Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kars On King Event 2017 Event, Downtown!

           Yesterday I went to an amazing event that occurs in my downtown core of my home town each and every year on the last Friday of August, each and every year and its not just only in the downtown late afternoon on the Friday, it's down at the lake, however it does cost to go and see it down there, we usually chose to go to the Kars on King as it is a free event. 

            This year was a crazy year for the amount of cars they fit in a parking lot and on the main street and side streets, I didn't think they can fit that many in there but they did, I believe out of both my cell phone pictures and my camera which mind me the battery died towards the end as I was snapping so many pictures which is pretty crazy if you ask me. It was fun, ran into my former Staff David, his fiance, Kevin, an old friend who use to hang out with the gang at the table at the food court, was always wondering how he was doing all these years since I haven't seen him and of course someone tried to say hi but cause drama with me and the police were called which put me into a total mental break down but will not go into full on details or names will not be released either, but to try and talk to me months later after the events that took place, uh uh, not happening, not wanting anything to do with them as I cannot trust em.

               Enough of the drama portion but I had a great time, CKDO which is our local Oldies station here in town was doing a remote show there which is really cool to see. Also the amount of people at the event was insane, its become such a popular event each year which is good its a good publicity for them and you never know brings in more people each and every year. Restaurants were getting good business and it was so nice to see such a hustle and bustle of a downtown. I also got to meet a friend of my dad's from the airport who is a pilot as he had his old Corvette there so was great to meet him as well. For those who don't know the downtown was pretty much dead back in  the 90's and early 2000's until our Mayor was not re-elected and a new Mayor was in power. So this was truly a nice change to see such a busy downtown and maybe the downtown need more of these things. My dad and I bused it downtown so this was no worries to find a parking spot but however getting out of the event by bus was not easy whatsoever as traffic on the one street  which mind me is a one way street and the traffic was so horrendous and was late due to the traffic and a majority of the eastbound buses were re routed around where the Generals Hockey play so it was not the greatest. Finally I know it isn't much about the event, I tried my hardest to talk about it but was fun and to leave you on tonight's blog post with a few pictures from the event:

Have a Great Night!


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