting harder to find work as I am getting older, it will be quite difficult so may as well make good use of my time and enjoy life while I am still on this earth and I love traveling and have fun and bring my camera with me and take pictures and blog about it the day or in this case 2 days later but I got the experience with a camera and got some education in the way of photography so I am taking what I've learned and using it for my own website. Anyways this post have gone long enough and enough of my rambling, final thoughts I had a good day and was the most fun I have had in a very long time as I have been busy with podcasts and other blog posts to have fun but this was worth the break and it refreshed me and raring to go and unleashed new life on me and I think I was well deserved to have a break and now I all caught up and ready to go for Amazing Race Canada & the next 2 episodes of Big Brother 19 and Recap both shows and get my routine back up and running!

Have a Great day!


Friday, August 4, 2017

Depression: How I Deal With It On A Regular Basis!

              I have had a rough go in the last year with staff betraying me and turning their backs on me and the change from YouTube to Podcasting field and I have had my share of depression and dealing with it quite often enough when stressed or this heat is driving me nuts, I tend to get down and depressed. 

                A few ways I deal with the depression are watching funny TV Shows such as Home Improvement, The Three Stooges, which I gotta say The Three Stooges will really lift my mood up and some of the days it doesn't help and that's OK, I just try to take it easy if that is the case I just try to deal with the situation to the best of my ability and try to keep a positive mind and some days when I am not having it and just don't wanna do crap for all, I just decide to play video games for a while or for the remainder of the night and get back to my task at hand in the morning when my mind is fresh and good to go.  That is the strategy when I am down and depressed on those particular days. I don't give up but sometimes walking away and leaving it be till the next day. Just yesterday if I remember I got back into catching up with Big Brother 19 Which I was behind 5 episodes from the past week and Amazing Race Canada 5 which I am not sure what in the world got me motivated, yes I have been down and depressed the last few days and I guess that motivation and drive came out of me wanting to get back to and catching up on the podcasts and now I am doing a blog post to catch up on these too! I guess when I get depressed, the drive and passion was there in my head, wanting to catch up with things try to continue on with Chris B On The Web. 

                    As long as I got that passion and drive to continue on with Chris B On The Web which is probably a good thing. These days I try to forget I am depressed and try and live my daily life to the fullest, it may not be easy but I try to make the best out of it everyday to the best of my ability and not worry about what makes me down and depressed, sometimes it catches up to me someday's I am so distracted, I am just purely just focused on the task at hand and it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. It truly depends what mood I am in, some days I dont wanna have it with any of my website and not do anything, some days like the last day or so, I wanna catch up like this week, which is good there is motivation still there for me.

Have a great night!