Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Event Change Announcement for October 2017- No Autism Celebration

             Back over the weekend I had to make a tough decision with one of the events and as you know this year I have and been known for making some drastic changes with Chris B On The Web and no Justin leaving was just a conversation between him and I about what he can do to help the website and of course the conversation of him moving on in his life as he's been with me for 6 long years and I just couldn't come up with an idea what he could do and plus he's been so busy so it was both him and I decided for him to resign and I am so grateful for his time and efforts with the help even when I was still part of the YouTube community from 2006 - 2016, nearly 10 years on the platform. However he will be collaborating in a podcast in the New Year in a Off Season Podcast but that's not what this post is about.

               The reason for today's post of the day is because  I wanna make this special announcement and more importantly an important announcement as it was the most difficult choice I had to make but due to recent events, I need to pull myself away, from the Autism Celebration. This is more then likely a permanent thing, I need to move on from this event even though I really enjoyed going each and every year but like the saying goes "All Great Things, Must Come To An End" and this is the point of time I need to move on and do what's best for me and also Chris B On The Web. One of the major concerns especially for going to this event was spending the money for lamination and also photocopies, ink and it all added up over the last 2 months and drained my money quite drastically so the big issue is affording to do all of this photocopying and laminating and also getting the display board which is like 25 dollars and it all adds up in the end and this year has been hard money wise and it isn't easy to be spending tons of money on an event, probably more then likely I will be working on information over the next year and hopefully next year I'd attend but this year I am giving up my spot to someone else because of some of those reasons, I have another reason but rather not go into great detail or bring it up as I am not feeling comfortable talking about it at this moment and rather not make my own problems public on here. I may go back, I may end up not going back depends how I feel but I feel like my time with that event has come to an end. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and glad one of the Kerry's Place Staff getting me involved with the event for several years and it has opened up so many great ideas but you never know in the nearby future if I will make a return or not just this year is not a great year for me as money is very limited with the purchase of a new studio mic. Hoping next year to attend but it totally depends how things are for me. 

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