Sunday, November 27, 2016

Favorite Broadcasting Platforms Both Gaming & Normal Casting....

            So it has been a year since my last normal cast and almost 3 months since my last gaming cast and I think this is appropriate as I already told you guys what platforms I have been on over the many many years I am no longer currently casting anywhere at this moment of time and will not be LIVE anymore. As I have said this in the past I am retired from casting and this time it is for good, just like YouTube I am fully retired. Just like casting, I got tired of it, I was on YouTube for 10 + years and was a caster for 5.5 Years. Now I thought this would be an interesting post for a lot of you, even thought I've spoken about my casting history this one will hilight some of the sites I did enjoy:

        First Gaming Site: Twitch.TV as I've met a lot of people there over my short time I castedon there but that's beside the point. Also I'm semi still connected to two of my listeners, Dark and my Co-Host of the new and upcoming CBOTW Gamers Podcast.

       Finally Normal Casting Sites Besides Gaming:, where I really got things moving on there in my casting dasys and of course my return as well and was home to the notable Shwa Nation, a Talk Radio Show my friend Joel and I did. Also met 1o1Adam and been friends with him for 4 years now. Finally which actually started to cast in 2008 but it short lived it was revisited in 2011 and also 2012 as well for a short few months.

      Well there you have it those are my 3 favourite casting websites I enjoyed on. As you can tell I decided to keep out my negative thoughts about some of the other platforms such as Justcast, Vaughnlive, Stream.Me, and Hitbox. Yes I casted there but I shouldn't and will not put it down. It was good while it lasted and I enjoyed it but I left for certain reasons.

     Until The Next Post Everyone, hope you have a fantastic Sunday.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Survivor Millennials Vs Gen X New Predictions

    I have been holding off this blog post for about 2 weeks now as I wanted to wait until the right time to post about this and right now is probably the best time to break down my new predictions for the remainder of the season as my picks to win aren't there now with the latest vote out of Chris. So first of all I am very disappointed in myself for not picking better players and I think in future seasons of Survivor I will maybe even pick some underdogs for the heck of it but I think I wasn't thinking smart of picking and I have to start picking smart now, so with that lets get into my picks to make it to final 4 and to win.

     To Make Final 4, I believe Ken as he's been playing a very low key game now hasn't been in the spotlight of being a potential threat compare to Zeke and David being a threat in the game now and nobody knows that Ken also has the "Legacy Advantage" as Jessica got eliminated, will not say voted out since she got eliminated due to drawing a black rock, but Ken will have this advantage for on Day # 36 which is close and only 6 days away in the game currently. Also I think Hannah will be in the Final 4 as shes really laying low as well and not in the way of being a threat to be voted out. Also she's been protected by Adam a bit I believe she might be aligned with Adam. But since this week's episode and Zeke threatening to vote her out next tho. Next would be of course Adam, hes playing a really good game and has the advantage to steal a reward which has never happened in the history of Survivor. Finally I would say Bret would be the 4th pick to be in the final 4 as hes laid low and made a bunch of friends on the jury and his fellow tribe mates right now too.

       Now to make final 3 situation I would think Ken, Adam and Bret to potentially be there as they have all been playing good games but of course Hannah could surprise the heck out of us and start winning immunity challenges and start to dominate and show shes there to win. You're all wondering why didn't I pick David and Zeke who are both playing a good game, well I think Zeke is in trouble and could potentially be voted out soon enough and also David who's another bigger threat, I decided like I said at the top of my blog post today I would pick an underdog which I am doing now. Let's see if I am near correct and I will do a follow up post second week in December.

Have a great rest of your Saturday!


Thursday, November 10, 2016

Broadcasting Platforms I Have Been On

I really never thought about this for a blog post really... In all the years I have casted on various video broadcasting websites trust me this is quite a list so this will be a nice long list and I have given an explanation of why I left too. (2009 - 2010) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2010 - 2011; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to BlogTV but returned in 2012 briefly (2008, Tested Briefly; 2012) Site Ended Up Shutting Down, But Switched to (2012 - 2014) until IP Banned then was off for a while, then moved over to (2014) For the time being till Moved to (2014) Casted there then left end of November due to way to many trolls and they ran me off the site fast. Was IP Banned for the stupidest reason and do not care that I was banned from the site. (2014 - 2016) On and off till the site closed down (2014 - 2015) Casted there until I got into an argument with the Staff there.

Beam.Pro (2014 - 2015) Left because of lack of interactive users. (2015) Casted there between February and March of 2015 until IP banned due to a situation that happened which I will not disclose what it was. (2015 - 2016) Casted on and off and recently ended my association with the site, just got tired of being disrespected and trolled. Hangouts (2014 - 2016)  When I was still an YouTuber, Everything About Reality TV use to be live, now an AUDIO Only Podcast within (2014 - 2015; 2016) Curently on the Site, Casting on and off and watching streams as well.

There you guys have it! A list of the places I have casted and the movement over the years. Never really found a home or was able to settle, so walking away from casts was my decision and I am proud of the decision to walk away when I needed to and it was fun while it lasted!


Royal Winter Fair 2016

First of all yes I am late on this post, I haven't been in a good mood since the end of The Royal Winter Fair which was 3 days ago. The first half was great but the rest not as much. However it was a good day and I think I was over tired and still recovering from lack of sleep but been sleeping well since Monday which is a great thing! Anyways lets talk about this years The 94th Royal Winter Fair. So I left around 9 am EST which is early, however I was up at 530 in the morning, crazy I know right? I am normally up early like this in the last 4 days so I am getting this routine down. So we got on the 935 am GO Bus and headed to the Go Train Station to catch the 10:12 am train to Exhibition Place. 

So moving forward to arrival at Exhibition Place, I arrived at around 11:20 am in the morning with my dad and we got our tickets for the Royal as I didn't have the Media Pass this year but it didn't stop me from taking 442 pictures, that's right 442 pictures.... So crazy it only  registered on the camera 66 - 90 pictures, so I was utterly shocked with it but I went camera crazy. First thing we saw was the vendors for horses, like saddles, boots, cowboy/cowgirl hat. Also got to see some non GM (Generically Modified Food) It had Orange, Red and Green Peppers, Tomato's the normal ones that we have on a regular basis like on Burgers etc. Then they also had the Cherry Tomatoes which go great in a Salad. They had 2 The Wandering Bean... Oooooh yes I am making a Mr. Bean Reference there... ha ha We then proceeded to the Animals which had Sheep, the old Goats that was for Mr. Plishka, Pigs, Piglets which were soooo cute! Silly old Wabbits (Rabbits) Yes I pulled a Elmer Fudd there. There was also Sheep judging in the older building which was where the animals are and always been. Use to be an upstairs but thats not used much anymore for this type of event. We moved on to the moos as my Niece Ryleigh use to call em. There were Holsteins (Dairy, Milk) Jersey and Swiss which I do believe make the cream that you put in Coffee and certain baking. Also Guernsey cow as well. There were so many areas represented, down in the Grand Bend area, South Simcoe Durham Region East which I am from obviously, Prince Edward Island and many more! We also had Nathan's Hot Dog and of course I indulged in a Beer. 

We went to the Horse Show and saw these competitions: International Jumper - Power & Speed Competition, H/H Pony Pleasure Driving - Amateur, Belgian Four Horse Team, Hackney Pony – Amateur, Jump Canada Medal Finals, Harness Pony – Amateur and Percheron Four Horse Team. We also saw in the International Jumper Power and Speed Competition Jessica Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen's daughter which myself and my dad have seen her compete in the past.

We went in and out of the Horse Show and continued to looked around, saw the area for the kids, petting zoo, slide etc. After the Horse Show, we looked around a tad, saw a Lama, Alpaca and some sheep, Long Wool Sheep, Meat Sheep. Then of course we went to grab some food but nothing really caught my eye, I ended up skipping dinner. If they had Perogies I would of eaten but I was in a miserable mood and my dad didn't help my mood. We looked at the grains and veggies then we headed to the Horse Palace. I was in a bit of a better mood but not any better. I will leave the rest of the night at that as I really do not want to talk about it. Here are a few more pics for your pleasure, have a good Thursday!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Stampeders Concert, Friday, November 4th, 2016

I totally forgot to post yesterday as my mind was set on being with my niece and nephew and before that sleeping till 1 pm in the afternoon, my sleep is really messed up. However Friday night I got to go to The Stampeders Concert right here in town and you are wondering who the heck are the Stampeders I will save you the trouble by saying Google it... Ha Ha! Little blog humor there as you have noticed. They started in 1966 and they originally have 6 members, now down to 3 members and still the original 3, Ronnie, Rich and Kim. When they first started the concert, I had to try and grasp the music but I'd say after 2 - 3 songs I got right into it. Ronnie, Kim and Rich's humor was very comical and the way they made smartass remarks with each other kept me on laughing. Their was one moment I was literally in tears and rubbing my eyes from laughing so hard. I also was familar with a few songs such as Sweet City Woman, Carry Me and their rendition of Hit The Road Jack featuring Wolfman Jack (but he wasn't there, Ronnie fit the role for that part of the song) The two top favorite versions of Hit The Road Jack as follow

The Stampeders: 
Ray Charles:

Trust me I was laughing at the lyrics as their are ridiculous lyrics but one of the funniest oldies song out there. We had a 15 minute break in between the 2 sets. At he very end the second or 3rd last song was Sweet City Woman which I think was the best idea putting one of their most popular songs out there for the end, like the saying goes, save the best for last! Kim had one amazing drumming solo at the end of the and it amazed me how he could be able to do that in his 70's and he went on with his solo about 3 - 4 minutes and it wasn't light strokes, it was hard core drumming and I was so amazed by it too! Ronnie saying this which was funny: "Were too old to go off then come back on" and of course they did their On Core for 2 more songs.

On our way out we didn't realize that we were in the line for autographs and of course my mom said, "Chris would like to get an autograph" I didn't say say no, I said yes of course! Once in a lifetime opportunity. so we waited in line for the singing trio to come out and the lineup went fast as we were near the top of the seats to begin with. When it came to my turn I quickly bought a The Stampeders CD and got Rich, Kim and Ronnie to sign it both and was really neat to talk to Rock Stars from back in the good ole day! Ronnie of course made me laugh calling Kim an old guy... Haha. 

In conclusion to this rather lengthy blog post but you guys seem to enjoy the longer posts from time to time but anyways I told my mom and dad I'd like to see more older bands in person, I will not be young forever and I should enjoy these moments and seeing some familiar bands from the 80's and 90's. Also I am very familiar with these bands as I GREW up with these bands living with my parents all my life and listening to the music in the car traveling on vacations or to places locally or to the big smoke Toronto!

Have a great Sunday!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016 & Podcast Update!

I will start with my Halloween 2016, it was good, I slept till 11 am this morning and was up since then and do not feel sleepy for some reason but I slept a majority of the night which is good now I am back to my old ways of being up past 1 am, almost 130 am EST! LOL. Anyways I am in good spirits and my spirits been up lately which I will get into a little into this post. I was thrilled that it is Halloween as because I usually hand out the candy and sometimes I dress up for Halloween but this year I didn't plus it was a bit nippy out. I spent sometime down in my office here and I nearly recorded the last of the podcasts that I am behind on but that's in the morning I will be spending an hour on that and posting it on up so I am ready for Thursday night on posting on time for once. But back to the Halloween evening I had, I had dinner, Chicken Cesar Salad which was really good! I spent a tad bit more time down here in my office then was upstairs and out on the front layered up as it was a tad nippy out at the start. Had 34 kids which isn't great amount this year compare to last year but every year it is different year by year! I did some writing in my book was on Facebook chatting with my friends and on Twitter of course seeing the craziness of the followers growing by the moment, got to interact with the kids and some of the parents. Had a few new ideas for the house for Halloween next year as well.  Took a picture which turned out so amazing: 

Afterwards I had a bit of candy left over, mainly M & M's Chocolate and Peanuts with Chocolate watched some YouTube video laid down hoping I'd sleep as I was feeling tired yet I am up writing this blog post for you guys right now. So from there I came back to my Studio to fiddle around and I decided it would be fun to do a chart and Graph of the podcast views! and as I went through each week with all 3 shows that I listed: Survivor: Millennials Vs GenX, Hell's Kitchen 16 & soon to be added to the list Masterchef Junior Season 5, I found out these Stats on the podcast: 

My Surprise was Hell's Kitchen has the edge by 6% but both of the Recaps within that podcast is doing extremely well  and I am eager to be adding in the 3rd Reality TV Show soon! What I am questioning is when Amazing Race 29 is coming out but we will wait and see when that comes out!

Have a great Night or Day!